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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 5.02.20

May 2, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 5.02.20  

Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 5.02.20

– Poder Del Norte defeated Black Destiny, Fantastick, & Rayo Star @ 7:30 via pin [***]
AAA Trios Title Match: Champions Vikingo, Octagon Jr, & Myzteziz Jr.) defeated Injustice @ 14:30 via pin [***¾]

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– We open with an Injustice video package, talking about how far they’ve com in a year and how people slept on them; they’re the best unit doing this shit.

Poder Del Norte (Mocho Cota Jr, Tito Santana, & Carta Brava Jr.) vs. Black Destiny, Fantastick, & Rayo Star: This is billed as a “AAA Exhibition Match.” They brawl at the bell as the technicos hit a trio dives. Back in and they continue to control, until Poder Del Norte cut them off with triple teams and chair shots. They toss Rayo Star over the barricade and into chairs, which had to suck. It’s all Poder Del Norte, controlling and picking up near falls until Rayo Star hits a Spanish fly for 2. He’s cut off, Destiny hits a lethal injection, but only gets 2. He’s cut off, Poder Del Norte start to run wild until Destiny hits a suicide dive. Poder Del Norte score with dives and more dives follow, Poder Del Norte just start destroying Destiny in the ring and the frog splash finishes it. Poder Del Norte defeated Black Destiny, Fantastick, & Rayo Star @ 7:30 via pin [***] This was an entertaining opener, but I can’t put my finger on the crowd issue; they either don’t care or are mic’d very poorly.

– Holiday & Hammerstone visit Savio Vega’s childhood home, make fun of his upbringing, and since Vega’s mom had financial issues, he bought the house. They joke about turning t into condos and mock Puerto Rico for being smelly.

– Pillman addresses Injustice cutting his hair, and challenges Jordan Oliver to a hair vs., hair match.

– LA PARK’S COOKING SHOW IS BACK AND HE HAS HIS TWO SKELETON LAD SONS WITH HIM! They are making a lovely pork dish n the PARK family style. He even has a full recipe and remind us to wash our hands. His sons are his assistant cooks, PARK talks shit about their next opponents, says he has made Mexican wrestling and that clowns have no credibility in the business. He continues to talk shit about Psycho Clown, and starts “frying the father of Psycho Clown, Super Porky” in the pan. PARK talks about bust8ng his ass for everything he has, and that he wants to kick Psycho Clown’s ass. Los parks are real wrestling and represent MLW, no clowns allowed. PARK adds some delicious chorizo to his amazing dish, some chopped steak, dances a bit and continues talking shit to Psycho Clown. Los PARKs are fucking amazing. They rundown Konnan for trying to bring these clowns to MLW, while adding salt, pepper, & garlic to his dish. He adds in a plump sausage, not a limp US sausage, and declares Mexicans have hugs sausages compared to gringos. The skeleton lads add the onions, tomatoes, & cilantro to the meal and then some bullion cubes & tomato juice. My God, this was the MLW TV segment of the year.

– Davey Boy Smith Jr calls out MLW Champion Jacob Fatu, and says that his time is up and that he’s coming for the championship.

– Mance Warner is pissed about Holiday buying Savio’s mother’s home, and then talks about Hammerstone’s steroid abuse. He doesn’t care because he can bust his knees with a bat and take him down, head butt him in the face an bust him up. He wants the Openweight championship, he bleeds for this hit and wants a piece of Hammerstone’s ass. He does this for all the people and won’t quit on them. They will fight and one won’t be the same when they are done, he’s coming for Hammerstone.

– Dan Lambert is sung Low Ki for last week’s alleged attack that ruined his press conference. Next week, Los Parks face Psycho Clown, Psicosis, & Nino Hamburguesa.

Champions Jinetes Del Aire (Vikingo, Octagon Jr. & Myzteziz Jr.) vs. Injustice (Kotto Brazil, Myron Reed, & Jordan Oliver): Injustice go all rudo Jeff Jarrett, throwing tortillas to the fans. They all talk trash and the champions attack so we’re underway. Reed and Vikingo work into a fun back and forth stretch, with some great counters. Vikingo takes control, Oliver attacks and Myzteziz cuts him off. They work into counters, big tornillo by Myzteziz and Oliver then cuts him off. Myzteziz dumps him and they brawl on the floor as Koto & Octagon hit the ring, trade RANAs until Octagon hits a knee strike, springboard arm drags and the champions isolate Kotto and chop away at him. Triple teams follow and Reed has to make the save, He’s quickly cut off with triple teams, Vikingo hits a shooting star press and Oliver makes the save, but is cut off as they light him up with chops, The champions just dominate and pick up near falls until Kotto makes the save. Reed finally cuts off Myzteziz, Injustice runs wild until Vikingo makes the save. They cut him off and connect with triple team attacks until Octagon makes the save. he’s dumped, suicide dive by Kotto and Myzteziz & Vikingo follow with topes. Octagon it’s a springboard tornillo, but back n, Injustice counters the triple 450s, isolate Vikingo and dump him. Koto hits a tope, suicide dive by Oliver, and back in, it’s an Injustice cutter party on the champions, until Myzteziz makes the save. Injustice quickly triple teams him, Pillman spits beer in Kotto’s face and distracts Injustice as the champions take control. They run wild, moonsault to the floor by Octagon, tornillo by Myzteziz and Vikingo hits the double knees and imploding 450 for the win. Champions Vikingo, Octagon Jr, & Myzteziz Jr.) defeated Injustice @ 14:30 via pin [***¾] This was a really good and fun spotfest, and there’s nothing wrong with those; they even advanced Pillman vs. Injustice as well.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 112. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Steve Cook go retro, looking back on the first NWA Clash of the Champions events. Jerome Cusson then joins for a Dark Side of The Ring: David Schultz and The Slap Heard Round the World review. The show is approximately 156-minutes long.

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* Clash of The Champions I Review: 4:09
* Clash of The Champions II Review: 41:36
* Clash of The Champions IIII Review: 1:13:30
*Dark Side of The Ring: David Schultz and The Slap Heard Round the World Review: 1:38:14

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This week’s episode of MLW Fusion was the best episode of MLW in weeks, with a good opner, an amazing LA PARK segment, and a tremendously fun main event.