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CHIKARA Review: Behind The 8 Ball

July 23, 2009 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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CHIKARA Review: Behind The 8 Ball  

Easton, PA – 4.25.2009

Coming off the heels of the 2009 King of Trios tournament, CHIKARA brings us “Behind The 8 Ball” from Easton, PA. You’d think CHIKARA would slow down after their largest weekend of the year. You’d also be incorrect, as they have put on quite a show for us tonight. The Campeones de Parejas, The Osirian Portal, put their belts on the line against two men who racked up their third point at King of Trios: Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw. Not only that, but the Young Lions Cup is on the line when Equinox defends the belt against his brother and member of the UnStable, Colin Delaney. In addition to that, Japanese wrestling star Shadow Phoenix will be making a rare U.S. appearance tonight taking on fellow martial arts expert, Gran Akuma. All this and a whole lot more is in store, so let’s get crackin’!

Before we go any further, I have to put this YouTube video of the AMAZING DVD menu in here. It’s quite awesome, and very topical now. Take a look for yourself.

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Louden Noxious, Leonard F. Chikarason, Ultramantis Black, Bryce Remsburg,

Louden starts off with the CHIKARA Entrance Theme medley. As you’d expect, it’s a montage of many of the CHIKARA stars theme songs with modified lyrics for the stars who’s theme he is singing. It was quite awesome.

Incoherence (Hallowicked & Frightmare) vs. 2.0 (Jagged & Shane Matthews)

Shane and Hallowicked start things off. Collar and elbow tie-up shows Shane pushing Wicked down. Shane celebrates this small accomplishment. Another lock-up has Shane squeeze Wicked in a side headlock. Hallowicked drops down and gets met with an elbow drop from Shane. Wicked gets on a headlock of his own, then tries a shoulder tackle which fails. He tries again but gets tripped by Shane. Shane gets caught with a hip toss and an armdrag. Frightmare comes in and hits a big boot on Shane. Wicked and Frightmare hit a tandem side slam/leg drop combo. Shane rolls out to tag in Jagged. Jagged gets on a side headlock to Frightmare into a wrist lock. Firghtmare flips out an hits a pair of armdrags. Frightmare holds onto the arm as Jagged gets to his feet. Frightmare wrenches on the arm and uses the ropes to escape. Jagged hits a hard leg lariat to Frightmare and applies a headlock. Frightmare hits him off the ropes and lands a nice dropkick. He follows up with a headscissors takedown and Jagged retreats to the corner. Frightmare runs at him and Jagged sends Firghtmare face first into the corner with a drop toe hold. 2.0 attempts to double team but is thwarted. Incoherence hit tandem step-up Frankensteiner’s on the Canucks sending them to the floor. Frightmare follows up with a senton to both of 2.0. Frightmare is so excited that he stays outside to celebrate, until Hallowicked carries him back into the ring. Shane comes in and stops Frightmare from hitting a satellite headscissors. Jagged runs in and cracks Frightmare in the face with a kick. 2.0. smartly decides to cut the ring in half and keep Frightmare in their corner, dishing out plenty of offense and frequent tags. Frightmare takes out Jagged with an elbow and big Frankensteiner that sees Frightmare jumping off the top rope onto Shane. Hallowicked comes in hard and fast. Jagged gets taken out with a Rydeen Bomb and a clothesline over the top to the floor. Wicked followed him, leaving Frightmare and Shanw as the legal men. Shane rolls through a sunset flip into a Boston Crab! Wicked comes in a boots him right in the back of the head. Jagged comes back in. Brodie Lee is shown on the outside with the mask he still from Hallowicked. This distracts Incoherence long enough for 2.0. to roll up Incoherence for the pin! 2.0, amazed with their win, hug and even kiss to celebrate. These two guys are just hilarious. This was a very fun opener; fast paced, got the crowd going, and everything 2.0. does is entertaining. **1/2

Shark Girl vs. Nevaeh

OK, this promo was no good. Nevaeh, you’re beautiful and a good worker as well. But PLEASE work on your promos. I’ve seen you cut promos on this DVD and on ROH HDNet; both were no good. You’ve got all the other skills down. Go watch some tapes of good talkers, work on that, and you’ll be alllll set. Just a friendly reminder.

