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Csonka’s EVOLVE 106 Review

June 23, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Joey Janela EVOLVE
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Csonka’s EVOLVE 106 Review  

Csonka’s EVOLVE 106 Review

– Josh Briggs defeated Bad Bones @ 8:55 via pin [***¼]
– John Davis defeated Jarek @ 6:30 via pin [***]
– The Skulk defeated The Skulk @ 6:58 via pin [**½]
– AR Fox defeated DJZ @ 11:35 via pin [***¾]
– Darby Allin defeated WALTER @ 13:30 via pin [****]
– Bryan Idol defeated Mike Verna @ 6:30 via pin [*]
– Chris Dickinson, Jaka, & Dominic Garrini defeated Tracy Williams, Timothy Thatcher, & Anthony Henry @ 15:25 via pin [***]
WWN Championship Match: Joey Janela defeated Champion Austin Theory @ 13:55 via pin [****]
EVOLVE Championship Match: Champion Matt Riddle vs. Shane Strickland went to a no contest at 17:40 [***]

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Josh Briggs vs. Bad Bones: Bones goes John Woooooo at the bell and takes control, working over Briggs in the corner. Bones runs wild, picking up a near fall. Briggs fires back, but gets cut off and Bones does the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. Briggs powders and Bones follows with a suicide dive. Back in and Bones hits a missile dropkick. Briggs cuts off the suicide dive and hits an apron chokeslam. Briggs covers for 2. Briggs now lays in chops, and takes control. The spinning side slam follows for 2. Bones fires back but Briggs wipes him out with a running kick. The big boot follows and then the gut buster gets 2. Briggs now lays in forearms and Bones fires up and they trade strikes. Briggs lays in elbows and follows with a German. He hits another and Briggs cuts him off and Bones counters back with a code breaker and superkick for 2. Bones to the ropes and gets caught but slips out, hits a knee strike, but runs into a back breaker for 2. Bones stuns Briggs off the ropes and Briggs cuts him off with a big boot. Bones fires back with the slingshot spear, covering for 2. Bones sets, charges and Briggs cuts him off and hits the choke breaker for the win. Josh Briggs defeated Bad Bones @ 8:55 via pin [***¼] This was a good back and forth big man match to kick off the show, and a nice way to get things rolling as the crowd was into it.

– Jarek & Candy Cartwright make their way to the ring. Jarek talks about making Jason Kincaid disappear from EVOLVE and will do the same to Darby Allin tomorrow. He will become the most inspirational person in EVOLVE, and Jon Davis appears, he’s back.

Jarek vs. Jon Davis: They lock up and Jarek escapes and poses. Davis now tosses him to the corner and hits a belly to back suplex for 2. Chops follow and they brawl to the floor. Back in and Davis covers for 2. More chops follow from Davis, but Jarek stuns him off the ropes and hits a neck breaker for 2. Jarek grounds things, working a rear naked choke. Davis escapes but Jarek hits a cutter for 2. Davis cuts off the tornado DDT and catches the high cross and hits a back breaker/lariat combo for 2. Davis follows with chops and rights, pummeling Jarek. The corner dropkick by Davis gets 2. Jarek now counters back with a DDT for 2. Jarek now runs into a spinebuster but hit a head scissors counters and superkick. Davis fires back with a powerbomb, German and lariat for the win. John Davis defeated Jarek @ 6:30 via pin [***] This was a good, back and forth, hard-hitting match. Jarek losing lacks logic as he has an important match tomorrow night. Davis looked good.

The Skulk vs. The Skulk: Fox tried to introduce his guys, but the audio was bad, and there were no on screen graphics. These guys are all Fox’s students. They work some back and forth with lots of counters. It break down early and the crowd really likes this so far. They are keeping a good pace, using quick tags and keeping the action moving. Maserati makes the comeback and gets the tag, and his partner runs wild. Maserati joins in and they take control, working over Alanis. Alanis hits a backstabber and his partner follows with a top rope splash for the win. The Skulk defeated The Skulk @ 6:58 via pin [**½] This was solid, fun at times, and had a hot crowd and basically served its purpose but I just couldn’t get invested.

