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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only: Cali Combat Review

May 12, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only: Cali Combat Review  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only: Cali Combat Review

– Luster the Legend defeated Scott Wringer @ 7:50 via pin [**]
– Trevor Lee defeated Kimo @ 9:50 via pin [**½]
From WrestleCon: Scott Steiner & Teddy Hart defeated OVE (Dave & Jake Crist) @ 7:40 via pin [*]
– Katarina Leigh defeated Taya Valkyrie @ 8:50 via pin [**¾]
– James Ellsworth defeated Kal Jack @ 6:10 via pin [*]
From WrestleCon: Tag Team Champions LAX defeated Killshot & The Mack @ 13:12 via pin [***¾]
– LAX defeated The Ballard Brothers @ 10:35 via pin [***]
– Allie defeated Samara @ 7:40 via pin [**]
– Matt Sydal defeated Eddie Edwards @ 9:25 via pin [***½]
From WrestleCon: King Cuerno, Drago, & Aerostar defeated Andrew Everett, Dezmond Xavier, & DJZ @ 10:18 via submission [***½]
– Austin Aries defeated Eli Drake @ 12:20 via pin [***]

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– The show was produced in conjunction with Big Time Wrestling.

Luster the Legend vs. Scott Wringer: Wringer attacks and they brawl right away. Luster fires back with clotheslines and Wringer powders and Luster follows. Back in and Wringer takes control, laying in clubbing strikes. Luster fires up with strikes and hits a slam. The head butt follows for 2. Luster hits a back elbow and elbow drop. Luster grounds things, and then lays in chops. Luster puts Wringer in the tree of WHOA and continues to work him over. The big swing follows and Luster clotheslines Wringer to the floor. Luster then follows with a suicide dive. Back in and Wringer hits a blockbuster. Wringer chokes out Luster, and lays the boots to him. Luster now hits a suplex to cut Wringer off. He then misses a charge and Wringer hits a neck breaker. Wringer to the ropes and hits an elbow drop for 2. Luster now fires back, Wringer tries for a sleeper, but Luster escapes and hits a spinebuster. The TKO follows and that’s that. Luster the Legend defeated Scott Wringer @ 7:50 via pin [**] This was an ok opener, with Luster coming off much better than Wringer, who was rough.

Trevor Lee vs. Kimo: They lock up, and work to the corner. They break and lock up again, and they break again. Lee then grounds the action, but Kimo counters out and starts working the arm. Lee escapes and lays in strikes. Lee now works a pity city on Kimo, but that fires up Kimo who hits a slam and elbow drop. Lee powders and Kimo follows him out for some floor brawling. Back in and Kimo tease a suplex to the floor, but Lee bites him and follows with an apron PK. Lee then chokes him out in the corner taking control of things. Kimo fires back with uppercuts, but Lee cuts him of with a dropkick. Lee now connects with uppercuts, and then whips Kimo to the buckles. Kimo gets a backslide for 2. The knee strike follows and a bulldog gets 2. Lee fights off the suplex, but Lee cuts him off and powerbombs him for 2. Kimo battles back with an XPLODER for 2. He heads up top and misses the double stomp. Lee battles back with a head kick and running double stomp for the win. Trevor Lee defeated Kimo @ 9:50 via pin [**½] This was a solid match, better than the opener, as the work was smoother and cleaner.

Scott Steiner & Teddy Hart vs. OVE (Dave & Jake Crist) : Hart of course starts with a moonsault to the floor. He then hits a powerbomb/backstabber combo and about killed Jake on a botched electric chair drop. Steiner is chilling in his nWo shirt as oVe starts to work over Hart. They take the heat; Steiner stands around and yells a lot. Hart tries to fire up, fails, and oVe cuts him off. Hart finally hits a code red and Steiner gets the tag. He stands around as guys run into him, hits a belly to belly, coving for 2. More rough looking suplexes follow, and the Steiner recliner finishes it. Scott Steiner & Teddy Hart defeated OVE (Dave & Jake Crist) @ 7:40 via pin [*] This was not good at all. oVe worked a solid tag formula, but Teddy’s selling was dodgey, and Steiner looked like a 55 year old guy who rarely wrestles anymore.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Katarina Leigh: Taya looks to ground things early on, and takes control. Katarina fights to her feet, and works counters until Taya cuts her off with strikes. She lays the boots to Katarina, and trade running forearms. Katarina follows with a head scissors, and hits a tornado DDT for 2. Taya cuts her off and hits a neck breaker in the ropes. Taya chokes her out and hits the double knee attack for 2. Katarina gets a sunset flip for 2. Taya hits the fall away slam, and that gets 2. Taya grounds things, and locks on a sharpshooter. Katarina fights and makes the ropes. Katarina then rolls her up for 2. Katarina fires back with an enziguri and both are down. They trade strikes, and Katarina hits a clothesline and another. The big boot follows and Katarina hits a missile dropkick for 2. Taya then hits slow motion strikes and a cutter for 2. Taya lays in corner clotheslines and the corner knees miss. Katarina hits a Samoan drop and that gets 2. Taya hits the neck breaker, covering for 2. The road to Valhalla is countered into a roll up and Katarina wins. Katarina Leigh defeated Taya Valkyrie @ 8:50 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, and Katarina looked really good. She’ll be a good addition to the division with Rosemary out of action.

