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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 11.29.22

November 29, 2022 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
AEW Dark Tony Deppen vs. Brian Cage Image Credit: AEW
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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 11.29.22  

Oh snap another average length episode of Dark, you’d almost think we are getting a set structure for this show which would certainly be welcomed but isn’t expected. This card is actually lacking a bit compared to recent weeks in terms of ‘name value’. Outside of the one Matt Hardy this card is pretty baren of notable talent. Not to completely dismiss the Daniel Garcias or QT Marshall’s of the world but still the pickings are slim this week. I still expect it to be a decent show and one or two matches to stand out and surprise me. We’ll see, let’s get to it.

Lee Johnson, QT Marshall, and Cole Karter vs. Justin Corino, Ryan Mooney, and Steven Josifi

Lee and Mooney kick this one off, Lee with the upper hand early. Karter tags in and maintains control working over Mooney preventing the tag. QT tags in and uses some of his veteran expertise to work over Mooney and the crowd before tagging in Johnson. Lee with a suplex and cover attempt for two, Karter tags in they attempt the tag team back suplex to Mooney but he counters and tags in Corino who works over Karter and Lee. QT is having none of this and attacks him from behind. QT sends Corino into the ropes, Karter and Lee lift him up for the assisted cutter. Karter covers Corino for the victory.
Rating: **1/2
Review: This wasn’t bad, I really dig the duo of Karter and Lee, they’re young and feel like they could really move through the AEW rankings if they stick together for a while. QT is solid and finally feels like he has some serviceable people in his group.

Chris Wylde vs. Zack Clayton

Clayton tosses Wylde around before working him over getting a brief reaction from the crowd. Clayton taunts Wylde from the turnbuckle giving him time to recover and get a short moment of offense in but it’s short lived as Clayton hits an arm capture brainbuster for the victory.
Rating: N/A
Review: I simply don’t care about Clayton but I do think if he can improve well enough in the ring and then get pushed out of nowhere it’ll piss enough people off that he could be a really decent heel.

Hikaru Shida vs. Layla Luciano

Luciano is a bit bigger and stronger than Shida but Shida still gains control early. Luciano’s size allows her some brief offense as she catches Shida for a body slam and covers for two. Luciano lays into Shida with a series of strikes but Shida counters with a bit of an awkward dropkick. Shida in the corner and nails Layla with a series of strikes then a meteora. Shida with the Katana and covers for the victory.
Rating; N/A
Review: Not much but it’s nice to see Shida consistently, her squash matches are typically decent, Luciano was a bit awkward so this might’ve been a step below Shida’s usual but still ok.

Matt Menard, Daniel Garcia, and Angelo Parker vs. Tracy Williams, Jack Tomlinson, and LSG

Garcia kicks this off with Tomlinson working him over and forcing him to run away and tag in LSG. Garcia tags in Menard and they work over LSG for a moment. Parker tags in and sends LSG to the corner nailing him with a series of strikes. Garcia tags in and teases the same but bites the face of LSG instead. Garcia stomps at the face of LSG before taunting. LSG counters and nails Garcia with a strike escaping to tag in Tracy Williams. Williams works over Garcia with a series of strikes, he drops Menard and Angelo off the apron before continuing to work Garcia. Williams with a suplex to Garcia and nails his head off the turnbuckle, Williams covers for two. Tomlinson tags in but Menard and Parker get involved dumping Tracy and LSG. Garcia locks in the Dragon sleeper on Tomlinson forcing the submission.
Rating: **1/2
Review: This was a decent six man tag, I wonder if we’ll get Tracy vs. Garcia in some singles action down the line, it’d be a sweet Dark main event.

Brian Cage vs. Tony Deppen

Tony Deppen is about to die. Cage tosses Deppen across the ring, Tony crawls under Cage and hits him with a strike but Cage is unaffected. Deppen attempts a springboard codebreaker but Cage catches him and tosses him across the ring. Cage with a clothesline in the corner and transitions right to a body slam. Cage lifts Deppen like he’s weights before tossing him over his head. Deppen hits the springboard codebreaker then nails Cage with a series of running knees in the corner and covers for two. Deppen heads up top but Cage moves, Deppen runs right into a powerbomb, Cage holds on and tosses Deppen into the corner and then hits the drillclaw. Cage covers for the victory.
Rating: ***
Review: This was short and sweet but both of these guys are great and every little bit was well done, I wish both guys could be featured more on Dark but i’m glad to see either in this capacity so i’ll take it.