The two ladies lock up looking for the advantage. They end up in the ropes and break it up. Another lock up leads the girls to the ropes and then the corner where it once again is brok up. Shark Girl goes behind Nevaeh and takes her down into an armbar. Shark Girl bites the hand of Nevaeh while she is in the arm bar. Shark Girl then bites Nevaeh on the bottom. Nevaeh hits some arm drags and two exchange offense. Nevaeh snapmares Shark Girl over, hops over with a neck snap, then takes down Shark Girl with a clothesline. Shark Girl responds by doing the same thing to Nevaeh, only this time ending with a kick to the spine for the two. The girls reach a stand still. Shark Girl slams Nevaeh in the corner. She looks for an elbow drop from the second, but Nevaeh gets out of the way. Nevaeh rolls up Shark Girl for the two count. Nevaeh rolls through a suplex into a submission. Shark Girl uses the ropes to break it. Shark Girl gets tossed to the corner. Nevaeh places Shark Girl’s legs on the ropes and lands a lung blower! Nevaeh pins Shark Girl and Shark Girl gets her feet on the ropes. On her feet, Shark Girl hits a spinning heel kick and a clothesline to the back of Nevaeh’s head. Shark Girl shoves Nevaeh down as she comes off the ropes. She hits a chop to the head and then a clothesline on Nevaeh for two. Shark Girl rolls up Nevaeh in a prawn hold for two. Shark Girl then hits the Falling Coconut Crusher (think of the Codebreaker) for the win. This was short, but fine. Both women looked good and didn’t mess up anything, but I still wonder what the reason for these matches are aside from a bit of diversity. *1/2

Helios vs. Escorpion Egipcio

As all other matches tonight, a lock up starts it off. Escorpion wrenches on Helios’ right arm. Helios goes up and over to escape, but Escorpion holds on and continutes to work on the arm. Helios uses the ropes to swing out into an armdrag. Escorpion looks for a test of strength which Helios stupidly accepts. Escorpion trips Helios and pushes his shoulders to the mat for a win. Helios monkey flips himself up into a sunset flip for two. Helios then takes out Egipcio with a headscissors. He looks for the backslide driver but fails. Escorpion places Helios up top. Helios makes Escorpion eat a boot. Some fast action ends with Excorpion being hit with a Pele kick. Helios then uses a leg drag to take down Escorpion. Helios comes off the second and wheelbarrows into an inside cradle for the two count. Escorpion looks for a school boy and Helios turns it into an armdrag. Escorpion goes to the floor, and Helios leaps over the corner post into a senton on Escorpion! Helios follows him in and gets the two count. Helios hits the ropes for a moonsault. Escorpion catches him and slams him down. Escorpion works over Helios with his power and chokes Helios in the ropes. Escorpion takes Helios down with a drop toe hold, pulls Helios away from the ropes, ties up Helios’ legs and rolls out to stretch the legs. Escorpion argues with the ref when Helios escapes. Helios tries for a sunset flip. Escorpion grabs the ref to stop it. Helios hits a back senton and then a standing moonsault for the two count. Helios looks to spin out Escorpion. Escorpion carries Helios up into the TKO! Escorpion picks up Helios at the two count looking to inflict more damage. He puts the boot on Helios and takes it off at two to keep it going. Escorpion heads to the top rope. Helios cuts him off with a big arm drag then heads up top. Helios hits a beautiful 630 splash for the pin! Holy moley, this was a really fun match between these two. It was short, but Jesus did they squeeze in a lot and make the most of the time they had. Helios is just plain awesome. **3/4

Mitch Ryder was supposed to be in this match originally. However, due to cirumstances still unknown, he was not at either show this weekend nor has he been in CHIKARA since. It is safe to presume that he is done with the company for good. Brodie Lee will be replacing him in this match.

