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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 1.24.23

January 24, 2023 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
AEW Dark 1-24-23- Britt Baker vs Billie Starkz Image Credit: AEW
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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 1.24.23  

We’re back for an AEW Dark recap and it looks like we are also back at the Darkpact zone in AEW Universal. Britt Baker, Action Andretti, Matt Sydal, The Dark Order and more are advertised for tonights show. Always a good time seeing the Doctor so fortunately we’ve got a good night ahead of us.

Britt Baker vs. Billie Starkz

Oh snap, i forgot they taped this one a while back and I was excited to see how it turned out. Starkz is a lot of fun and has a bright future ahead. Early lockup and grappling to kick this off. Baker with a roll up attempt for two consistently going for pinfall attempts. Starkz with a roll up of her own for a two count. Starkz offers a handshake and Britt mockingly agrees but Starkz hangs on, thats a mistake as Baker drops her with a slingblade before choking her away in the corner. Rebel with the assist as Britt distracts the ref. Britt with a lariat and covers for two. Britt rips at the hair of Starkz before locking in a submission. Starkz fights free with a series of strikes but it’s quickly countered with a neckbreaker from Baker. Britt runs into a big boot from Starkz, she ducks behind for a german suplex before carrying Britt into the corner. Starkz with a swanton but Rebel takes the move for her friend. Baker in control but Starkz counters with a suplex of her own. Starkz goes for an electric chair but Baker counters with an x-factor and covers for two. Starkz with the piledriver and covers Britt for two. Starkz is stunned at how close she was and she lifts Britt up before laying into her with a couple kicks. Baker is bloody she counters and hits a canadian destroyer then a big stomp and covers for the victory. Smiling with her blood covered teeth.
Rating: ***
Review: This was fun, Starkz is going to be great and it’s nice to see her continue to get some shine in AEW.

Dark Order (Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, & John Silver) vs. Baliyan Akki, Marcus Kross, & Vary Morales

Interesting grouping of some resident AEW Dark jobbers of the past. Silver works over Morales early. Silver with a burst of offense takes Morales out sending him into the ropes neck first. Silver tags in his partners and they hit a triple team attack on Morales. Uno works over Morales before he makes the tag. Uno and Reynolds work over Aki for a moment until things break down and everyone gets into. Finally it gets cleared out and they hit Kross with the pendulum bomb.
Rating: N/A
Review: Another Dark Order job, just send these guys on an independent excursion if this is all they’re ever going to do.

Tony Deppen vs. Serpentico

Real unfortunate if we’re about to see my boy Tony Deppen take the L from Serpentico. Serpentico with a shoulderblock takedown early, then a rana sending Deppen to the corner. Deppen with a knee strike and kicks out the leg of Serpentico. Dropkick from Deppen but he’s distracted by Luther allowing Serpentico to regain control. Serpentico charges Deppen but he runs into an uppercut. Serpentico distracts the referee as Angelico attacks Deppen from behind. Serpentico covers for two and Luther argues. Deppen fights back dropping Serpentico with a knee to the back of the head then a series of knees in the corner. Deppen with a delayed suplex and covers for two. Sereptenico dodges a dive from Deppen. Angelico sweeps the leg of Deppen and gets ejected. Luther sweeps the leg of Serpentico and Bryce tries to toss him but Serpentico tosses him instead. Deppen with a roll up for two. Deppen with an armdrag into a roll up and steals the victory!!!
Rating: *****
Review: It’s not an actual five star match but the right guy won here. I wonder if the SAP is already falling apart or if that was just an odd attempt at humor. It would’ve sucked if Deppen lost after all that but I’ll take it given the positive result.

Matt Sydal vs. Cezar Bononi

Sydal with his speed early and he takes down Cezar with a rana. Cezar fights back and manages to catch Sydal with a right and take control briefly. Sydal with a tornado DDT to counter out of a Cezar hold. Sydal with a surprise victory roll for the win. Post match they jump Sydal and Top Flight hits the ring to make the save.
Rating: *
Review: Weird squash match to set up a future six man tag. I ask for storylines but this feels a little lazy.

