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Csonka’s NJPW Road to New Beginning 2.04.20 Review

February 4, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NJPW Road to New Beginning 2.04.20 Review  

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Csonka’s NJPW Road to New Beginning 2.04.20 Review

– Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Gabriel Kidd @ 8:50 via submission [***]
– Taiji Ishimori defeated Yuya Uemura @ 7:55 via submission [***¼]
– Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe defeated Toa Henare & Yota Tsuji @ 12:15 via submission [***]
– Manabu Nakanishi & Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Minoru Suzuki & DOUKI @ 9:15 via submission [**¼]
– Shingo, EVIL, & Hiromu defeated Hirooki Goto, Big Tom Ishii, & Robbie Eagles @ 11:05 via pin [***¾]
– KENTA, Jay White, & Phantasmo defeated BUSHI, SANADA, & Naito @ 18:30 via pin [***]
Elimination Match: Sho, Yo, Will Ospreay, & Okada defeated Kanemaru, Desperado, Taichi, & Zack Sabre Jr. @ 20:00 via pin [****]

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– Kevin Kelly, Chris Charlton, & Gino Gambino are on commentary.

– Looks to be a light crowd in Korakuen Hall tonight.

Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Gabriel Kidd: They lockup and work to the mat, working into counters and Taguchi grounds things. Kidd transitions, looks for an arm bar but Taguchi escapes. Kidd looks to target the arm, grounds Taguchi and then follows with shoulder tackles until Taguchi makes him run. Kidd cuts him off and follows with uppercuts until Taguchi hits the ass attack for 2. He lays the boots to Kidd and grounds him, focusing on the leg. Kidd fires back, but Taguchi keeps him down. Taguchi stays focused on the leg, keeping control as Kidd fights for the ropes until Taguchi locks up an arm as well. Kidd finally makes the ropes, but Taguchi keeps him grounded. Kidd fights to his feet, counters the ass attack, hits a slam and follows with uppercuts, a shoulder tackle but Taguchi fights off the crab. Kidd catches him with a dropkick, the crab follows and Taguchi crawls, but Kidd sits back on the hold. Taguchi fights again and finally makes the ropes. Kid delivers stomps, but Taguchi cradles him for 2. They trade roll ups and Taguchi rolls into an ankle lock until Kidd cradles him for 2. Kidd hits chops, an enziguri but Taguchi cuts him off with bum a ye for 2. The ankle lock follows and he drops down as Kidd taps. Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Gabriel Kidd @ 8:50 via submission [***] This was a good opener, with Kidd looking good once again; he has tons of potential.

Taiji Ishimori vs. Yuya Uemura: Ishimori fakes the handshake and Yuya attacks until Ishimori powders. Ishimori stalls, Yuya attacks as he comes back in and misses the dropkick. Ishimori lays the boots to him, works a cravat, and follow with shoulder strikes, covering for 2. Yuya fires back with chops, strikes and Ishimori drops him with one chop. Yuya fires back, gets dropped again and grounds things, covering for 2. Ishimori follows with kicks, keeping Yuya grounded, and then delivers chops. The cravat follows, Ishimori grounds him but Yuya fires back until Ishimori cuts him off and covers for 2. Ishimori deliver strikes, dropkick by Yuya and he follows with elbows, a suplex and covers for 2. They trade, shoulder tackle and crab by Yuya follows. Ishimori fights, Yuya adds in kicks, and sits back deep until Ishimori makes the ropes. Ishimori counters back into the back handspring kick, but Yuya counters bloody cross into a cradle for 2. The overhead suplex connects and that gets 2. Ishimori counters the German, but Yuya cradles him for 2. Ishimori transitions into the YES lock and Yuya fights, Ishimori rolls him back and Yuya taps. Taiji Ishimori defeated Yuya Uemura @ 7:55 via submission [***¼] This was a good match with some great aggression and those quality Uemura near falls.

Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe vs. Toa Henare & Yota Tsuji: Honma and Henare begin, locking up as Henare slams him down. Honma fires back, they trade shoulder tackles and Henare takes him down. Tsuji tags in and Makabe joins him. They lockup and work to the ropes. Lockup again and they trade shoulder tackles. Tsuji fire s up and takes Makabe down, that’s an actual Makabe bump. Makabe cut him off, tags in Honma and he follows with the back elbow for 2. Honma follows with strikes, Makabe tags in and follows with body shots. He works over Tsuji in the corner, hits a slam and covers for 2. Honma tags back in, he trades with Tsuji and cuts him off with a head butt. Honma delivers chops, and covers for 2. Tsuji cuts him off with a dropkick, tags n Henare and he dumps Makabe. He then trades with Honma, follows with kicks and follows with the delayed suplex for 2. Honma battles back, hits a kokeshi and Makabe tags in. He follows with shoulder tackles, dumps Tsuji and strikes to Henare follow. Henare fights off the northern lights, hits a Samoan drop and Tsuji tags in. He trades shoulder tackles with Makabe, hits the corner forearm and follows with a slam for 2. He locks on the crab, but Makabe makes the ropes. They trade strikes, pear by Tsuji and the crab follows as Henare takes out Honma. Makabe escapes, Tsuji follows with strikes and lights up Makabe until Makabe hits the lariat for 2. It breaks down, Henare is dumped but Tsuji gets the cradle for 2. Makabe drops him with a forearm strike, locks on the crab and Tsuji powers up but Makabe sits down and humbles the young lion. Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe defeated Toa Henare & Yota Tsuji @ 12:15 via submission [***] This was shockingly good for a GBH match, as Tsuji brought some great fire here.

Minoru Suzuki & DOUKI vs. Manabu Nakanishi & Hiroyoshi Tenzan: Suzuki-gun attacks before the bell and the brawl spills to the floor. Back in and Nakanishi battles back, he and Tenzan double team DOUKI and the cover gets 2. Tenzan follows with head butts, lays the boots to DOUKI and Suzuki cuts him off with the hanging arm bar. He drags Tenzan to the floor, whips him to the barricades and then starts kicking the shit out of Nakanishi. Suzuki works over Tenzan, chokes him out and back in, DOUKI covers for 2. Suzuki tags back in, lays the boots to Tenzan, follows with strikes and they trade until Suzuki drops him with a huge right. Tenzan battles back with the mountain bomb as Nakanishi tags in and delivers strikes to Suzuki. Suzuki laughs and fires back, more chops by Nakanishi and the spear follows. He dumps DOUKI, dances and clotheslines Suzuki, covering for 2. The rack follows, DOUKI makes the save and is dumped. Suzuki attacks with strikes, dropping Nakanishi. DOUKI joins in for double teams, but Nakanishi battles back and tosses DOUKI into Suzuki. Tenzan in and delivers Mongolian chops, the clothesline and the “ok brainbuster” for 2. Suzuki attacks, they double team Tenzan and DOUKI covers for 2. Suzuki chokes out Nakanishi, but he escapes and saves Tenzan Suzuki gets the chair, takes the ref but Tenzan cuts off DOUKI. The spin kick follows and the anaconda vice finishes DOUKI. Manabu Nakanishi & Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Minoru Suzuki & DOUKI @ 9:15 via submission [**¼] This was ok, Suzuki rules but Nakanishi & Tenzan were largely moving in slow motion.