Atomicos Increibles
Player Dos, Tim Donst, STIGMA, & Brodie Lee vs. Player Uno, Hydra, Vin Gerard, & Buck Hawke

Donst and Buck start off for their respective teams. Donst goes behind Buck. Buck grabs his arm and twists it, and Donst works out by doing the same. Buck gets taken down from Donst, but nips up each time to celebrate. More trip-related comedy between these two, and it’s actually funny, cuz Buck is hilarious. Bryce even gets involved to school boy trip Buck. Buck gets sent outside and Donst slides out. Donst trips Buck to the arena floor. Dos and Uno tag in for their teams and have some hot and heavy back and forth to start out which the people enjoy. Vin mocks them by saying “whoooa!” in a very condescending manner. Brodie hops in and Hydra comes in to stand face to face. The admirable Hydra tries to get the advantage but Brodie is just too much. Hydra is able to shoulder tackle Brodie and attempt a sunset flip. Brodie and Hydra pose in each others face, and Brodie thwacks Hydra in the face. Hydra gets pushed outside. STIGMA and Vin comes in. STIGMA shoves Vin down and Vin is surprised. The two men talk with one another, but STIGMA wants to fight. They fire up and engage in a very faux looking lock up. They roll around and their partners question what the hell is going on. Vin can’t help but laugh at what he and STIGMA are doing even throwing in a cartwheel which STIGMA applaudes for. They do some more faux wrestling and STIGMA does his own cartwheel. They raise each others hands, then do back rolls into a pose. STIGMA mocks Uno by pausing Vin on the side of his leg. This is great. Uno comes in and talks about what they’re doing hurts his feelings, and tells Vin that he smells like he hasn’t washed in three months. Vin rolls out of the ring, and STIGMA slaps Donst to tag him in. Hydra comes in for his team as The Sea Donsters stand off. They seem hesitant to lock up so they circle each other to psych themselves up. They set up for a test of strength, but can’t do that either. Hydra picks up Donst’s air guitar and hands it to Donst. Donst and Hydra play air guitar and drums. Buck breaks it up and rolls out before Donst can see he did it. Donst gets angry at Hydra and each counter what they bring to one another. They roll up into a stand still and Hydra does the Rob Van Dam finger point to himself. They switch waist locks. Donst throws Hydra to the ropes where STIGMA knees him in the back. Donst attacks STIGMA, bringing in Vin who attacks Donst. The UnStable both work against Donst even though he is on STIGMA’s team. Vin brings Donst to his corner giving the member of Vin’s chance the opportunity to work him over. Hydra has Donst in a camel clutch position at one point, but instead give him a neck massage. An annoyed Vin tosses him off and Vin’s team goes back to beating down Donst. Donst escapes the barrage of attacks by taking down Buck with an STO. Player Dos gets the hot tag and comes in a house of fire knocking down everyone who gets in his way. STIGMA tags himself in, and mocks D’Lo Brown with a head bob. He goes up top for a frog splash and Donst knocks STIGMA off. Donst hops to the floor onto Vin and Buck. Hydra comes to check on all three of them. Uno then heads up and hits a senton onto the pile of people on the floor! Dos sets up in the ring but Brodie stops him. Brodie comes off the ropes but is caught with an elbow from Uno. Dos hops over both Uno and Brodie to dive onto the pile of humanity outside. Uno misses the M. Bison Stomp on Brodie. Brodie chops the bajeesus out of Uno then smacks him in the face with the Big Boot. Dos chastises Brodie, then turns into the superkick from Buck Hawke! Buck places Dos on the top rope. Buck leaps up but gets pushed off. Dos lands a big frog splash to secure the victory for his team! Donst and STIGMA continue to brawl on the outside when the match is concluded truly showing that their feud isn’t over. This was a really fun match, and I love me some Atomicos Increibles. ***