AR Fox vs. DJZ: Fox won their first match at EVOLVE 97. They work a fun, fast paced, back and forth opening stretch. Fox eventually hits a cutter and DJZ rolls to the floor. DJZ back in and his a head scissors and dumps Fox. Fox initially cuts him off but DJZ hits the sliding dropkick. DJZ hits a RANA on the floor and rolls Fox back in. DJZ up top and the Skulk distracts DJZ by stealing his mask. This allows Fox to attack and he follows him back to the floor. Fox then hits a top rope apron leg drop and celebrates. Back in and Fox covers for 2. Fox now connects with neck breakers, but DJZ counters into a cradle for 2. They now work into trading pining combos; Fox hits a sling blade, and heads up top. The swanton misses. DJZ hits a moonsault onto the Skulk and follows with a tope onto Fox. Back in and DJZ hits the inverted DDT, and cross Rhodes for a near fall. Fox now cuts off DJZ, and hits the sitout powerbomb for 2.Fox rolls into a cutter and follows with a springboard cutter, and locks on the dragon sleeper. DJZ fights and makes the ropes. DJZ hits the code breaker, and superkick. The draping lionsault connects for 2. DJZ hits a slam, heads to he ropes but Fox pops up and hits lo mein pain for a great near fall! Fox back up top and the 450 eats knees and DJZ cradles him for 2. DJZ up top and misses the phoenix splash; the Fox catcher finishes him. AR Fox defeated DJZ @ 11:35 via pin [***¾] This was a very good back and forth match with a hot crowd, a good layout, some great near falls and both guys delivering.

WALTER vs. Darby Allin: Timothy Thatcher is at ringside with WALTER. Allin attacks at the bell, gets cut off and posted right away. WALTER then boots him back to the floor. WALTER now lays in chops and just starts tossing Allin around. Allin keeps fighting back, but WALTER is not amused and keeps tossing him around and punishing him. WALTER just looks like a bear playing with a bunny he just killed. Back in and Allin picks up the pace, but gets cut off quickly. Allin fires up with chops, WALTER dares him to keep throwing and then drops Allin with one chop. Allin hits a dropkick; WALTER locks on the choke and then hurls Allin across the ring with a German for 2. WALTER now lays in more chops and this is destruction at its finest. The cover gets 2 for WALTER. WALTER now slaps Allin around, Allin takes out the knee and sends WALTER to he floor. The dive follows and WALTER in finally down. He’s back up and lays in chops, but Allin stomps on the hand, only for WALTER to slam him on the floor. Allin again attacks the hand, back in and Allin goes for a high cross, but bounces off of WALTER. WALTER goes John Wooooo, but Allin counters a powerbomb into a code red for 2. WALTER cuts him off, Allin tries to fire back, but WALTER locks on the clutch, but Allin attacks the hand and hits a high cross for 2. Allin now works for an arm bar while smashing at WALTER’s hand. WALTER makes the ropes, but Allin gets the arm bar, WALTER rolls out and Allin gets a hanging guillotine. WALTER suplexes out and hits a lariat for 2. Allin back to the hand, but WALTER slaps at him and Allin looks for a moonsault and lands a cutter. The coffin drop is countered into the clutch, but Allin counters into a cradle for the surprise win Darby Allin defeated WALTER @ 13:30 via pin [****] This was absolutely great, a tremendous big man vs. little man match, with WALTER decimating Allin, but Allin was resilient and smartly attacked WALTER’s chopping hand and survived long enough to get the win. It was so simple but extremely well done. Great stuff. With WALTER losing… ask questions.

Bryan Idol vs. Mike Verna: They lock up and Verna overpowers Idol to begin. Verna grounds things and Idol counters out and hits a knee strike. They trade chops now; Idol grounds things and attacks the arm. Verna counters out and hits a slingshot suplex for 2. Verna hits a RANA off the ropes and follows with a suicide dive. Back in and Idol stuns Verna off the ropes and hits a running knee strike. The suicide dive into a DDT follows. Back in and Idol covers for 2. Idol lays in kicks, Verna cuts him off and they have a very awkward exchange, leading to a slingshot flatliner by Idol. Idol then misses a Merosault. Verna lays in chops, and after another awkward exchange Verna hits a buckle bomb and slam top the ropes for 2. Verna heads up top and misses a swanton. Idol hits the roll of the dice for the win. Bryan Idol defeated Mike Verna @ 6:30 via pin [*] This was designed to showcase Idol, but it wasn’t good at all. It was filled with sloppy exchanges and Idol didn’t look good at all. Compared to the rest of the card, this just didn’t feel as if it belonged on the show.

