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Ben Henderson Thinks Daniel Bryan Would Do Well In MMA

May 30, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Daniel Bryan Brock Lesnar Survivor Series

In an interview with Fightful, former UFC champion and current Bellator fighter Ben Henderson said that he thinks Daniel Bryan would be able to succeed if he made the jump to MMA. Here are highlights:

On Daniel Bryan in MMA: “I think if Daniel Bryan tried to segue to MMA, he’d do great. He’s got a good background. The thing for me in life in general and competing is work ethic. He had a great work ethic. He’d take regular classes and not practice with the fight team, but you could tell he’s a high level professional athlete. He knows how to work. An hour long class would go by and people would start to chit-chat and not practicing technique, but an hour in, he’s still practicing technique, super focused on getting this technique. That’s huge. That takes people far in life. He’s got the tools, the work ethic and the actual technique. A lot of people will muscle, scramble, or not have technique. I think he would do great.”

On if Bryan could beat Mike Jackson (the man who beat CM Punk in his last fight): “Mike Jackson has experience in MMA. For the sake of MMA, you’d have to give it to Mike Jackson. If we’re talking in a gi, I think Daniel was a blue belt or purple belt when he left our place. I think in a gi, full jiu jitsu rules, I think Daniel Bryan would do pretty darn well. He’s trained under Jon Crouch.”