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Csonka’s TNA One Night Only August 2016 Review

August 26, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s TNA One Night Only August 2016 Review  

Csonka’s TNA One Night Only August 2016 Review

– Chuck Taylor defeated Rockstar Spud @ 6:06 via pin []
– Marshe Rockett defeated Mandrews @ 8:25 via pin [**]
– DJ Z defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 8:00 via pin [***½]
– Suicide defeated David Starr @ 7:00 via pin [**]
– Braxton Sutter defeated JT Dunn @ 9:00 via pin [**½]
– Eddie Edwards defeated Caleb Konley @ 9:33 via pin [***]
– Crazzy Steve defeated Zenshi @ 7:13 via pin [***]
Ultimate X Match For Fake Wrestling Money: The Helms Dynasty defeated The BroMans @ 10:50 [**½]
Ladder Match For an X-Division Title Shot: Braxton Sutter defeated DJZ, Chuck Taylor, Marshe Rockett, Eddie Edwards, Suicide and Crazzy Steve @ 9:54 [**½]

– There will be seven singles matches tonight, with established TNA talent working against outsiders; the winners move onto a Ladder Match where the winner gets a shot at the X-Division Title. There will also be an Ultimate X Match For Fake Wrestling Money, featuring The Helms Dynasty vs. The BroMans. It’s basically X-Division X-Travaganza IV. Borash even calls it X-Travaganza, so who the hell knows why it is called “August 2016.”

– Borash brings out Jonathan Gresham, Chuck Taylor, JT Dunn, Marshe Rockett, David Starr, Caleb Konley and Zenshi (Shynron). Rockstar Spud came out to run down the potential talent, called himself the biggest star in the company, cashed in on Kurt angle and kicked his ass and other such heelish embellishments. They then had Spud talk to the competitors so that they could introduce themselves and kill some time. Also, Shynron actually explained that he found his zen and that is why he is now known as Zenshi. Spud ran down Chuck Taylor hard, which led to the first match being set up. Spud then announced that they were fighting to get into a #1 contender’s ladder match.

– The guys all stayed at ringside to watch. The lights are REALLY low in the building, attendance was said to be low for the taping.

Chuck Taylor vs. Rockstar Spud: They tried to one up each other early, leading to Taylor getting the early advantage, hitting a missile dropkick and sending Spud to the floor. Spud tried to walk, but Konley picked him up and tossed him back in. Taylor continued his assault, Spud again tried to leave but the rest of the newcomers cut him off. He managed to cut off Taylor in the ropes and talked shit on the mic while he worked over Taylor and then tossed him to the floor. He monologed, which is the downfall of all villains; Taylor returned and worked over Spud. The moonsault missed for Taylor, Spud tried a roll up with the ropes but the guys on the floor stopped that. Taylor got a roll up for the win. This was an overall below average outing, with them playing up Spud’s piss poor attitude towards the newcomers. There wasn’t much to it.

– The BroMans cut a promo about tonight’s Ultimate X match. They showed off Raquel’s ass.

Marshe Rockett vs. Mandrews: Rockett used his size advantage to control early, setting the power vs. speed dynamic. Solid back and forth here as Mandrews picked up the speed to fight back and take control. He was rolling until he went for a high cross, and ate a dropkick from Rockett. Rockett looked to ground Mandrews, and started looking for pins. This was rough. Mandrews escaped with a jawbreaker, but ran into a powerslam for a near fall. Mandrews fought back and hit a standing double stomp, sending Rockett to the floor. Mandrews hit a moonsault off of the steps, and then rolled Rockett back into the ring and hit the running shooting star press for a near fall. Rockett cut off Mandrews as he went up top, after some awkwardness, Mandrews hit a tornado DDT for a near fall. Mandrews sent Rockett to the floor, but Rockett came back with a kick and then missed a slingshot senton. Mandrews went for a slingshot but jumped into a urnagage and Rockett picked up the win. That was disappointing overall, it lacked a smooth flow and there were some awkward spots where they looked as if they were waiting and thinking what they needed to do next.

– We get a clip of Chris Sabin defeating Bully Ray for the TNA Title.

