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Csonka’s NXT TV Review 1.17.18

January 17, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Authors of Pain NXT TV
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Csonka’s NXT TV Review 1.17.18  

Csonka’s NXT TV Review 1.17.18

– Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss defeated Heavy Machinery @ 4:32 via pin [**]
– Roderick Strong defeated Fabian Aichner @ 4:35 via submission [**½]
– Lacey Evans defeated Aliyah @ 3:25 via pin [**]
#1 Contender’s Match: The Authors of Pain defeated The Street Profits @ 6:43 via pin [**½]

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– The show opens with commentary welcoming us to the show.

Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss vs. Heavy Machinery: We start off with tag team action here tonight, as Moss & Sabbatelli look to get on the winning side of things after loses to the Street Profits. Otis overpowers Sabbatelli to begin. Sabbatelli fires back with a dropkick, but Otis runs him over with a shoulder block. He then catches the cross body and slams Sabbatelli down. Tucker in with a senton atomico, and then swing Sabbatelli around with a guillotine. Moss tags in, Tucker maintains control for a bit, but Moss fires away with rights. Tucker hits the swinging guillotine on him and Otis tags in, does the worm and hits the elbow for 2 as Sabbatelli makes the save. Sabbatelli saves Moss, who then chop blocks Otis and Sabbatelli tags in, grounding Otis with strikes. Moss follows with more strikes, and works a chinlock. Otis hits a desperation belly to back suplex and tags Tucker in. He runs wild on Moss and Sabbatelli, hitting a dropkick. The corner splash follows, and then a hip toss. Moss then gets a cradle with the ropes to pick up the win. Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss defeated Heavy Machinery @ 4:32 via pin [**] This was an ok little match, with Sabbatelli & Moss picking up a much needed win. I’m still not overly impressed with them yet.

– The Undisputed Era says that Takeover is all about them. Cole promises to beat Black, while O’Reilly & Fish say that they will retain the titles, no matter their opponent.

– We get highlights of last week’s main event, setting up Cole vs. Black for Takeover: Philly.

Roderick Strong vs. Fabian Aichner: Lock up to begin, and Aichner works the arm to begin. Aichner follows with strikes, and follows with a shoulder block. Roddy cuts him off with a leg lariat, covering for 2. Roddy floats over and runs into a powerslam. Post break, as Roddy counters out and lays in chops. Aichner catches him with another powerslam, covering for 2. Aichner lays the boots to Roddy in the corner. He looks for a powerbomb, countered and Roddy lays in rights and chops. The running lariat follows, and then chops and running forearms by Roddy follow. Aichner counters the Angle slam, but runs into a back breaker, as Roddy covers for 2 Aichner fights and follows with uppercuts and then Aichner hits the back breaker. Aichner springboards in and right into a back breaker; Roddy locks in the stronghold for the submission win. Roderick Strong defeated Fabian Aichner @ 4:35 via submission [**½] This was a rock solid match, with Aichner again looking competitive again against a top talent. He has a ton of potential, I really like him.

– Post match, Roddy says there is a force he wants to destroy, and calls out Lars Sullivan. Oh Roddy, bad move man, bad move…

– We get a video package on TM-61, showing us highlights from past matches, and both guys discussing their relationship as tag team partners. They have been out of action for around a year. They talk about how Harley Race helped get them their tryout, but they weren’t ready and headed off to Japan and pro Wrestling NOAH. This was a really good profile on the team, and we’ll get part two next week.

Lacey Evans vs. Aliyah: They lock up, Aliyah works some slick counters but Evans works the arm. Aliyah kips up and Evans grabs her by the ear, but Aliyah escapes and gets a bridging pin for 2. Aliyah hits a forearm and crucifix for 2. Evans grinds Aliyah’s face on the ropes and hits a rough looking slingshot elbow drop for 2. Evans follows by working Aliyah over in the corner, and then covers for 2. Aliyah fires back with forearms, uppercuts and then hits a clothesline off the second rope. The northern lights suplex gets 2. Evans hits a jawbreaker. Aliyah charges and runs into a big right, and Aliyah is out as Evans picks up the win. Lacey Evans defeated Aliyah @ 3:25 via pin [**] This was rough, but ok overall. Evans was clearly working heel, but didn’t come off very comfortable doing so just yet. Aliyah appears to not have progressed at all as a performer.

– Post match, Evans calls the rest of the women’s division trash, and says it’s time for a proper and powerful woman clean house. And she’ll start with Cross, Moon, & Sane. Shayna Baszler arrives and Evans bails. Baszler now attacks Aliyah, and chokes her out center ring. Ember Moon arrives and runs her off, making the save. Baszler bails. Moons says if Baszler wants to bully someone, to try it with her. Moon wants to do it right now, but Baszler says she’ll do it when it’s for the title. Moon tells her to name the time and place, and she’ll beat her ass. Baszler says Takeover: Philly, and bring the title. The crowd was solidly into this, supporting Moon, and it worked as a good set up for the tile match.

– Regal makes Moon vs. Baszler for Takeover. Zelina Vega arrives and says Gargano has no chance at Takeover. Velveteen Dream deserves the shot more than Gargano and he should have to put his title shot on the line. Regal would advise against that, so Vega runs Gargano down, calling him a sham.

– No Way Jose returns next week.

– Johnny Gargano hits the ring and says that he heard what Vega had to say. He knows what people are saying about him, that they doubt him and his ability to beat Almas. He is not broken, he is lot a loser, and he is not a fluke. This is his time, his opportunity, and no one will stop him. Fiery babyface Johnny! Next week, he will put his title shot on the line against Velveteen Dream. Gargano says he knows who he is, he is Johnny Freakin Wrestling, and he is the next NXT Champion! This was a great babyface promo here.

#1 Contender’s Match: The Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar) w/Paul Ellering vs. The Street Profits (Ford & Dawkins): Ford into begin, but Akam overpowers him with ease. The AOP work him over in the corner and Rezar follows with knee strikes. The AOP work quick tags, Rezar works a full nelson, and Ford is fading. The AOP continue to dominate, grounding Ford. Post break, and Ford is still playing Ricky Morton. The quick tags from AOP follow, Ford continues to fight and slowly works towards his corner. Rezar tries to stop the tag attempt, but Ford fights free, Ricky to Robert, and makes the tag. Dawkins in and runs wild with dropkicks and clotheslines. The Profits hit a doomsday dropkick/spinebuster combo for a near fall. Ellering calls for the end, and the AOP hit the super collider and then hit the last chapter for the decisive win. The Authors of Pain defeated The Street Profits @ 6:43 via pin [**½] The Authors of Pain move onto NXT Takeover: Philly to challenge Fish & O’Reilly for the tag team titles. There was nothing special about the match, it was just a rock solid match with the monsters and now top challengers dominating and picking up a decisive victory ahead of Takeover. The Street Profits are still really over, and can be built back up down the line. But the priority was setting up the Authors of Pain as nearly unstoppable beasts, which they did here.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
While there was nothing must-see wrestling wise, I felt that overall, tonight’s NXT TV was a good show. We got a great video package on TM-61, setting up their return, Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss got a big win, Strong got a rebound win and challenged Lars, Aichner put in another strong performance, Lacey Evans turned heel, they set up Moon vs. Baszler with a strong segment, Johnny Gargano cut an awesome babyface promo setting up a match with Dream next week and The Authors of Pain look like beasts heading into their tag title shot. The show flowed well, built towards next week and more importantly Takeover, and was just a fun hour of TV.