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Csonka’s ROH Death Before Dishonor 9.22.17 Review

September 23, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NJPW Cody Rhodes ROH Death Before Dishonor WWE Image Credit: NJPW/AXS TV
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Csonka’s ROH Death Before Dishonor 9.22.17 Review  

Csonka’s ROH Death Before Dishonor 9.22.17 Review

Winners Get a Six Man Tag Title Shot TONIGHT: Bully & The Briscoes defeated The Kingdom @ 12:02 via pin [***]
– Marty Scurll defeated Chuck Taylor @ 12:10 via submission [***½]
Las Vegas Street Fight: Punishment Martinez defeated Jay White @ 13:55 via pin [****]
ROH Six Man Tag Team Title Match: Champions Adam Page & The Young Bucks defeated Bully & The Briscoes @ 5:08 via pin [**]
ROH TV Title Match: Kenny King defeated Champion KUSHIDA @ 16:40 via pin [****¼]
Last Man Standing Match: Silas Young defeated Jay Lethal @ 21:25 [****]
ROH Tag Team Title Match: The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Champions The Young Bucks @ 14:10 via pin [***½]
ROH Title Match: Champion Cody defeated Minoru Suzuki @ 12:50 via pin [**½]

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– On commentary tonight are Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana.

Winners Get a Six Man Tag Title Shot TONIGHT: The Kingdom (Matt Taven, T.K. O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia) vs. Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe & Bully Ray: Mark and Vinny start things off. They are fired up and start to light each other up right away. Mark works his redneck kung fu, tags in Jay and but O’Ryan blind tags in and the Kingdom works double teams and takes control momentarily. Jay quickly fights back, tags in Mark Taven gets in a cheap shot, allowing O’Ryan to fight back. Mark tags out to Bully, O’Ryan begs off but Bully works him over with rights and chops, just caving in O’Ryan’s chest in the corner. Bully hits backdrops on all of the Kingdom, it breaks down with everyone in and brawling to the floor. Mark hits the cactus elbow to the floor, Taven hits a huge tope and O’Ryan teases the moonsault, gets taken out and Jay wipes out the Kingdom with a suicide dive. Bully then dives off the ropes onto everyone. Back in and Bully& The Briscoes take control until they post mark’s balls off of the post. They lay the boots to Mark, and then isolate him, working quick tags and double teams. Vinny grounds Mark, but Mark manages the tag to Bully, he runs wild and Jay tags himself in. He hits neck breakers, but gets slammed into Bully, who falls to the floor. The Kingdom triple teams Jay, but Jay counters the swanton with knees. Mark tags in, miscommunication by the Kingdom allows he and Bully to battle back. DVD by Mark, froggy bow cut off and Bully cuts off Taven, and he and Mark hit a doomsday device for the win. Jay is not happy. Bully & The Briscoes defeated The Kingdom @ 12:05 via pin [***] With the winner having to wrestle a second time tonight, this made sense as the opener. It was an overall good match, starting out really hot, but it faded a bit down the stretch.

– Post match, Jay takes out Taven with a chair shot to get some revenge.

– Kenny Omega will be on the Global Wars shows.

– Bullet Club is still looking for Hangman.

Chuck Taylor vs. Marty Scurll: This is Chuck’s first singles match in ROH. They work some strong back and forth to begin, Scurll gets sent to the floor but Scurll slams him to the barricade and hits the apron superkick. Back in and Chuck lays in chops, but Scurll starts to attack the arm and hits a Saito suplex for 2. Scurll then works the strangle hold, hits the backstabber and attacks the fingers. Chuck fights off the chicken wing, hits and enziguri but Scurll hits a brain buster and locks in the chicken wing. Chuck fights and gets the ropes. Chuck hits a suplex to the buckles, lays in jabs and hits a Michinoku driver for 2. Chuck up top, but misses the moonsault and eats a superkick and a suicide DDT on the floor. Scurll hits a powerbomb backing the ring and then runs into a powerbomb, and Chuck covers for 2. Scurll fights off the awful waffle, but Chuck hits soul food. He heads up top, but Scurll crotches him. Scurll does the finger break spot, hits a superplex but Chuck cradles him for 2. Chuck counters an uppercut and hits the awful waffle for a near fall as Scurll makes the ropes. Scurll to the floor, Chuck hits a tope and they brawl on the floor. They brawl into the crowd with Chuck hitting dives over the barricade. Back in, Scurll rolls him up using the ropes, but the ref saw it. Chuck hits a knee strike, Scurll uses the ref as a distraction and Scurll locks in the chicken wing and Chuck has to tap. Marty Scurll defeated Chuck Taylor @ 12:10 via submission [***½] This was a very good and fun back and forth match. Considering they had no real story or hype going in, they did a very good job of keeping the crowd and making them care.

