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Csonka’s Impact One Night Only: GFW Amped Anthology Part I Review

August 12, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact One Night Only: GFW Amped Anthology Part I Review  

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Csonka’s Impact One Night Only: GFW Amped Anthology Part I Review

GFW NEX*GEN Title Tournament Match: PJ Black defeated Seiya Sanada @ 9:00 via pin [***]
– Los Luchas (Phoenix Star and Zokre) & Misterioso Jr defeated Bestia 666, Blood Eagle, & Shamu Jr @ 6:30 via pin [***]
– KUSHIDA defeated Virgil Flynn @ 9:50 via submission [***¼]
– Bobby Roode defeated Kevin Kross @ 6:25 via submission [**]
GFW Tag Title Tournament Match: The Bollywood Boyz defeated The Akbars @ 7:18 via pin [**¾]
GFW Women’s Title Tournament Match: Christina Von Eerie defeated Lei’D Tapa and Mickie James @ 6:30 via pin [**¼]
GFW NEX*GEN Title Tournament Match: Jigsaw defeated SonjayDutt @ 10:30 via pin [***½]
GFW Championship Tournament Match: Nick Aldis defeated Kongo Kong @ 9:40 via pin [**¾]

– Chael Sonnen and Cyrus Fees are on commentary for these show that are over two-years old that I thought we’d never see.

– The opening video package tries to set GFW apart from the usual wrestling show, playing up the journey of the performers.

PJ Black vs. Seiya Sanada: This was back when Sanada didn’t believe in ALL CAPS, had shitty hair and was just a flippy boy. They work some good, fast paced back and forth with Black taking control after hitting an enziguri. Sanada battles back, hits the dropkick but Black cuts him off and look for a springboard high cross, but Sanada cuts him off with a dropkick. Sanada takes control, working the ribs of Black. Black fires back with a spin kick, misses a moonsault and then Sanada misses a moonsault. They trade chops, and then forearms and uppercuts. Sanada then hits an enziguri, covering for 2. Black hits the head kick, and that gets 2. Black up top, but Sanada cuts him off and follows him up. Sanada hits the RANA but Black rolls through for a near fall. Sanada now hits a tiger suplex for 2. Black escapes the TKO once, but Sanada gets it the second time for a good near fall. Sanada heads back up top, gets cut off and sent to the mat. They work back up top and Black stun guns him off the ropes sand the springboard 450 finishes it. PJ Black defeated Seiya Sanada @ 9:00 via pin [***] This was an overall good, back and fort match, to open the show.

– One match in and Sonnen and Fees are horrible on commentary, failing to sell the action and talking in generalities and clichés.

– We get a promo package on Kevin Kross.

– Bobby Roode is out for promo time. He says he doesn’t belong here because he’s a TNA guy and always will be. He runs down his list of TNA accomplishments to some decent crowd heat. Roode says he’s known Jarrett for a long time, and is here to take something from Jarrett, the GFW championship. Nick Aldis (Magnus) makes his way to the ring. Aldis says he respects Roode, but this isn’t the Impact Zone; they have neon green ropes. Aldis believes in GFW and Jeff Jarrett. Everyone in the back is here to fight, and they have respect for the business unlike Roode’s boss. Aldis won’t allow him to disrespect this company. Kongo Kong arrives and takes out Aldis. Roode then locks in the crossface on Aldis.

– PJ Black gloats about his victory to open the show.

– We now get a video package on the creation of GFW.

Los Luchas (Phoenix Star and Zokre) & Misterioso Jr vs. Bestia 666, Blood Eagle, & Shamu Jr: Commentary says this the main event, likely meaning for the first episode. Sonnen tries to compare the opening lucha exchanges to the scientific wrestling of the Hart family. They move into a fast paced series of triple teams with the heels (Bestia 666, Blood Eagle, & Shamu Jr) controlling with ease. They isolate Zokre, until he fires off with a RANA. Los Luchas turn the tide with some teamwork, Misterioso then runs wild until he tries a RANA off the ropes, but gets powerbombed for his troubles. Shamu hits a cutter, but Zorke in and hits a RANA. Bestia hits a cradle driver to cut him off, and Blood Eagle gets sent to the floor, with Misterioso hitting a moonsault to the floor Bestia and Los Luchas all hit dives. Shamu then hits a dive to wipe everyone out. Back in they go, code breaker by Misterioso on Blood Eagle and the destroyer follows. Los Lucha then attack, and a moonsault puts Blood Eagle away. Los Luchas (Phoenix Star and Zokre) & Misterioso Jr defeated Bestia 666, Blood Eagle, & Shamu Jr @ 6:30 via pin [***] This was a good and fun lucha sprint. They worked to their strengths, the crowd was into it and it was exactly what it needed to be.

