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Evolution Schematic 07.18.07: Steve Corino (Part 1)

July 18, 2007 | Posted by Mathew Sforcina

Is this Awesome or what?

Writer’s Notes

Well, to start with, some linkage. So if you don’t want to read other people’s work, shame on you, but skip ahead to the bold bit.

First of all, massive, massive props to Meehan for the awesome, awesome opening graphic you see above you.

Secondly, I DID NOT, repeat, DID NOT tell Ron to just post his Origins stuff and be dammed. I suggested he type it up, stick it on his blog, and then link in a column for those of us who did want to read it. Thus, if you hated it, don’t blame me. Blame yourselves for hating it.

Thirdly, as much as it’s a good idea for TNA to book me for their Aussie tour, Moderate Boss Man, given that my fed is in partnership with Dragon’s Gate, vicariously, we have a deal with ROH, and thus it can be construed as jumping ship. Which isn’t to say if offered I would turn it down, just that I’m, that is, it’s a bigger deal than you made it out to be.

I would have put a rim shot after that, but looking at it, it didn’t deserve one.

And finally, this week’s subject was chosen by Jed Shaffer, whom you may remember writing the Re-Writing The Book series here on 411 before The Split, then writing for IP for a bit before they stupidly let him go (well…he stopped writing for them, ergo they were stupid), and is now doing his RWTB series at Wrestlecrap. I view his work as the real Ying/Yang/Whatever to Ron, since Ron is more the backstage side and Jed’s more the story, even if I have to read his stuff via Google’s caching. Don’t ask. But still, look for the Steamboat vs. Funk & Flair Wars eventually.

But now, onto the true King…


There are plenty of guys out there on the Indy circuit quite happy to go out there and throw themselves into barbed wire and light bulbs for little more than the price of a cup of coffee and some band-aids. In any ‘extreme’ or ‘hardcore’ promotion, you’ll find dozens and dozens of guys who will do anything they can to get the win, and if that involves getting their own body mangled, so be it.

And most of these guys are ugly, injured and never get anywhere.

But on the other side of the spectrum sits a man who is so far opposed to this style that he ends up back into it. ‘The King Of Old School’, ‘The Best Independent Wrestler In The World’, ‘The King Of Kings’, ‘The Xtreme Horseman’, ‘The F’n God Of Professional Wrestling’, ‘The Man With Many Earned Nicknames’ Steve Corino has, from practically day 1 in this industry, been anti-hardcore. Been against the chairs and tables and blood, he doesn’t like that, he fights against it. And he is so passionate about it, so dead set on getting rid of this style, that he most times ends up fighting in that exact style in an attempt to get rid of it. It’s ironic, but it’s the Pro Wrestling industry in the nutshell. Steve Corino is, at many times, what he truly despises.

And yet, despite or perhaps because of this, he’s also one of the most prolific title holders in Wrestling history, having had more title reigns in more companies that some people have actual matches. Including an ECW World Title reign, an NWA World Title reign, and ‘2′ ‘AWA’ ‘World’ Title reigns.

Hence, regardless of your opinion on the difference between wrestling and hardcore wrestling, despite where you stand on rules in general, one remains true.

He who has the gold makes the rules.

Origins- A Tully Blanchard (and Tommy Rich) fan. No wonder I like him.

Steve Corino was born in Canada.

Really, that’s all one has to say. He’s Canadian, he’s a viable subject of this column, ergo the standard Canadian Wrestler history applies. Just sub in ‘Blanchard and Rich’ for childhood hero, ‘Winnipeg’ for birthplace, ‘North Carolina’ for training grounds and ‘Tom Brandi’ for trainer, and you’ve got it.

Debut- 1994 didn’t know what hit it. Since it was such a tiny hit, it didn’t notice.

Corino debuted in 1994, or at least began his career in 94, 95 being his ‘official’ debut year. Almost immediately, after he established even the smallest amount of credibility and traction, once he knew he could handle himself in the ring, he began campaigning against ‘Hardcore’ wrestling. Seeing it as a plague on the business, as something that was poisoning the industry, taking it away from it’s roots, he traveled the country of the USA, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico, working for several different companies, various NWA members, ECWA, IPWA, MEWF, OMEGA, you name it, if it was an Indy fed in 94-98, Corino probably wrestled for them, certainly he rallied against any hardcore ‘athletes’ in them, and there is a damm good chance he held one of it’s belts for some period of time.

But then, inevitability occurred. After all, the man was 100% opposed to hardcore wrestling, to anything extreme; he was all about the old school style, hence the name. So, naturally, it would come to pass that he would end up in the Mecca of hardcore, the home of extreme, the pinnacle of the style. After all, to destroy something, you have to take it apart from the inside.

Phase 2- Steve Corino, Anti-ECW Star

Steve debuted in ECW in very late 98, not really making any sort of impact until early 1999. He was quickly despised, despite losing practically every match he had, and when he didn’t lose, it was a no-contest, such as Crossing The Line when his match with Kronus was a no contest after Sid came out and got in Corino’s face about Corino using the Powerbomb.

Steve, despite losing to Nova and Chris Chetti on a regular basis, became more and more hated, and thus got in the sights of one Tommy Dreamer and his girl Francine, since Tommy was ECW incarnate and Corino hated the company and all. After Balls Mahoney beat Corino in about 4 minutes at 99’s Living Dangerously thanks to a vicious chair shot, Corino began fighting Tommy Dreamer on a regular basis and losing to Tommy Dreamer on a regular basis, although on one show, the 3rd of April 99, Corino was booked against Taz but had to pull out due to needing ‘both appendixes removed’.

But Taz didn’t really buy that, so a few weeks later Corino helped Chris Candido attack and kick the crap out of Taz, thus getting both Taz on his tail and Candido on his side, the two forming a partnership of convenience. However, their partnership did not last long, and the two soon split back up (not even lasting long enough to warrant even a sub-phase). But then something happened that did deserve a new sub-section.

Phase 2b- The losing to Francine Phase

At first, it was just in mixed tag matches. Corino would team up with some scrub or two to fight the team of Tommy Dreamer and Francine. And in the course of the match, Dreamer would beat him up and then Francine would pin him.

Embarrassing, yes, but understandable.

But then Corino would attempt to ambush the two, and end up being pinned by Francine, albeit with some help from Dreamer.

Still, they weren’t matches, right? So it’s not that big a deal…

Well, it was to him. So much so that he went out and got himself a partner, an ally…

Phase 3- Corino and Victory! The man, not the winning.

Corino went out and found himself a fellow old school ally, Jack Victory, a man who had been around for years and was equally disgusted with ECW, since the company had stood by and let New Jack break his leg in 7 places. The fact he was brought in to take New Jack out, the fact he was a hired gun at the time meant nothing to him.

Of course, Jack did not actively turn the tide for Corino as much as he wanted, since he was still injured and thus could only interfere. And he couldn’t even do that well, since Corino began losing to Francine and Jazz in SANCTIONED ONE ON ONE MATCHES.

So, he went out and found himself a Rookie Monster…

Writer’s Notes

Yes, I am aware that, for me, this is criminally short. But alas, a multitude of factors are preventing me from continuing, none of which would satisfy you and thus I won’t bother giving them. Next week we finish up for sure though. And really, with that intro picture, do you really need words? Really?


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