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Csonka’s WWE MITB 2020 Review

May 10, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE MITB 2020 Review  

Csonka’s WWE MITB 2020 Review

– Jeff Hardy defeated Cesaro @ 13:30 via pin [***]
Smackdown Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: Champions The New Day defeated The Forgotten Sons, The Miz & John Morrison, & Lucha House Party @ 12:55 via pin [***½]
– Lashley defeated R-Truth @ 1:30 via pin [NR]
SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Champion Bayley defeated Tamina @ 10:40 via pin [**]
WWE Universal Championship Match: Champion Braun Strowman defeated Bray Wyatt @ 10:35 via pin [*]
WWE Championship Match: Champion Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins @ 19:20 via pin [****]
2020 Women’s MITB Match: Asuka won @ 21:50
2020 Men’s MITB Match: Otis won @ 27:10

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Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro: They lockup and Cesaro overpowers Jeff with tackles. He grounds things until Jeff battles back and grounds things with a neck snap. To the floor as Jeff charges and flies at Cesaro, who catches him and dumps him on the barricade. Back in and Cesaro lays the boots to Jeff, chokes him out on the ropes and follow with a second rope elbow strike for 2. Cesaro grounds things, Jeff finally fires up and fights back with a spin kick, To the floor and Cesaro slams him to the apron, and back in, Cesaro hits the second rope leg drop for 2. Cesaro is dominating with ease here, structure wise it almost feels like the agent laid this out to showcase Cesaro while Jeff is the one returning and looked at as the star, so it’s just odd. Jeff slowly battles back, starts to take control and play the hits for a near fall. Cesaro cuts off whisper in the wind, they workup top together and Jeff knocks him to the mat and a rough looking whisper in the wind connects for 2 as Cesaro clutches at his knee. Cesaro fires back with uppercuts, backslide by Jeff but Cesaro counters and eats a twist of fate for 2. The slam follows, Cesaro cuts off the senton and hits an avalanche gut wrench suplex for 2. Cesaro hits a clothesline for 2, Jeff rolls to the floor and Cesaro hits an uppercut, but Jeff whips him to the steps. Jeff dives off the barricades with a clothesline and back in, the swanton finishes it. Jeff Hardy defeated Cesaro @ 13:30 via pin [***] This was a good and enjoyable kickoff opener. Jeff looked fine after so long away, but the match in no way showcased him and on a purely in ring skill level, Cesaro lapped him and looked way better; as a return match for Jeff I really think this missed the mark in some ways, I guess they wanted to test him and give him time, but while enjoyable, I am already sick about hearing about “Jeff’s redemption story” as Cole & Graves said it approximately 77 times; WWE doesn’t do subtlety well.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: Champions The New Day vs. The Forgotten Sons vs. The Miz & John Morrison vs. Lucha House Party: Ryker is at ringside. Kofi and Metalik work the opening stretch with Kofi controlling early on. Metalik battles back and Kofi cuts him off with the back elbow. The dropkick follows, as Blake blind tags in and clears out others as Cutler joins in for double teams. Metalik & Morrison tag in, dropkick from Metalik and Morrison takes him up top and Metalik hits a Spanish fly to the floor onto the pile. The springboard splash follows for 2. Morrison cuts him off, Ryker gets involved and Cutler take control of things. Blake joins in for double teams and covers for 2. He isolates Metalik, Metalik battles back and hits the tornado DDT. Lince tags in, runs wild and picks up near falls off of the dropsault. Kofi and Blake in, Morrison and Miz in but Kofi cuts them off and the boom drop follows. Trouble in paradise is countered by Miz, Cutler tags in and attacks Big E. Kofi cuts him off, tags in and the afternoon delight connects for 2. They look for the midnight hour, cut off and it breaks down into the big move buffet and starship pain gets 2. Lince then runs wild, golden rewind and Metalik hits an avalanche RANA. The luchas cut off Big E, huge splash by Lince, ropewalk elbow drop by Metalik but the Sons make the save. They post Kofi, Big E is dumped by Ryker and the ref tosses him to the back. Dives by the luchas follow and Big E hits the big ending and pins Metalik. Champions The New Day defeated The Forgotten Sons, The Miz & John Morrison, & Lucha House Party @ 12:55 via pin [***½] This was really good, on the level of the Smackdown eight-man, with a good pace and overall just a ton of fun. The only thing that bothered me was the ejection of Ryker since the match is no DQ due to being a four-way.

– Lacey comments on why she will win MITB.

– Drew now arrives and sends out Mother’s day wishes before talking about his match with Seth. Drew jokes about being called an underdog, praises Seth and says that he has heart and passion. He is the champion and will not lose it tonight, and says Seth talks too much.

