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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 5.20.19

May 20, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Brock Lesnar WWE Raw 5.20.19
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 5.20.19  

Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 5.20.19

– Braun Strowman defeated Sami Zayn @ 0:50 via pin [NR]
– Cesaro defeated Ricochet @ 5:45 via pin [**½]
– The Revival defeated The Usos @ 12:00 via pin [***¼]
– Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross, & Alexa Bliss defeated The IIconics & Lacey Evans @ 5:40 via pin [**]
WWE 24/7 Championship Match: Titus O’Neil won @ 1:50 via picking up the belt off the mat [NR]
WWE 24/7 Championship Match: Robert Roode defeated Titus O’Neil @ 0:05 via pin [NR]
– Drew McIntyre defeated The Miz @ 13:15 via pin [***]
WWE 24/7 Championship Match: R-Truth defeated Champion Robert Roode @ 0:05 via pin [NR]
No DQ Match: Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston defeated Baron Corbin & Lashley @ 11:20 via pin [**½]

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Brock Hops While Paul Talks: Paul is wearing a suit from the Vince McMahon collection tonight. Brock is carrying the briefcase and bee-bopping around like it’s a boom box. Paul hypes Brock as Mr. MITB, and says paranoia is running through WWE after last night. Paul runs down the conspiracy of Sami’s attack and Brock taking his place to win. Paul says the WWE & Universal champion should be afraid right now, because they are vulnerable to an assassin in Brock Lesnar. Paul then laughably says Brock could show up anywhere, like live events. Rollins now arrives and says he should be in a great mood after beating Styles last night. But he’s not because of Brock. He’s here to be an inspirational champion, and tells Brock to cash in tonight. Paul says Rollins needs to play Brock’s game. It’s all about anticipation, and when Brock feels like cashing in. Paul then mocks Rollins for waiting for his girlfriend to headline Mania, which he wanted to do. Paul claims Rollins isn’t worthy and may cash in on Kofi. This of course brings out wildcard Kofi. Koi says he has to beat the best and says if Brock is cashing in, he’ll cash in on him. Paul says we have the Universal Champion and WWE Champion and you are both auditioning to have a main event match for your title against Brock. Paul says you are not done for the evening and since you two will most likely be out here tonight, Brock and the contract ain’t going anywhere. This was a pretty good opening segment, with Brock being non-committal as to who he’s challenging in the future.

– Mick Foley arrives.

– Sami has to face Braun tonight and asks Lashley for help. Lashley refuses and wishes him luck.

– Rollins & Kofi walk & talk. Triple H then says they will tag up tonight to face Corbin & Lashley tonight.

Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn: Strowman chases Sami to the back. Strowman runs into Lashley and Sami attacks. Strowman kicks his ass and chases him some more. They brawl onto the stage as Strowman carries Sami to the ring but Sami manages to slip out and post him. In the ring and Strowman misses a charge and posts himself. He no sells it, clotheslines Sami and then dumps him. He mows him down on the floor, and back in, hits the powerslam and wins. Braun Strowman defeated Sami Zayn @ 0:50 via pin [NR] So much for Sami, Squash.

Lars Sullivan Speaks: Charly is out to interview Lars. She thanks him for his time and asks him about his path of destruction and shows video. Lars laughs and Lucha House Party arrives for a lucha ass kicking. They attack and swarm Lars, dropkicking him to the floor. They hit dives, but Lars kicks their asses. The luchas run away. So Lars doesn’t use words, he just destroys.

– We get highlights from Styles vs. Rollins at MITB, which was excellent.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro: Ricochet is taped up from last night. Cesaro finally has new non-Bar music. Cesaro immediately overpowers him and hits a big backdrop. They work to the floor, Ricochet posts him and follow with the kick flip moonsault. Cesaro catches a plancha and slams him on the apron. Post break and Cesaro has the action grounded, working the injured back of Ricochet. Ricochet escapes, hits a head scissors and follows with a tope. Back in and Ricochet flies into an uppercut. He follows with a back breaker, and the Gotch follows for the win. Cesaro defeated Ricochet @ 5:45 via pin [**½] This was short and solid, with Cesaro picking up the win over an injured Ricochet. Ricochet has had no momentum following the split with Black.

– AJ Styles says he’s back to square one. He lost fair and square, but knows he can beat Rollins. Corbin arrives to mock him for losing, and Styles mocks Corbin for his career failures. Corbin reminds us that he pinned Rollins on Raw two weeks ago. Styles slaps him and Corbin walks away, saying he’ll pay.