Jonathan Gresham vs. DJ Z: DJ Z has been really great, and a guy that TNA needs to invest more in to rebuild the X-Division. Gresham is an excellent performer; working just about everywhere, and really needs a regular gig so that more people can see him. Gresham went right to the technical grappling game early to try and break DJ Z down and ground him. After a fast paced back and forth, DJ Z hit a RANA, but after another series of fact paced counters, DJ Z hit a dropkick and handspring elbow. Gresham battled back, attacking the arm and then hitting a moonsault off the ropes and to the floor onto DJ Z. back in the ring Gresham continued his assault on the arm, bending the fingers and wrist of DJ Z in unnatural ways. Gresham with some nice and focused work on the arm of DJ Z. he was doing well until he decided to go to the ropes, and DJ Z countered with a dropkick and a lariat that turned Gresham inside out. A sweet dive by DJ Z followed, and then back in hit a high cross. He went for a DDT but Gresham used the work of the hand to escape and hit a German suplex with the bridge for a near fall. Gresham then worked an octopus hold while also working the hand, but DJ Z escaped and after some counters he spiked Gresham with a reverse RANA. The rolling DDT finished it for DJ Z. That was a very good match with smooth work and a great energy from both guys. I’d love to see them bring Gresham in, DJ Z delivered again.

Suicide vs. David Starr: Gresham worked as Suicide. Starr was looking to outsmart Suicide early, he had some trouble but finally hit a lariat to Suicide who was on the apron and then took control and beat him down in the corner. Starr worked a rather bland heat, but Suicide’s selling for everything was really good. Suicide battled back with head butts, and then used his speed to take control of things. He then connected with the springboard moonsault. Starr then was able to hit a lariat to he back of the head and hit the arms trapped German for a near fall. Starr jawed too much with the ref and the fans before beating down Suicide in the corner. Suicide tripped him up into the corner, followed with the hesitation dropkick in the corner. He then hit the standing sliced bread for the win. Gresham did a good job of mixing up his game to play the Suicide character, but he is missing something under the hood. This was another match that was really disjointed at times, the work was solid to good but the in between was really rough.

– We get highlights of RVD vs. Jerry Lynn.

JT Dunn vs. Braxton Sutter: Dunn cut a basic insulting promo to make sure the fans react to him as a heel. He teased leaving and then they started the match. Sutter was fired up early, pissed off at Dunn and took control and beat him down on the corner with chops. Pope and Josh wasted time discussing that Pope sexually harasses the Knockouts. Dunn scored with a knee and then posted Sutter to take the heat. Dunn comes across as such a sleazy asshole, in the best was possible. He mocked Sutter as he grounded him with the cravat, Sutter got a hope spot but Dunn cut him off right away and took Sutter back to the mat, talking shit the entire time. A bridging German suplex got a near fall for Dunn. Dunn then hit the x-factor for a near fall. Sutter countered Dunn with a kick to the face, which busted open the eyebrow of Dunn. Sutter made his comeback to a dead crowd, and then hit the gut wrench sitout powerbomb for a near fall. They went back and forth and Dunn hit the cutter for 2. Dunn then went for a springboard, but Sutter shoved him to the floor. Sutter looked to go for a plancha, but landed short as Dunn was moving. Dunn attacked the knee and they worked on the floor. Dunn set Sutter on the barricade and then hit an apron leg drop onto Sutter. Back in and Dunn set for the elbow, but Sutter hit a knee and flatliner for the win. Overall that was a rock solid outing, but it felt a bit long and lacked energy down the stretch.

Eddie Edwards vs. Caleb Konley: They worked the early back forth, with Edwards getting the early advantage and frustrating Konley. Konley tried to fight back, but Edwards was one step ahead and sent him to the floor. Back in Konley avoided a spear, and Edwards took a wild post spot and fell to the floor. Konley then took the heat, working the arm of Edwards on the floor before rolling him back in. He kept working the arm good focus by Konley and good selling by Edwards; the crowd is into Edwards more than anyone else so far tonight. Edwards tried to fight back with boots and then avoided a charge and Konley flew to the floor. Edwards then hit the plancha and started to turn momentum his way. Back in, Konley hit a superkick but Edwards battled back and then ht the RANA off the top. Konley pulled the ref in the way of the knee strike, and then hit a sitout powerbomb for a near fall. Konley fired up and laid into Edwards with strikes, and he then stunned Edwards off the ropes. Konley crashed and burned on the double jump moonsault and Edwards hit the running knee strike for the win. Good match here, it never felt long, they worked well together and showed good energy throughout.

Crazzy Steve cut a killer little promo in between matches. He’s been really good since the Decay angle started and surprising on promos. All that time lost when he was the goofy ass clown with the Menagerie.

