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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Under Siege Review

May 7, 2022 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
Josh Alexander Image Credit: Impact/AXS TV
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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Under Siege Review  

Good evening Impact Wrestling fans, we are just a few weeks removed from Impact’s most recent PPV Rebellion and already we’re ready to follow up with an explosive live event for their Impact+ subscribers. We will see plenty of championship action tonight when Ace Austin defends his newly won X-Division championship against former champ Trey Miguel as he cashes in his rematch clause. We will see Tasha Steelz defend her Knockouts championship against Havok, VBD defend the Impact Tag Team Championships against The Briscoes, Taya Valkyrie will defend her Reigna de Reignas championship against Deonna Purrazzo and in the main event Josh Alexander will defend his Impact World Championship against Tomohiro Ishii. We’ll also see some solid matchups between Chris Sabin and Steve Maclin, Alex Shelley and Mike Bailey and Bullet Club vs. Honor No More in a 10 man tag. Having just come off a PPV event a few weeks ago kudos to Impact for putting together such a solid card for their Impact Plus Subscribers.

Pre Show:
Heath & Rhino def. Shera & Raj Singh following a gore from Rhino to Raj for the victory.

Rich Swann def. Laredo Kid & Mike Bailey in a triple threat after pinning Laredo Kid following the Phoenix Splash. Not sure if Bailey is still set to face Shelley and is doing double duty or what the story is here.

Madison Rayne vs. Gisele Shaw

These two have had a couple of interesting exchanges over the last few weeks leading to this match up. Shaw has played a heel for most of her run in Impact as far as I know so I am a bit surprised to see the heel/heel match to kick off the show. Shaw is accompanied by Alisha Edwards which is interesting given their history but Alisha offered to back up Shaw following her issues with the Influence and she accepted Edwards took her spotlight during the entrance so clearly they’re not besties. Lockup to start, Shaw with a wristlock but Rayne rolls through into a wristlock of her own, Shaw with a forearm and a springboard armdrag, she follows with another armdrag then an uppercut in the corner. Shaw looking impressive early. She connects with a second but misses the third uppercut. Shaw with a frontflip armdrag sending Rayne to the outside. Shaw leapfrogs onto the apron then back into the ring with a twisting splash onto Rayne and covers her for a two count. Shaw calls for Rayne to get up, she distracts the ref allowing Tenille to get involved. Rayne with the snapmare into a headlock. Alisha on the outside getting the crowd to get behind Shaw. Shaw fights free but runs right into a facebuster and a neck breaker, Rayne covers for two. Rayne sets Shaw up on the ropes and uses the five count to her advantage, she then distracts the ref allowing Tenille to choke Shaw as well. Rayne with the headlock into a norther lights and bridges for a two count. Rayne covers again but again Shaw kicks out. Rayne to the top looking for a dive but Shaw cuts her off and hits a superplex off the top. Both women slow to their feet, they exchange forearms, Rayne drops Shaw with a stiff forearm, Shaw with one of her own then an uppercut, Shaw with a kick to the midsection, Shaw with an enziguri to Rayne sending her into the corner then hitting a spinning kick tot he back of the head. Shaw with an elevated DDT and covers for a VERY CLOSE two count. Shaw gets the crowd behind her and sets Rayne up for a suplex but Rayne counters out. Rayne with a wheelbarrow slam then covering Shaw for a two count. Shaw with a spinebuster on Rayne, and she heads to the top rope, Tenille grabs her leg while the referee is distracted, Alisha with the save allowing Shaw to drop Tenille with the knee, Rayne with the roll up and the tights, she gets a two, Shaw with a roll up for two, Shaw with the running knee and covers for the victory.
Rating: ***
Review: This was a great opener and proved me wrong in a lot of ways. The heel/heel match makes sense when the idea is to turn Shaw face. I didn’t think they’d be able to do it as her in ring work has not impressed but she absolutely made me a fan here. Her team with Alisha is a nice addition to the Knockouts tag division and does way more for Shaw than she was doing before. Great opener. Funny to note that Rehwoldt called Alisha and Shaw besties to close out their match so that shuts me up. 

– The Briscoes are backstage with Gia and they promise to take the championships off of VBD. Jay says he’ll knock any of the three of them out and tonight dem boys will leave the new Impact Tag Team Champions.

