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Dash Wilder Argues With Sam Roberts Over ‘Championship’ or ‘Belt’ Terms, Jim Cornette on Why They’re Belts

February 26, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Dash Wilder WWE Main Event

UPDATE: Jim Cornette also decided to share his opinion on the earlier argument between Dash Wilder and Sam Roberts, which you can see below. His comments sound like what you would expect from Cornette.

Cornette wrote, “They’re f***ing belts, and it’s a shame even uneducated rasslers think they’re “titles” because Vince thinks the word “belt” is too “rasslin”. Here’s to the Revival for having enough restraint not to choke a sumbitch who calls a belt a “title”.”

There are also some additional comments by Dash Wilder on the matter, which you can see below.

ORIGINAL: The Revival member Dash Wilder wasn’t happy with Sam Roberts and got into an argument with him on social media after Roberts responded to a clip on the Toronto Raptors social media account. The clip shows the rapper, Drake, heading into the Scotiabank Arena on Tuesday with some WWE titles for the Raptors vs. Bucks game. The caption for the tweet reads, We got belts too. #WeTheNorth @Drake @WWE”

Later on, Sam Roberts used the old Vince McMahon line about seeing wrestling titles as “championships” and not “belts,” writing, “Belts hold up your pants. Those are championships.”

The Revival’s Dash Wilder took exception to Sam Roberts’ tweet. He wrote in response, “No, they’re belts. Just like every legendary PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER I’ve ever watched said. Championship belt.”

Roberts would tweet back at Wilder, only writing, “Sports entertainers.” This was followed by Wilder’s tweet, stating, “Sam, I don’t want to punch you, but yes I do.” After that, WWE Superstar Aiden English chimed in and tried to make peace. He tweeted, “You want old school word ‘belts’ …he wants the corporate word ‘title’ — can we just invent a new one? …Championship Bandoliers?” You can see that full exchange below.