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Cook’s AEW Friday Night Dynamite 6.4.21 Review

June 5, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
AEW DYnamite Andrade El Idolo
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Cook’s AEW Friday Night Dynamite 6.4.21 Review  

Hey kids! Steve Cook, that knucklehead from back in the day for one more week of live Friday Night Dynamite Coverage!

Light the fuse! Drink the booze! Dynamite!

It’s Friday night, you know what that means! Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur are with us.

Pac & Penta el 0 M vs. The Young Bucks: Apparently the Bucks attacked Rey Fenix backstage earlier in the day, which was too disgusting to air here. Frankie Kazarian attacks their stooge Nakazawa at ringside. Pac & Penta hit dives. Don Callis joins in on commentary to put the Bucks over. Pac gets the early advantage in the ring. Penta tags in, does a lucha pin for 2. Bucks tag each other, get kicks. Pac tags in, gets a nearfall. Brandon Cutler causes a distraction on the floor, the Bucks take advantage. Some overly complicated team work to lead to a clothesline. I mean, whatever. Pac clotheslines a Buck inside out. Spear by Road Warrior Buck. Bucks miss in the corner on splashes. Pac gets the tag to Penta, he cleans house. Penta gets a couple of nearfalls. Pac with some kicks to Matt. Liger bomb gets 2. WHAT’S UP? Nick Jackson dives into some kicks, Destroyers handed out all around. Everybody on the apron. A package piledriver and a german suplex. Rick Knox gets in the way, Penta gets a mask removed but he has a second mask on! Fear Factor! Then a Black Arrow from Pac, but the pin is broken up. Cutler comes in to interfere, Rick Knox makes the three count and that’s the finish.

Winners: The Young Bucks
Match Rating: ***1/2

The Bucks keep attacking after the bell. Eddie Kingston breaks that up. Somewhat surprising considering his history with Penta & Pac, but he hates the Bucks more.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to introduce one of the commentators for the Rampage show coming to Friday nights in a couple of months, Mark Henry! Mark loves this business, he’s not here to fix AEW. It’s not broken. He’s here to turn the screws. Tony asks if Mark Henry will get back in the ring again! He’s not going to say yes, but he’s got a lot left in the tank!

Vickie Guerrero said EXCUSE ME! She tells Tony to get out, he complies. Vickie is here to introduce a man that has won championships around the world…ANDRADE EL IDOLO? WHAT THE HELL IT IS ANDRADE! THE HELL’S GOING ON HERE? Andrade says he is the face of Latinos, and he will be the new face of All Elite Wrestling. We’ve got a new threat to all the championships here is all I can say. Goodness Gracious.

Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson (w/Arn Anderson) vs. QT Marshall & Anthony Ogogo: Cody & Lee work QT over early. QT gets a shot in and tags Ogogo. Cody tags in as well . The Factory tries to work Cody over, but that doesn’t work out. Lee tags in, evades some things but gets caught eventually. He’ll get worked over during Picture in Picture.

Cody gets the tag when we return, and he cleans house. Monkey flip, Goldust uppercut, Disaster Kick, Figure Four to QT. Ogogo hits a frog splash that the camera mostly misses but looks good. Diamond Cutter by QT gets two thanks to Johnson. Solow distracts, Ogogo hits the shot to Cody, and QT gets the pin!

Winners: QT Marshall & Anthony Ogogo
Match Rating: **1/4

QT gets on the microphone and tells us that he did it. We didn’t believe in him and he got it done. OK? Could have used that before the PPV, but nobody asks me these things.

The Inner Circle comes out so people can sing Judas. WHAT HAVE I BECOME? I ask myself this multiple times a week. Chris Jericho introduces the 2021 Stadium Stampede Champions. The entire crowd is getting a t-shirt for free! Lucky people! Sammy Guevara was the hero of Stadium Stampede, and he’s on a high right now. He used to do the 630 off of his mom’s roof. It’s a night he’ll never forget. Santana talks about how they still have to listen to those cornyass Pinnacle guys. FTR tried to end his & Ortiz’s careers with those piledrivers through tables, so this issue is far from over. Jake Hager says those five guys has to take their asswhoopings again and again until this is over. He challenges Wardlow to an MMA cage fight on Dynamite in two weeks! Jericho is still pissed off by all of them, especially that mealy-mouthed MJF. He has to settle this score between them. Until he can ruin MJF’s career & life the same way MJF tried to ruin Jericho’s, it isn’t over. If Jericho is truly the GOAT like MJF & some say, he is going to beat MJF. The Inner Circle never forgives, and never forgets.

