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Bully Ray Objects to Inconsistencies In MJF vs. Samoa Joe At AEW Dynamite Grand Slam

September 22, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, MJF Image Credit: AEW

On a recent Busted Open episode, Bully Ray took some time to voice his complaints about the match between MJF and Samoa Joe at AEW Grand Slam (via Wrestling Inc). According to Ray, he strongly disagreed with the apparent inconsistencies in the execution and enforcement of the rules of the match — specifically regarding the use of a table at one point, while the Dynamite Diamond Ring was later prohibited for use by the referee. You can find a highlight from Ray and listen to the complete podcast below.

On the early use of the table by Samoa Joe: “The last time I checked, a table is a foreign object and should not be allowed to [be] used in a World Heavyweight Championship match. To me, it takes away any aspect of credibility … throws it straight off the door. If you want to use a table in the match, then just make it a No DQ match, or you think out of the box and use some creativity [to execute a table spot].”