Shadow Phoenix vs. Gran Akuma

Phoenix and Akuma each vie for the advantage in the opening with each man looking to take out the others legs. They then exchange arm holds until Phoenix brings Akuma to the mat with a waist lock takedown. Some amateur style wrestling from Phoenix leads him to escape Akuma’s attack. Phoenix hits a few arm drags and then rolls up into a dropkick to Akuma right in the chest. Akuma turns a wheelbarrow from Pheonix into a single-leg hooked suplex for the two count. Akuma stretches out Phoenix till Phoneix puts his foot on the ropes. Akuma kicks away at Phoenix’s arm. Phoenix fights up but eats the sole butt and a big kick to the spine. Phoenix gets right back up and snapmares Akuma over. He hits a big kicks of his own to Akuma. Akuma does the same and pins Phoenix for the two. Akuma places his knees on Phoenix’s back, rolls onto his back and stretches Phoenix across his legs. Akuma chokes Phoenix in the corner with his boot. Akuma hits some more hard kicks to Phoenix while he is down. A worn down Phoenix looks to fight up as he an Akuma trade hard kicks to the chest. Akuma hits a sole butt and hits the ropes. Phoenix takes him over with a hurricanrana. Akuma rolls to the floor, and Phoenix follows with a senton! Akuma comes back in and Phoenix heads up top. Phoenix lands a Yoshino-like dropkick from the top rope. Phoenix hits a headscissors for the two count. Phoenix heads up top once again. Akuma stops him with a kick to the head. Akuma hits the spider-style belly to belly suplex. Akuma hits a moonsault and gets a really close two count. Akuma goes back up and gets cut off himself by Phoenix. Akuma tries to brush him off, and Phoenix comes right back. Akuma holds on to the Frankensteiner attempt. Akuma looks to powerbomb him off, but Phoenix lands a super Frankensteinter instead! Phoenix follows up with a Tornado DDT for the two count. Phoenix now stands on the apron. He springboards off the top and Akuma catches him. Akuma releases him with a big German Suplex. Akuma puts Phoenix on his shoulder and lands the Rubix Cube for the three! Damn, that was a great match. The fans stand and applaude the match they just saw, and they should. Shadow Phoenix looked awesome in his debut and Akuma was a great opponent for him. ***1/4

The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant) vs. F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Chuck Taylor)

