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Dax Harwood Says CM Punk ‘Misses Wrestling,’ Why All In Is the Right Time For FTR & Punk vs. Elite

April 17, 2023 | Posted by Jonathan Hunter
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On a recent edition of the FTR podcast, Dax Harwood of FTR revealed that CM Punk “misses wrestling.” Dax also talked about AEW ALL IN at Wembley Stadium and why he thinks Punk & FTR vs The Elite would be a huge match for the event. Read on for more:

On wanting FTR & Punk vs The Elite for the Wembley show: “I’ve said it before, I think that if we want to get forty thousand, fifty thousand tickets, we want to put on the match everyone wants to see as far as AEW goes. I think it’s CM Punk & FTR versus the Young Bucks & Kenny Omega. That’s what I think. I feel that that the following week at All Out, separate those matches. That’s me fantasy booking and my dream.”

On right now being the right time: “I’ve been on board to have match three with the Young Bucks for forever. I think right now is the perfect opportunity to have those three matches I just named. The six-man, and the two individual matches, because of the changes that are going on with the WWE, we have the opportunity coming off of Wrestlemania to build AEW and show people how good AEW is.”

On the philosophy of putting the best vs the best: “Tully [Blanchard] always said it, if they were trying to get a boost in business back in Crockett days or when he was with his dad in south-eastern, they would always put the best versus the best. He told me a story. Dusty [Rhodes] wanted it to be Wahoo [McDaniel] and Tully in an angle, and he wanted [Ric] Flair to work with someone else. Tully said ‘look, I think those are great. But I think if you’re trying to boost your business, if I were you, I’d put Flair and Wahoo together, and let them beat the crap out of each other, and let me work with you, and so I as the heel to put you over.’ I think that’s what AEW needs right now. Put the best versus the best.”

On capitalizing on the controversy: “I’m not even saying the best wrestler. I’m saying the best match-ups against each other. And I think capitalizing off of this controversy and what this six-man could be, that’s what I feel. And then also, if you did the six-man in the UK, and then you did the two individual matches in the United States the next week, no market feels cheated. That’s my opinion.”

On Punk being one of the biggest names in pro wrestling: “I’ll say this. The reason I’m fantasy booking that is because outside of Roman Reigns, and you please correct me if I’m wrong, and this is not including like Brock Lesnar, or Logan Paul, or whatever. But outside of Roman Reigns, and maybe Cody Rhodes, the biggest name in professional wrestling right now is CM Punk. Definitely the biggest name in AEW. And so if want to take AEW to the next level, if we’re here to work for AEW, if we’re here to make professional wrestling better because of AEW, the way you do that is you take the biggest star and you put him on the card, and you make money with him.”

On CM Punk telling him Punk ‘misses wrestling’: “Also, on top of saying that, I talk to Punk almost every day. And Punk misses wrestling. That’s your headline. Punk misses wrestling, and Punk wants to come back. And he wants to give back to the fans, he wants to give back to wrestling. So I’ll leave it at that.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit FTR h/t 411mania for the transcription.

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