– They talk to kill time. Lashley arrives and he joins the match in MVP’s place. Truth accidentally slaps him so Lashley attacks.

R-Truth vs. Lashley: Lashley mauls Truth, working him over in the corner. He tosses Truth around and hits the spinebuster. Truth counters the suplex, but Lashley spears him for the win. Lashley defeated R-Truth @ 1:30 via pin [NR] That was certainly a thing that happened.

– Corbin comments on MITB, putting himself over and talking MITB.

– Kayla stirs up trouble between Bayley & Banks.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Champion Bayley vs. Tamina: Banks is at ringside, and is dressed to kill (7 star outfit). Bayley slaps her and talks shit so Tamina cuts her off with a clothesline. Bayley counters into a sleeper, but Tamina escapes and follows with a suplex for 2. Tamina saps that ass, sets her up top and talks shit. Tamina follows with kicks and a slam as Bayley powders. She then posts Tamina’s knee a few times, and then dropkicks the knee. Back in and Bayley covers for 2. Bayley grounds things, working the knee and covering for 2. Tamina fires back, head butts Bayley and hits a corner splash. The ass attack follows but Bayley counters the superkick into a knee bar. Tamina fights and makes the ropes. Bayley tries to slam Tamina, but collapses and rolls to the floor. Bayley follows with strikes on the apron and takes a water break and dumps it on Tamina. Tamina fights back and follows with a clothesline. She works over Bayley on the floor. Back in and Tamina superkicks Bayley to the floor and then dumps her over the announce table. Back in and Tamina heads up top, and the splash is blocked, but Tamina hits a superkick and Samoan drop, Banks distracts her. Tamina chases and Bayley counters into a crucifix for the win Champion Bayley defeated Tamina @ 10:40 via pin [**] Bayley worked really hard to develop a cohesive match, but it didn’t work as it was ok at best with Tamina showing the mobility of 1985 Andre the Giant.

– Post match, they beat down Tamina.

– Seth promos about his match with Drew tonight.

– Graves & Cole hype the Undertaker documentary.

WWE Universal Championship Match: Champion Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt: Braun overpowers him to begin, follows with strikes and Bray just acts wacky and talks to him. He fires back, gets mowed down and Bray powders as Braun follows him out and posts him. back in and Braun hits the corner splash, and Bray rolls to the floor as Braun charges but gets sidestepped and he hits the announce table. The pig puppet roots for Bray as he DDTs Braun on the floor. Back in and the lariat gets 2. The senton follows and Braun rolls to the floor. Bray slams him to the steps and back in, Bray is cut off with strikes but counters into a tornado DDT and sister Abigail for 2. Braun counters the second and chokeslams Bray. He follows with a corner splash, to the floor and Braun runs him over. Back in and Bray kicks Braun back to the floor. Braun appears wearing the black sheep mask, Bray is happy and Braun rips off his shirt Bray tries to appeal to their love for each other and Braun kneels before him… and then they hug. The puppets celebrate but Braun takes off the mask and stomps on it as he powerslams Bray and retains. Champion Braun Strowman defeated Bray Wyatt @ 10:35 via pin [*] Why wouldn’t Bray be the Fiend, his most powerful form, for a title match? It’s like Balor refusing to be the demon. Anyway, the match started off ok, until the wacky STORIEZ (think college theater pretending they are on Broadway doing high art) finish, which will lead to Braun vs. The Fiend. No sir, I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it at all.

– The hacker is back; he sees everything, hears everyone, and is the truth.

WWE Championship Match: Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins: Seth has new Messiah music. They lockup and work to the ropes for the break. Lockup again, and Drew follows with tackles as Seth powders. Back in and Seth shoots for a takedown, gets stuffed and Drew follow with tackles and dumps Seth. Back in and Drew follows with chops and strikes. He whips Seth to the buckles, delivers more chops and a back suplex for 2. Seth battles back and posts Drew, and follows with the suicide dive. Back in and Seth hits sling blade for 2. He follows with the half crab, Drew fights and Seth transitions into an STF and then the crossface until Drew makes the ropes. Seth dumps him and then hits another suicide dive. The flying knee strike from the apron follows and Seth hits another from the barricade. He dismantles the announce table, poses on it and delivers another flying knee. Drew then cuts off a suicide dive, suplexing Seth onto the announce table. Back in and Drew follows with overhead suplexes, and a big boot. Drew heads up top and the flying clothesline connects. Seth powders to avoid the claymore, stuns Drew off the ropes and springboards in, but Drew counters into a spinebuster for 2. Seth fires up hits a flurry of kicks and covers for 1 as Drew says fuck your offense. Seth manage to hit high fly flow but only gets 2. He gets a chair, tosses it aside but Drew counters black out into a head butt and they work up top. Drew fights him off but Seth pops up and hits the superplex and rolls so that he can do the deal for 2. Drew counters blackout into future shock and that gets 2. Drew takes him up top, delivers chops and follows him up until Seth crotches him into the tree of WHOA. Drew counters back into a spider German but the claymore is countered by a superkick and blackout for 2. Seth looks for another blackout but Drew head buts him and they trade until the claymore finishes it. Champion Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins @ 19:20 via pin [****] I thought that this was really a great, competitive title match where I didn’t think Drew was going to lose, but they teased it well enough a few times that I thought we may get the change. Both guys delivered and found success in the empty arena setting but man, in front of a crowd, I think some of those near falls would have absolutely killed.

