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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 12.7.21

December 7, 2021 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
AEW Dark
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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 12.7.21  

New Guy Jones back for another episode of AEW Dark! Tonight we’ve got ten matches set and a slew of great talent so i’m sure we’re in for a good one. Brandi Rhodes is back, Anthony Ogogo has returned, and i’m sure there are other fantastic talent lined up. Tonight’s episode of AEW Dark is presented by Price.com.

Lee Moriarty (2-7) vs. Misterioso (0-1)

TAIGA STYLE Jones Good competitive back and forth match. This was a solid opening match and Misterioso looked really good despite losing. He had some strong points of offense and at times looked like he might pick up the win here. Taz saying Misterioso needs to change his name is hilarious. Misterioso takes his time with a moonsault press and misses it. Moriarty drops Misterioso with the Pepsi twist before lifting him up for a flatliner DDT for the victory in 4:51.

Rating: ** 1/2
Review: Solid singles match both guys looked really good and it’s another strong victory for Moriarty. 

Lio Rush (2-0) vs. Rayo (0-0)

Back and forth for a moment between two equally sized superstars. Lio’s quickness on display throughout and he dominated pretty much the entire match. Ryo gets some offense in for a bit but for the most part it’s all Lio and his high flying ability. Lio with a frogsplash and covers for the victory in 2:52.
Rating: **
Review: Too short, but a solid short match and showcase for Lio. 

Angelica Risk (0-4) vs. Brandi Rhodes (0-0, 2021 Debut)

Risk spent a lot of time twerking and playing much more. of a heel in this one. It was definitely more competitive than I expected for Brandi’s return to the ring but it makes sense to keep it real with Brandi and not book her as a monster. Brandi with a nice superkick to regain control and we even get a light welcome back chant. Brandi with a series of kicks and drops Angelica with an enziguri. Rhodes drops Risk with a lifting forearm before locking in a submission for the victory in 3:40.
Rating: ** 1/4
Review: This was much better than I expected for a Brandi Rhodes match and maybe thats because my expectations were so low but this was solid. I do worry they’ll get her over as a face in Orlando but she’ll get heat elsewhere. 

Emi Sakura (9-2) vs. Ryo Mizunami (17-7)

Lulu Pencil Jones is not alongside Emi as she had to return home. This is a sad time. Stiff match early on and we get some great shoulder tackle and chop battles to kick things off. Ryo takes control early but outside interference from Mei Suruga gets Emi back on top and we get a we will rock you chant from Emi but Ryo regains control momentarily before Emi hits her with a running cross body on the apron. Mei Surugua with more outside interference while Rick Knox is distracted. Emi looks for the finish early but Emi fights out and chops the crap out of her in the corner. Emi fights back with a lariat to regain control for a moment before Ryo drops her with a high collar suplex. Mizunami with a spear and covers and Emi kicks out yet again. Taz is right this is a battle. Mei on the apron distracts Ryo and hits her with the septre giving Ryo the victory in 5:20.
Rating: ** 3/4
Review: Really solid match that started off strong and really with this being such a short night could’ve went another ten and been an awesome showcase. None the less we got a good match. 
Post match: Emi and Mei beat down Ryo until RIho makes the save. 

Anthony Ogogo (4-1) vs. Baron Black (0-14)

Baron Black is an unofficial member of the nightmare collective if you follow Sammy’s vlog so this has some juice to it. Baron tries to be sportsmanlike early but it gets him nowhere. Baron shows some fire early but Ogogo drops him with a backbreaker followed by a series of scoopslams. Ogogo drops Baron with a clothesline and gets a two count before covering a second time for yet another two. Ogogo with a suplex and cover but Baron kicks out again. Ogogo with a forearm shot to the back of Baron. Baron counters with a roll up for one but Ogogo with a rope break. Baron with a clothesline and a backbreaker on Ogogo. Rolling elbow in the corner followed by an exploder from Baron. Baron looks for a submission and QT distracts the ref. Ogogo with an olympic slam and covers Baron for the victory in 5:12.
Rating: **1/4
Review: Nothing special, I really can’t understand why Baron got so much offense in as I thought Ogogo was more of a dominant heel, especially needing QT to distract for the save. Not a bad match but confusing booking. 

Jay Marte & RIchard King (0-0) vs. Spears & Wardlow (8-0)

Wardlow asks Marte to hit him and he goes for a headlock instead. Wardlow takes offense to this and beats down Marte tossing him into his corner to tag his partner. King gets a free shot and gets a couple kicks and forearms in before going for a huricanrana and jumping into a powerbomb. We get the one more time chant and Warlow lifts King up and drops King with a second powerbomb. Wardlow goes for a third and Marte makes the save but Wardlow drops Marte with one before dropping King with a third and a forth powerbomb on King. Spears tags in and says Wardlows the man, Wardlows world before picking up the victory in 2:31
Rating: Wardlow match *******
Review: Wardlow destroys and Spears steals the victory don’t love it but it’s gonna implode and Spears will get dropped eventually and i’ll love it. 