James Ellsworth vs. Kal Jack: Jack is a big dude and towers over Ellsworth. They stall and play to the crowd. Ellsworth lays in strikes and Jack no sells it. Ellsworth keeps throwing, hurting his own hands. Ellsworth keeps trying to run away, leading to more stalling. We get a Scooby doo chase and back in, Jack hits a slam. The cover gets 2 as Jack pulls him up. Jack tries a chin lock, but Ellsworth has no chin. So he works a bear hug. Ellsworth escapes, but Jack gets the hold right back. Ellsworth bites him to escape and lays in jabs. Ellsworth tries to run and grabs a chair. The ref takes it, Ellsworth hits a low blow and superkick for the win. James Ellsworth defeated Kal Jack @ 6:10 via pin [*] Trash.

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs. Killshot & The Mack: Diamante is out with LAX, nice to see her back. Ortiz and Killshot work some fun opening back and forth. Santana in with a senton atomico, but Killshot cuts him off and Mack tags in and follows with strikes. They pick up the pace, Santana hits a RANA, but Mack hits an arm drag and hits a big shoulder block. Killshot tags back in and they work double teams. Killshot flies in with a double stomp and covers for 2. Santana’s eye s starting to swell up as Mack continues to attack. Ortiz tags in and hits a cutter. LAX picks up the pace, working double teams and Ortiz follows with a splash for 2. The clothesline follows, but Mack cuts him off with a pop up punch and XPLODER. Santana in and lays in rights on Mack. Ortiz flies in with a dropkick, Killshot in as it breaks down. Killshot hits the kill stomp and everyone is down. Santana now works over Mack, but Mack cuts him off with a bicycle kick. The cannonball follows for 2. Killshot takes out Ortiz, they work up top and Killshot tosses Ortiz into a ounce from the Mack. Santana back in and he fights the challengers off by himself, but is cut off with a pop up knee. Killshot hits a doomsday kill stomp for a great near fall. Mack gets cut off, and taken out by Ortiz. Ortiz then drops Killshot, and then hits a DVD. LAX follows with double teams and now isolate Killshot. The street sweeper finishes Killshot. Tag Team Champions LAX defeated Killshot & The Mack @ 13:12 via pin [***¾] This was a very, very good match, with all four working very well together. The action was really good and constant, and the crowd loved it, but due to the fact that there was no chance there would be a title change, the lack of drama in that regard, held it back from being great.

LAX vs. The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon): Santana takes early control, with the Ballard taking a powder. Santana follows with a shoulder tackle, and the running boot connects. He follows with chops, and Ortiz tags in as LAX maintains control. Ortiz lays in chops, and LAX then works double teams. The Ortiz splash gets 2. A Ballard cuts him of and tags in the other Ballard, but Ortiz cuts him off right away. More double teams by LAX follow. The Ballards eventually cut off Santana, and pick up a near fall. They dump Santana and work him over on the floor. Back in and they lay the boots to Santana and work some double teams. Ortiz makes the save, but the Ballards cut off the hot tag. Missy Carlisle gets involved and the Ballards pick up a near fall. Ortiz finally gets the hot tag and he runs wild on the Ballards. They eventually cut him off, and Santana comes back and LAX takes control with superior double teams. Missy crotches Santana, allowing the Ballard to hit a double team face plant for 2. Santana back in and it breaks down. The Ballards take Santana up top, Ortiz makes the save and the double street sweeper finishes it. LAX defeated The Ballard Brothers @ 10:35 via pin [***] I was having flashbacks to early 2000s indie tape trading reviewing a Ballard brothers match in 2018. This was surprisingly good, the Ballards were fine, but LAX was really great.

Allie vs. Samara: Samara attacks before the bell and beats down Allie. She misses a charge and Allie lays in a clothesline and sliding clothesline for 2. Allie takes control with a running cross body for 2. Samara cuts of Allie, slamming her to the buckles. The elbow drop follows for 2. Samara chokes her out in the corner, but Allie fires up and lays the boots to her. Samara cuts her off with a slam, and covers for 2. Samara grounds things, working a headlock. Samara then goes for repeated covers, but Allie keeps kicking out. Allie fires back with knee strikes and they work into a double down. They trade strikes; Allie gets pissed and fires up. She slams Samara to the buckles and hits the dropkick and covers for 2. Samara cuts off the superkick and works some sort of sloppy leg submission. Allie makes the ropes and hits a code breaker for 2. Samara hits a neck breaker, covering for 2. Allie counters out of a pedigree and hits a superkick for the win. Allie defeated Samara @ 7:40 via pin [**] This was an ok match, Samara is clearly lacking in experience, and worked hard, but the match suffered from a really cohesive flow, it was just too disjointed at times. Not bad at all, just fine.

