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Cook’s Impact Final Resolution 2023 Review

December 9, 2023 | Posted by Steve Cook
Zack Sabre Jr. Impact FInal Resolution Image Credit: Impact/TNA
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Cook’s Impact Final Resolution 2023 Review  

Hey kids! Steve Cook here with you for the last show to be held under the Impact Wrestling brand name. TNA Wrestling will be back in 2024, and it looks like it’s going to be a very good time. Tonight, we bid farewell to Impact Wrestling with a show name made famous during the first TNA era, Final Resolution.

It’s a sold out Don Kolov Arena in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Let’s go!

Welp, our live feed joins in progress a match with PCO & some poor bastard eating all of PCO’s moves. DDT to that fella. Some chops to that fella. People will get mad at me not being able to recognize this guy, but he looks pretty generic. Jessie V? We’ll go with that. Hits a frog splash. PCO sits up. Jessie V with some shots in the corner. PCO hulks up, clotheslines Jessie V. Reverse DDT by PCO, PCO goes up top, hits a moonsault and wins. No reason not to put PCO over in a pre-show match.

Jake Something is all about some things, but then gets nailed with a chair from behind.

Jack Price vs. Aiden Prince: Is Tony Khan booking this show? All kinds of matches getting added at the last possible minute. Some early chain wrestling. Flatliner by Prince gets the earliest near-fall. Some chops exchanged. Dropkick from Price gets a near-fall. Prince fights out of a chinlock. Rough Rider lariat from Price gets 2. Prince hits a flatliner, goes up top, fights Prruce off, but Price fights out of the ring, Price hits a gutbuster for the win! Jack Price gets the victory here.

Gia Miller interviews Trinity & Jordynne Grace. Trinity is here for everything. Jordynne tries to put herself over by saying she’s a 2-time Knockouts Champion. Trinity has never lost the title.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Sheldon Jean: Sheldon gets the upper hand early on. Frankie responds. Frankie lands some arm drags. Frankie gets a RLS for 2. Jean goes to Kazarian’s eyes, but then gets bodyslammed. Jean knocks Frankie off the top rope to the floor. Jean carries Frankie in a Samoan Drop position and runs Frankie’s head into the post. Frankie works out of a modified cravate. Jean with a kick, then a double underhook suplex gets two. Frankie flips out of a backdrop suplex and hits some moves. Slingshot legdrop gets two. Jean kicks Kaz down for two. Roll throughs & reversals lead to a chicken wing applied by Kazarian, and Jean taps.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian (6:20 via submission)
Match Rating: **

Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt run down the card.

Cook’s Impact Final Resolution 2023 Review

Alisha Edwards vs. Jody Threat: OK, this match wasn’t advertised, but it happened & Jody got the win.

Impact Digital Media Championship Match: Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Deaner: I wish I was occupied with laundry during this match. Deaner tells us his mission statement. He begs off to the floor. Back in the ring, Deaner with some offense. Dreamer tries to do some Dusty stuff before Deaner goes outside. Tommy gets the upperhand, then teases a suplex before Deaner knocks him to the floor. Deaner rams Dreamer into the ringpost. Deaner avoids a sunset flip attempt. Deaner works the left arm. Deaner loads up his right arm and then punches away. Dreamer blocks the elbow but Deaner goes to the eyes. Snap mare into a chokehold, Dreamer fights out for a second. Deaner dives into a boot off of the second rope. Apparently he does a Flair Flop now. I apologize for possibly missing a match and seeing this nonsense. Dreamer does the Dusty gimmick. Misses the elbow drop, but hits the DDT for two. Deaner gets a near-fall. Deaner goes outside and gets the belt. The referee tells him off, then there’s a near-fall for Dreamer and a clothesline for Deaner. Deaner gimmicks a turnbuckle. Dreamer monkey flips Deaner into said turnbuckle and gets the three.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer (11:35 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **

Santino books the Rascals for a match right now. I don’t appreciate this, as I had all the matches planned and now we’re adding things for no reason. Well, there’s probably a reason.

The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) vs. Mike Bailey & Trent Seven: OK, that last participant was unexpected. Did not expect to see that big boi on this show. The Rascalz hit some double teams on Seven early, but he kicks out of them. Miguel blocks the tag from Seven to Bailey, but Seven hits a big DDT Speedball finally gets that tag. Shooting Star gets two. Miguel gets a close 2 count on Bailey with a german suplex. Fans are chanting TNA. Bailey blocks Miguel off with a kick. Seven tags back in. He gets kicked into the corner. Seven powerbombs Wentz down for two. A doubleteam by Bailey & Seven leads to a close 2. Some double teams on Seven get a two count. ABC come down to ringside after some issues earlier. Seven with a burning hammer, Bailey with a Walking Weapon, and that’s it!

