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GFW News: Ed Nordholm Denies Rumors Of GFW’s Impending Doom, 205 Live Star In Amped Series, Nine New Xplosion Matches Online

September 9, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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– In a post on Twitter, xecutive Vice President of Anthem Sports and Entertainment, responded to rumors that GFW was hemorrhaging funds for Anthem. He was asked if Anthem would buy Lucha Underground after rumors it might not get a fourth season. He replied:

His post was retweeted by the Impact Wrestling account.

– The next GFW Amped Anthology episode features TJ Perkins, who is wrestling in WWE as TJP.

– GFW has uploaded nine Xplosion matches to Youtube, including Tyrus vs. Caleb Konley, Braxton Sutter vs. Dezmond Xavier, and Andrew Everett vs. Taiji Ishimori.