– We get a video package, focusing on Bobby Roode looking to destroy the company.

KUSHIDA vs. Virgil Flynn: This is a non-tournament match. After some opening back and forth, KUSHIDA starts to out grapple Flynn and just makes Flynn look silly. They pick up the pace, with Flynn hitting a head scissors and hits a dropkick as KUSHIDA is laying over the middle rope. Flynn heads up top, but KUSHIDA avoids him and lays into him with kicks. The back handspring elbow follows, and KUSHIDA then starts to work the arm, posting Flynn. KUSHIDA follows him out attacking the arm. Back in they go and KUSHIDA lays in chops, hits an atomic drop, the cartwheel dropkick and covers for 2 as Sonnen complains about a slow count. He does this all the time; it could be a drinking game. Flynn battles back, hitting a jawbreaker and then knee strikes. The northern lights gets 2, but KUSHIDA counters into the hover board lock. Flynn makes the ropes, KUSHIDA then hits an enziguri and attacks the arm in the ropes. KUSHIDA heads up top, Flynn cuts him off and follow shim up. KUSHIDA shoves him off, but Flynn fights and KUSHIDA cuts him off, attacking the arm. Flynn then pops back up and hits a RANA, and the running senton follows for 2. Flynn falls down throwing a forearm, they trade strikes but KUSHIDA hits a PELE to cut him off. Flynn hits a moonsault slam on the cross body counter. Flynn up top, hits the 450 but KUSHIDA kicks out on a great near fall. KUSHIDA fires up with kicks, and then drops Flynn with the straight right, and then locks in the hover board lock; Flynn has to tap. KUSHIDA defeated Virgil Flynn @ 9:50 via submission [***¼] I had never seen Flynn before, so this ended up surprisingly good. After a few rough exchanges at the very beginning, Flynn settled down and KUSHIDA led a good match, giving him a lot, keeping the crowd interested and even creating some great near falls.

– We get a video update from Nick Aldis. He says he’s fine and that Kong Kong will have to do more to take him out. He respects Kong for trying to make a name for himself. He promises to send him home because he’s winning the GFW title. As for Roode, he respects him and wants to beat him in the tournament.

– KUSHIDA and Virgil Flynn comment on their match, with KUSHIDA putting over Flynn as a hard worker with a ton of potential. They all comment on why they think they will win.

– We get a video package hyping Mickie James, Christina Von Eerie & Lei’D Tapa. It says that they aren’t knockouts or divas, they are women. Karen Jarrett says they will give the women a chance to main event.

– We then get a really nicely done video package on Kevin Kross, focusing on his “MMA/Shooter” gimmick.

– Next up is a video on Chris Mordetsky (the former Chris Masters and current Chris Adonis).

– We now get a video package on The Bollywood Boys, they seem like nice young lads, I hope they made it.

Bobby Roode vs. Kevin Kross: The winner gets into the GFW Championship tournament. They lock up and work to the ropes, Roode breaks clean but is a dick about it slapping at Kross’ chest. Roode outwrestles Kross early, taking a break as he lays on the ropes in the corner. Roode continues to be a dick as he outwrestles Kross, which pisses off Kross. Kross shoves him down, shoulder blocks follow and then a clothesline. Kross goes to the power game, mixing in knees and strikes. Roode cuts him off by posting him. Roode takes him to the floor, slams him to the barricade and continues to focus on the arm. Roode then slams him to the steps. Back in and Roode lays in chops and corner clotheslines. The Hennig neck snap follows. Roode goes back to the arm, keeping Kross grounded. The spinebuster follows, but Kross escapes the Roode bomb into a sunset flip, but Roode counters into the crossface for the submission win. Bobby Roode defeated Kevin Kross @ 6:25 via submission [**] This was an ok match, establishing Roode as a threat to the GFW title; Kross didn’t really show much here.

– We get a video package on the Akbars, playing up being persecuted due to their ethnicity.

– We get highlights from the firs two episodes.