Steve Maclin vs. Chris Sabin

Maclin and Sabin have had issues for a while now ever since Maclin attempted to assist Team Impact vs. Honor No More. Maclin attacked Sabin and other members of Team Impact after it was revealed that Eddie Edwards was the one who was the snake. Maclin is also looking to prove he deserves an Impact Championship opportunity, a win here would go a long way in solidifying that. Maclin and Sabin grapple early with neither gaining a clear advantage. They break for a moment and back to the grappling with a test of strength. Maclin gains the upperhand for a moment but while taunting Sabin, he counters and drops Maclin to his knees then hits him with a series of armdrags. Sabin sends Maclin to the outside, he looks for a dive Maclin back in goes for a clothesline but Sabin ducks it and takes him to the mat with a wristlock. Sabin sends Maclin into the top turnbuckle shoulder first. He charges Maclin but he catches Sabin and sets him up in the tree of woe, Maclin attempts the spear but Sabin ducks it, Maclin avoids the pole and heads to the outside. Sabin with a dive Maclin catches him and drops Sabin back first on the apron. He then picks Sabin up and sends him face first into the ring apron. Maclin slides into the ring and covers for two. Maclin sends Sabin into the ropes and hits him with a forearm to the lowerback. The referee checks in on Sabin as Maclin plays it up. Sabin says hes good to go and walks right into a double underhook backbreaker combo from Maclin. Maclin covers for two, Sabin has to struggle to kick out. Sabin with a forearm to Maclin, Maclin sends him into the ropes, Sabin with a sunset flip but he cant drop Maclin, Sabin to his feet he hits Maclin with a couple strikes then the forearms. Maclin sent into the ropes and returns with the knee to the face and a clothesline. Maclin looks to suplex Sabin off the ramp, Sabin counters but gets sent face first into the ring post for his efforts. Maclin with an elbow drop off the ramp onto Sabin on the outside. Back on the inside, Maclin looks for mayhem for all Sabin counters, Sabin with a tornado DDT on Maclin, both men to their feet, Maclin misses a right Sabin hits one and drops Maclin with a neckbreaker, another. Sabin off the ropes with a forearm to the back of the neck then a DDT. Sabin covers, Maclin narrowly kicks out. Sabin with a spinning neckbreaker on the outside and both men down yet again. Sabin sends Maclin back into the ring and heads to the top rope, Sabin with a missal dropkick to the back and spine of Maclin, Sabin covers, and Maclin with another kickout. Sabin to the top he dives for the crossbody, Maclin rolls through and hits Sabin with a suplex. Sabin sits up and gets hit with a running clothesline from Maclin. Maclin covers but Sabin kicks out at two and Maclin is questioning how he can end this. Maclin to his feet and calls for the end, he lifts Sabin up for Mayhem for all Sabin with a roll up counter for two. Sabin looks for the Cradleshock, Maclin rolls him up for a three count but he had the ropes and the official catches him. Sabin to his feet and hits Maclin but Maclin counters with a running knee strike and both men down while the referee begins his count. Both men to their feet, they exchange forearms, then Sabin with the right hands, then the knees the to face of Maclin. Maclin drops to a knee Sabin runs right into an elbow, Maclin with a clothesline in the corner. Maclin caught with a boot in the opposing corner. Maclin bounces out and they both go for lariats neither budges. Sabin runs into a suplex from Maclin, Sabin with a clothesline. Sabin to the top and hits a tornado DDT. Maclin lifted up and Sabin with the cradleshock for the victory!
Rating: ****1/4
Review: What a freakin banger of a match between these two. I was hoping Maclin would win and take that next step up in the Impact pecking order but I don’t mind him losing in this fashion. They were given plenty of time and delivered a hell of a show. Sabin continues to be a guy who must be taken seriously whenever put in a singles match because he can always win one. Love that they’ve opened with two matches that could go either way. 

– Gia is backstage with Deonna Purrazzo and asks her if she believes she can get the job done. Deonna is offended at Gia’s question and runs down her many accomplishments while explaining to Gia that she’s proven she can get the job done regardless of the opportunity. Deonna says she respects the history of Taya and Mercedes but the tides of history only sway one way and she plans to show that again tonight. Deonna really is one of the best in the world and always delivers her future will be exciting to watch regardless of what it holds.

