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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 11.24.16

November 24, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Matt Hardy
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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 11.24.16  

Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 11.24.16

Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 11.24.16

X-Division Elimination Match: DJZ, Mandrews and Sutter defeated Trevor Lee, Marche Rocket and Andrew Everett and Rockstar Spud, Abyss and Crazzy Steve @ 8:00 via pin [***]
– EC3 defeated Eli Drake @ 17:10 via submission [***]
– Snow and Shera defeated The Tribunal @ 6:40 via DQ [**]
Turkey Suit Match: Robbie E defeated Grado @ 2:35 via pin [NR]
No DQ Match: Bram defeated The Nefarious Brother Nero @ 12:00 via pin [**¾]

– We get highlights from last week, where the DCC defeated The Nefarious Brother Nero and Eddie Edwards in a 3 on 2 match.

– The Nefarious Brother Nero is out to kick off the show. The Nefarious Brother Nero is thankful for his family, but notes that he is here alone. He is still upset that the DCC broke the mind of Matt. The Nefarious Brother Nero had a premonition and spoke with the seven deities, and then called out the DCC. I hate that no one really seems to know who Eddie Kingston is; it comes of poorly calling him “that third guy or that Third goofball as Nero called him or occasionally Kingston with no other thought behind it, DCC hit the ring; Nero tried to fight them off. And stood tall. Back at the Hardy Compound, Matt hosts an Ice Cream Social as he talks with “Mr. Benjamin: and Vanguard1.” Good stuff overall to kick off hr show, and to follow up on the perilously established angles.

– Back at the Hardy Compound, for the ice cream social. Matt plans to make Robert Irvine Obsolete. The referee from Final Deletion arrives, and Matt recognizes him. He wants to watch videos with Matt to job his memory.

X-Division Elimination Match: Trevor Lee, Marche Rocket and Andrew Everett vs. DJZ, Braxton Sutter, and Mandrews, Rockstar Spud, Abyss and Crazzy Steve: Ok, so the winning team receives a future x-Division Title shot. That’s lovely, but it shouldn’t have taken 4-6 weeks to explain the goal of this whole thing. Everyone, including his own teammates, beat up Spud. Abyss used a chair and then got DQ’d, so he is gone; the damage was done to Mandrews and Steve tapped him out with the chicken wing. Steve tried to submit Sutter, but Everett broke that up with a double stomp, DJZ then took him out with his DDT. It broke down into the signature move buffet, nice moving parts though, with a nice pace and fun action. Spud and Rocket beat down Sutter, Spud of course thought he was in charge, barking orders, which pissed off Rocket. Spud then realized he was alone, ate a boot and ate a suplex for the pin. Rocket and Sutter went back and forth, with Sutter eliminating him. Braxton Sutter, and Mandrews will now receive X-Division title shots. DJZ, Mandrews and Sutter defeated Trevor Lee, Marche Rocket and Andrew Everett and Rockstar Spud, Abyss and Crazzy Steve @ 8:00 via pin [***] That was a good way to kick off the show, it was fun and had a good energy. We need more of this.

– Allie was planning a thanksgiving party, Maria and The Mean Girls arrived and are forcing her to serve them s meal on a double date. Laurel informed Allie that Sutter wants a real woman (her) and not a little girl (Allie).

– Mike, Maria, Laurel and Allie (dressed as a pilgrim) are here for Thanksgiving dinner. Maria makes fun of her, and then Sutter arrives. Maria is thankful for the Miracle and Laurel. The crowd chants or Allie as Mike tries to talk. Laurel is thankful for Maria and Sutter as well as her daddy’s credit card. Allie is thankful for the fans, so of course Maria cuts her off and demands she serves the meal. Laurel tries to make plans with Sutter, and Allie gets pissed off and calls her a meanie. She slaved over the meal and can’t eat it because she’s vegan. Allie then tosses a pie into Maria’s face when Laurel moves. Maria freaks out. Sienna was absent from the dinner, perhaps she’s vegan as well.

– EC3 and Drake cut promos about tonight’s match.

– Back at the Hardy Compound, the referee tries to help Matt recover his memory. Matt feels that his actions were very violent, makes fun of Tyrus and Spud. He finds these videos repulsive, and still has no memory.

