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Csonka: 8 Female Talents I Want in Impact Wrestling

October 17, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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WELCOME back to column time with Larry! Today, I am going to discuss some female talents I’d like to see Impact Wrestling bring in and use. Note that I’m not focusing on them signing people, as they seem to be keeping their list of signed talents small and working on a more rotating roster of talent these days. It allows for a lot of freedom, but in some ways concerns me because of others being able to come and swoop in and take and sign talent away. I’m trying to focus on talent that I want to see in the mix, and also talent I feel has a legit chance of coming in. Feel free to make your picks in the comment section. Thanks for reading! It’s wrestling, we love it and will disagree. The only rules are to “have a take, be respectful, and don’t be a dick.” Thanks for reading. The list is in no real order.

This is a sequel to last week’s column (8 Male Talents I Want in Impact Wrestling), and was completed prior to this week’s Impact tapings.

Kay Lee Ray: Kay Lee Ray is 25, is from Glasgow, Scotland and started working back in 2009. Many know her for her work in ICW, SHIMMER, and STARDOM, and is a charismatic daredevil style performer. She’s a tremendously fun performer that would be a valued addition to any roster. She’s part of the WOS roster, but also made some ROH appearances this year.

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Kris Wolf: Kris Wolf is 33, who started off as a photographer, and then moved to Japan to become a wrestler and spent 4 years with STARDOM. She finished up with STARDOM in March and has since been on a wolf world tour in the US & Europe. Wolf is a wonderfully wacky character that is a blast to watch and has become a personal favorite of mine. I’d love to see her get a chance on US TV so that more people can enjoy the fun that is Kris Wolf.

Twisted Sisters (Holidead & Thunder Rosa): Why not bring in a tag team, a solidified unit that can make an impact (pardon the pun) right away. The Twisted Sisters have been working as a team since 2016, and are made up of Holidead (working since 2013) and Thunder Rosa (known to many as Kobra Moon in Lucha Underground, and debuting in 2014) and are a fun act that know how to work as a team and provide something different from most other acts. I think that they could play well brought in as allies of Su Yung or maybe even better as an equalizing force against Yung and her undead bridesmaids.

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Karen Q: Karen Q has only been wrestling since 2014, became an ROH regular, and won the ECWA Women’s Title 4th Annual Super 8 ChickFight Tournament. She got a look in the Mae Young Classic this year and impressed a lot of new viewers. She has been getting rave reviews from everyone she works with, including from veterans like Mia Yim. She’s shown rapid improvement, has great command for someone you young as a heel, and if ROH isn’t going to use her, I hope she gets a look with Impact.

Santana Garrett: Santana Garrett, age 29, had been working since 2009. She had a cup of coffee in TNA, and has worked all over the place, including STARDOM and had a very good match against Piper Niven in the first round of the Mae Young Classic in 2017. Garrett has been on WWE’s radar, working dark matches and attending tryouts, but never getting signed. MLW looked to use her, but have largely given up on the women. Her first run with the company was forgettable, but she was completely overbooked with bad stories and was never given a real chance to shine. Under the new regime, I think she’d get a chance to shine. She’s still young, has a lot of experience, is a great athlete, can work baby or heel and would be a great addition.

Viper/Piper Niven: In my opinion, Piper Niven was the breakout star from last year’s Mae Young Classic that no one really saw coming. She was involved in some of the best matches in the tournament, putting in quality and consistent performances, showing good charisma and winning over the crowd. Niven is someone with a different look than anyone in Impact, and more importantly than that, she knows how to use her size. She’s a fun performer, who has worked extremely hard over the last year and became a much better in ring performer than I thought she could be. I thought she was solid but would simply become the cliché big woman, but has really grown past that and is a quality worker with a lot of upside and great personality. If she grew so much in the past year, it makes me feel that we’re just scratching the surface with her, and someone who could bring something different and fresh to Impact.

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Jordynne Grace‏: With several names moving on from the indie scene, a motivated Jordynne Grace has really climbed the ranks over the past year. The 22-year-old has been working hard, getting into great shape, has become a staple of the east coast scene, seemingly working everywhere. Grace is a hard worker. And is only going to keep improving at the rate she is working and improving. She’s a great powerhouse worker without being overly huge, and also has good speed and agility. She’s not limited to one style of match and works well with anyone and in any role. She’s become a big favorite of mine over the last year.

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