Chris Dickinson, Jaka, & Dominic Garrini with Stokely Hathaway vs. Tracy Williams, Timothy Thatcher, & Anthony Henry: Team Williams attack at the bell and bodies spill to the floor for an all out brawl. Henry and Garrini spill back into the ring and Henry hits a snap slam for 2. Jaka makes the save and starts working over Thatcher. Jaka hits the spin kick, but Thatcher hits a belly to belly as the others brawl on the floor. Williams and Dickinson roll back in and they trade chops. Jaka back in and cuts off Williams. He grounds the action, and tags in Garrini as Catch Point continues the heat. Williams hit desperation suplex as Thatcher tags in and works for an arm bar. Henry now tags in and lays in uppercuts. Thatcher tags back in and attacks the leg, working a half crab and transitions into a STF as Jaka makes the save. Henry tags back in and hits a PK on Garrini and covers for 2. Garrini cuts him off with a German and catch Point lays the boots to Henry. They work quick tags, with Jaka grounding things. Henry fires up and hits an enziguri. Dickinson distracts him, but Henry fires back and gets cut off and slammed to the apron by Dickinson. Back in and Jaka covers for 2. Garrini takes out Williams, Thatcher chases Hathaway away and Henry is left alone. Garrini works him over as Thatcher & Williams are back to the apron. Dickinson tags in and hits a brainbuster for 2. Dickinson grounds things, Henry fires up and lays in rights. He heads up top and gets cut off. Dickinson follows him up, but gets knocked to the mat. Henry flies in with a missile dropkick and tags in Williams. Williams runs wild, hitting anything that moves and heads up top and leaps over Jaka and then hits a DDT for 2 as Dickinson makes the save. Williams & Dickinson brawl, Williams hits a lariat and Jaka rolls up Williams for 2.The dropkick follows and Thatcher tags in and hits suplexes. Garrini makes the save but Thatcher chokes him out and Henry tags back in and locks on an STF. Williams in with a submission on Dickinson for the triple submission spot. Dickinson escapes and powerbombs Williams onto Henry. Henry cuts off Jaka and Jaka crotches him up top. Thatcher attacks Jaka and Henry hits the top rope double stomp but accidentally hits Thatcher. Jaka then rolls up Henry for the win. Chris Dickinson, Jaka, & Dominic Garrini defeated Tracy Williams, Timothy Thatcher, & Anthony Henry @ 15:25 via pin [***] This was a good and heated tag match, with catch Point winning as they were the unified team.

– Thatcher lays out Henry post match.

WWN Championship Match: Champion Austin Theory with Priscilla Kelly vs. Joey Janela with Penelope Ford: They lock up and work to the ropes. They work to the mat, Janela counters out and looks to work the arm but Theory attacks with strikes. The shoulder block follows and he poses. Janela cuts him off and hits a suicide dive. Back in and Theory begs off, but Janela sends him to he buckles. Kelly tries to distract Janela and that allows Theory to post him and cover for 2. Theory takes control, grounding the action. Theory hits a standing moonsault, covering for 2. He continues to keep things grounded, stomping away on Janela and continues to keep the action grounded. Janela fires up with elbow strikes and chops. The bicycle kick follows but Theory trips him up and follows with a dropkick for 2. Janela cuts off the TKO, and takes Theory to the apron. Janela hits an apron DVD to take control. Back in and Janela covers for 2. Janela follows with rights, they trade and Janela fires up, continuing to lay in big time strikes. Theory cuts him off, but Janela hits a powerbomb into a jackknife pin for 2. They trade again, Janela lays it to him in the corner and the running knee strike follows. Janela gets tripped up by Kelly and Theory attacks and Ford now trips up Theory, and Janela gets the cradle for 2. The superkick follows for another good near fall. Janela up top and misses the double stomp and Theory hits the TKO for a good near fall. Ford wipes out Kelly on the floor with a top rope high cross. Janela hits the package piledriver on Theory for a great near fall. Janela takes Theory to he ropes, sets him up top and follows him up. Theory fights, snags up Janela and hits the super TKO and covers for 2 again! Theory grabs the WWN title and heads up top. Ford cuts him off and takes the title, Janela attacks and hits the super brainbuster for the win! ASK QUESTIONS! Joey Janela defeated Champion Austin Theory @ 13:55 via pin [****] ASK QUESTIONS! This was a great match, Theory’s best in some time, with a hot crowd, and great near falls. Ford & Kelly played their roles well and things continue to change in EVOLVE. This was simply really great stuff from both guys here, and one of the hotter crowds in EVOLVE history added a ton to it. Gabe pulled the trigger on a hot hand, because you cannot deny that Janela is a hot act right now, and this came off as a pleasant surprise.