– Maxwell Chicago makes a cameo as a lounge singer, performing “America The Beautiful,” but the Akbars interrupt. They beat down our singer, and cut a promo. They are here to win the tag team titles.

The Bollywood Boyz vs. The Akbars: The Bollywood Boyz run wild early, working quick tags and double teams. The Akbars cut off one of the brothers with a cheap shot, and now they work quick tags and take the heat. This is really basic, but that’s fine because the work has been clean and they have kept the crowd solidly interested. The Akbars keep control by working the phantom tag and clapping their hands behind the ref’s back. More double teams follow from the Akbars, and now it’s starting to drag a bit. Harv fights back and gets the tag, but the ref didn’t see it. Harv avoids the top rope leg drop and then gets the tag to Gurv. He runs wild, hitting kicks and DDTs. The spin kick gets 2. The Akbars look to double team him, but the Boyz hit superkicks and head up top, the elbow drops, one after another, put away the Akbars. The Bollywood Boyz defeated The Akbars @ 7:18 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good overall, it was a nice and simple, old school style tag match. For me the issue that dragged the match down was the heat by the Akbars; it lacked heat, intensity and an overall sense of urgency. There’s nothing wrong with simple, but you have to keep things interesting. It was a bit too paint by numbers.

– We get a video package to hype next week’s Sonjay Dutt vs. Jigsaw GFW NEX*GEN Title tournament match.

– Next up is a video on Chris Mordetsky (the former Chris Masters and current Chris Adonis).

– Karen Jarrett arrives to talk to the crowd. She puts over GFW and promises that the women won’t be overlooked as they main event tonight. Lei’D Tapa interrupts along with Royal Red. Red says that their business had nothing to do with “old news” Mickie James, who is being promoted too much. Karen tells him to shut up and says she speaks for herself. She tells Lei’D Tapa to cage up her husband and focus on her main event match.

– We get a video package, featuring Kevin Kross discussing his loss to Bobby Roode. He promises to learn from his loss. He wants another shot at Roode so that he can prove himself.

– Next up is a video package on Nick Aldis discussing his career accomplishments and road to GFW as well as his upcoming match with Kongo Kong.

Mickie James vs. Christina Von Eerie vs. Lei’D Tapa w/Royal Red: They talk shit and Tapa starts to shove both around. Tapa slams CVE down, but James attacks with kicks, but Tapa shoves her down. James and CVE reluctantly work together, and send Tapa to the floor and James takes control with a head scissors and dropkick. Tapa back in and CVE lays in strikes, but James cuts her off and hits a jawbreaker on Tapa. James then goes back to work on CVE, but Tapa cuts then both off and snatches them both up and hits a double Samoan drop. Tapa tries to cover both, but they kick out. Tapa follows with corner attacks. James and CVE again work together, but Tapa keeps fighting until they hit a high/low. James and CVE trade strikes, James hits a flapjack, kips up and dropkicks Tapa. She hits a sloppy DDT on Tapa (really bad sell by Tapa), CVE tosses James to the floor and CVE hit the straightjacket back stabber on Tapa to pick up the win. Christina Von Eerie defeated Lei’D Tapa and Mickie James @ 6:30 via pin [**¼] This was solid, with Tapa playing a solid monster and forcing James and CVE to work together to gain any advantage. CVE moves onto the finals of the GFW Women’s Title Tournament.

– CVE cuts a promo about her win and promises to win the title.

– The lounge singer that got his ass kicked meets with Magnus and reveals himself to be the manager of Kongo Kong.

– We get highlights from last week’s show.

– Next is a video package to hype Sonjay Dutt vs. Jigsaw.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Jigsaw: They work a fun and fast paced opening stretch, with Jigsaw picking up the first near fall of the match. Jigsaw follows with uppercuts and chops, and then beats down Dutt in the corner and follows with a dropkick, covering for 2. Jigsaw then applies a Gory special, but Dutt counters into a sunset flip for 2. Dutt then fires back with a RANA and sends Jigsaw to the floor. Dutt follow him out and we get a brief floor brawl, and back in Dutt hits the corner knees and then the corner dropkick. Dutt heels it up and goes after the mask and follows with a jawbreaker and running boot. The running senton follows for 2. Dutt now works the octopus hold, but Jigsaw escapes and it’s a basement dropkick. Dutt bails to the floor and Jigsaw wipes him out with a dive. Back in and the missile dropkick and enziguri follows for 2. Jigsaw looks for jig’n tonic, but Dutt escapes and hits a superkick. The RANA follows and then a running shooting star press for 2. Jigsaw counters sliced bread, but Dutt hits a tornado DDT for the near fall. Dutt up top, but Jigsaw avoids the double stomp moonsault and hits a bridging German for a god near fall. Jigsaw up top, but Dutt cuts him off and they battle up top. Jigsaw shoves him off and hits a double stomp and jig’n tonic for the win! Jigsaw defeated Sonjay Dutt @ 10:30 via pin [***½] This was a very good, back and forth match, and worked in the exact style you wanted from these two. This had a great energy, great sense of urgency as both guys made you feel that they wanted and needed to win this. This was the best match of the bunch so far.

