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Colby Corino Plans To Crush Kerry Morton At NWA 75

August 15, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Colby Corino NWA Crockett Cup Image Credit: NWA

In a recent appearance with Sports Guys Talk Wrestling, Colby Corino shared his predictions for his future match with Kerry Morton (h/t to Fightful). The two wrestlers will face off at NWA 75 later this month and Corino thinks he definitely has more to offer than Morton can handle, despite his respect for his opponent. You can find a highlight from Corino and listen to the podcast below.

On his pre-show analysis of his match with Morton: “Man, I’ve known Kerry Morton for a long time. I think everyone’s just seeing what I’ve seen for years. I’ve wrestled him so many times, I think we’re 50-50 with the wins right now. I can’t take it away from him, he’s a talented wrestler. I used to watch him when he was fourteen years old rolling around just like I used to at Ring Of Honor. I’d be remiss to say he’s not talented, he’s one of the most talented wrestlers in the NWA, but that doesn’t mean I ain’t going to beat the brakes off him at NWA 75 either. I know he hates chops, so what I’ve been doing actually, I go up to the ring post and I just chop the ring post as hard as I can to make my hand harder like some ancient Chinese monk or something. I don’t know, I just feel like the second generation wrestlers have this thing where they get it a little bit differently. I see it in people that have only been wrestling and training for a couple of months, like we had Jarron Fulton at NWA Crockett Cup earlier this year and he’s super young in his career, but you can just tell that there’s something else there. Kerry has that in droves, not only does he just have that, he’s got something else on top of that. I feel like I got something else on top of that too.”