The Best Friends cut a promo on Kenny Omega & Don Callis while Orange Cassidy paces. Orange says it’s not over.

Don Callis tells Alex Marvez they’ll tell us about the conspiracy to take the title off of Kenny Omega next week. Omega talks about jungle boys and men & champions.

Jungle Boy & Christian Cage vs. Private Party (w/Matt Hardy): I don’t know why Private Party are wearing what they’re wearing, which probably makes me a bad fan. Jungle Boy hits some offense early, Christian comes in, hits some more offense, but the heels fight back in time for Picture in Picture. Private Party doing the Edge & Christian pose, doesn’t get over, leads to a Jungle Boy tag. Brainbuster gets two. Goes for the Snare Trap, gets broken up. Christian misses a dive on the outside. JB nearly gets pinned thanks to a handful of tights but he kicks out. Christian breaks up a double team on JB, then JB hits that Snare Trap STF on Marq Quen and gets the tap out.

Winners: Jungle Boy & Christian Cage
Match Rating: **1/2

Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Christian on the ramp!

Taz tells us that Adam Page & one of his Dark Order buddies will take on Cage & Hobbs next week.

Tony Schiavone introduces Darby Allin & Sting. Sting has had so many incredible experiences in wrestling, but last Sunday will be something he never ever forgets. It stands up to anything he’s don in this business. Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page interrupt on the KhanTron. They talk some shit on Darby, calling him a co-dependent bitch. They challenge him to find a partner other than Sting.

Tony Schiavone has a bunch of people in the ring to welcome the new AEW Women’s Champion, along with Rebel, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.! Britt got 1500 burger coupons, but she’s not sharing! She was all alone from day 1! She keeps hearing these DMD chants, and those 3 letters will take AEW to a new stratosphere. Britt lets Tony & Rebel grab a burger, but Nyla Rose is not a fan! She slaps the burgers out of those hands. Not good.

Alex Marvez talks to Eddie Kingston until Pac comes in. He doesn’t want Eddie’s help. Eddie says the enemy of his enemy is his friend. I don’t think this will end well for anybody involved.

The Bunny vs. Red Velvet: Bunny tried the early attack but that didn’t work out. Velvet works over Bunny in the corner. Velvet gets some early offense (including a dive where she nearly dies), but the Bunny fights back just in time for that Picture in Picture goodness. Velvet fighting back when we return, Bunny gets passed a weapon, but it doesn’t work out in her favor as Velvet gets the win.

Winner: Red Velvet
Match Rating: *1/2

The Dark Order celebrates John Silver’s birthday. Johnny Hungy is not yet medically cleared for another TNT title shot, but Evil Uno is ready to take that championship on behalf of the Dark Order.

Miro is unamused by Evil Uno’s challenge, and looks ready to make an example of him.

Bullrope Match: Dustin Rhodes vs. Nick Comoroto: Big opportunity for this kid in a main event with a worker like Dustin. Fuego del Sol getting involved on the outside, but not much of a factor. Dustin gets powerbombed through a table for a nearfall. He comes back, hits the Final Reckoning in the vicinity of a cowbell and gets 1. Bulldog off the top with a hogtie gets the three count.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes
Match Rating: **

The final score: review Average
The 411
Not exactly a Raw after WrestleMania, to be honest. More like one of the lesser Saturday Night's Main Event episodes where we knew people were tuning out at a certain time. I mean, with all due respect to Catfish Jake, the man might have a bright future, but running a bullrope match with him as the main event, with the old guy going over, that's some pretty sorry main event booking. We also got a build for Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose & Christian vs. Matt Hardy, and QT going over for some future match, so there were no matches built on this show that I really wanted to see.

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