Zenshi vs. Crazzy Steve: Steve got more promo time when he got to the ring, noting that Zenshi found his happy place, but hen he wins tonight, Zenshi will have found his devil. Zenshi says he looked death in the face to get to his zen, but he will give out an ass whooping. Steve looked to work basic holds, but Zenshi’s speed and cool counters allowed him to fight out and send Steve to the floor. He then hit a dive off the apron and then a corkscrew senton for a near fall. Really dun stuff from Zenshi so far. Steve cut off Zenshi with a short-armed clothesline and took the heat. Steve is a guy who has really improved since the Decay angle started, as he plays he demonic clown way better than the goofy ass Menagerie version; he comes across as a completely different and more confident performer. Good control by Steve here, connecting with a shining wizard for a near fall. Steve missed the cannonball in the corner, allowing Zenshi to fire up and make the comeback. Zenshi then hit a slingshot cutter, and headed up top. He missed the dive, rolled through and then hit the handspring kicks to Steve. The 450 then ate knees and Steve planted him with a DDT coming off of the second rope for the win. This was another good match, with the mix in styles coming across well; they also made the best of their time. Both guys looked good here.

Ultimate X Match: The Helms Dynasty (Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett) vs. The BroMans (Robbie E & Jessie Godderz):

– From a booking and show layout standpoint, I would not have booked an Ultimate X and ladder match back to back.

– Shane Helms cut a promo about the Ultimate X match, noting that they will split the winnings three ways; 30% for Lee, 30% for Everett, and 40% for Helms. They also all agreed that the BroMans suck, but that Raquel was hot.

– We get highlights from the Bound for Glory 2009 Ultimate X match. Daniels and Suicide almost died during the finish.

Ultimate X Match: The Helms Dynasty vs. The BroMans: Helms ran down the BroMans pre-match. The BroMans said they would never get a piece like Raquel and promised to kick ass. They are working this like a regular tag match, with the commentary stressing that they will have to make tags, we’ll see how long that lasts. The BroMans controlled early, even getting an early climb tease. Lee then tagged in, leading to he and Everett working the arm of Jessie. Everett tried t climb, but Jessie cut him off and ht a single armed buckle bomb. When Jessie tried to climb he had issues, due to the work on the arm so he had to tag out. Robbie got to run wild on Lee, Everett took Jessie to the floor as Robbie looked to climb. Everett and Lee cut him off and hit double teams to take back control. Robbie hit a desperation boom drop and got the tag to Jessie, he ran wild, using his strength and a RANA off the ropes. Lee cut off the BroDown as it broke down, Jessie finally got control and looked to climb and Shane helms got involved. Raquel then came in and hit a RANA on Helms and followed with ground and pound. Everett came back with a PELE and then he and Robbie climbed. Jessie back in and they hit the BroDown. Jessie got the Adonis lock as Robbie climbed, Lee returned and climbed. The ref was distracted, Robbie grabbed the X but Helms stole it and gave it to Everett and the Helms Dynasty won. This was a very average match, honestly hurt by the regular tag rules. It felt like a tag match that just happened to take place inside the Ultimate X structure. Not bad by any means, but it lacked the energy and special feel that the good Ultimate X matches have.

Ladder Match For an X-Division Title Shot: Braxton Sutter vs. DJZ vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Marshe Rockett vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Suicide vs. Crazzy Steve: They did the big stare down and then brawled before trying to get ladders involved. This led to a series of dives, with everyone forgetting to catch DJZ on an awesome corkscrew dive. He may has busted his ass on that. Rockett then followed with another dive onto the pile. Steve refused to dive and smartly tried to climb the ladder. We then got the rapid-fire climb segment, with everyone trying and constantly getting pulled off. This worked into the everyone hits a cool move segment, leading DJZ and Sutter to try and climb for the contract. We got multiple ladders (three) so more people could climb. Taylor then grabbed a 4th ladder and started to hit people to stop the climb of the other six. DJZ then cut him off and hit a reverse RANA, but rocket cut him off with the uranage. He and Suicide battled on the ladder, and Suicide hit a cutter off of the ladder. This was the work through various parings trying to climb, fighting and then getting knocked off. Sutter tried a less cool Shelton Benjamin move, jumped onto the ladder, sent Steve to the mat and won. That was really disappointing, it felt like the agent said, “lets use every ladder match cliché and do it with half the energy or cool bumps, GO!” It’s disappointing due to the layout, which felt like a best of, and because there was so much talent and they seemingly walked through the match.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Average
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This was a show that has a ton of potential, but just came off as ok. The good news? It was still better than the vast majority of these PPVs. For $15 I wouldn’t recommend, as the weekly TV product has been delivering better shows overall.