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Csonka Reviews Free Matches With Charlotte, Orange Cassidy, & More

March 31, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka Reviews Free Matches With Charlotte, Orange Cassidy, & More  

Csonka Reviews Free Matches With Charlotte, Orange Cassidy, & More

From EVOLVE 124: Velveteen Dream & The Street Profits defeated Shane Strickland, Eddie Kingston, & Joe Gacy @ 13:25 via pin [***½]
From EVOLVE 124: Velveteen Dream defeated Orange Cassidy @ 12:45 via pin [***½]
From WWE Summerslam 2016: Charlotte defeated Champion Sasha Banks @ 14:07 via pin [***]

Velveteen Dream & The Street Profits vs. Shane Strickland, Eddie Kingston, & Joe Gacy: Strickland and Dream to begin; Dream is insanely over. They lock up, Dream works the arm but Strickland takes him down. Dream escapes, and Strickland backs off. They lock up, off the ropes and Dream follows with rights and a double axe handle off the ropes. Strickland avoids the charge, Dream posts himself and Strickland attacks the arm and the Unwanted work quick tags, isolating Dream. Gacy continues to attack the arm, Strickland tags back in and grounds Dream, attacking the arm. Dream fights back with an enziguri and Dawkins tags in as does Kingston. Dawkins runs wild until Strickland cuts him off, attacking the knee. Gacy tags in and he works over Dawkins in the corner. He grounds things, Kingston tags in and he grounds things, working an arm bar. Strickland back in and they continue to isolate Dawkins. Kingston back in and Dawkins fires back, hits a reverse XPLODER and Strickland is in and he’s dumped with a suplex. Wholesale changes to Gacy & Ford, Ford runs wild with clotheslines and the belly to back suplex and standing moonsault gets 2. He heads up top, Strickland cuts him off and follows him up. Gacy takes out Dream and we get a tower of doom spot. Dawkins spears Kingston, it breaks down into the big move buffet and Gacy hits the lethal injection for 2. Ford fights off Strickland, and kills him with a huge lariat. It breaks down again and Dream hits a superkick for 2. The Profits and Dream look for doomsday, Kingston makes the save. Colby Corino crotches Dream and Strickland locks on the arm bar. Ford makes the save, and Dream hits the rolling DVD and elbow drop and Strickland I done. Velveteen Dream & The Street Profits defeated Shane Strickland, Eddie Kingston, & Joe Gacy @ 13:25 via pin [***½] This was a very good main event, with a hot crowd, everyone getting to shine, and also playing their roles very well.

Velveteen Dream vs. Orange Cassidy: This was a dark match that many thought would never se the light of day. Dream was the NXT North American Champion at the time. The crowd adores both guys. Cassidy goes hands in the pocket right away, confusing & frustrating Dream. Cassidy flashes some kicks, Dream swivels his hips and Cassidy does the same. They just fuck around here and the crowd loves it. Dream attacks, knocking the sunglasses off of Cassidy as he takes control. Cassidy kips up and still has his hands in his pockets. Dream dumps him and works him over on the floor. Back in and Dream maintains control, dumping Cassidy again. The flying axe handle follows and back in, Dream covers for 2. He continues to control and Cassidy is down. Dream grounds things, but then misses a charge as Cassidy follows with a RANA, suicide dive and deep impact DDT for 2. Dream fires back, cuts him off and misses the top rope elbow. Cassidy follows with dragon screws the ankle lock and Dream escapes until Cassidy cradles him for 2. Ankle lock again by Cassidy, but Dream escapes and hits the superkick. Cassidy fires back, hits the stunner and DDT. The brainbuster follows for 2. Cassidy drinks some OJ, firing up but walks into the superkick dream valley driver and top rope elbow drop for the win. Velveteen Dream defeated Orange Cassidy @ 12:45 via pin [***½] I don’t think there’s anything that fills me with more joy than watching Orange Cassidy these days. He’s so much fun, the crowd is always into his matches and facing off with someone so different, like Dream, works in ways you almost can’t imagine. They started of getting the absolute most out of nothing, and the crowd loved it as they worked into the meat of the match. This was simply really good and a ton of fun.

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Champion Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte: Charlotte tried to stall a bit, but when they go to action Banks got a Banks statement, but Charlotte got the ropes right away. Banks hit the lucha arm drag, went up top and Charlotte slapped her and they battled in the corner. Charlotte went for… something, and dropped Banks onto the corner and she then landed on her head. That was a reckless deal there, and really scary. Charlotte took the heat, working a Gory special into a backslide for a near fall. Banks fought back with clotheslines and a dropkick, but was favoring the back. Charlotte then hit a back breaker and an STO for 2. She worked knees to the back, Banks hit a RANA off the ropes and then fought off the figure four. Charlotte slammed her into the tree of WHOA, then set her up top and went for a razor’s edge but Banks countered with a RANA. They did a double down and then traded strikes from their knees and then on their feet. Banks fired up with crazy fists, Charlotte missed a charge and posted herself and Banks worked a Boston crab in the corner; the double knees got a near fall for Banks. Charlotte to the floor and Banks hit meteora off of the apron. Back in and Banks got a cradle for 2. They seemingly blew a back stabber, or Charlotte just sold oddly. Banks countered natural selection into the banks statement, but Charlotte managed to escape. Charlotte clipped the knee and hit natural selection for a near fall. Charlotte was frustrated as the crowd got behind Banks even more. Banks then countered the tilt a whirl into the Banks statement, but Charlotte rolled back and picked up the pin as Banks wouldn’t let go. Charlotte defeated Champion Sasha Banks @ 14:07 via pin [***] They worked really hard, but there were a fair amount of sloppy spots and at times this bordered on being overly reckless, abandoning the successful style they worked on Raw when they did the title change. Speaking of the title change, it all felt very counter productive to send the title back to Charlotte; Banks’ title run was a complete non-factor. Back to the match, it felt as if they were trying too hard for an epic match, as if they wanted to out do the recent (at the time) Bayley vs. Asuka match, but the thing with Bayley vs. Asuka was that it had a great story to go along with the in ring action. They were going for great, they had the intensity and the effort, but the execution was off and they only hit good. Sasha may have been legitimately hurt, which didn’t help things.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 102. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Jerome Cusson break down the Dark Side of the Ring special on Chris Benoit as well as Steve Austin’s interview with Bret Hart. Steve Cook then joins the show for a retro review of NWA-TNA PPV #1. The show is approximately 153–minutes long.

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* Breaking Down Dark Side of The Ring on Chris Benoit: 2:00
* Thoughts on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions With Bret Hart: 1:05:20
* NWA-TNA PPV #1 Retro Review: 1:29:29

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