AAA Reigna de Reignas Championship
Deonna Purrazzo vs. Taya Valkyrie (c)

Deonna recently lost both of her championships after defending them for weeks on end in the champ champ challenge. Now she looks to get the AAA Reigna de Reignas championship back from Taya Valkyrie. Taya just beat Deonna for the championship a few weeks ago so it’ll be tough for Deonna to recapture it, not impossible though. Deonna with the cheapshot before the bell and she wipes her hands clean to begin the match. Taya calls for the ref to ring the bell, Deonna starts off with a mean side dropping Taya with a series of boots in the corner, she gets in the face of the referee to break the hold then goes right back to it choking Taya in the corner for the entirety of the five count. Deonna with a kick to the face of Taya and cover for one. Taya to her feet, Deonna sends her into the ropes, Taya ducks a lariat but gets sent into the ropes. Taya with an armdrag and an uppercut on Deonna on the ropes. Valkyrie with the low kick on Deonna and she covers her for a two count. Taya lifts Deonna up by her hair and looks for a handspring off the ropes but Deonna kicks her in the stomach to prevent it. Deonna chokes at Taya before wrapping her arm around the rope before the ref forces a break. Deonna with a forearm to the back of the head of Taya and pulling at the hair. Taya with the rope break but Deonna kicks her hand to break the hold. Deonna with the submission int he center of the ring setting Tayas arm up so she can stomp on her elbow. Deonna covers for two and Taya heads to the corner to regroup. Taya with a kick to Deonna then follows up with a clothesline with her good arm. Taya selling the arm so she slowly runs at Deonna allowing her to counter and lock in a sleeper hold. Taya tries to fight out and gets to her feet after the crowd starts clapping only to be slammed right back on the mat moments later. Deonna stomps at the face of Taya before targeting the lowerback. Deonna with the reverse chinlock before grabbing the arms of Taya and wrenching back on her arms. Taya fights free and sends Deonna into the corner with an armdrag. Taya counters a move from Deonna and lays into her with forearms. Taya sends Deonna into the ropes and catches her with an inverted blue thunder bomb. Taya with the cover for a two count. Deonna with a kick to counter Taya then drops her with another. Deonna with a moonsault into a cover for a two count. Deonna charges Taya in the corner buy she dodges it setting Deonna up in the ropes. Taya with a running german suplex on Deonna and the crowd pops for her. Taya heads back into the ring but runs into a knee from Deonna. Deonna goes for queens gambit and Taya counters, Taya with a kick to the face and a stomp to the midsection. Taya covers for a two count. Taya sets up a curbstomp and covers Deonna but she barely kicks out at two. Deonna ties up Taya and hits a curbstomp of her own, she follows with another! Deonna taunts to a mixed reaction and hits Taya with queens gabit. Deonna covers and Taya just barely kicks out! They got me there. This is the first time someone has kicked out of the queens gambit according to commentary. Deonna locks in the armbar, Taya crawls for the ropes but Deonna catches both arms and rips back, Taya trying to get the ropes and uses her long legs to break the hold. Deonna uses all four seconds before freaking out and releasing the hold. Deonna rolls to the outside and grabs the championship, the referee grabs it from her, Taya with the roll up and she gets the victory to retain the championship.
Rating: ***1/2
Post match: Deonna attacks Taya from behind with the championship and locks the double armbar in before the lights go out. They come back on and we see masked people on the ramp before MIA YIM comes out and the HBIC is BACK! Mia gets face to face with Deonna before Deonna waves her off and heads to the back. Mia goes to check on Taya but Deonna with the attack from behind. Mia fights her off and Deonna barely escapes the package piledriver.
Review: The match was great but I didn’t enjoy the finish. If you’re gonna do a roll up like that I need a better sell than that from Deonna or the roll up to be deeper, better camera angle something. It just felt flat but it does make sense, Deonna should’ve won and cost herself it just is odd for her to be this mad and dumb when she was so close to capturing the championship back. I get the booking and with the post match I enjoy where they are going next I just wanted a Deonna win and bought into it happening twice only for her to lose so suddenly. The story is sensible but the finish is not for me.

