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Csonka’s NXT TV Review 10.10.18

October 10, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE NXT 91918 Dunne Ricochet
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Csonka’s NXT TV Review 10.10.18  

Csonka’s NXT TV Review 10.10.18

– Keith Lee defeated Kona Reeves @ 4:02 via pin [**]
NXT North American Title Match: Champion Ricochet defeated Pete Dunne & Adam Cole @ 18:25 via pin [****½]

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– Tommaso Ciampa arrives to kick off the show. He’s the greatest sports entertainer of all time with the greatest entrance music of all time. It’s great because it brought silence to the sheep. But there is always one that needs to be different and that is Velveteen Dream. You have the champ’s attention, but you went about it the wrong way. Dream arrives and says that this is all amusing and the Dream doesn’t appreciate Ciampa. He believes that the NXT title deserves an experience and not an angry little bald man hiding behind his insecurities. Ciampa says he maybe angry and bald, but he has the championship and Dream wants what he has, the main event, the spotlight, and the championship. Dream just wants attention, and should admit it. Ciampa says that the title says that Dream just isn’t “Tough Enough.” Dream says he’s more man than Ciampa can handle and all he needs is a moment to prove it. Crazy Nikki Cross arrives and the crowd chants for a triple threat. Nikki smiles at them and plays with Dream’s tassels. The crowd chants “Nikki knows a secret,” and talks to Ciampa’s title as she goes face to face with Ciampa. “I know what you did too, I know, I know, I know.” Dream gets freaked and bails. Nikki kicks Ciampa’s mic away and keeps saying, “I know” as she leaves. The Dream/Ciampa stuff was really good, and the Nikki stuff continued the tease ahead of her big reveal, an overall enjoyable opening segment.

Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves: Reeves talks all kinds of shit at the bell and Lee laughs him off. They lock up, and Reeves backs him off and lays in jabs while talking shit. Lee starts pummeling him in the corner. Lee picks up the pace and hits a dropkick before dumping Reeves to the floor. Reeves fires back from the floor, back in and hits a big boot and follows with strikes. Reeves his the fall away elbow drop and poses. He then grounds the action, but Lee slowly fires up and he’s pissed. POUNCE, ground zero, finish. Keith Lee defeated Kona Reeves @ 4:02 via pin [**] Back to the Hawaiian Dollar Tree with Reeves. This was ok, but more importantly. Lee keeps rolling.

– We get a great Shayna Baszler video package.

– Kairi Sane comments on the rematch with Baszler at Evolution. Sane isn’t worried about Baszler, and says she can train all she wants, because she will win again.

– Regal won’t comment on the Black investigation and meets with Kassius Ohno. Ohno wants Regal’s new toy (Riddle) and says that maybe the new man attacked Black. Nikki arrives and says she knows.

– Next week, Undisputed Era defends against the War Raiders and a video package hyping that match. Also, Nikki Cross faces Bianca Belair.

NXT North American Champion Ricochet vs. Pete Dunne vs. Adam Cole: Dunne and Ricochet attack Cole, and then they argue over who gets to kick his ass and Cole runs Ricochet into Dunne. Ricochet picks up the pace ad cuts him off. Dunne back in, dumps Cole and he and Ricochet lock up. Dunne grounds things, looks to work the arm and they work into counters and into a stand off. Cole in and Dunne locks on a Romero special as Ricochet kicks Cole in the face. Dunne then levels Ricochet with a huge forearm strike. Dunne grounds things and tortures the fingers of Ricochet. He then stomps away at the hand, but Ricochet grounds things and works a cloverleaf until Cole makes the save. He lays the boots to both, dumps Ricochet and lays in ground and pound on Dunne and the neck breaker follows for 2. Ricochet is back, but Cole knocks him to the floor. Cole maintains control, but Dunne lays in strikes and an enziguri. Ricochet flies in with a RANA, hits an enziguri and takes Dunne to the floor. The springboard uppercut gets 2 on Cole. Dunne back in, cuts off Ricochet, and lays in rights on Cole. Dunne runs wild and locks a half crab in on both at the same time. Ricochet escapes, and now locks on an octopus on Dunne but Cole hits a backstabber for 2. They all trade strikes, going crazy fists and Cole hits an enziguri and then a knee strike on Ricochet for 2. Ricochet fights off a suplex with rights, Dunne takes out Cole and they all trade kicks and everyone is down. Ricochet then looks for a springboard moonsault but eats stereo superkicks. Dunne and Cole trade strikes, but Dunne then stomps on Cole’s hands and hits a superkick. They work to the apron and Cole hits a DDT on Dunne. Cole then misses a superkick, hitting the steps and Dunne stomps on his hand on the steps. It breaks down, Dunne hits a moonsault to the floor and the x-plex gets 2 as Cole makes the save back in the ring. Cole powders, and Dunne heads up top, and Cole cuts him off and follows him up. Ricochet joins in and hits a DOUBLE SUPER RANA! The reverse RANA on Dunne follows and the flatliner gets 2. Ricochet up top and Cole crotches him. He drops the kneepad, but Dunne stops that so Cole rolls him up for 2. Bitter end on Cole, and Ricochet hits a shooting star press and Dunne gets the triangle, but Ricochet powers out and Dunne attacks the fingers to cut him off and then snaps the fingers. Superkick by Cole, last shot on Ricochet, and the over the knee brainbuster on Dunne gets 2. Cole then runs into a lariat, and Dunne hits bitter end, but Ricochet hits a springboard 450 to break it up and pin Dunne. Champion Ricochet defeated Pete Dunne & Adam Cole @ 18:25 via pin [****½] This was an excellent match, one that would have been welcomed on any Takeover special. They all work very well together, kept a really amazing pace, and a tremendously hot and dramatic home stretch. These three do everything with such ease, and not only did they deliver one hell of a match, but they continued their issues ahead of War Games, which all three look to be a part of judging by the recent build. This is definitely one to go out of your way to see.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Very Good
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This week’s episode of NXT TV was a great episode. We got a good opening segment setting the stage for Ciampa vs. Dream, Keith Lee keeps winning, Nikki is still crazy, we got build for next week, and then an excellent main event to cap things off. When NXT is on, it’s on.

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