Shingo, EVIL, & Hiromu vs. Hirooki Goto, Big Tom Ishii, & Robbie Eagles: Ishii and EVIL begin, let the battering begin. They trade strikes, Shingo and Goto in and it breaks down with CHAOS taking control an isolating EVIL. Goto follows with kicks, the spin kick but EVIL counters the Saito. LIJ takes control, isolating Goto. EVIL grounds him, Hiromu tags in and delivers chops. The clothesline and dropkick follows for 2. Shingo tags in, works a front choke and dumps Ishii. He and Goto trade, EVIL tags in and Goto fights them off, hits clotheslines and a suplex on Shingo. Hiromu cuts him off, Robbie wipes him out as Shingo & Ishii trade strikes. They light each other up as Shingo cuts him off with the jab but runs into a powerslam. Ishii follows with kicks, but Shino fires back with chops and strikes. Ishii fires up, he delivers chips and strikes, Shingo is down and Ishii delivers head butts and then shoves the ref away. They talk shit, trade head butts and Shingo hits clothesline, Saito by Ishii but Shingo pops up and hits a vicious lariat. Robbie & Hiromu tag in, trading strikes and Hiromu hits the running dropkick for 2. Robbie counters dynamite plunger, and the leg lariat follows. Sliced bread gets 2. Robbie up top and the 450 misses, he rolls through and is cut off by double teams. It breaks down, Hiromu counters sliced bread but Robbie locks in the Ron Miller special. Hiromu fights, Shingo makes the save and it breaks down as the hosses trade clotheslines and they triple team Hiromu. Robbie missile dropkicks the knee but Hiromu cradles him for the win, countering the Ron Miller special. Shingo, EVIL, & Hiromu defeated Hirooki Goto, Big Tom Ishii, & Robbie Eagles @ 11:05 via pin [***¾] These LIJ vs. CHAOS tags are always at the very least good and that continued here. This was very good, easily the best thing on the show so far as they had the right pairings to play off of.

KENTA, Jay White, & Phantasmo vs. BUSHI, SANADA, & Naito: Gedo is at ringside. Naito wants KENTA, so he starts with Naito. KENTA stalls, powdering to the floor. Back in and KENTA tags in Phantasmo. BUSHI joins him, as we hit 3-minutes in and nothing has happened. Phantasmo attacks, chokes out BUSHI and Bullet Club clears the ring as Jay joins in. BUSHI battles back, KENTA cuts him off and then works over Naito on the floor as Phantasmo celebrates. They battle back as KENTA slams Naito into the wall, and then brawl backstage as Phantasmo isolates BUSHI into the tree of WHOA as KENTA & Naito brawl back through the crowd. Phantasmo hits the nut stomp, tags in Jay and he grounds BUSHI. He follow with a back elbow, KENTA tags in and maintains the heat with knee strikes. He poses and mocks Naito, and beats down BUSHI in the corner. Phantasmo follows with back rakes, Jay tags in and double teams follow. BUSHI runs them together, hits RANAs, and tags in SANADA. He follows with strike son Jay, takes out his knee, dumps KENTA and the paradise lock n Phantasmo follows SANADA takes out Gedo, Jay fights off a paradise lock, slams him down and follows with a DDT for 2. Jay dumps Naito, they work into counters until SANADA cuts Jay off. KENTA & Naito tag in, they trade and light each other up until Naito takes out his knee. Combination cabrone follows, and the figure four follows. KENTA fights and makes the ropes. Naito keeps attacking the knee, KENTA fires back and stuns Naito off the ropes and follows with the flying clothesline off the top. The draping DDT connects and he covers for 2. He follows with the running knee strike, kicks until Naito fires back and takes out his knee. BUSHI in, hits the missile dropkick and LIJ takes control. They double team KENTA, triple teams follow as BUSHI covers for 2. Phantasmo makes the save, it breaks down and SANAAD hits the anarchist suplex on Jay. Dive buy BUSHI, they double team KENTA until KENTA counters into game over on BUSHI. He follows with a PK and the GTS follows for the win. KENTA, Jay White, & Phantasmo defeated BUSHI, SANADA, & Naito @ 18:30 via pin [***] This as a good tag match, but honestly, I’m not really feeling these pairing (SANADA vs. Jay & KENTA vs. Naito) on Sunday, something’s missing for me right now.