– Trey Miguel is backstage with Gia and promises to regain his X-Division championship back from Ace Austin

X-Division Championship Match
Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin (c)

Trey can never get his entrance right and it drives me nuts because it would be so cool if he just practiced it. I’d love to see Trey regain the championship he just recently lost but as Ace heads towards the BOSJ I don’t see that happening. We’ve already had three really good matches to kick off this show and these two tend to deliver so i’m expecting that trend to continue. Trey is undefeated in singles competition for over a year and is 10-1 in his last 11. These stats tell me he might just take that first loss here tonight. Slower pace than you may expect early between these two exchanging wristlocks as they grapple for the upper hand. Trey sends Ace to the outside and we get a nice clap for both men as Ace regroups. Ace slowly returns to the ring and we get a test of strength. Trey with a chop and then a springboard but Ace has no time for it and slams Trey back first into the mat. Trey with a knee to the back of the arm and a stiff kick to the face of Trey. Ace is ready for NJPW. Ace with a kick to Treys knee in the corner and uses the rope to scrape at the eye of Trey. Ace chokes Trey int he corner and then lays into him with kicks in the corner. Ace sends Trey into the corner but Trey counters with a flip out of the corner to dodge Ace. Ace with a crossbody to Trey and they both flip out to the outside. Ace looks for a dive on Trey on the outside but Trey counters both men on the apron Trey looks for a pump kick but Ace catches his leg and flips him off the apron, a sweet exchange of counters before Ace hits Trey with a knee to the face. Ace sends Trey inside and covers for a two count. Ace with a backdrop on Trey, the crowd chants for Trey and he tries to fight back but Ace just hammers on his back to prevent it. Trey counters Ace but gets sent into the ropes, Ace follows and runs into a kick from Trey. Ace rakes the eyes and then hits Trey with a draping backbreaker. That looked incredibly painful. Ace covers Trey for another two count. Ace with an elevated knee drop to Trey and follows with a forearm to the face. Ace goes for an irish whip, Trey holds onto the ropes but eats a stiff chop from Ace. Ace goes for it again but Trey with a forearm to the face of Ace. Superman forearm from Trey, Trey with a kick to the face of Ace. Ace dodges a moonsault and then stomps Treys face into the canvas. Ace covers for a nearfall. Ace to his feet and calls for it, he says its inevitable. Ace looks for the fold but Trey ducks it. Ace with a boston crab but Trey kicks at the face of Ace and kips up into a rana that sends Ace face first into the mat, Trey is SO damn good at the kip up into rana. Trey with a flip off the corner over Ace and hits him with a combination of shots. Trey off the ropes and again a series of strikes and a stomp to the back. Trey stomps and catches Ace for a reverse suplex into a modified dragon sleeper. Ace grabs at the face of Trey and rams it right into the canvas for the counter. Both men to their feet and they exchange strikes while waving the camera around for effect. I don’t love it. Trey chopped but kips right up into a kick on Ace like I said so good. Ace with a springboard looking for a DDT but runs face first into Trey’s boot on a superkick. Trey to the top, split legged moonsault, Trey covers for two and they’re starting to get me here. Still confident in Ace but they’re making me think it could happen. Ace and Trey exchange covers, Ace with a roll up and feet on the ropes but Trey just barely kicks out in time. Ace in the face of the ref allows Trey to roll him through with a double stomp to the chest. Trey to the top Ace staggers and heads to the apron to avoid Trey. Trey follows they exchange strikes, Trey with a neck breaker to Ace on the apron sending himself back first to the mat outside SHEEESH. Trey rolls Ace back into the ring and follows him in. Trey looks for the meteora, Ace ducks it sends Trey face first into the turnbuckle then follows up with THE FOLD. Ace covers to retain.
Rating: ***1/2
Review: That was the expected result but it was a damn good match and for a short moment there they had me buying into maybe just maybe Trey winning. It makes all the sense in the world for Ace to be champion as he participates in BOSJ as it helps add prestige to Impact’s championship. I may have underrated this a tad as I generally have high expectations for the X-Division, they delivered but it wasn’t out of this world so I was conservative with my rating. 