Fuego Del Sol (6-33) vs. Luke Sampson (0-0)

Odd seeing Fuego get a full entrance but he’s moving on up. Fuego starts off quick and we get some behind the scenes jones. Fuego goes for a double sledge but Sampson drops Fuego. Sampson maintains control covering Fuego for a one. Fuego fights back and goes for a sunsetflip pinfall but Sampson denies it. Fuego fights back with a forearm to Luke but Luke stops that in its tracks stomping away at Fuego in the corner. Sampson with a half nelson slam and covers for a two count. Fuego with a leaping neckbreaker to even things up again. Fuego with a running uppercut in the corner followed by a second and a spear in the corner. Fuego goes for the tornado DDT but Sampson counters and goes for a suplex. Fuego hits a step up enziguri bringing Luke to a knee. Fuego with a rope assisted moonsault before going to the top calling for another tornado DDT. Fuego goes for it and hits Luke with the Tornado DDT. Fuego with a leaping stomp to the back of Luke’s head before covering for the three count in 5:15.
Rating: **1/2
Review: Solid singles match, Fuego played the underdog early but won as was expected, though it’d be cool to see an unknown like Luke debut and win like that in the future. None the less this was a solid singles exhibition for both guys can’t imagine that finish is fun to take.

Team Taz vs. JT Dunn, Omkar, Kekoa 

Hobbs starts this off and drops Omkar with a nasty clothesline before smushing his face in. He sends Omkar into the corner and hits him with a couple running splashes before tagging Dante in. Starks tagged himself in and hammers away atOmkar with a series of shots. Omkar fights back but is dropped quickly with a clothesline from Starks. Kekoa tags in and starts off quick before getting dropped by Starks. Dunn tags in and hits Starks with a bunch of quick strikes making him stumble after a hard right. Dante tags in and uses his speed to send all three competitors to the outside. Dante with a dive over the top rope to the outside. Back in the ring and Starks drops Kekoa with a spear. Dante with a double jump moonsault and pin on Kekoa in 3:40
Rating: **1/2
Review: Pretty quick six man but Team Taz looked awesome. Dante next to a star like Ricky and a hoss like Starks is pretty awesome. I know the idea is that he’ll turn but it might be awesome if he doesn’t.
Post match: Starks cuts a promo guaranteeing Team Taz’ victory tomorrow night in the Dynamite Diamond battle royal. He then runs down Lio until Lio comes out. Lio and Starks go back and forth and Lio says Team Taz can’t get it done when the stakes are raised. Lio takes a shot at Dante and Starks covers his ears. Lio promises that a Team Taz member won’t win the battle royal and promises they’ll all feel the rush. Solid back and forth promo between these two. That’ll be a fun singles match if we get it.

Thunder Rosa (30-3) vs. Sofia Castillo (0-0)

Back and forth early before Rosa takes control with some armdrags and a dropkick. Rosa with a back elbow in the corner before laying into Castillo with uppercuts but Castillo turns the tables and chops Rosa in the corner before dropping her with a stiff knee to the face. Rosa with a double leg and steps over into a boston crab before grabbing her wrists and locking in the reverse pendulum. Rosa with strikes to the body in the corner to keep Castillo on the defensive. Castillo fights out with elbows of her own and charges Rosa in the corner but Rosa dodges and drops her with a double knee strike in the corner. Rosa with a drop kick and death valley driver before locking in the Peruvian neck tie for the submission victory in 2:57.
Rating: **1/2
Review: Rosa dominated most of this but her opponent was pretty good and this was a solid victory. Rosa is spectacular and i’d love to cheer for her to win the TBS title but she really needs to beat Britt for the main title first. 
Post match: Rosa cuts a promo and says she can’t wait to put her hands on Jade and advance in the tournament but Mark Sterling interrupt and tells Schiavone to hit the bricks. Sterling says Jade can’t make it and runs down the instances Rosa has antagonized Jade and calls her a coward afraid to face Jade. Rosa says absolutely not before Sterling says Jade is that bitch and Jade shows up to drop Rosa with a big boot and bicycle kick.

Jon Silver (23-6) w/ -1 vs. Aaron Solo (13-24)

Chain wrestling early before Silver drops Solo with a dropkick to take control. Solo in the corner and Silver just launches him to the other side of the ring. Solo fights back with some forearms before launching off the ropes but SIlver catches him and struggles to launch him into the ropes. Solo pulls Silver into the ropes from the apron and takes control with shots in the corner. Solo with a suplex to Silver and covers for.a two count. Silver fights back with chops to the chest but Solo sends him face first into the top turnbuckle. Solo exchanges words with -1 before chopping SIlver in the corner. Silver fights back with strikes and chops but Solo with a double stomp and covers for a two count. Solo gets ontop of Silver and lays into him with some strikes to the face. Solo runs into a boot in the corner before SIlver hits a combination of kicks and forearms. Silver with a backbody drop. Solo with a hurricanrana attempt but Silver drops him with a powerbomb. Silver covers for a two count. Both men to their feet and exchange strikes, Silver gets pissed and lays into Solo with a combination of strikes but Solo goes for a backslide. Silver rolls through and lays into Solo with a flurry of kicks. Solo fights back but is sent into the ropes and Silver drops him with the pump kick to the back of the head. SIlver hits Solo with the spin doctor and covers for the victory in 5:41.
Rating: **1/2
Review: This was another solid singles match on this episode of Dark. It didn’t really get time to go into great territory but it was a solid singles match. 
Post match: Schiavone interviews Silver about his match with Danielson on Dynamite tomorrow night. That should be a fantastic singles match. Silver says this Wednesday he’s gonna touch Bryan Danielson and he’s gonna beat him. Silver says Jonny Hungy for some vegan meat of Bryan Danielson. Love to see it.


The final score: review Good
The 411
That was a pretty quick episode of Dark. We had ten matches and they wrapped up in just over 70 minutes. It wasn't bad because at times i'm not a huge fan of the matches that run longer but I wish that the Ryo vs. Emi match was longer and probably the opener as well but i'm not upset at it either as it's a bunch of squash matches. That said it's hard to rate this as much more than average with nothing too exciting but we saw some cool names and a good episode overall.

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