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Cook’s ROH TV Review 4.23.21

April 26, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 4.23.21  

Hey kids! It’s time for episode 501 of Ring of Honor Wrestling! We’ve got some newer talent this week, including two of our newer factions, so let’s get it started.

Cook’s ROH TV Review 4.23.21

Quinn McKay welcomes us to another edition of Ring of Honor Wrestling! In the main event, LFI will go to war with Vlnce Unltd (Violence Unlimited consisting of Brody King, Chris Dickenson, Homicide & Tony Deppen) in a six-man tag. We see clips of this new group debuting at the 19th Anniversary Show. Brody says there’s honor in violence, but not in the way LFI does things. This group combines ROH’s past, present & future to take out LFI, and the Foundation will get hurt if they’re in the way. The opener pits Dak Draper against Eli Isom, who has not been defeated since his return to the company.

Ian & Caprice are on the call as usual.

Dak Draper talks about their similarities, and their differences. Dak finds his happiness from moving up the card, while Eli is happy to participate. Tonight they can both leave happy, as Dak can be victorious & Eli can leave with a participation ribbon.

Eli Isom is thrilled. Draper is one of the most arrogant people he’s ever met. Draper doesn’t have the right to belittle people the way he does. Eli is happy to be here, but he promises that he’s here to humble Dak Draper.

Dak Draper vs. Eli Isom: Draper has been moved to the TV Championship Division at his request, where Isom has quickly been moving up the ladder. We don’t get a tale of the tape, but I can report that Draper has a few inches & several pounds on Isom. Draper gives himself credit for doing a clean break in the corner. Misses a chop in the corner, so they whip each other around the ring & exchange headlocks. Shoulderblock sends Draper down. Dropkick by Isom, but Draper stops him in the corner and presses Isom across the ring & down to the mat. Gutwrench blocked by Isom, but Draper keeps the advantage with a kick to the gut. Stomps the proverbial mudhole in Isom. Isom tries an enziguri, but Draper evades it & tries to lock Isom into a stretch muffler. Doesn’t work, but Draper does get the advantage with repeated shoulderblocks. More counter-wrestling, Draper catches Isom, but sure enough Isom counters that. Draper finally hits a stun gun and puts Isom down for a few seconds. Isom counters a Doctor Bomb while the announcers count the counters. Isom brought back down on the apron & Draper gets a near-fall as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Draper has a reverse waistlock on Isom on the mat. Picks up with it, throws Isom down and poses. Isom fighting back, hits the enziguri but Draper doesn’t even go down. Isom does hit a Northern lights release suplex, which does bring Draper down. Draper winds up outside, Isom hits the springboard moonsault. Brings Draper back in, hits a high crossbody block for two. Isom with a straitjacket suplex for two. Striking exchange! Punch by Draper leads to a sit-out Doctor Bomb for two. Draper goes for the muffler, Isom kicks his way out, but Draper with the springboard back elbow! Isom gets a crucifix for two, but Draper takes him down and keeps going for the muffler. Another rollup by Isom, another reversal into a rollup for two, Draper’s woozy now. Draper avoids the brainbuster, and the bell indicates that a time limit has expired. Both men want to keep fighting, so let’s go to a commercial and see if we can get that time limit extended.

Apparently Bobby Cruise has the authority to make this happen, which is somewhat surprising to me. We’re about to re-start when the lights go out! They come up, and we see Dalton Castle! He’s got clapping boys behind him and new music! He’s dancing, Ian & Caprice are clapping along, it’s a thing that’s happening. Dalton says he’s not out here to fight, he was blown away by what he saw between Isom & Draper. Their growth since their arrival has impressed him, and they could help him with a problem he’s been having. Things have gotten a little dull. People around here have forgotten this is a television program. Everybody’s obsessed with winning, and Dalton’s the only one thinking about the viewer. He wants to spice things up and bring some drama back. He sees something inside Dak that he likes, and he sees something inside Eli that…he doesn’t. Low blow to Isom! Dak’s laughing it up, he hands Dalton a ribbon, and Dalton participates by kicking Dak in the jewels! He’d tell them more about it, but he’s gotta run. He’s busy!