Honor No More vs. Bullet Club

These two teams have been vying to show which group is truly THE dominant group in Impact. This is sure to explode at some point so i’ll do my best to keep up with everything. As expected it explodes early and they just go to war brawling inside the ring, then outside of the ring, the referee can’t get control. Finally we get Karl and Eddie in the center of the ring exchanging chops and strikes, finally Karl drops Eddie with an uppercut. Karl sends Eddie face first into the turnbuckle and Gallows tags in. Double elbows to the face of Eddie, Gallows lifts him up, Eddie with a thumb to the eye before tagging in Kenny King. Gallows lays into King in the corner with rights and lefts before pulling him out and tagging in El P. El P with the kick to the mid section of King. King and El P with some quick exchanges, King with a kick to the skull of El P. King with a spinebuster and cover for a two count on El P. Vince tags in and hits El P with a shot to the midsection. Vincent bounces off the ropes and hits El P with a running crossbody. Bey tags in and charges Vincent. Missed a short bit of this one checking up on the kiddos but i’m back and Gallows and Anderson look to take out Taven with the magic killer and Honor No More wastes no time jumping in and attacking everyone. They send everyone to the outside and isolate Karl. Everyone takes turns laying into Karl, Taven with an enziguri, Taven covers and would’ve had the win but El P had the referee distracted. King sets Karl up and Taven with the back rake in the corner for payback on Karl for earlier. King with a cover but Karl kicks out. Eddie tags in and backs Karl up in the corner before laying into him with a stiff chop. Eddie sends Karl into the ropes and hits him with a back elbow. Taven tags in and holds Karl down with a headlock. Karl with a spinebuster on Taven allows him to regroup. Karl and Taven tag out. Bennett and Gallows in. Gallows takes out everyone for Honor No More and catches Bennet with a splash in the corner. Eddie sets up Gallows for a suplex but Gallows counters. King tags in, the send Gallows into the ropes he fights out with a double clothesline. El P charges King in the corner he has a burst of energy he goes for a moonsault on King but he has the knees up to block it. Vincent tags in, El P sends him into the corner but runs into a kick from Vincent. Vincent with a flatliner and covers El P for a two count. Bey tags in, he and El P work over Vincent, Bey covers for a nearfall. Bey and Vincent exchange strikes, both men look for a crossbody and both fall to the mat in pain. Jay White and Taven tag in, Taven runs wild on The Bullet Club dropping everyone. He lifts White up, White goes for a right hand but Taven ducks it and drops him with a DDT. Taven with a running knee strike on Jay. Jay and Taven exchange reversals. Jay with a suplex on Taven he calls for Blade Runner and again this one breaks down. Everyone starts brawling. King and Bey the only ones in the ring, Bey looks to make a dive but King drops him and hits a dive of his own. Bey catches Vincent in the corner with a kick. Bey looks to take out Vincent, he ducks, sending Bey into Taven and White. They continue brawling outside to set up another high spot, Vincent with redrum off the top onto everyone. Karl is on the apron now calling for a tag, it makes Rehwoldt laugh and me too that now Karl is ready to follow rules. Karl teases a dive and Maria distracts him. Karl on the caught in the backpack from Bennett. Taven with the running knee. Bennett covers for the victory.
Rating: N/A
Review: I can’t give this a proper rating as I missed a bit in the middle, if I rated what I saw i’d give it three stars as it was ok and exciting but this was too much of a cluster for me to really enjoy. With all the other great matches I won’t critique this much as it did what it needed to but wasn’t for me. 

Impact Knockouts Championship
Havok vs. Tasha Steelz (c)