An all out brawl between these four begins before the bell even sounds. Soldier sends Chuck the floor allowing The Colony to hit a tandem hip toss on Icarus. Lots of fast action going on early, which ends with Chuck and Fire Ant in the ring as the legal participants. Chuck and Icarus waste no time isolating Fire Ant in their corner. Icarus stretches out Fire Ant’s mid-section Icarus rips on the mask of Fire Ant which the referee admonishes. Soldier Ant gets tagged in when Fire Ant attacks. Soldier Ant hits a Samoan Drop on Icarus. The Colony hit a tandem senton/saluting headbutt for two. Chuck grabs Soldier’s foot. Chuck tries to stop Soldier Ant but gets kicked to the pool. Soldier Ant misses a saluting crossbody from the top. Icarus follows up with a spear to Soldier Ant, and now it is his turn to feel F.I.S.T’s wrath. Chuck ties up Soldier Ant in the mat with his legs locked and a front chancery. Chuck grabs the mask of Soldier Ant and grasps at it as well. Icarus tags in and he and Chuck prevent him from crawling out to make a de-facto tag. Chuck and Icarus hit their kick/lung blower combination on Soldier Ant. Chuck takes Soldier over with a butterfly suplex and nips up. F.I.S.T continues to beat on Soldier Ant until Soldier Ant thwarts them. Icarus spears Chuck and Fire Ant comes in. He blasts Icarus with forearms then reverses a Sole Food into an Antzugiri. Fire Ant takes down Icarus with a fireman’s carry. Fire Ant lands a brainbuster on Chuck and Icarus makes the save. Icarus hits a pump-handle slam into a braibuster for the two. Icarus and Soldier Ant trade forearm shots and slaps. The fans are getting into this. Soldier Ant ducks an Enzugiri from Icarus and comes back with a rolling saluting forearm. Chuck boots Soldier Ant in the face and Fire Ant comes off the top with a dropkick to Chuck Taylor. Chuck and Fire Ant go at it, with Fire Ant taking down Chuck with a sweet tornado DDT. Icarus runs in looking for the Pedigree. Fire Ant burns down the house with a wheelbarrow stunner. Fire Ant runs up the ropes and sentons onto Chuck! Icarus looks out at the carnage, and Soldier Ant comes from behind. Icarus rolls off the ropes looking for the Shiranui. Soldier Ant lands a big German Suplex for the two count. Fire Ant comes back in and they land the Ants Marching neckbreaker for the two! The fans boo at Icarus kicking out. Fire Ant heads up top but Chuck pushes him off to the floor. Icarus feigns a foul, falling to the mat and grabbing his crotch. From behind, Chuck low blows Soldier Ant! Chuck locks on the heel hook which makes Soldier Ant tap out! F.I.S.T. wins! Holy Christ, can these teams do anything but have a great match? ***1/2

Afterwards, Chuck tries to unmask Soldier Ant till Fire Ant makes the save. Icarus comes in and now we have a melee going on. Leonard F. Chikarason comes out and yells “ENOUGH!”. The fans chant “Fire Icarus” which is great. Chikarason gets on the mic and threatens to suspend all of them if they don’t knock it off. Chuck Taylor grabs the mic and says month after month F.I.S.T. has destroyed The Colony and says all that’s left is to take their masks. Fire Ant gets on the mic and says they want F.I.S.T’s hair. So, with that, it’s signed for Aniversario next month a Masks vs. Hair match between The Colony and F.I.S.T. Holy shit, that should be incredible.

Young Lions Cup
Equinox (Champion) vs. Colin Delaney

Colin gives Equinox crap for not being Jimmy Olsen tonight. Equinox catches Colin on his shoulders, but Colin comes off with a few lucha maneuvers from the ropes. Colin slaps Equinox in the face and continues to give him grief. Equinox unmasks and Jimmy olsen is here. Jimmy chops at Colin and the two exchange blows. Jimmy backdrops Colin and throws him into the corner. Jimmy chops Colin from corner to corner. Colin gets tossed face first in the corner then takes a big back chop for his troubles. Jimmy takes Colin over for a two count. Jimmy dropkicks Colin in the head to the floor. Jimmy comes through the ropes looking for his DDT, but Colin pushes him into the chairs where the crowd was before they moved. Colin then boots Jimmy down. Colin tosses Jimmy back in the ring and pins Jimmy for two. Colin slaps Jimmy in the face and then drops a knee. A leg drop gets Colin another two count. Jimmy gets tossed in the corner but puts his boot up. Jimmy runs out but gets caught with a leg lariat. Colin assaults Jimmy in the corner with hard shots and places Jimmy on the top rope. Colin goes up top and hammers away at Jimmy. Jimmy knocks him down and goes for a tornado DDT. Colin tosses him down and dropkicks Jimmy. Colin rolls up Jimmy for a two count. Colin picks up Jimmy. Jimmy fights back with some shots to the mid-section, but Colin hits him right back down. In the corner, Colin crushes Jimmy with his knees and feet. Colin face washes Jimmy before covering him for two. Colin drops a series of knees on Jimmy’s mid-section which Colin has clearly targeted this match. Jimmy gets sent to the apron and heads to the top rope. Colin cuts him off and follows. He puts on a front face lock looking for a butterfly suplex. Jimmy blocks and headbutts Colin to the mat. Jimmy comes off with his signature flying dropkick. Colin eats a series of chops to the chest then one to the back. Jimmy forearms Colin in the face. They exchange waist locks and Jimmy lands a German suplex onto Colin for the two count. Colin reverses a whip with a kick to the gut. He comes off the ropes and is hit with a hurricanrana and a superkick! Both of those only get Jimmy Olsen a two. Jimmy goes for a low hurricanrana which Colin blocks. Colin lands a Northern Lights suplex and rolls through with his lariat to the mat! Colin gets a two count on Jimmy. Jimmy catches his second lariat, and turns it into the CHIKARA Special! Colin grabs the bottom rope and Jimmy is forced to break. Jimmy hits a Northern Lights suplex of his own on Colin then slaps the mat to get the fans to clap. Jimmy heads up to the top rope. Jimmy goes for the Shooting Star and Colin moves! Colin hits a DDT and pins Jimmy for two! The fans and Colin are both surprised. Colin picks up Jimmy and sets him up for the Attitude Adjuster. Jimmy slips out of it and comes off the ropes. Colin looks for the Attitude Adjuster again. Jimmy again slips out and cracks Colin in the face with his signature punch. This is enough to score Jimmy the win! Another good contest with these two, on the same level of their match from Streamwood, IL back in September. These two have good chemistry, be it partners or opponents. ***