Sho, Yo, Will Ospreay, & Okada vs. Kanemaru, Desperado, Taichi, & Zack Sabre Jr.: Eliminations are pin, submission, over the top and of course, DQ. Taichi and Okada begin, until Taichi tags in Despy. Okada quickly takes control, hits a senton atomico and tags in Yoh. He follows with strikes, Despy cuts him off until Sho joins in for double teams and they dump Kanemaru. Yoh isolates Despy, but gets cut off as Sabre tags in. Ospreay joins him and they get right to action, working into counters as Ospreay hits a RANA. He follows with rights, but Sabre counter the back handspring kick into a heel hook. They all brawl to the floor, pairing of and brawling all over the building. Taichi posts Okada, ties him to the post with a cable and chokes him out. Despy & Kanemaru double team Ospreay, Taichi tags in and isolates Ospreay in the corner. He chokes him out, an Kanemaru follows with a DDT for 2. Despy in, delivers strikes and then rakes the eyes until Sabre tags in. He grounds Ospreay, targeting the neck and Ospreay fights for a tag, hits a spin kick and Okada gets the tag. He follows with running elbows, fights off Despy & Kanemaru and then the elbow and DDT follow on Sabre for 2. Sabre counters the tombstone. Gets a choke, but Okada escapes until Sabre cuts him off and attacks the arm, as Taichi tags in, follows with kicks, Suzuki-gun charges in and clears out CHAOS. THE PANTS ARE OFF, they trade, kicks by Taichi but Okada cuts him off with the dropkick. Taichi counters the rainmaker, they work to the ropes and Taichi kicks Okada to the floor for the elimination. Taichi attacks, Sho, Sho fires back and they work to the apron. Sho trips him up and dropkicks him to the floor for an elimination. 3K battle Despy & Kanemaru, Despy saves Kanemaru and the whiskey mist eliminates Sho to the floor. They isolate Yoh, Yoh fires back and Kanemaru bumps the ref, Yoh counters and hits a superkick and dumps Kanemaru for an elimination, Yoh dumps Despy, the ref missed it and Despy trades strikes with Yoh until Yoh hits a DDT or 2. Despy fights back, they work into counters, spear by Despy and that gets 2. Yoh counters pinche loco into cradles, and they spill over the ropes for the eliminations. Down to Sabre and Ospreay. They trade, Ospreay hits huge chops and Sabre follows with uppercuts until Ospreay drops him, Sabre counters into submissions but Ospreay makes the ropes. Sabre follows wit a kick, knocks Ospreay to the apron, Ospreay hangs on by his feet and fights back into the springboard clothesline, Sabre counters the oscutter, transitions to a triangle, and Ospreay powers up and they spill to the apron. They trade kicks, strikes and Ospreay hits head kick, dumps Sabre back in and the shooting star press gets 2. Hook kick by Ospreay, hidden blade misses, Sabre counters into a submission until Ospreay cradles him for 2. Enziguri by Ospreay, they work into near falls and Sabre’s Pk is caught, head kick by Ospreay and storm breaker is countered into a back slide for 2. Ospreay counters a backslide attempt into storm breaker and pins Sabre! Sho, You, Will Ospreay, & Okada defeated Kanemaru, Desperado, Taichi, & Zack Sabre Jr. @ 20:00 via pin [****] This was great and tremendously fun with all the right pairings clicking, Will looking for revenge and opting not to dump Sabre and instead fought to pin him, setting up a delicious rematch.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 87. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Steve Cook break down the WWE management woes, the latest roadblocks for NXT Japan (DDT/NOAH), hit more news & notes and then talk TNA There’s No Place Like Home. Finally, Larry reviews NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo. The show is approximately 142-minutes long.

* Intro
* Corporate WWE/Management Woes: 3:35
* NXT Japan Road Blocks/DDT & NOAH: 34:45
* News Roundup (Beyond Wrestling to TV?, Harper Potentially to AEW, NJPW Back to US TV?, More): 48:45
* TNA There’s No Place Like Home Wish List: 1:05:35
* TNA Stars That Would Have Been Better Off Never Leaving For WWE: 1:41:55
* Larry’s NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo Reviews: 1:57:11

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The final score: review Good
The 411
Today’s NJPW Road to New Beginning show was a good show, with a lot of good wrestling, the continuation and build to future matches, and was a breezy 2.5 hour watch.