Havok’s dominating Steelz early in this one sending her flying into the corner. Tasha heads to the outside to avoid Havok, Havok follows Tasha to the inside and drops her, Havok looks for the legdrop but Steelz ducks it. Tasha Twerks over the fallen Havok, and her confidence is back. Tasha with an elbow onto Havok, Havok looks to roll away and Tasha hits a second covering for a two count. Tasha backs Havok up into the corner and hits her with a series of chops. Tasha looks for another but Havok shoves her away carrying her to the middle of the ring. Tasha bites at the face of Havok before hitting her with a codebreaker and covering for a two count. Tasha lays into Havok with forearms to the back of the head and starts stomping away at her as she looks to get to her feet. Tasha smacks at the face of Havok, Tasha back to the twerking and Havok is tired of it kicking Tasha. Rehwoldt reminds us that Decay has spent weeks trying to intimidate Steelz just for her to react like this. Havok charges Steelz but she ducks sending Havok to the outside. Tasha on the apron looking for a kick to the face but Havok catches her and sends her face first into the apron. Tasha sitting front of the steps and Havok charges at her, Tasha moves and Havok takes herself out running into the steps. Havok apparently injured her knee and elbow on the miss. Havok rolls in to break the referees ten count but Tasha lays into her with kicks right as she rolls in. Tasha catches Havok in the corner with a running uppercut followed by a kick. Tasha catches Havok in the other corner with a clothesline and a tornado DDT. Tasha covers but Havok kicks out at two. Tasha looks to tie up Havok in a submission, Havok bites at the hand of Tasha to break the hold. Havok bites for a majority of the five count. Tasha SLAPS Havok then lays into her with a series of chops but her bitten hand is taking more damage. Havok with a headbutt, then a backbreaker and a lariat from Havok. Havok lifts Tasha up and drops her with the death valley driver. Havok covers Tasha and she BARELY kicks out at two. Havok slaps at herself and lifts Tasha up for another Death Valley Driver. Tasha counters into a sleeper. Havok backs her into the corner but Tasha holds on. Havok slams her to the mat, Tasha ducks a kick then hits a bulldog on Havok. Again Havok kicks out at two. Tasha is mad so she tries to rip off the turnbuckle and she cant, Tasha with a cutter on Havok, she covers again a two count. Tasha to the top, Havok cuts her off, both women ascend to the top rope. Havok lifts Tasha up for the DVD off the top, Tasha counters sending Havok face first into the turnbuckle. Tasha hits the blackout to put Havok away and retain her championship.
Rating: **3/4
Review: This match had moments I didn’t enjoy but the ending sequence was rather enjoyable and it was nice to see Tasha get such a significant victory without any help and little cheating. It took a lot and it should with the size differential but she was still able to retain. I did feel this left a bit to be desired in terms of overall ring work but both women showed up and put on a decent PPV match.

Impact World Tag Team Championship
The Briscoe Brothers vs. Violent By Design (c)

The Briscoes have become a big deal rather quickly in Impact as they should. They quickly earned a championship opportunity and i’d love to see them become champions. This is easily the preferred route of introducing former ROH talent in my opinion. I’d rather see each member of Honor No More in singles/tag feuds than doing the stable warfare thing still especially when ROH is now owned by AEW. Either way, this is gonna be a solid tag match. This one gets crazy early as both teams brawl it out on the outside before the match can even begin. The Briscoes leave Deaner and Eric Young laying as Doring watches from the ramp. Doring points at them and does the crossface sign. Doring heads to the ring, Dem