Las Vegas Street Fight: Jay White vs. Punishment Martinez: White attacks from behind with a chair shot, takes things to the floor and hits a dive. Back in and White hits a missile dropkick, and then brings in another chair. Martinez starts to fight back, and starts to slam White around and then gets a trashcan. White looks to attack but Martinez attacks and hits him out of mid-air with the trashcan lid. Martinez slams him onto a trashcan, and back in, Martinez hits a springboard senton, covering for 2. White fights back by tossing a chair into Martinez’s face and following with rapid-fire strikes. White follows with Germans and then a flatliner onto a chair. White follows with repeated chair shots, and then Germans him onto a chair, covering for 2. Martinez fights off the kiwi krusher, and then does the deal, hitting a falcon arrow. Martinez wedges chairs in the corner, charges and White catches him and suplexes him into the chairs, covering for 2. Martinez calls White on, so White lays in chops. Martinez fires up, hits a head kick, but White gets sent to the floor. Martinez then hits the big over the corner dive. He tosses White back in, but White attacks with chair shots and hits a superplex, covering for 2. White hits the kiwi krusher, but Martinez kicks out! White brings in more chairs, sets them up and then attacks Martinez with more chair shots. White sets up his chairs, grabs Martinez but Martinez keeps fighting back. LOW BLOW by Martinez. Martinez then kills him with a last ride onto the chairs. The psycho driver onto the chairs follows, but White somehow kicks out! Martinez now brings in thumbtacks, and looks for the chokeslam and gets it. White is finished. Punishment Martinez defeated Jay White @ 13:55 via pin [***] I thought that this was a great match, with both guys stepping up and working to the stipulation very well. They didn’t overuse it, saving the biggest stuff for the ending stretch. The crowd got a bit quiet in the middle, but by the end they were firmly behind White. Both guys are constantly improving and delivered here.

Six Man Tag Team Title Match: Champions Adam Page & The Young Bucks vs.. Bully & The Briscoes: Page returned from his kidnapping, duct taped and started fighting still taped up, hitting a moonsault to the floor. Jay rushed the ring and worked over the champions, but Page cut him off and Mark then tagged in and ran wild. Page took him out with the buckshot lariat, Bully in now and he works over the Bucks until he gets dropped with superkicks. It breaks down, Page takes out Jay on the floor as the Bucks double team Bully. Bully fights them off, hits the Bully bomb and the cutter. Mark hits the wazzup elbow drop and Bully calls for the tables. They get one, and Jay slams the table into Bully’s face. Mark is shocked. Page covers Bully for the win. Champions Adam Page & The Young Bucks defeated Bully & The Briscoes @ 5:08 via pin [**] The in ring was fine, but this was all about the angle with jay finally snapping and turning on Bully, which they had been teasing and needed to be done.

– Post match, Jay tells Mark they are the baddest men on the planet, “not that mother fucker.” Jay leaves as Mark checks on Bully.