– We get highlights of Kong attacking Aldis on the first episode to hype tonight’s match.

– Next up is a video on Chris Mordetsky (the former Chris Masters and current Chris Adonis). He’s here to rewrite his legacy and because GFW will be a force.

– Jigsaw and Dutt embrace after their match and thank each other for their match. Jigsaw calls Dutt a class act.

– Chael Sonnen heads to the ring. He heels it up, telling the crowd to shut up and starts talking shit to MMA fighter Phil Baroni, who is sitting at ringside. Sonnen says Phil is only here because he got free tickets and again tells the crowd to shut up. Sonnen says he could change his schedule and make it one more for the bad guy. (This was supposed to be a major program for GFW.) Sonnen calls out Virgil Flynn. Sonnen mocks Flynn for losing to KUSHIDA in a good effort. Sonnen says that Jeff Jarrett has placed Flynn on the NEX*GEN tournament. PJ Black arrives, and praises Flynn for his match with KUSHIDA, and Jarrett is a nice guy for giving him a second chance. Black wishes him luck and then lays him out with a superkick. This worked to set Black as a heel and Flynn as the underdog in the tournament.

– We get a video package on Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins). Winning the GFW title would be the biggest accomplishment of his career.

– Next is a video package on Reno SCUM. They have been friends for 14-years, and will win the tag team titles.

– Henry Maxwell (the lounge singer) is here to introduce Kongo Kong.

Nick Aldis vs. Kongo Kong: Aldis was signed to be “the big star” of GFW. They brawl right away with Aldis sending Kong to the floor for some brawling. Back in and Kong cuts off Aldis, and takes him out with a flying forearm. Kong then chokes him out in the ropes as Maxwell gets in a cheap shot. Kong takes the heat, hitting a slam and leg drop for 2. Kong slows things down, locking in a bear hug. The belly-to-belly follows for 2. Kong heads up top and the lariat connects for 2. Kong continues his assault, hitting a running splash for 2. Maxwell distracts Aldis, and Kong goes back to the bear hug. Aldis is fading, but he fires up and escapes. The belly to back suplex connects and both men are down. Aldis lays in uppercuts, follows with clotheslines and then hits a second rope dropkick, covering for 2. Kong fires back with a lariat, and he heads up top. Aldis cuts him off, but Kong pulls him up top with him and they battle for position. Aldis hits the superplex and both men are down. Aldis up top and hits the elbow drop but Kong kicks out. Really good near fall there. Maxwell distracts Aldis, so Aldis lays him out but Kong attacks and hits the cannonball, covering for 2. Kong heads up top, and MISSES the moonsault Aldis hits the uranage for the win. Nick Aldis defeated Kongo Kong @ 9:40 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good and better than I expected, and they really got the crowd on a great near fall late. Aldis was supposed to be their big top star, but nothing he did here made me feel like he’s a top guy in anyway.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Average
The 411
This felt like TNA, WWE, & NJPW had an orgy and invited some random indie guys along to party. All joking aside, I thought that the production was really clean, and that the shows were laid out well, Producing one-hour shows with two matches to focus on along with strong video packages made for a smooth layout and gave you time to absorb everything that happened. It’s a shame that these were never picked up because I could see myself enjoying the one-hour weekly GFW product that they looked to build. There was potential there to be sure. If I break it down, it would look something like this; show one (7.0), show two (6.5), show 3 (6.0) and show 4 (7.0). The only real negatives were the commentary, Karen Jarrett with promo time and the same for Chael Sonnen and his forced heel act. Overall the first GFW Amped Anthology was a fun ride, and gave a good look at what could have been if the show got picked up. It was easily more enjoyable than the regular One Night Only shows.