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Bruce Prichard Recalls Kevin Federline’s WWE Appearance, Says He Was Great to Work With

October 21, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kevin Federline John Cena Raw

– On the latest Something to Wrestle With, Bruce Prichard looked back at Kevin Federline’s WWE appearances. Federline is a rapper and DJ, but is most well-known for being married to Britney Spears from 2004 to 2006 and being a fixture of the tabloid scene at that time. He appeared on the October 16th and October 23rd, 2006 episode of Raw, where he was promoting his debut album, and got involved in an angle with Johnny Nitro opposite John Cena.

Federline would return in early November to cost Cena his match against Booker T at Cyber Sunday and appeared on Raw the next night, where he faced Cena in a No DQ match that he won thanks to help from Nitro and Umaga. At the end of the show, he came back out and got FU’d by Cena twice.

Highlights from the discussion, and the full podcast, are below:

On Federline’s involvement with WWE: “Kevin Federline was probably one of the celebrities that I had the most fun with. Because he was so cool, so happy to be there, such a big fan. And there was a little — not a little bit, there was probably a lot of fear in him. Because he knew he was out of his league and out of his element, but he was such a big fan, he was so happy to be there.”

On being surprised by him: “I walked into dealing with Kevin ready to hate him, because he came across like a real arrogant dick, the way that he was portrayed in the media. All the stories about him and Britney. And when he first came to us, he was still married to Britney, and then midway through I think they got divorced and what have you. But I found Kevin, man he was on time. He did everything he was asked to do. And you said, ‘Kevin I need you to be here at such and such a time and do this.’ ‘Yes, sir!’ And he did it, he nailed it. So contrary probably to popular belief, he was really a super, super f**king guy to work with.”

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