Champion KUSHIDA vs. Kenny King: They shake hands and we’re friends to begin. KUSHIDA outwrestles King to begin; King takes a powder and gets a hug from his daughter. King back in, he picks up the pace and KUSHIDA has to take a powder, and gets a hug from his mom. Back in the ring, they keep the pacing fast; King takes control and works a Muta lock. KUSHIDA makes the ropes and rolls to the floor, King follows but KUSHIDA slams him to the barricade, right in front of King’s daughter. KUSHIDA gets a chair, and uses it to hit a run up dropkick on King. Back in and KUSHIDA immediately starts working the arm. He locks in the cattle mutilation, but King makes the ropes. KUSHIDA continues to assault the arm, King hits a desperation slam but gets cutoff with a PELE by KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA lays in kicks to the arm, but King hits a spin kick and corner clotheslines. Another spin kick follows, and King covers for 2. KUSHIDA fights off the royal flush, but King hits knee strikes and a bridging cradle suplex for 2. KUSHIDA counters the royal flush into an arm bar. King powers him up into a powerbomb, but he can’t follow up. KUSHIDA hits the rolling kick, King to the floor and KUSHIDA RANAs him into the post. KUSHIDA then hits a senton to the floor, wiping out King. Back in the ring, KUSHIDA spikes King with a DDT and locks in the hover board lock. King makes the ropes, KUSHIDA up top, cut off and King follows him up. KUSHIDA attacks the arm, and then hits a high cross, King rolls through and KUSHIDA counters the royal flush and locks in the hover board lock. King powers to his feet, and suplexes out; both men are down. King sets KUSHIDA up top, follows him up but KUSHIDA attacks the arm, hitting divorce court off the ropes. KUSHIDA locks in the hover board lock again, King fights and gets to his feet but KUSHIDA rolls and King counters and lays in jabs. Big right by KUSHIDA, they trade strikes and King plants KUSHIDA with a spinebuster and both men are down. The crowd chants for both as they trade strikes from their knees. They go face to face, and light each other up. King counters the back handspring, counters he RANA and hits the royal flush to win the title! Kenny King defeated Champion KUSHIDA @ 16:40 via pin [****¼] This was a great back and forth match, and a performance that King really needed. Not only was this great, but it was easily the best singles match from King I have ever seen. I said in my preview that if he couldn’t step up and have a great match with KUSHIDA that he wasn’t ready, but he more than held his own, and not only won, but we got a cool moment as he celebrated with his daughter. KUSHIDA is so great, and they worked a great match that had a great closing stretch and peaked at the right time, and didn’t overstay its welcome.

– Post match, King celebrates with his daughter. KUSHIDA congratulates King.

Last Man Standing Match: Jay Lethal vs. Silas Young: They go to the floor to begin, brawling around and Jay hitting a suplex on Young as he climbed onto the barricade. They continue to brawl; Jay pulls up the mats on the floor and hits a Russian leg sweep. Jay now gets a table, and then lays in uppercuts on Young. Young suplexes Jay onto the apron, and takes the belt from the ring announcer and as he returns to the ring, Jay cuts him off and he takes the belt. He starts whipping Young, Young dares him to hit him more, and Jay lights him up with repeated shots. Dear lord Jay is going insane and Young is covered with welts. The Bruiser arrives and attacks Jay. Young gets a table as the Bruiser continues his attack. Young lays Jay on the table, Bruiser heads up top but Jay moves and Bruiser explodes the table as he flies through it. HE DEAD! Jay then hits a cutter off the apron through the other table. Back to their feet now and they work back into the ring. They trade strikes back and forth; Young gets the belt and whips Jay repeatedly. The back breaker and lariat follows, and the ref counts on Jay. Young gets a chair, and continues his attack. Jay escapes misery, lays in chops and hits the lethal combination onto the chair. Jay lays in chair shots, and starts to attack the knee of Young with the chair. Jay gets duct tape, and tapes Young to the ropes. The ref admonishes Jay, but Young fights off the figure four and kicks Jay into the ref. Jay is busted open, and Young starts to beat him down with rights. Young hits misery and the ref counts on Jay. He makes it to his feet, but Young hits the lethal injection and tells the ref to count. Jay makes it back to his feet, and Young brings in a ladder. Jay trips up Young, who falls onto the ladder. Jay hits the lethal injection, but Young is back up. He hits another lethal injection and shoves the ladder to the floor. He then sets it up on the floor, and now sets up a table. Young rolls to the floor, but eats a superkick. Jay lays him on the table, climbs the ladder, but Young cuts him off with chair shots. Young grabs a zip tie, and ties Jay onto the ladder. Young works him over on the ladder, the ladder topples over and both men go through the table. The ref counts, and Young just barely beats Jay to his feet and wins. Silas Young defeated Jay Lethal @ 21:25 [****] This was really great, and a huge win for Young. They avoided the trappings of a lot of early counts and teases of counts, saving it for down the stretch when they unloaded all of the big spots where the counts made the most sense. I think it would have been a little better I fit was a tad shorter, I also personally don’t think we needed the Bruiser run in, but considering the feud and match rules, it played well and made sense. Plus it had no direct impact on the finish and gave Lethal some more revenge before losing

