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Bruce Prichard Recalls WWF Magazine Spoiling the WrestleMania IV Main Event Result

April 29, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ted DiBiase Randy Savage WrestleMania IV Image Credit: WWE

– Bruce Prichard spoke on his Something to Wrestle With podcast about the leadup to WrestleMania IV, the main event result being spoiled and more. Video is below, plus highlights via Wrestling Inc:

On the leadup to WrestleMania IV: “The first time I heard about it was on November, December of 1987. When we were getting ready to plan and that the announcement was being made of the main event on the live show of NBC, and that was going to be taking the championship off of Hulk Hogan, and Hogan was going to be doing a movie in the summer of 1988.”

On WWF Magazine spoiling ther PPV: “Well, [Former WWF Magazine editor] Ed Ricciuti was reprimanded for it and got in trouble for it. He was the editor of the magazine. What they fail to point out and flies into the face of ‘rumor and innuendo’ that The Honky Tonk Man refused to do a job to Randy Savage so we switched since this magazine went into production in January. OK, so, conspiracy theorists, explain that one. It was a mistake. It was a mistake that somebody in the magazine did and nobody caught it, and because of this mistake, unfortunately, I had to proofread the magazine going forward after it for somebody from the pro wrestling side to read it because it was people that were in publications and not always in tune to what they were doing, and they had information.”

On Hogan coming into the ring to celebrate Randy Savage’s WWE Championship win at the PPV: “Randy Savage was fine with it because he wanted the endorsement. For Randy, looking at that, was a passing of the torch as well, for Hulk Hogan to be out there and endorse him. Plus, it was a prelude to prepare you for next year’s big event (WrestleMania V).”