– Roman Reigns arrives; it’s time for wildcard Big Dawg. Shane then arrives to interrupt him. Shane says he’s the best in the world, and proved that beating the Miz again. He’s done with the Miz, and is now focused on Reigns for what he did to Vince. Reigns says he hates spoiled rich kids, and says his schedule is clear. Shane says Elias isn’t done with Reigns, and Reigns wants to fight him tonight. Shane says he fought in a brutal steel cage match last night. He teases accepting and then refuses. Shane says he does what he wants when he wants. He brings out Drew, and then books Reigns vs. himself at WWE Sweet Saudi Money III: We’ll Do Anything For $50 Million. Reigns says Shane will get his ass kicked, believe that. The lackluster booking of Reigns and the inclusion of Shane in matches continues.

– Brock is still in the building.

– Drew & Shane walk, and Miz arrives. Drew tells him to fuck off and threatens him. Miz says he will take care of Drew and then Shane.

The Usos vs. The Revival: dash attacks before the bell and the Revival run wild with double teams, covering for 2. They double team Jey on the floor, and then back in, follow with quick tags and double teams. They isolate him in their corner, but Jey battles back and the Usos clear the ring. Post break and the Revival is back in control. Jimmy tries to fight back, but Dawson attacks and then eats a spin kick. Tag to Jey and he runs wild with clotheslines, kicks, and then a Samoan drop on Dash & Dawson. The corner ass attacks follow, and then an enziguri. The high cross follows for 2. Dash battles back, but gets cut off up top and Jey follows him up. Dawson tags in and the Revival hit a powerbomb/elbow drop combo for 2. Dawson follows with rights, they trade and Jimmy tags in and double superkicks follow for 2. Dash DDTs Jimmy on the floor, but Jey follows with a dive. Dawson gets a roll up for 2. Jimmy follows with a superkick for 2. Dawson then gets a roll up with the tights for the win. The Revival defeated The Usos @ 12:00 via pin [***¼] Look what happens when two skilled tag teams get time and no comedy bullshit to have a good match. Give me more of this.

– Bliss meets with Nikki and is upset she lost last night. The Revival arrives and celebrates.

– Time for Bray’s wacky Firefly Funhouse. It immediately takes a dark turn with masked Bray wanting us to let him in.

– Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross arrive. Alexa arrives prepared so she wouldn’t lose her gear again. She demands coffee, gets two and pours them into one cup, giving Nikki the empty one. Alexa brings out Becky Lynch. Alexa welcomes Becky to the show and makes Nikki move away from her. The IIconics then arrive and mock Becky for losing one of her belts. Becky tells them to shut up and now Lacey arrives in the old revolving door segment of talkers that say nothing. Lacey takes credit for Becky losing to Charlotte. Becky runs her down for wearing her granny’s clothes and for tapping out at MITB. She can now focus on her completely and Becky challenges Lacey & the Iiconics to a match. Nikki offers to team with Becky and Becky tells Alexa to stand there and look pretty and join the team. Alexa takes her coffee to the ring.

Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross, & Alexa Bliss vs. The IIconics & Lacey Evans: Kay and Lynch to begin. Lynch takes early control and Royce tags in. They lock up and Royce slams Lynch down, but Lynch fires back with kicks. Nikki tags in and trips up Royce and then follows with corner attacks and a bulldog for 2. She heads up top and the high cross follows for 2. Royce cuts off Nikki, tags in Kay and double teams follow. Evans tags in and hits a corner dropkick and Royce covers for 2. Royce ground things, tags in Evans and she grounds things and talks shit to Lynch. The heels continue with quick tags, isolating Nikki until Nikki avoids a charge and tags in Lynch. Lynch runs wild Evans walks off to the back. The XPLODER follows and Lynch heads up top and hits the missile dropkick. The second rope leg drop follow for the win. Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross, & Alexa Bliss defeated The IIconics & Lacey Evans @ 5:40 via pin [**] This was ok, the Iiconics lose again as per usual, but I’m digging the Nikki Cross stuff. Great performance by Alexa as well.

