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Bobby Fish Denies Rumors He Tried To Get Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly To Leave AEW

September 28, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Bobby Fish Impact Wrestling Victory Road Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

In the latest episode of his Undisputed podcast, Bobby Fish addressed recent rumors that he tried to convince Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly to leave AEW with him to jump back to WWE. According to the rumors, both Cole and O’Reilly refused because they were happy where they were. Here are highlights:

On rumors he tried to get Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly to leave AEW: “Guess what boys, after over 25 years or something like that in the wrestling business, I don’t know how contracts work myself. I guess what was most troublesome and amusing at the same time to me was how many outlets picked up on what was…because if there’s anybody who knows that it’s totally fabricated information, it would be me, Adam, Kyle, Hunter, like the people that it’s talking about, who didn’t do any of the things. So none of it is real. Even people like Jim Cornette picked it up and commented on it. And Jim and I always had a great relationship. If I’m being honest, Jim hurt my feelings a little bit by believing some bullshit about me so easily. But yeah, I mean it is what it is, but that’s what sucks the most about it. The people that write this stuff, there is no checks and balances, there are no ramifications when you are in the wrong. Therefore, they continue to write whatever it is they’re going to write and it gets picked up by whomever. The fact or fiction line doesn’t matter and the whole thing is absurd.”

On AEW denying the rumor: “I appreciate the fact that AEW did what they did. And it is no favor to me, it’s just the truth. There is no favor needed by anybody in any of this.”

On wrestling media: “Let’s just all tell the truth. If you’re a piece of the media with ‘journalistic integrity’, you’re supposed to deal in truth when possible. And you’re never, as a journalist, supposed to deal in mistruth unless you’re doing it ignorantly or unknowingly and then it comes out. And when that does happen, you should own up to it and be like, ‘Hey, I’m sorry.’ Instead, it seems like people don’t want to own the things that they’ve done. They seem to want you to have concern for their own mental health and wellbeing or what ramifications this could have on their real world, but how about when you report it, the ramifications on my real world. Adam Cole’s real world. Tony Khan’s. Anybody in this. And how about each of those people’s mental health? Because the same person claimed this being disparaging to his mental health, but like, when you reported it, you didn’t think anything of that. That meant nothing to you. And I think therein lies the issue and the problem with all of this, you know? And he writes for the Wrestling Observer allegedly, so if I’m not mistaken Dave Meltzer fully reported this stuff as well or was happy to put it out on any of his media stuff as well and there should be some sort of…repercussions. Act like a piece of shit and a lot of times these people continue to keep getting, ‘Yeah keep being a piece of shit.’ It’s almost like it’s the consumer’s responsibility to stop consuming. That would be the biggest ramification you could drop on people.”

On fans who believe the rumors: “Unless the consumer wants to be lied to. And maybe some of you fans want to be lied to and if that’s the case, cool, but don’t be so passionate about it. We don’t have a whole lot of room left in this world for any more hate, toxic bullshit. And when you’ve got a journalist that’s coming out doing what that guy did and then Dave Meltzer co-signing it…and Dave knows he’s got a pretty trusted voice. Some people love him, some people hate him, whatever it is. But, c’mon man. Do better.”

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