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Becky Lynch on The Original Idea to Give Up Raw Women’s Title After Becoming Pregnant, That Raw Being an ‘Emotional Day’

July 6, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Becky Lynch Asuka RAW

Speaking with the Bella Twins on their podcast, Becky Lynch discussed giving up the Raw Women’s Championship after she became pregnant and the original idea for it. Lynch announced on the May 11th Raw after Money in the Bank that she was pregnant and that Asuka’s Money in the Bank win made her the new champion. Lynch told the Bellas that the original plan was to have a tournament for the #1 contendership and then reveal before the finals that it was actually for the title. You can check out highlights from the discussion and the audio below:

On how the decision was made to move the title off of Lynch: “It was like, ‘Oh frick, is there a way that she can just beat me real quick?’ Colby’s [Rollins] like, ‘No! No, you’re not — no!’ So then we talked a lot and then decided, like, ‘What if there’s a tournament for the #1 contendership so the people, they don’t know that they’re actually going to be competing for the title. And then right as they go to have that last match, whoever gets there at the end, then I tell them, ‘Well, actually this is for the title.’ But Money in the Bank was happening at the same time, so it was too confusing to merge the two, so they just decided that they would do the Money in the Bank ladder match and have that as the title match, essentially, but without them knowing.”

On how she felt the day of Raw before she announced her pregnancy: “It was a crazy day. It was a very emotional day, because then you kind of realize, ‘Oh wait, no. This is where I started my journey. I came here on my own, just not sure if I’d make it. Just for a year straight, thinking that I was gonna get fired, you know, on any given Friday. And then to have gone through that, and then realize that ‘Okay, now I’m gonna be leaving here with a family. It’s just wild.”

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