Campeonatos de Parejas
The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian; Campeones) vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw

Mike and Jigsaw defeated The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black & Crossbones), Cheech Hernandez & KC “Cloudy” Day, and The Roughnecks (Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood) to make it here tonight. Can they get the job done and win the Campeonatoes de Parejas?

Jigsaw and Ophidian begin. An exchange of waist locks and a snapmare leads Jigsaw into a crucifix pin. Ophidian ties up Jigsaw for another pin. They go back to square one. Both men lock up and switch arm locks. Jigsaw takes out Ophidian with a drop toe hold. Jigsaw stretches out Ophidian with the Gory Special and follows up with a leg lariat for two. Quack tags in, and he and Jig double team Ophidian. Jigsaw gets a two count and Ophidian rolls to the floor. Amasis comes in looking to attack from behind. Quack and Jigsaw turn around, he cowers, and retreats to his corner. Amasis and Quack lock up with Quack wrenching Amasis’ left arm. Amasis tries to dance out of it but Quack puts the kaibash on that. Jigsaw comes in and sends Amasis to the floor. Amasis does the MC Hammer dance on the apron! Mike says “Stop! Hammer time” and trips Amasis on the apron. Back in the ring, Jigsaw misses an attack in the corner allowing the Portal to get the advantage. The Portal work over Jigsaw concentrating on Jigsaw’s left shoulder and not allowing him to make a tag. Jigsaw is able to get a move in edge-wise when Amasis begins to dance. Taking Amasis down with a hard clothesline, Jigsaw tags in Quack. Quack gets cut off by Amasis, and Quack follows Amasis to the floor which allows the Portal to bring Jigsaw back in as the legal man. Brilliant maneuver by the Portal. They continue right back where they left off, concentrating on Jigsaw’s left shoulder. Jigsaw counters an attack from Amasis, and rolls out of the ring. Mike comes in with a flying crossbody for a two count on Amasis. Quack hits a Pump Handle Slam on Amasis for the two count and surprisingly tags in Jigsaw. Jig drops the leg across Amasis’ arm and chops at him with his good arm. Amasis fights back and tags in Ophidian. The two fight it out ending with Amasis coming in for a hurricanrana. Jigsaw blocks, but Amasis turns Jigsaw’s mask around so that he can’t see! Amasis gets the first pin with the O’Conner Roll, putting the match in the Portal’s favor one fall to none.