Angelico vs. Hagane Shinno

Completely unfamiliar with Shinno but Angelico is great so this should be fun. Nice grappling early, Angelico always surprises me with his ability to go hold for hold with people. Shinno bursts off the ropes and sends Angelico to the outside with a rana. Angelico catches Shinno on the apron and slams him face first into the apron. Angelico with Shinno in the corner and lays into him with a series of strikes. Angelico ducks through and locks in a modified deathlock. Shinno into the ropes but he holds on avoiding a strike from Angelico. Angelico sent to the outside, Shinno with an asai moonsault he sends Angelico back inside and dives through and covers for two. Shinno with another modified cover attempt for two. Angelico done playing games he slams Shinno and locks in a submission DEEP forcing Shinno to submit.
Rating: ***
Review: This was awesome and really should’ve been longer, I’m not sure if Shinno will appear a lot more often but I hope he does as his short showcase here was fun to watch.

Emi Sakura vs. Tiara James

Emi in control early getting to her tea party VERY quickly. Sakura to her feet but James with a BURST of offense it was actually really good but it’s short lived, Emi counters sending James to the apron before hitting her with the we will chop you. Emi lifts James up and hits her with the backbreaker covering for the victory.
Rating: N/A
Review: Wow this was super short but a solid win for Emi I suppose.

The Wingmen vs. Matt Hardy & Private Party

Ethan Page is on commentary, he cuts off Hardy and Private Party as they make their entrance telling them to stop goofing off and take this serious. Hardy and Nemeth kick this off but Hardy quickly takes control and tags in Quen. Quen with a headlock and tags Hardy in nailing Nemeth covering for two. Nemeth escapes and manages to make a tag to Avalon. Avalon in control shortly, Kassidy tags in leaping off the top onto the arm of Avalon. Quen tags in and then nail Avalon with the wishbone shot before Quen covers for two. Nemeth distracts Quen before getting tossed outside. Avalon sends Quen into the ropes but he leaps over onto Nemeth HARD on the outside. Bononi attacks but Hardy backs him off. Quen back in the ring and Nemeth tags in, he works over Quen before tagging in Avalon, Avalon attempts a body slam but he needs help from Cezar. Kassidy tries to break it up but he’s caught for a body slam as well. Avalon attempts another but Quen counters, both men crawl to make a tag but only Quen is successful. Hardy tags in and nails Avalon with a powerbomb covering for two. Nemeth gets involved but he’s dropped with a side effect. Cezar tries to get involved but Private Party send him to the outside. Bononi catches Kassidy but Quen dives on him on the outside. Matt attempts a twist of fate but Ethan cuts him off saying he cant do that. This allows Avalon to take control. Avalon charges Hardy in the corner as Ethan tells him to try a different move. Hardy does the Egos Edge and covers Avalon for the cover as Ethan is mad on the outside. Private Party get in Ethan’s face as he tells Hardy to stop celebrating and get to the back because he’s pissed. Ethan tells the fans to stop booing he’s going to make them champions as they head to the back.
Rating: ***
Review: This was a good match and I enjoy that they’re telling a story on Dark and it’s actually a really good one. I am excited to see this blow off with a sweet Matt Hardy vs. Ethan Page match.

– The show closes as Hardy is backstage arguing with Ethan Page, Hardy takes claim for his finish and calls it the Fall of Fate now. Ethan screams at everyone but Matt to leave. Ethan tells Matt every step of the way he’s defiant, Matt says he’s going to defy him every step of the way. Ethan says he wont do anything to Matt, he says if Matt defies them then he’ll take it out on Private Party. Matt says this has nothing to do with them, and if Ethan jeopardizes them he will live to regret it. Ethan says it’s not in his hands anymore, he tells Ethan to defy him and see what happens. Holy shit that was WAY TOO GOOD for an ending to Dark. Why can’t we get more storyline progression like this on this show every week!? I know why, but I love this and will feel super spoiled if it’s kept some secret Dark storyline and not moved to strictly TV. It’s good enough for TV but Dark never gets anything like this.

The final score: review Good
The 411
I might even rate it a bit higher but I want to be a bit reserved. I am a sucker for Dark actually getting something resembling a real storyline. I expect this to move to proper TV soon but if not then we're in for a ride with Matt Hardy and Ethan Page producing really good content for Dark. The matches on this weeks episode were either average or pretty good, with one or two standing out. The main event was fun for it's storytelling and action so i'll say that's the one to check out if nothing else.

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