Winner: None (15:00 via time limit draw)
Match Rating: ***

Perfectly competent wrestling & Dalton Castle being Dalton Castle. Can’t hate on that too much.

We hear from Vlnce Unltd, which is fun because we get to hear from Homicide! Tranquillo? Hell no! He’s a ghost but a bad bro. The Foundation makes him sick. They hate each other, but they love violence & winning! They’re coming to hurt somebody. Chris Dickinson says they’ve got nothing on them. Tony Deppen talks about this being the future of ROH, and how he’s aligned himself with the baddest people in ROH. Brody talks about how he’s with the underrated, underappreciated & undervalued. They’re here to establish dominance, they’re not coming for the crown, they’re coming for their heads.

Beer City Bruiser took on Joe Keys on ROH Week By Week. BCB got the win! Some of the ROH Dojo kids came out…one of them turned on the others! Ken Dixon, who we’ve seen before in Dojo matches, helped the Bruiser take out the rest of his fellow trainees. Not the worst idea for moving up in the world. Quinn McKay is shocked & dismayed. BCB says that Dixon picked up his tab. Dixon is tired of the Dojo crap. He doesn’t fit in and doesn’t want to fit in. BCB is out to make a name for himself, and wants some like-minded individuals with him. Dirty Ken Dixon is one of those men!

BCB & Dixon will take on the OGK next week.

Bateman, Vita Von Starr & Dutch appear. We haven’t seen their leader Vincent since the 19th Anniversary Show. We see some clips from the fight between Vincent & Matt Taven at that show, including the ending where Dutch sent them falling through a table from a pretty high place. Bateman says this has all been a lesson that you haven’t learned yet. We’re not meant to understand what they are. The seat at the top of the mountain might be happy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hear the thunder. Vincent might be gone, but his hand is still guiding the knife. Vita reads a message from Vincent, saying that this is the door to a Righteous rebirth. Bateman puts over Vita & Dutch, and says he was born with the devil in him. Just because Vincent is gone doesn’t mean that the good work isn’t done.

Kenny King asks if LFI looks worried or concerned. They are always prepared for every situation. Brody King brought a bunch of garbage with him. He has history with Homicide. Dickinson has no women to hit with chairs in this company. They might have stumbled, but the main power still lies with LFI. Rush is still World Champion. All the dogs will be destroyed. Bestia promises humiliation.

La Faccion Ingobernable (Rush, Kenny King & La Bestia Del Ring) vs. Vlnce Unltd (Brody King, Homicide & Chris Dickinson): Guessing this won’t be a technical masterpiece, and sure enough all six men go at it from the bell. King & Dickinson end up in the ring while the other four brawl outside. Rush chokes Brody with a cable. King tags in Bestia as we go to commercial.

During that break, many things happened including the trademark Homicide dive & the Rush Tranquilo pose. King tags in, and he’s going ham on LFI. Cannonball on Rush gets a two count. Bestia eventually wanders over to break it up. Dickinson does the deal on Rush, Homicide & King help with splashes for a two count. King backdrops Homicide to the outside. Dickinson fighting them off but it’s 1 on 3 at the moment. Bestia with a senton for two. Rush slams Dickinson, but all of a sudden Brody King whacks Bestia with a chair and the bell rings.

Winners: LFI by disqualification, I would assume even though no announcement was made
Match Rating: **1/2

Rush gets the chair, and he & his father work over Brody. Thr barricade tips over, and here comes the Foundation! They’re going after everybody and it’s complete chaos as we go off the air. Caprice doesn’t feel safe! Get more people out there!

Tony Deppen talks about how he’s been treated with nothing but disrespect and being pushed around since arriving. They will take the titles for pure dominance. Tracy Williams says that the new group made their point, but he will work even harder to hold on to the gold & the power. They’ll face off next week for the TV Championship!

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The 411
Two matches and two non-finishes, but hopefully they're leading to something down the road. I gotta admit though: had it been anybody else that had come out after that Isom/Draper match, I would have buried the thing. What can I say, I'm biased.

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