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Csonka’s WWE Mae Young Classic III Wish List

September 22, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Madison Eagles WWE

Welcome back to column time with Larry. Today’s column is all about the potential Mae Young Classic III, and some of the ladies I personally want to see involved. Now as in with all lists, not everyone can make it, and omissions had to be made, and some favorites didn’t make it. The list is in no particular order, and is just some of the names I want involved. Some names have been left out because of contractual issues; because I found their participation too unlikely, and some because either I didn’t want them in or thought someone else deserved a spot ahead of them. Also, these are just tournament picks, and while I could make a case for the company to sign many of the ladies, I’m just making tournament picks. Thanks for reading! Remember, it’s wrestling, we love it and will disagree. The only rules are “have a take, be respectful, and don’t be a dick.”

 photo Veda Scorr_zpsdhbd8ufi.jpg

Veda Scott: Veda Scott is 35, has been working since 2011 all over the world including some time in TNA & ROH. Veda has an infectious personality, works hard and has worked with a wide variety of opponents. Truth be told, I actually want her brought in so that the company can learn more about her. She’ll have a fine match in a first round before losing, but I want her on WWE’s radar because while a fine wrestler, I find her to be a great commentator and someone WWE should look at to add a smart and informed female voice to their commentary team that just isn’t a token hire.

 photo Shazza Mckenzie_zps012zk3xd.png

Shazza Mckenzie: Shazza Mckenzie has done enhancement work for NXT, is a former Heart of Shimmer Champion, and is one of the many Madison Eagles trainees from Australia. At 31, she’s a great babyface, and has been working since 2008. You always need a plucky underdog babyface in a tournament, either for an unexpected run or to have a fun match with a monster heel. She’s been on WWE’s radar, and recently worked the AEW PPV, so her profile is higher than in previous years.

Seleziya Sparx: Seleziya Sparx was on the rise during her time in ROH and making a lot of indie appearances until she got nabbed by the border like Speedball, Josh Alexander, and others. She had the five-year ban hammer put on her from entering the US. Sparx is 27, debuted back in 2010, and was in some ways a trailblazer for the strong, attractive, powerhouse style women like Jordynne Grace that later came along on the indie scene. She has a great look, good potential, and someone I feel deserves an opportunity.

 photo MollyHolly_zpsbcugtqno.gif

Molly Holly: In the first two Mae Young classics, WWE brought back veteran performers like Serena Deen & Kaitlyn to take part, and if we get third incarnation of the tournament, I expect them to do it again. Who better than Molly Holly to bring back? Molly is 42, still looks great, and did well in her performances at the Rumble, Evolution, and in CHIKARA’s King of Trios. I’ve always loved Molly, she always gets a great response, has done training since leaving wrestling as an active performer, and is the kind of veteran you’d love to have work with a promising NXT talent or potential signee.

 photo Big Swole_zpsagoe4gkq.jpg

Big Swole Ariel Monroe: Ariel Monroe would be a return performer, as she worked the second MYC, losing to luchadora Zeuxis. Big Swole felt like she was on the rise at that time, but not quite ready for primetime. Since then, Big Swole has stayed busy on the indie scene, working the loop of all the major women’s promotions, upping her profile, and also getting the call to work All Out in the battle royal. She has a great look, has improved in the ring and I’d love to see what she could do with a second chance in the tournament.

Nicole Savoy: Nicole Savoy has been a big star for SHIMMER and appeared on the first Mae Young Classic, defeating Reina Gonzalez before losing to Candice LeRae. Savoy did well, but didn’t work to her full ability as she was coming off of a serious knee injury and wasn’t back 100 or trusting her body just yet. Savoy is fully recovered, working like her old self, and along with being on WWE’s radar, and recently worked All Out. Savoy would be a great addition to any women’s roster, and I’d live to see her get a second chance to show what she can really do when healthy.

Steph De Lander: Steph De Lander started out as the masked FaceBrooke, and is another Madison Eagles trainee. FaceBrooke was fine, but when she unmasked reinvented herself as the powerhouse Steph De Lander, things really took off for her. She’s been working since 2017, working for MCW, SHIMMER, Wrestling GO, and RISE and other promotions and while still young in her career, shows a ton of potential and is certainly a name to keep an eye on. She’s an unknown property to many, but is on WWE’s radar as she was part of a WWE tryout at the NXT UK Performance Center over the summer.

 photo Madison Eagles_zpsahekofol.png

Madison Eagles: Madison Eagles is essentially the Godmother to the vast majority of the Australian ladies that made their way to the US. She’s been a vital part to the women’s wrestling scene in Australia, but is unfortunately extremely undervalued by many for her own skills. Eagles is a top tier talent, one that carries herself like a star and can work with anyone. In many ways, I find Eagles to be one of the more important female performers of the last decade, not only for her in ring work and what she’s done in SHIMMER, but also for the talent she introduced to the US wrestling scene. Women’s wrestling isn’t where it is today without her. She’s 36 and is coming off of severe knee injuries, but showed that she’s still an awesome technician and amazing in ring performer. I hate to use the phrase, but I fully believes that she deserves it to show a larger audience what she’s got after all of these years. Things like the Mae Young Classic are supposed to celebrate women’s wrestling, we likely can’t have Sara Del Rey or Sarah Stock, but we deserve Madison Eagles.

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