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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 1.17.20

January 17, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE Tyler Breeze
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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 1.17.20  

Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 1.17.20

– Tyler Breeze defeated Ariya Daivari @ 10:55 via pin [**½]
– Lio Rush defeated Sunil Singh @ 6:10 via pin []
– Isaiah Scott defeated Raul Mendoza @ 10:20 via pin [***½]

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– Mansoor and same new talking head (Jon Quasto) are on commentary.

Tyler Breeze vs. Ariya Daivari: They lockup and hits a shoulder tackle. He mocks Breeze and they lockup, off the ropes and Breeze cuts him off with a dropkick. Daivari now offers a handshake, tries to attack and Breeze lays in strikes and Daivari powders. Breeze whips him to the barricades. Back in as Daivari pulls the hair and cuts him off. He starts working the arm, slams him down and lays the boots to him. He puts Breeze into the tree of WHOA and then takes him up top. Breeze fights off the suplex, knocks him off and Breeze looks to fly until Daivari crotches him and covers for 2. He follows with a back elbow, covering for 2. Breeze hits a jawbreaker, dumps Daivari and back in, Breeze continues to control with strikes. The modified backstabber follows for 2. They work up top, Daivari fights him off but Breeze catapults him to the buckles and after a teased ref bump, Daivari cradles him for 2. The uranage follows that for 2. He talks shit to Breeze, lays in strike and Breeze hits the supermodel kick for 2. Breeze looks for an unprettier, they work into counters, enziguri by Breeze but Daivari suplexes him to the buckles. Breeze counters back, hits the beauty shot and wins. Tyler Breeze defeated Ariya Daivari @ 10:55 via pin [**½] Daivari is still completely boring and stale, but Breeze was really good here.

– Jack Gallagher has demands before he will return to the show.

Lio Rush vs. Sunil Singh: Lio attacks with a dive and then rolls him back in as he maintains control. He picks up the pace, follows with kicks and a Michinoku driver for 2. Samer distracts Lio, and that allows Sunil to knee him to the floor. Sunil then posts him and back in, covers for 2. He delivers chops and lays the boots to Lio. Lio battles back, but Sunil hits a suplex for 2. He celebrates and hits a second rope elbow drop for 2. Lio fights to his feet, but gets grounded again. Lio again fights to his feet, follows with kicks and runs wild. Samer cuts off the dive and he rolls in as they try twin magic. The ref calls bullshit, and tosses Samer to the back. Lio hits the come up and final hour to win. Lio Rush defeated Sunil Singh @ 6:10 via pin [*½] Lio tried, but this had too much bullshit, to much Simghs, and having Sunil actually control over Lio and look competitive in any way is a joke as their offense is usually grounding and dance moves to no reaction.

Isaiah Scott vs. Raul Mendoza: They lock up and work into counters as Mendoza takes early control. Scott counters back, looking to work the arm, and grounds things. Mendoza battles back, they work into counters and Scott follows with a flurry of strikes and kicks as the dropkick dumps Mendoza. Mendoza back in, hits a RANA and dumps Scott to the floor. He slams him to the apron, and back in, Mendoza covers for 2. he follows with chops, a clothesline and basement dropkick for 2. Mendoza grounds the action. Scott fights to his feet, dumps Mendoza and follows with an apron PK. Back in and the uppercut off the ropes follows. Scott delivers a flurry of kicks, knee strikes and the rolling flatliner for 2. Mendoza counters the JML diver and gets 2. Scott fights off a suplex, follows with chops and they trade. Scott slingshots but eats a kick. Mendoza hits a springboard avalanche RANA and lionsault for 2. They trade center ring, Mendoza up top and hits a ropewalk missile dropkick and a tope. Back in and the Phoenix splash misses. The house call finishes it. Isaiah Scott defeated Raul Mendoza @ 10:20 via pin [***½] Scott winning was the right call as he’s in the World’s collide title match. They both worked very hard, and had a really good match with some fresh offense mixed in, but it’s a match that almost no one will likely have watched.

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
205 Live is officially WWE Superstars for NXT’s Cruiserweight division, and not a good one. There is so much talent on the cruiserweight roster, yet these shows are constantly filled with the Singhs and Ariya Daivari taking up too much of the show, and that leads to already disinterested crowd just not giving a fuck. Worse than that, they aren’t even trying to build angles any more, it’s just a show, and the great matches feel a lifetime away, as WWE continues to rib me with the Singhs and Ariya Daivari instead of using so many of the other talented guys in the division. I used to love this show so much…