Winners: Mike Bailey & Trent Seven (7:56 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **1/2

Impact/TNA President Scott D’Amore makes his way to the ring! He runs through some history he’s made in this ring, including signing Josh Alexander & Mike Bailey. He’s glad that he did, and puts over Trent Seven too. He couldn’t sign Trent the first time he saw him, but he has the opportunity to sign him now! Bailey lets Trent use his back for the signing.

MCMG are backstage to talk about their upcoming match. Chris Sabin points out how their opponents are great singles opponents. Alex Shelley says if they want to step to the kings they best not miss.

Jake Something vs. Jason Hotch: Hotch seemed pretty convinced this match wouldn’t happen, and maybe that was hopeful on his part. Something hits some big moves, but Hotch still has a superkick here or there. Something has some bigger strikes. A spear in the corner, then Hotch reverses a couple of powerbomb attempts. Something does hit a powerbomb, then hits Into The Void for three.

Winner: Jake Something (6:50 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **

Rhino vs. Moose: Of all the people that were wrestling in the 2000s, Rhino looks more the same as he ever did. He smashes Moose into the ring apron. Hold on a second. Moose hit a low blow and the referee called for the bell in 2 minutes. Rhino tells us that he wants a street fight instead. David Penzer tells us that Santino approves, and if Moose leaves, he will lose his TNA World Championship shot at Hard To Kill. So Moose has to stay here with Rhino. Rhino rolls a lsdder & table into the ring & chops Moose on the outside until he misses and hits the post. Moose gonna keep working Rhino over into the obvious power bomb spot that gets two. Moose hits Rino, then hip tosses Rhino into the ladder for two. Rhino is up and pissed and has a table. Moose keeps trying to whip him into things, a referee gets taken out and we end up with a two count. Rhino gores a referee through a table! Moose spears Rhino and that ends things.

Winner: Moose (9:47 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **1/2

Frankie Kazarian lets us know that 2024 will be his year.

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. Josh Alexander & Zack Sabre Jr.: On one hand, I hope I didn’t miss too much while doing laundry. On the other hand, there’s no better match to come back to. David Penzer lets us know this this the last & final match in Impact Wrestling. Shelley & Sabre start off with some mat wrestling. Not sure who could outwork either of these guys on the mat. Sabin gets a tag, as does Alexander. Sabin wants some of that. Gets the upper hand, tag to Shelley. Shelley works the arm, Sabin does the same. MCMG starts with the double teams. Shelley works the arm of Alexander, but Josh finds a knee. Sabre tags in and he finds an arm to work. Sabre wants to work Shelley’s ankle and he does it. Shelley is getting worked over by both of these technicians. Sabre wants to work the left arm now because that’s what one does. Sabin tags in, the MCMG hit some double teams on Sabre. Fans get behind Sabre. MCMG kicking up the tenacity, but there’s still a two count. Sabre gets the tag to Alexander, who has Germans for everybody. Shelley works Alexander’s surgically repaired arm. Sabin chimes in with a kick. Border City Stretch gets worked out of. Sabin has an STF for Sabre. Sabin Tornado DDT for Sabre gets 2. Some smap suplexes on Sabin only get two. Sabin has been isolated. He kicks out of the double team. Sabin hits a crossbody on Alexander & Sabre. Sabin takes those boys out on the outside. Alexander kicks out of a solid MCMG doubleteam. Sabre back in the ring, MCMG lock in stereo figure 4s! I don’t think this is how Impact ends, and people find ropes. Sabre with some kicks. Sabin superkicks that man out of his boots. Sabre works Sabin into a silly submission. Just stretching that man, but Shelly breaks it up. Alexander attacks Shelley with an ankle lock, but grts kicked into Sabre to break that move. Goodness Gracious. Sabre tries to get a quick pin on Sabin, doesn’t work, series of reversals. Lots of kicks from the MCMG, Into the turnbuckle, Alexander trying to work an ankle lock, he hits a C4 Spike on Sabin and gets 3.

Winners: Josh Alexander & Zack Sabre Jr. (26:01 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***3/4

We will see the re-match between Will Ospreay & Josh Alexander on January 14 in Las Vegas.

The final score: review Good
The 411
I know a lot of the wrestling fans out there are either pro-WWE or pro-AEW and have little time for anything else. I'd invite them to try TNA out in 2024, as those folks have a lot of stuff going on. Tonight's show had the right result, as Josh Alexander had the right to have the last pinfall and prove himself as the standard heading into the TNA rebrand. I can't wait to see what happens when this company re-sets.