Eli Drake vs. EC3: If Drake wins, he gets EC3’w title shot. If EC3 wins, he keep his title shot, promises not to challenge for the title for one year and cannot talk for the rest of 2016. They brawled back and forth at the bell, nice aggression from both early as they looked as if three really wanted to win. EC3 then sent Drake to the floor and we went to the commercial. Post break, they brawled on the floor, with EC3 in control. Drake then countered a suplex, stunned EC3 off the ropes and Drake took control on the floor, hitting a belly to back suplex on the steps. Drake would then lay the boots to EC3, hit the powerslam and cover for 2. The elbow drop followed, Drake kept control here, until he ran into the back elbow. Drake hit the run up the ropes superplex for a good near fall. Drake then grabbed the mic and cut a promo as he laid the boots to EC3. He vowed to take the title shot, but or course, EC3 fought back because villains should never monologue. EC3 started to run wild, but ran into the flapjack. Drake then hit a torture rack neck breaker for a near fall. Drake fought off the million dollar dream, EC3 shoved Drake off the top and hit the frog splash for a near fall. EC3 missed the charge, a neck breaker by Drake got 2. They went back and forth, teasing finishers, but Drake escaped the cutter and scored with blunt force trauma for the near fall. EC3 finally hit the one percenter, but Drake kicked out at 2. Drake then countered the choke with a stunner, but locked in the rear naked choke and Drake had to tap.EC3 defeated Eli Drake @ 17:10 via submission [***] That was a good match, they worked well together, and while not the breakout performance Drake needed, it was his best singles effort to date and s performance he needed.

– Back at the Hardy Compound, a doctor has arrived (a hypnotist) to try an help Matt. MY GOD THE BROKEN BRILLIANCE IS BACK…. But is then gone, because Matt has gelato to attend to.

The Tribunal (Baraka and Dax) vs. Snow and Shera: Snow and Shera worked over Baraka to begin; they controlled with ease, working quick tags and isolating Baraka in their corner. This is solid early, but I keep waiting for Snow to look pissed and try to get revenge for the fad that the Tribunal turned on him and beat him down. The Tribunal finally got the heat on Snow, who did the Ricky Morton roll to tag in Shera. The Tribunal used better team work to take back control over Shera. Snow would tag himself back in, made his own comeback and hit the snow plow on Baraka for 2 as Dax made the save, it broke down and Baraka hit a low glow on Snow. Shera tried to fight on his own, Baraka then got DQ’d for using their belts as weapons. The tribunal stood tall, this feud must continue. Snow and Shera defeated The Tribunal @ 6:40 via DQ [**] I wouldn’t call it good, but it was perfectly acceptable.

Turkey Suit Match: Grado vs. Robbie E: Aiden O’Shea is ringside as the special enforcer. They keep booking matches with these guys because someone thinks it is funny and or entertaining. Thy traded chops and jabs, Grado then worked titty twisters, which led to a double down. Grado went for a sunset flip, pulled down Robbie’s pants, but sat down bulldog style for the win. Grado danced with the suit on, while Josh LIED ABOUT SHIT TRENDING AGAIN. Seriously, stop with that shit, it kills what little credibility you have. Robbie E defeated Grado @ 2:35 via pin [NR] The good news is that if you had to do the turkey suit match, these were the guys to do it with.

– Rosemary cut a promo about her knockouts tile match with Jade, which is next week.

The Nefarious Brother Nero vs. Bram w/Kingston and Storm: This is a no DQ match. Bram attacked at the bell, laying in rights to Nero. He sent Bram to the floor and then wiped him out with plancha. We took a commercial break. Post break, Bram and DCC worked over Nero on the floor, using a chair. Back in he ring, Nero tried to make his comeback, but kept getting cut off due to the numbers game. Kingston talked a lot of shit to Nero as they beat him down, back in the ring Bram continued the heat. Storm again helped out Bram, double teaming Nero, smartly using the no DQ stipulation and numbers game to their advantage. Nero started to put together a good comeback. But Storm again attacked him from behind. Whisper in the wind by Nero, Nero then got a chair and to try and even the odds. Twist of fate to Bram gets a near fall. Nero and Bram went back and forth, but Storm cut off the swanton, and then hit the superkick. DDT by Bram and Nero is done. Bram defeated The Nefarious Brother Nero @ 12:00 via pin [**¾] Pretty good overall, thy played the stipulation well and Nero loses nothing as he fought three men for 12-minutes before finally losing.

– Reby is upset that Matt still has amnesia. They argue as matt reveals that he just wants to be a cook and make peach cobbler. He then asks the deities for a sign, and he gets struck by LIGHTNING. HE IS BROKEN ONCE AGAIN THANK THE DIETIES.

– Next week we get…

 photo fe36ffd0-0da4-4e3b-a2d3-b026b341dd87_zps41ef5d61.jpg
“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Average
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Once again TNA delivers a fun and solid show, we had some fun wrestling, good follow up from last week and also set things rolling to keep the momentum going. Due to the holiday, this easily could have been a throw away show, but it was enjoyable and things were accomplished.