Brittany J vs. Harley Cameron

Interesting, I have no clue who either of these women are. Cameron gets an entrance so she’s who we are supposed to care about. Brittany in control early but Cameron quickly responds with a burst of offense. Cameron sends Brittany into the corner before following up with a splash attempt but Brittany moves just in time. Brittany up top she dives towards Harley but she moves, Harley with a submission and transitions into a backstabber before covering for the victory.
Rating: *
Review: I guess they have plans for Cameron but I didn’t really see a lot from that match. I wonder if people who have never seen Billie Starkz before feel as underwhelmed by her performance as I did with Harley. Both women here are kinda green and complete unknowns so hard to care at the very least.

Madison Rayne vs. Kaci Lennox

Madison catches Kaci in the corner and goes after her with a series of forearms to the chest. Kaci catches Madison and slams her onto the mat covering for two. Madison back in control with a kick to the stomach and then slams Kaci face first into the mat with a modified neck hold and covers for the victory.
Rating: N/A
Review: Stacking wins for Madison Rayne I guess. Lots of squash matches this week.

Action Andretti vs. Bronson

Bronson tries to toss Action across the ring but he lands on his feet instead. Bronson with a chop to the chest of Andretti, Andretti onto the shoulders of Bronson then leaps up into a dropkick. Andretti with a twisting splash onto Bronson and covers for two. Andretti attempts a dive onto Bronson but he’s shoved outside the ring instead. Bronson talks trash as he sends Andretti into the ring but he’s taken out with a dive from Andretti then another and he sends Bronson into the ring. Andretti goes for a dive but Bronson rolls outside the ring. Andretti follows Bronson outside and he’s tossed into the ring steps for his effort. Bronson with a scoopslam to Andretti and he pulls him to the corner but Andretti catches him up top. Bronson drops Andretti to the mat but Andretti with a kipup and hops up to the top rope. Andretti with a superplex onto Bronson and he screams in agony. Andretti with a series of strikes and a neckbreaker. Andretti with a springboard back elbow and covers for two. Andretti with a unique rana and then a superkick before covering for two. Bronson takes control with a lariat and covers for two. Andretti onto the shoulders of Bronson but he counters with a reverse rana then a thrust kick and follows with a running ssp before covering for the victory.
Rating: ***
Review: This was a pretty good match, I like Andretti and Bronson both individually and this should’ve been a banger but it did feel a little bit off. Andretti probably could’ve won a bit quicker but it was definitely decisive he keeps racking up wins over the previous built up stars of AEW Dark like Bronson and Garcia.

Anthony Henry vs. Mascara Dorada

This is tonight’s main event, fast paced offense early as Henry sends Dorada outside the ring. Dorada chases up onto the apron looking for a dropkick but instead Henry catches him with a neck twist. Henry and Dorada back instead, Henry works over the neck before taunting Dorada kicking at his face before laying into his back with a stiff kick. Henry with a series of kicks to the chest of Dorada before sending him into the corner Dorada counters and hits a dropkick off the middle rope to Henry. Henry tries to charge Dorada on the apron but he counters nailing Henry and Drake with a moonsault. Dorada with a springboard roll up for two. Dorada attempts a springboard but Henry catches him with a legsweep. Henry covers for two before heading up top but Dorada moves. They exchange strikes in the corner. Henry sends Dorada up top, he counters bitting Henry with a springboard facebuster and covers for two. Henry with a rolling elbow strike and JD Drake pulls Dorada out of the ring as the referee is distracted nailing him with his rebound forearm. Drake sends Dorada inside the ring, Henry with a brainbuster and covers for a close two. Henry heads up top but Dorada catches him and they exchange strikes. Henry with a sunset flip powerbomb attempt but Dorada counters and nails him with a thrust kick. Dorada with a rope walk into an elbow drop for two.
Rating: ***1/2
Review: That was a fun main event, i’m a little surprised Henry lost but, also not really surprised at all. Dorada is really really good so it makes sense for him to be elevated in some capacity even just for Dark. Henry has been solid throughout his time in AEW as the workhorsemen but never been much of a winner so thats why this is no surprise. The match was sound of course and Doradas finish is simple yet unique.

The final score: review Average
The 411
The matches that were given time and had exciting talent in them delivered, the other four matches were squash matches in some capacity. I am glad it wasn't a 14 match episode but I could go without having to just watch squash after squash again. Just keep it a short 3-5 match show with one maybe two squash matches at most. I get the purpose but I really don't think it achieves much more than padding stats more often  than not. The Deppen match was fun, and I was surprised by the outcome, the shenanigans weren't for me but it didn't hurt the outcome so i'll hold any complaints. The last two matches were solid but honestly nothing on this show stood out as MUST SEE.

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