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Blue Meanie Thinks The bWo Would Fit in WWE Today

April 9, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Blue Meanie

– The Blue Meanie spoke with The Roman Show over WrestleMania weekend. Some highlights and the video are below:

On the bWo fitting well in WWE today: “I think the bWo would do well today. I think as far as doing parodies in wrestling me, Stevie Richards and Super Nova were innovators when it comes to do parodies. We were doing parodies like we were KISS one time, bWo and then you turn on WWE television and you see DX doing a parody of the Nation of Domination stuff like that. I think WWE was watching ECW TV. I was doing parodies with other people. The guys from the NWO were cool about it. Kevin Nash said ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’. When we did it we weren’t doing it to insult we did it to celebrate the biggest thing in wrestling at the time. “

On the Bullet Club: “What’s old is new again,” he said. “NWO did their thing in the 90’s the Bullet Club is carrying that tradition. The NWO are cool. It’s beautiful when wrestlers could work together. The Bullet Club is a great thing and another 20 years from now someone will do something else.“