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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 11.09.19

November 11, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
MLW Fusion 110919
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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 11.09.19  

Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 11.09.19

– Low Ki defeated Timothy Thatcher @ 16:35 via submission [***¼]
MLW Middleweight Title Match: Myron Reed defeated Champion Teddy Hart @ 9:35 via pin [***]

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– We open with highlights from last week’s PPV as Contra Unit makes its way to the ring.

– Josef Samael takes the mic and says what he wants is everyone to show allegiance to the cause. HAIL CONTRA. They have soldiers celebrating in the streets of Saigon. Kings and Princes have been showering them with gifts because another castle has fallen in the kingdom of MLW. Promociones Dorado was destroyed at Super Fight. Salina de la Renta had her back broken. That big fat pig LA Park was Samoan dropped to hell by your champion Jacob Fatu. Now their campaign of terror continues, because they have soldiers popping up in every corner of the world because the global dealers in violence rule the world. They will not stop until they tighten their grips on MLW. They say gold is power, and they want all the gold. “Von Erichs, you got that tag team gold. We want it.” Teddy Hart, you got that Middleweight Championship and we are going to take it. If you try to get involved, we will dismantle them like the little bitches they are. Teddy Hart, the party is over. You can take this any way you want, but this is a threat. He will personally rip those sparkling pajamas off your body and he will shove them up your ass. When you are at our feet after we beat you half to death and laying in your own piss and blood, he will make you say two words, “HAIL CONTRA!” The Hart Foundation makes its way to the ring and they go after Contra Unit and we have a brawl as The Hart Foundation send Contra Unit to the floor. Samael has been absolutely great at CONTRA’s mouthpiece, keep him in this role, I have no desire to see him wrestle ever again as he’s too good and valuable as a talker for the group.

– Commentary talks about what they just saw and what will happen when Teddy Hart faces Myron Reed. Commentary talks about the Fusion episode airing on Thanksgiving at 6PM Eastern on Youtube, and then talk about the Stairway to Hell Match from the PPV and we go to comments from Mance Warner. He tells Jimmy Havoc that he took out Bestia 666, and says he and Havoc will go one more time in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, and he’s taking Jimmy out.

Low Ki vs. Timothy Thatcher: They circle and Thatcher grounds things, they scramble and K rushes him to the ropes, and breaks clean. They lock up and battle for position, and to the ropes where Ki works a hanging arm bar. He breaks and Thatcher works a guillotine, attacks the arm and they work to the ropes for the break. They work into a test of strength, Thatcher grounds Ki and starts going for covers. The arm bar follows, but Ki rolls to the ropes. Ki follows with leg kicks from the ground, but Thatcher works a half crab and sits back deep. The bow and arrow follows and cradles Ki for 2. Back to the arm and Ki follows with strikes, as a Samael promo on the Von Erichs interrupts, and back to action, Thatcher has Ki grounded with strikes. He covers for 2. Back to the arm by Thatcher, he wants an arm bar but Ki keeps fighting and makes the ropes. Ki follows with kicks and chops, but Thatcher fires back with uppercuts. They trade; slam by Thatcher and the elbow drop follows for 2. He follows with uppercuts, He follows with clubbing strikes in the ropes but Ki fights off a suplex as Thatcher hits knee strikes and finally gets the suplex for 2. More uppercuts follow, sending Ki to the floor. Back in and knee strikes follow. Thatcher follows with uppercuts, Ki fires back and then springboards into an uppercut and spills to the floor. Ki struggles to get back in and just beats the count as Thatcher covers for 2. Ki battles back with the springboard double stomp and lights up Thatcher with kicks. Thatcher counters wit ha belly to belly for 2. He hits a judo throw and covers for 2. Ki counters the Saito, grounds Thatcher and the dragon sleeper follows. He rains down with elbows but Ki locks on a triangle and taps out Thatcher. Low Ki defeated Timothy Thatcher @ 16:35 via submission [***¼] This was a good, hard-hitting, grapple filled match with Thatcher taking the majority of the match until Ki overcame and finally scored the submission victory. Your mileage will vary on the style they worked, but I enjoyed it and felt the execution was really well done by both. While Thatcher dominated and took most of the match, his booking thus far concerns me as he’s already dropped big matches to Smith, Lawlor, & now Ki.

– The Von Erichs are asked about Contra Unit calling them out. Ross says they will take things as they come and deal with things the Von Erich way. Tom Lawlor is with them and he is asked about going to the WWE or New Japan, but says no comment and walks away.

– We get comments from Injustice. Jordan Oliver says they were told to be more respectful and thankful for their opportunities and they are acting like thugs. Jordan says they want us to say thank you and that they are grateful for these opportunities. Kotto says they are not sorry for anything because they have been given nothing, so tonight, they are going to do a trade. They are going to trade gold for justice. Reed says at the end of the day, Injustice gets the job done. They do not need your help and opportunities, and he will walk out MLW Middleweight Champion. “This ain’t a black thing, this ain’t a white thing, it is a justice thing.”

– We see footage from a press conference for King Mo. He is asked for his plans in MLW, and says his plans are to wreck shop. He did his thing in MMA and he will try to be the King of MLW. He is asked what class he will wrestle in and he says in MMA he was Moneyweight and that is what he will be in MLW. He will face anyone who challenges him, and mentions LA Park and Fatu and wants all the gold.

Champion Teddy Hart vs. Myron Reed: Commentary is selling Hart’s neck and back issues coming in as Hart takes out Kotto & Oliver. Reed cuts him off with a superkick and slingshot leg drop for 2. Reed dumps him and Injustice attacks on the floor. Hart battles back and Reed wipes him out with a dive. He hits another and back in, Reed hits an enziguri, springboard cutter and an inverted suplex for 2. Reed springboards in with the 450 and misses. Hart cuts him off with a Gotch destroyer and gets distracted by Injustice and then follows with rights on Reed. The backstabber follows and Arabian press then gets 2. The top rope moonsault follows and that gets 2. Project Ciampa follows for 2. The cradled hammerlock DDT connects, Hart heads up top and hits a flying DDT for 2. Injustice takes the ref, Hart attacks and dumps Reed onto them. he wipes them out with a moonsault and slams Kotto into the crowd and suplexes Oliver onto Reed. Back in and they work up top, Hart hits the avalanche destroyer for 2 as Kotto pulls pout the ref. Oliver is in as Kotto takes the ref, Hart takes him out and Josef Samael arrives and throws a fireball in Hart’s face; Reed hits a springboard 450 for the win and championship. Myron Reed defeated Champion Teddy Hart @ 9:35 via pin [***] This was a good and fun main event continuing the Injustice push and also CONTRA’s quest to take over MLW.

– Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. go after Injustice as we end.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This week’s episode of MLW Fusion, the fall out to the debut PPV, was a good show with the CONTRA stuff, and Samael’s promo really delivering as well as good in ring action to back things up. This was a good first step after the PPV, continuing the momentum of that show and setting things up moving forward.