Eddie Edwards vs. Matt Sydal: They lock up, and work into some counters as Sydal actually looks to slow things. They then work into a stand off. Edwards picks up the pace but Sydal hits a RANA and monkey flip. Sydal follows with the standing moonsault for 2. Edwards quickly fires back, cutting him off and then lays in chops. Sydal fires back with kicks and a running knee strike. They brawl to the floor and Sydal lays in kicks. Edwards looks for chops, but Sydal moves and Edwards chops the post. Back in and Edwards hits an MX off the ropes for 2. Edwards repeatedly slams Sydal to the buckles, and takes control. Sydal fires back with leg kicks, and then hits a spin kick. More leg kicks follow, and Sydal hits a neck breaker for 2. Edwards fights back and hits the blue thunder bomb for a good near fall. Edwards follows with a slam, heads up top and the moonsault misses. Sydal counters the tiger bomb into a RANA for 2. They trade kicks, Sydal hits another RANA after escaping the backpack stunner. The shooting star press finishes it. Matt Sydal defeated Eddie Edwards @ 9:25 via pin [***½] This was a very good, back and forth sprint style match. They didn’t fuck around, it was a ton of fun and it was a nice and clean match.

King Cuerno, Drago, & Aerostar vs. Andrew Everett, Dezmond Xavier, & DJZ: Drago and Everett worked a nice, fast paced opening stretch. That led to DZJ & Aerostar tagging in, and they continues to work fun back and forth stretch. Xavier and Cuerno take their turn. They keep a brisk pace, with Xavier hitting a dropkick for 2. Cuerno quickly battles back, cutting off Xavier, but then gets knocked to the floor. He cuts off the Xavier dive, but back in and Xavier hits a cutter. Cuerno tags out, DZJ flies in with a high cross on Drago & Aerostar, and then follows with a dive to the floor. Xavier then busts out the Sasuke special, Everett’s dive gets cut off and Drago follows with a dive. Aerostar then busts out s step up dive, and Cuerno gets cut off by Everett. Everett then follows with a cork screw dive to the floor. Back in and Drago hits superkicks, and DZJ & Everett hits a version of more bang for your buck. Aerostar hits a cuter on DJZ, as it breaks down. Xavier hits a 619, and hits the PELE for 2. Cuerno cuts him off, but Everett cuts him off. The shooting 450 misses and Cuerno lock on the Indian death lock for the win. King Cuerno, Drago, & Aerostar defeated Andrew Everett, Dezmond Xavier, & DJZ @ 10:18 via submission [***½] This was a very good sprint, with everyone getting some time to shine, and kept the crowd invested the entire way.

Austin Aries vs. Eli Drake: Aries takes time to eat a banana as the bell rings. They stall for a couple of minutes and Aries starts to ground Drake and outwrestles him. Drake powders. Back in and he attacks with boots and strikes. Aries picks up the pace, and grounds Drake. Drake works to his feet, but Aries maintains control. Drake cuts him off, attacking the leg and laying in strikes. Aries fights back with an atomic drop and mocks Drake. He hits another and Drake is sent to the floor. Aries follows with the double sledge to the floor. Aries hits another atomic drop. Aries keeps hitting atomic drops on the floor. Back in they go and Drake cuts him off and lays the boots to him. Aries hits another atomic drop but Drake hits a stun gun. He follows with elbow drops and than follows with rights. Drake then chokes out Aries n the ropes, but ends up getting crotched. Aries fires back and repeatedly slams Drake to the buckles. The neck breaker follows. Aries up top and the missile dropkick connects for 2.Drake powders and then pulls Aries to the floor. Aries fights him off and Drake catches the plancha and slams him onto the apron and back in, covers for 2. Drake sets Aries up top, looks for a superplex, Aries shoves him off but Drake pops back up and gets knocked off again. Drake shoves the ref into the ropes, crotching Aries. Drake gets one of Aries’ titles and lays out Aries, covering for 2. Drake looks for the gravy train but Aries cradles him for the win. Austin Aries defeated Eli Drake @ 12:20 via pin [***] For the most part, they worked a very house show style match, but they kept the crowd involved, and it was a lot of fun and had a good home stretch.

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The final score: review Average
The 411
It appears that the WrestleCon matches were added because they cut the taped Alberto el Patron vs. Moose match that was to air. No complaints, as those two had shit chemistry and LAX vs. Killshot & The Mack was a VERY good match to watch again, as was the six-man tag. Overall, Impact Wrestling One Night Only: Cali Combat was a very solid and at times fun show that was heavily helped out by some of the WrestleCon additions. If you’ve already seen those, Sydal vs. Edwards is the only thing that was worth checking out.