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Csonka’s NWA Powerrr Review 1.28.20

January 28, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NWA Powerrr Review 1.28.20  

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Csonka’s NWA Powerrr Review 1.28.20

– Royce Isaacs defeated Andre Guhn @ 3:10 via pin [**]
TV Title Match: Champion Ricky Starks defeated Zicky Dice @ 4:10 via pin [**¾]

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– Tonight is the fallout from THE HARD TIMES PPV.

– Sean Mooney arrives, now a part of the broadcast team, and is here to interview Nick Aldis. Aldis welcomes Mooney to the show and says he doesn’t brag or boast, he deals in facts and the facts are that Flip Gordon is a great professional wrestler, but not when he has to face Aldis, because he goes from Flip to Flop. Everyone will find out what Flip knows now, and that is the fact that Aldis is the greatest world champion of the modern era. He had Marty escorted pout of the PPV to secure the integrity of the world championship, as he doesn’t believe in shenanigans, tomfoolery or skullduggery, and now he calls the shots and runs this show. What’s the scoop on he and Marty? He has arranged a private, closed set meeting and that will air on tonight’s show. You will know then why they call him the real world champion and the dealer. Aldis was great as usual here.

– We get highlights of the tag title change at Hard Times, where Storm & Drake won the titles.

– Sal Rinauro and his broken arm join commentary.

Royce Isaacs vs. Andre Guhn: May Valentine is ringside. They lock up as Isaacs takes control. He follows with chops, Isaacs takes out the knee, and the suplex gets 2. Isaacs follows with rights, grounding Guhn. Guhn counters back, avoids a charge and hits a dropkick. Isaacs powders, talks shit to Sal and back in, Guhn cradles him for 2. Clothesline by Isaacs and hush money finishes it.. Royce Isaacs defeated Andre Guhn @ 3:10 via pin [**] This was an ok opener with Isaacs getting back on track,

– We see highlights of Thunder Rosa winning the women’s title at Hard Times, which was the best match on the show.

– We get highlights of Kingston’s issues with Pope, leading to the Dawsons attacking Kingston at Pope’s command.

– Rosa, Melina, & Belle arrive. Melina immediately cuts off Rosa, taking credit for setting this all in motion. Melina says they taught Kay a lesson. Kay will get a rematch next week against Rosa. Rose says Melina opened doors for her, but she will take care of business on her own. She will beat Kay every time and no one can stop her. Wining the title was unbelievable, and she made history. Melina cuts her off and ends the interview. DRAMA! Again, Rosa won’t be a heel for long.

– We get highlights of Ricky Starks winning the TV Title at Hard Times.

– Starks arrives and says that it was hard times on the way to the championship, and he knows he’s the hunted now and has a huge legacy to live up to. He will rewrite history and add new pages to that book. Starks says that there is one person he wants to call out, Zicky Dice and calls him out. Dice arrives and he mockingly congratulates Starks. Dice says he’d be champion if it wasn’t for Maff who doesn’t even work here. Dice puts himself over and says Starks looks tired and busted. Dice wants the championship because he is television. Starks runs him down and issues the challenge.

TV Champion Ricky Starks vs. Zicky Dice: If you get 7 successful tile defenses as TV champion, you get an NWA Title shot. Dice takes control with shoulder tackles until Starks cuts him off. He follows with arm drags, a dropkick and Dice fires back, heads to the ropes but Starks cuts him off. Dice fires back with a clothesline, chokes him out in the ropes and works a bear hug and overhead northern lights for 2. Starks fights back, hits sling blade and a missile dropkick for 2. They trade, Starks counters and the stroke finishes it. Champion Ricky Starks defeated Zicky Dice @ 4:10 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good as Starks successfully kicks off his title run.

– New tag team champions Drake & Storm arrive. The crowd loves these guys. Drake says that they don’t need a name as they are the champions. Storm says sorry about everyone’s damn luck… but Shooter Stevens & The Question Mark arrive. Stevens introduces themselves and after his show of bravery at the PPV against Steiner… Storm makes fun of him and Stevens says hopes he’s sterile. Storm tells more jokes and Stevens is not amused. Storm drinks as Drake takes a drink as well. He makes fun of their challengers and tells Galli to welcome them to the Storm & Drake deli, have them take a number and they will get to them down the line. They leave as Stevens proclaims his greatness and says they are coming after the tag team titles. Trevor Murdoch arrives and says he went to hell and back at the PPV, puts over Starks but says Stevens isn’t a fighting champion. he asked the NWA for a shot at Stevens’ championship and he got it. They face next week with the title on the line. Question Mark attacks and lays him out.

– We get highlights of Aldis retaining at Hard Times.

Nick & Marty Have a Chat: Nick made Marty wait over 20-minuts for their meeting. He finally arrives and tells Marty that put him in a difficult position. He tries to be a nice guy and turn the other cheek, protects his house and always looks out for the boys. He’s been saddled with a shit reputation, they have been friends for years, and while some play the nice guy they are actually a shit head. He thought Marty was different, Marty got a big deal and became huge and Nick supported him. But last year, Marty challenged him for his world championship. But in spite of that, he knew Marty deserved that. They made it through that, he thought they were brothers and that it was all done. The Crocket Cup 2019 was what got Marty his huge deal. They each have their own thing but Marty now wants to take all of what his. Marty says he has a lot but has never been world champion and has to live with that. Marty was earning shit while Nick was a world champion, he’s been at this 15-years and has been close, and was close to beating Nick. He wants that moment, he knows he can beat Nick. Marty knows that Nick says he can’t beat him again. Marty wants another shot but Nick refuses since he beat him once already. Marty doesn’t care about money, he wants the belt and one more chance. Nick says lets do it at the Crocket Cup, it will happen and it’s real. He dictates the terms, but if Marty loses, he will have to pay for it. If he doesn’t win, Marty will cuts check and refund everyone in the building since he’s bi money Marty. Nick says it is about the money, but what good is the championship if he can’t get paid along the way. If he agrees, he can have his shot. This was really good and sets up the match at the Crocket Cup to bring us full circle. Aldis was really great here, Marty was as well selling his words and I love this match happening again.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This week’s extended edition of NWA Powerrr was a good show, with solid wrestling, two title matches set for next week, and was bookended with great promo work from Aldis; simple and effective.