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Billy Gunn Clarifies Dustin Rhodes AEW Status, Reveals If We’ll See Gunn in the Ring at Double Or Nothing

April 23, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Double or Nothing Cody Dustin Rhodes Image Credit: AEW

– During his interview with Jeffrey Harris for the 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast, Billy Gunn discussed Dustin Rhodes’ AEW status and whether we’ll see Gunn himself in the ring at Double or Nothing. Gunn was asked during the interview if we’d be able to see his fingerprints on the product during the show, which takes place on May 25th in Las Vegas.

“You might,” Gunn said. “You might see more than my fingerprints. [laughs] You just might see me all over there. Yeah I mean, I don’t know exactly what they’ve got for me. I know that I’ll kind of be rounding up the back, helping everybody in the back. But I think there might be a spot for me out there somewhere. Not sure what, but there might be.”

When asked to clarify if he’d be working in the ring at the show, Gunn said, “I might be, I might be. It’s not been announced yet, so take that with a grain of salt.”

Jeffrey also asked Gunn about Dustin Rhodes being announced as Cody’s opponent for the show, and Rhodes’ status in terms of the AEW roster.

“I wouldn’t say he’s officially a member of the roster. I wouldn’t say that. I would say that we’re going to get Cody and Dustin in a match. And it’s gonna be really good, and I think there’s a — for me, wrestling still has to have a story. You still have to have something I can sink my teeth into, or get into. And this is something I can really get into.”

In the full interview, Billy talks about his work with AEW, Triple H’s jokes about AEW during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, his time in the New Age Outlaws and run in NJPW, Dustin Rhodes’ status with All Elite Wrestling, what we can expect from him at Double or Nothing and more. You can listen to the full interview below.

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Introduction (0:00)
On how it feels to be a WWE Hall of Famer and if it feels like closing a book on his career (0:39)
On Triple H’s jokes about AEW during the Hall of Fame speech (1:55)
On the status of AEW’s plans for a potential training facility (4:12)
On the need for more psychology, storytelling and selling in today’s era (4:55)
On his 2014 reunion with Road Dogg in WWE (9:00)
On his relationship with Cody and signing with AEW (10:47)
On WWE not using tag teams properly (11:48)
On the New Age Outlaws’ dumpster match with Cactus Jack and Terry Funk and other big moments (13:10)
On his appearances on Being the Elite (16:16)
On working for NJPW (17:30)
On whether fans online are getting overhyped or overly critical about AEW (21:03)
On what his role at Double or Nothing may be and Dustin Rhodes’ status with AEW (22:37)
On AEW providing an alternative for wrestling talent and being great for the industry (24:07)
On going into the Hall of Fame at the same time as Honky Tonk Man and Torrie Wilson (25:30)
On not being a wrestling fan growing up (28:21)
Where to find him online (30:16)

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