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UPDATE: WWE Lets Fans With AEW Shirts Into Smackdown, Cody and Brandi Rhodes Comment

January 8, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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UPDATE: WWE ended up allowing fans with AEW shirts into Smackdown, despite initial reports to the contrary. Several fans noted on social media (and in our comments) that the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena allowed fans through wearing merchandise from the new promotion, in contrast to initial reports that some people were not allowed in.

Wrestling Inc spoke with Cody and Brandi Rhodes about the story and asked them about it.

“I mean, we like blew up the whole sky right across the street from their building,” Cody said, referencing the fireworks that went on after the rally… “But you can’t throw people [out]. If people part with their money to get tickets, you can’t turn them away.”

Brandi noted, “I’m happy if they got back in. I know a procedure a lot of times is if there’s something that you can’t show [on your shirt], they turn it inside out or you put it down. As long as they comply, I hope they stay in and enjoy the show.”

Cody added, “I bet it’s isolated. I can’t see them going full-court press: no AEW merch inside and if they did that’s a mistake because Jacksonville, for WWE and the shows I’ve been, it’s been a soft market. It’s not a market that they’ve regularly sold out, so if you’ve got fans parting with their money, you’re an idiot to turn them away.”

ORIGINAL: Fans wearing All-Elite Wrestling shirts say that they were not allowed to enter Smackdown wearing the merchandise. Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with two employees for Pro Wrestling Tees who say they tried to buy tickets for Smackdown, but were approached by security to tell them that they would not be allowed inside wearing the shirts. The security guard allegedly told the box office seller not to sell them tickets unless they changed their clothing.

According to the men, they asked for something official saying that they couldn’t enter in the merchandise, but the guard walked away without an answer. One of the men says security told them, “WWE doesn’t want that in here.”

AEW held their rally today in Jacksonville, where Smackdown is being held.