Mick Foley Reveals WWE’s Newest Championship: Foley arrives and has the new championship in a lovely velvet bag. He says something has been missing from Raw, and wants to make Raw “RAW” again. It takes a lot to become a champion in WWE, and even more to become a legend. He announces the WWE 24/7 championship. The title can be defended anytime, anywhere, and any place. There are no days off when you hold this title. He lays it on the mat and starting tonight, the third hour of Raw will get mean and nasty, because the first champion will be crowned. It is open to every superstar in WWE.

WWE 24/7 Championship Match With a Bunch of Geeks: A bunch of geeks rush the ring and try to win the title. They all brawl, and the Good brothers grab the title and get taken out by EC3. Jose takes him out. The belt lays in the ring and it’s whoever grabs it first. Titus throws out maverick and wins the title. Robert Roode then pinned him and won the title. Titus O’Neil won @ 1:50 via picking up the belt off the mat [NR] What a CLUSTER FUCK. Just a bunch of guys aimlessly rolling around trying to grab a tile like it’s the last piece of candy at a kid’s party from the piñata. Excuse me for wanting a bit more from my wrestling. In theory with WWE’s social media footprint and reach, they COULD make this a fun concept. I just have no faith in them actually doing so.

 photo jascck middle_zpsumhe7jma.gif

– WWE 24/7 Champion Robert Roode runs as a gaggle of geeks chase him backstage.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz: Shane is at ringside. Miz attacks with leg kicks, but McIntyre cuts him off with chops. Miz fires back, and they brawl to the floor with Miz taking control, attacking the legs. Back in and McIntyre starts tossing him around, but Miz again attacks the knees. But McIntyre is too powerful and fires back with an overhead toss. He follows with a suplex, covering for 2. Miz again takes out the knee, but McIntyre crotches him on the barricade and knocks him into the crowd. He follows with a suplex on the floor. Post break and Miz fights off McIntyre and hits a powerbomb out of the corner. Miz follows with strikes and kicks, and follows with a running knee strike and then posts McIntyre. Miz follows with a springboard chop and covers for 2. Miz follows with the IT kicks, and follows with a RANA. McIntyre counters back, and hits the inverted Alabama slam for 2. Miz goes back to the knee, but McIntyre fights off the figure four, cheap shot by Shane and McIntyre hits the spinebuster for 2. Miz counters the claymore and locks on the figure four. McIntyre chops his way out, Miz dumps him and cases Shane. Shane cuts him off, claymore by McIntyre and that’s that. Drew McIntyre defeated The Miz @ 13:15 via pin [***] This was good, but I could have done without Shane and the overbooking down the stretch.

– Post match and Shane looks for coast to coast but Reigns makes the save and takes out Drew. Shane runs away.

– The geeks continue to chase Roode.

– Kofi & Rollins are interviewed about tonight’s main event. They know Brock is still here and no one likes Lashley and especially Corbin.

– They talk about Rey controversial win over Joe at MITB. They announce Rey suffered a separated shoulder post match. Joe says he was never pinned and never lost his title. He knows Rey is honorable, and will give Rey an opportunity to hand him back his championship. If you don’t, imagine the example he’ll set. We’ll find out the future of the title next week.

– Roode runs and hides in Truth’s trunk. Truth then tricks the others and makes then run away and then pins Roode to win the title.

Baron Corbin & Lashley vs. Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston: This is now a no DQ match. Corbin & Lashley attack during Rollins’ entrance. They work back to the ring and Corbin hits deep six for 2. Lashley takes out Kofi, Rollins fights back and tags in Kofi. He runs wild and hits the boom drop on Lashley. He follows with a springboard high cross for 2. Corbin cuts him off and tags in. Post break and Corbin works over Rollins with rights. Rollins cuts him off with sling blade but Corbin cut off the suicide dive and works him over on the floor. They isolate Kofi and work double teams. They take him up top and Rollins makes the save with chair shots. He runs wild on the heels, hitting superkicks, and looks for blackout but Lashley cuts him off. Kofi then dumps him and then Corbin. Rollins hits a suicide dive and Kofi flies and wipes out the heels. Back in and trouble in paradise finishes Corbin. Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston defeated Baron Corbin & Lashley @ 11:20 via pin [**½] This was a solid but unspectacular main event.

– Lashley spears both champions post match. Brock arrives, teases cash-in in and leaves as Heyman says they will reveal next week who he will cash-in on.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
This week’s episode of WWE Raw felt like most weeks, nothing much worth your time, some good, but limited I ring action, not much fallout from MITB and nothing much for Sweet Saudi Money III. Add in the 24/7 Joke championship and it was another skippable show.

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