Boys duck a double clothesline. VBD catch The Briscoes from behind and send Jay to the outside. Doring finally exits. Mark and Eric kick this one off and the match finally begins with Mark and Eric exchanging strikes. Eric sends Mark into the corner and tags in Deaner who attacks Mark briefly before he makes the tag to Jay. Jay and Mark with the tag team attack on Deaner before Jay backs him into a corner and stomps away at him. Jay wraps up Deaner and tags in Mark. Mark with the chop on Deaner then follows with a suplex and cover for two. Deaner and Jay exchange strikes. Jay with a dive to Eric on the outside. Mark sets up and hits one of his own onto Deaner. The crowd loves it and that’s exactly why bringing in a duo like the Briscoes is a no brainer for Impact. Jay up top but Doring sends him off as the ref is distracted. Deaner takes advantage and rakes at the eyes of Jay. Doring sends Jay into the corner and makes the tag to Eric Young. Eric and Deaner with the double boot to Jay. Eric covers Jay for a two count. Deaner sets the boot up and Eric sends Jay face first into the big boot in the corner. Deaner tags in Eric tosses him into Jay before Deaner goes for the cover. Deaner lifts Jay up and sends him to the outside. Doring lifts Jay up and drops him on the apron as the ref is again distracted. Deaner sends Jay into the ring and drops an elbow down across his chest. Deaner with the headlock on Jay, Jay fights free with strikes to Deaner. Jay with an elbow to Eric and ducks a lariat from Deaner to tag in Mark. Mark lays out Deaner and Eric with rights and lefts. Mark with a pele to Deaner then a dropkick to young sending him to the outside. Mark is going nuts, he hits Deaner with a clothesline then a slap in the corner. Mark slams Deaner off the top ropes and covers him but Deaner just kicks out. Mark lifts Deaner up, but Deaner with strikes, he goes for an irish whip but Mark dodges it, Jay jumps in, they hit the double team powerbomb/neck breaker on Deaner. Mark covers for a two count, Eric looks to break it up but Jay follows him outside, Eric sends Jay face first into the ring post on the outside. Mark with Deaner on the inside. Deaner sends Mark into Eric on the apron. Deaner and Eric with the combination neck breaker, Deaner covers and Mark just barely kicks out at two. Deaner makes the tag to Eric Young, they lay into Jay with rights and lefts in the corner. Jay with the forearms and elbows to fight out, they send him into the ropes. Jay catches Deaner with an overhead suplex. Eric catches Jay with a high angle death valley driver and covers for a two count. Eric with a slap to Mark as he gets to his feet. Mark and Eric exchange strikes. Mark bounces off the ropes into a right hand from Eric. Jay with a rana on Eric out of nowhere then a boot that backs Eric up. Jay tags in and sets Eric up for a neck breaker. Mark to the top and hits an elbow drop on Eric. Jay covers and Deaner breaks it up just in time. Mark runs into a clothesline from Deaner. Jay drops Deaner. Eric with a belly to belly on Jay. Mark goes for a kick but Eric catches him and sets him up for the wheelbarrow neck breaker. Everyone is down, Eric to his feet and to the top. Jay catches him and looks for a suplex, Eric bites him and sends him to the mat. Eric with an elbow drop on Mark and covers for a two count. Deaner tags in they set Jay up but Mark sends Eric into the top rope groin first. Doring on the apron but eats a right from Mark, Deaner sent into Doring. Doomsday device to Deaner and Jay covers for the victory.
Rating: ****
Review: This is pretty much everything you’d want from a really good tag team match. I had no idea which team would win and kept biting every time VBD would use heel tactics to try and steal this one. I really expected VBD to win and them to run this back later but i’m more than ok with this booking and am very excited to see what’s next for Dem Boys. 