Amasis knocks Quack off the apron and drags Jigsaw back to their corner. The Portal continues to work on Jigsaw’s bad shoulder. Jigsaw lands an Enzugiri on Amasis and tags in Quackenbush. Quack comes off the second rope with a cannonball onto Amasis. Ophidian gets sent out with a back body drop. Amasis wheelbarrows Quack to the ropes and he lands right on Amasis’ knees. Ophidian jumps in with a rolling Senton onto Quack while the knees are still digging into his back. If you didn’t know, Quack has had a history with his back, and at this time he was about to undergo back surgery once again. The Portal decides its Quack’s turn to be isolated, and of course The Portal concentrate on Quack’s back. Quack tries to crawl under the ropes to the floor but is quickly cut off each time. Quack blocks a spinning heel kick, lights up Ophidian with chops then locks for a palm strike. Amasis comes in and pushes Ophidian out of the way, and Quack turns and mows Amasis down with a big clothesline. Jigsaw gets the hot tag and uses his good arm to take both men down. Ophidian locks for his Death Grip and is powered over by Jigsaw instead. Ophidian wheelbarrows up and Jigsaw turns it into a backslide into a powerbomb. Amasis breaks up the pin attempt. The Portal toss Jigsaw to the corner. Jigsaw throws Ophidian to the apron then heads up top. Amasis slaps Jigsaw in the face and the Portal hit the Pyramid Suplex! Ophidian makes the cover for two. Jigsaw comes back to tag in Quack. Quack dives over Amasis and he and Jigsaw hit a double superkick on Amasis. Quack puts Amasis up top and Jigsaw comes off with a leaping hurricanrana. Quack lands a Senton, and Jigsaw rolls up Ophidian with the Skayde Special for the pin, tying up the match at one fall a piece.

The third fall sees Jigsaw battering Amasis in the corner. Jigsaw double stomps Amasis on the back for a two count. Jigsaw crosses Amasis’ arms and DDT’s him for three. Ophidian comes in and is caught with an Enzugiri. Jigsaw hits a German suplex for two. Jigsaw applies a Dragon sleeper on Ophidian which Amasis dives in to break up. Jig chops Amasis and sends him to the ropes. Amasis comes out with a big shoulder tackle. The Osirian Portal hit a tandem front flip and hook the legs for two. Ophidian goes up tope and drops the double knees on Jig. Amasis follows with a 450 splash and Jigsaw manages to kick out! Ophidian charms Jigsaw, but Quack comes in and attacks the Portal. Unable to un-charm Jigsaw, Quack pushes him out of the ring to make himself legal. Quack ties up Amasis in the Lightning Lock right in the middle of the ring! Amasis crawls to the corner where Ophidian jumps in with a sunset flip. Quack turns Ophidian over into the Lightning Lock! Ophidian gets the ropes to break the hold. Ophidian gets kicked in the face and Quack signals for the Quackendriver II. Amasis comes off with a springboard shoulder tackle to break it up. Amasis gets sent to the floor and Quack lands the Quackendriver on Ophidian only for two! Amasis comes in locking for the attack, and Quack hits the Quackendriver IV on him! Amasis also only kicks out at two which shocks Mike. Mike looks for the Quackendriver I on Amasis. Ophidian comes from behind and applies The Ophidian Death Grip. Mike rams Ophidian in the corners to break free, and Ophidian won’t let him. Quack headbutts Ophidian and looks for the Quackendriver I on him. Ophidian rolls into a Reverse Prawn Hold for the pin and the victory! The Osirian Portal retain their titles. A very good title contest with a good story and great action. The Portal are really strong tag champions and have the belts at the right time. Quack and Jigsaw were formidable opponents and usually have a great showing, so this match was quite excellent. ***3/4

The 411: One of the best, if not the best Easton show CHIKARA has put on. Really good stuff all around, and the last half of the show was something else. The F.I.S.T. vs. Colony match and the main event are more than enough for me to give this one a recommendation.
Final Score:  8.2   [ Very Good ]  legend

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