– Drew offers the handshake, Seth accepts and Drew thanks him.

– Truth is interviewed and says MVP was tough, lost a lot of weight but he beat him. He misses his 24/7 title and teases getting his baby back, vowing to sack Tom Brady to do so.

MONEY IN THE BANK TIME: Nia Jax vs. Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke vs. Lacey Evans vs. Carmella AND Aleister Black vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan vs. King Corbin vs. Otis vs. AJ Styles here. I have no clue what to expect here. They all enter and brawl as Asuka dives of the second floor to wipe out the women and takes the elevator as the others chase. The men brawl in the weight room, Corbin breaks a mirror with a weight and Bryan attacks. They battle as Otis traps Styles under some weights. We get a Scooby-Doo chase to the bathroom as Brother Love cameos. Otis, Bryan, & Black brawl in an elevator as the women climb the steps to find Asuka, but the men appear. Otis & Bryan beat up Corbin, fight and Bryan then runs off as Doink cameos. Nia work over Carmella as Shayna & Dana join in. Shayna & Nia brawl, Dana hits a chit shot to drop Nia and grabs a case full of money… but Steph arrives to say that’s the wrong case and tells her to clean up Nia’s drool. Carmella lays out Dana and Lacey KOs her. Styles looks for Rey, and sees a pic of Taker, and gets scared. He has flashbacks to the bone yard and Black attacks him and locks him in Taker’s coffin room. Paul Heyman is in catering and everyone runs through, they all argue and Otis steals his food and we have a food fight, Heyman gets nailed and they all food fight and brawl, minus Styles, Nia slams Dana into a Coke machine and powerbombs Mella through a table. She faces off wit Otis, and they walk off. Otis finds the kitchen as BIG JOHNNY arrives and gets pied. Asuka runs from the women, Dana slips on a wet floor and Nia takes out Shayna & Lacey. Bryan & Black brawl, Styles is back and joins in. They fight into Vince’s office, he’s there and he kicks them out. They apologize, fix the chairs and close the door as Vince sanitizes. Styles & Bryan continue to fight, Corbin attacks and lays them out until Black arrives. They all battle, Corbin controls and he heads to the roof. On the roof, the women arrive first as Asuka & Nia brawl. Lacey joins in and Nia dominates, duping her from the ring. Nia climbs, Asuka cuts her off and fires away with strikes and gets cut off, women’s right by Lacey and Asuka cuts her off. She takes out Nia and Lacey cuts her off, climbs and Asuka stops her. She and lacey climb, but Nia is taken out by Lacey. Asuka climbs and Corbin joins her, she slaps him and cuts him off, and Asuka wins! Otis arrives, but the ladder breaks under his weight like on Smackdown as Corbin takes him out, but Otis battles back with the caterpillar. Rey takes him out, fights with Black and they climb. Styles topples over the ladder and Corbin tosses Rey off the roof; he’s dead Jim. He kills Black by tossing him off the roof as well, Styles, Bryan, &Corbin battle with Otis and Styles works over Otis, and hits the springboard forearm. He climbs, Corbin follows and they fight on the ladder. They pull the case down, Elias attacks and Otis ends up with the case and wins.

Asuka won @ 21:50

Otis won @ 27:1o

I have no idea how you rate something like this, we got two unexpected winners, and I will say that I was entertained, so call it good overall.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 113. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Steve Cook discuss the news of the week, breakdown this week’s AEW vs. NXT (5.06.20), and then preview WWE MITB 2020. The show is approximately 131-minutes long.

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The 411
The 2020 WWE MITB PPV stated off well and showed early promise, but then hit a rough middle patch like many WWE PPVs until it rebounded with Drew vs. Seth. The MITB deal was different, some will loathe it while some will love it; I was entertained. Overall, this was a solidly entertaining event wut a pleasantly short run time.