– Moose comes out and says he’s done a lot of bad things but they’ve made him the champion he was. He continues to complain about how unfair Impact has been to him. Moose says he’s just hijacked this show, Scott has 30 seconds to get out here or he’s going to jump the guard rail and do something bad to each and every son of a bitch in this building. We see the promo for EGV again and it’s revealed to be Sami Callihan. Thank GOODNESS the people in the Impact review thread were right and I can’t read numbers. So glad this is happening tonight and not July. It also makes way more sense. Sami Callihan with a bat and he drops Moose. Sami with the thumbs up and down dropping Moose with a cactus driver before grabbing a mic to say the death machine is BACK! Sami being back is so awesome for Impact couldn’t be better timing honestly.

Impact World Championship
Tomohiro Ishii vs. Josh Alexander

After regaining the Impact World Championship Josh Alexander is now being put to the test by Scott D’Amore. Scott said he wanted to give Josh formidable opponents and he’s done just that. Ishii was handpicked by Scott and this is sure to be a great match even if the result is hardly up for debate. Josh was recently in a car accident, thankfully he and his family are all doing fine I saw images of that yesterday but had forgotten until commentary brought it up. Clean grappling early as Josh and Ishii exchange wristlocks before Josh takes Ishii to the mat with a headlock. Ishii sends Josh into the ropes and he runs into a shoulder block from Ishii but neither is moved. Ishii off the ropes into an armdrag from Josh. Josh runs into a shoulder block from Ishii and he’s dropped to the mat. Ishii backs Josh up in the corner with a chop, then another but Josh fires back. Josh out of the corner and a running shoulder block of his own. Josh with an elbow to the back of Ishii’s head, and there’s a LOUD “LETS GO ISHII” Chant. Slightly louder than the “walking weapon” chant in response. Josh with a chop to Ishii in the corner. Both men looking for a suplex but neither can get it. Ishii finally hits it and both men are down. Ishii laying into Josh with chops in the corner, Josh reverses it and lays into Ishi with chops of his own. Ishii counters and hits Josh with forearms and chops in succession. Josh with forearms to Ishii’s face and Ishii is completely unphased. Josh drops the straps and starts poking at Ishii he says bring it. Ishii with more stiff chops for Josh. Ishii with a HIGH chop to the throat of Josh it sends him to the outside. The ref checks on him and Ishii wastes little time sending him back in. Ishii with another high chop to Josh, then two more again dropping Josh. Ishii with a forearm to the face of Josh. Josh sends Ishii in the corner but he storms out with a shoulder block of his own. Josh with a kick to the face of Ishii. Josh and Ishii exchange forearms. Josh takes control sending Ishii into the ropes with a chop, Josh with a boot to Ishii’s head dropping him to the mat. Josh lifts Ishii up on his shoulders but Ishii escapes, Ishii on the apron and Josh with the running crossbody to send Ishii to the outside. Both men down but Josh up first lifting Ishii up and sending him into the ring. Josh pounds on the mat and hits Ishii with a german suplex. Josh with the rolling senton to Ishii, Josh on the middle rope and hits Ishii with the knee to the back of the neck. Josh looking for the C4 spike but Ishii counters it. LOUD Stone Pitbull chant. Ishii with the powerslam on Josh. Both men to their feet and they exchange forearms. Ishii goes cold and eats all of Josh’s forearms. Ishii with one of his own. Ishii with a belly to back suplex on Josh. Josh counters a kick from Ishii into the ankle lock. Ishii counters with an ankle lock of his own, Josh tries to counter but Ishii goes for the knee bar. Josh counters into an ankle lock of his own and locks it in. Ishii reaches back and screams in agony. Ishii begins to fade and reaches for the official. Ishii goes crazy he makes a mad dash for the ropes. Ishii rolls through and forces a rope break. Josh with a slap to the back of Ishii’s head then an elbow to the face dropping him to his knees. Josh sets up Ishii for the C4 spike. Josh lifts him up for a powerbomb. Ishii counters but he sells the injured ankle, what a king. Ishii goes for the headbutt but Josh counters with a right hand! Josh with a clothesline and he covers Ishii for a two count. Josh lifts Ishii up and tosses him to the mat. Ishii crawls up Josh, Josh lifts him up for the C4 spike but Ishii counters, Josh with a clothesline and Ishii back up, a clothesline of his own. Josh and Ishii exchange suplexes. They both go for clotheslines, neither falls, Ishii finally drops Josh with a BIG lariat. Both men are down. Ishii charges Josh in the corner but Josh moves and catches him with a shot to the back of the head. Josh lifts Ishii up and takes him to the top rope on his shoulders. Ishii fights free and hits Josh with the devastating headbutt Josh is staggered on the top rope. Ishii heads up top and lifts Josh up for a delayed superplex. Ishii with the cover but Josh barely kicks out. Ishii starts to shake his head in dismay. Ishii off the ropes and drops Josh with two clotheslines, he covers again and again Josh kicks out. Ishii lifts Josh up for the brainbuster but Josh fights out and rolls up Ishii for a two count. Josh lifts Ishii up for a powerbomb backbreaker. Josh to the top rope and goes for a moonsault but Ishii rolls out of the way. Ishii goes for the seated clothesline but Josh ducks it. Josh runs into a headbutt from Ishii, he lifts Josh up and hits the basement clothesline he covers for a two count. Ishii with a crossface taunt, he lifts Josh up for the brainbuster, Josh counters. C4 spike NO. Ishii looks for the brainbuster no! Josh has the ankle lock, Ishi counters into an enziguri. Ishii and Josh again with dueling clotheslines. Josh with the elbow to the head and forearm to the face. Josh with a powerbomb then the c4 spike. Josh covers and picks up the victory to retain the championship.
Rating: ****1/2
Review: This was a FANTASTIC main event which should’ve been expected. They had a ton of time to do whatever they wanted and they had a great match. That’s all Impact needs to do and they’ll have great main events every single show. This was such a good match and showed Josh is great. I never really bought into Ishii winning just given the story and obvious factors but it still was a great back and forth and both men delivered. I love watching Josh against great opponents because he ALWAYS delivers when put in that spot and honest he’s been delivering non stop regardless of opponent lately. Great way to end an awesome show! 

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was a really good show and honestly outdid my relatively low expectations. After a great Rebellion show I did wonder how this show would deliver given the short build and sometimes that works. They let the talent go out there and have great matches and they delivered. A few matches weren't for me but in general it was a really good show. I would encourage people to check this one out as it's definitely not just a throwaway Impact Plus show there were plenty of big moments tonight and great matches.

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