ROH Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Young Bucks vs. the Motor City Machine Guns: The Guns are looking to win the ROH titles for the first time. Shelley and Matt worked a fun opening stretch, with the Bucks fighting back and teasing a Meltzer driver early. Nick and Sabin then worked a fun back and forth stretch, the Bucks cut off the dream sequence, and they worked into a stand off. Nick hits a superkick on Shelley, allowing the Bucks to send Sabin to the floor and take control. The Bucks work double teams, Sabin makes the save allowing Shelley to send Nick to the floor. The Guns now work over Matt with double teams, dives follow onto the Bucks and they get control back. The Guns continue to work double teams, hitting the dream sequence and with the crowd fully behind the Bucks, the Guns are heeling it up a bit. Nick battles back, gets the hot tag to Matt and he runs wild, including a superkick on Shelley. Matt up top and misses the senton, the Guns hit a doomsday dropkick but matt backflips onto his feet and the Bucks now lock in sharpshooters. The Guns escape and they lay in superkicks, Shelley hits a sliced bread on the floor. The Guns maintain control with double teams, skull and bones connects, but Nick makes the save with a senton. The Guns hit made in Detroit. We get superkicks from everyone, including the ref eating one. The Addiction hits the ring and attacks. They beat down the Guns, but the Guns fight back. The Bucks return and the Addiction attacks them. The Guns and Bucks work together and hit a double Indy Taker on Kaz on the floor. We’re back to action now, the Bucks hit superkicks and but more bang for your buck is countered. The Guns hit the double team driver, and pick up the win and titles. The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Champions The Young Bucks @ 14:10 via pin [***½] This was a very good match, with a great crowd, but I felt it was hurt by the interference, it was going great until that in my opinion. I really could have done without the Addiction interference (and another ref bump to boot), because the Guns finally winning the tag titles should have been a bigger deal and a clean win. But if they are setting up a ladder war rematch, it will be worth it because that match ruled last year.

ROH Title Match: Champion Cody vs. Minoru Suzuki: Cody is accompanied by Brandi and some Vegas showgirls. Suzuki’s look here is so great, he looks like he’s about to kill Cody. Cody wants Suzuki to kiss the ring so Suzuki bites his hand and locks in an arm bar. Cody runs to the floor, hands the ring to Brandi and now comes back into the ring. Suzuki attacks with strikes, and Cody stalls again. Suzuki works leg kicks, and Cody stalls again and then does some warm-ups, calling Cody back in the ring. Cody keeps stalling, finally makes it backing and tries to attack, but Suzuki takes him to the floor. Cody uses Brandi as a shield, and attacks Suzuki and posts him. Suzuki fights back as they brawl at ringside. He follows with chops, Suzuki gets pissed and just absorbs the strikes. Back in they go, Cody works the leg and covers for 2 as Suzuki laughs at him. Suzuki gets sent to the floor, comes back in and Cody attacks the leg, but Suzuki gets the hanging arm bar in the ropes. Suzuki backing and fires away with chops. The running boot connects, and then a PK, covering for 2. Suzuki works an arm bar, but Cody makes the ropes. Suzuki lays in the boots, woks the arm and the locks in a hanging guillotine. Cody counters with a gourd buster, and then locks on the LeBell lock. He then mocks the YES chants. Suzuki counters cross Rhodes, and locks in an ankle lock. Cody fights to his feet, but Suzuki locks in the sleeper. He drags Cody to the mat. Cody fights to his feet, Gotch piledriver try by Suzuki, but Cody fights it off. Knee strike by Suzuki and then strikes follow. Cody hits a beautiful disaster kick, but Suzuki gets the sleeper, Cody counters into cross Rhodes and wins. Champion Cody defeated Minoru Suzuki @ 12:50 via pin [**½] I am glad we had a clean match and finish, but this was a painfully average and overall disappointing main event. Cody’s stalling and generally mediocre work don’t play well in the main event setting at all.

– Cody forces Suzuki to kiss the ring post match.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
First of all, I want to compliment Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on a great job, they have developed into a very strong commentary team. Overall ROH Death Before Dishonor 2017 was a very good and fun show, with some great wrestling, and some big wins by key people. Marty Scurll & Punishment Martinez picked up big wins in quality matches, and are likely going to be in the mix for the TV Title going forward. Silas Young finally got the big PPV win over Lethal, which was needed, but the company has to follow up with him. Jay Briscoe finally snapped and turned on Bully Ray, which should lead to a short-term feud between them and the Briscoes re-focusing on the tag titles. Kenny King put in his best singles performance to date, picking up the big hometown win and the TV title. The Guns as champions is cool, and it feels as if they’re building to a ladder war rematch between them, the Bucks and The Addiction. I could have done without the ref bumps and interference though, it’s becoming too commonplace these days and feels very lazy. The main event was a Cody main event, but thankfully not as bad as the UK iPPV performance he had. I enjoyed the show, and the must see stuff is Martinez vs. White, King vs. KUSHIDA, &Young vs. Lethal.