EVOLVE Championship Match: Champion Matt Riddle vs. Shane Strickland: Strickland attacks during Riddle’s entrance and continues the he at from their last meeting. Strickland beats him down at ringside and posts the champion. Strickland chokes out Riddle with his ring jacket and takes time to celebrate. Riddle tries to fight back, but gets posted again. We officially get underway and they trade strikes and Strickland connects with a kick and German. The running kick connects and Strickland covers for 2. Strickland continue to control, just beating Riddle down in the corner. Riddle starts firing back with rapid-fire strikes, but Strickland counters the up kick and hits a lariat. He follows with a running knee strike and Saito suplex, covering for 2. Strickland talks shit and slaps around Riddle. Strickland now lays in ground and pound, and again covers for 2. Strickland grounds thing and starts attacking the arm of Riddle, the same one he injured in their last meeting. Riddle escapes and finally connects with a knee strike and powerbomb; another knee strike connects for 2. Riddle follows with running elbow strikes and an XPLODER. The senton follows for 2. The gut wrench suplex follows and Riddle rolls into another. He looks for a third and Strickland counters out into a German, Riddle fires back up and he hits a German for 2. Riddle looks for a bromission, Strickland tries to play defense, rolls and makes the ropes. But there are no ripe breaks (a Riddle rule) since he is champion, and demanded it. Riddle lays in elbow strikes in the ropes, and just beats on Strickland. Strickland catches the arm and pulls Riddle over the ropes for an apron powerslam. Back in and Strickland heads up top and hits the double stomp and covers for 2. Strickland now looks for the Pentagon like arm break spot and Riddle escapes and they battle for position in the corner. Riddle locks on the rear naked choke and lays in elbows. Strickland counters out and we get a fucking ref bump as Riddle accidentally kicks off the ref’s face. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They trade strikes now and they brawl to the floor. Riddle lays in kicks, Strickland catches one and now fires up with chops and strikes. They continue to brawl at ringside, and to the back where we can’t see them. They fight onto the stage and AR Fox and the Skulk are there and Strickland talks shit to them and Jon Davis. Davis now carries Strickland back to the ring and umps him in the ring. The locker room surrounds the ring now. The ref is still dead. Strickland now dives onto a pile of bodies on the floor. Riddle drags him back in and locks on the rear naked choke. No ref. Riddle transitions to a bromission and the locker room now separates them because there isn’t another ref in the building apparently. This is apparently over. Champion Matt Riddle vs. Shane Strickland went to a no contest at 17:40 [***] When all was said and done, this was good for what it was, but had a shut finish which really took away from the match and an extremely strong show; this feud must continue. I get what they were going for to extend the feud, I just don’t think it came off all that well.

– Riddle cuts a promo putting over the crowd in an attempt to make up for that shit finish.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
EVOLVE 106 was well on its way to becoming another great show but came up short thanks to the overbooked and lackluster main event finish. But overall, EVOLVE 106 was a good and strong show, with a lot of good wrestling, some great wrestling, a ht crowd and some surprise wind by Allin & Janela. Overall, I felt that EVOLVE 106 was a good show and an easy watch thanks to some fun moments and a really hot crowd. This was definitely a thumbs up, but I think with some slight changes, it could have been better.