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Former Marvel Comics Writer Hired As WWE Longterm Creative Director, Reportedly Behind White Rabbit Teases

October 4, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE QR Code White Rabbit Image Credit: WWE

WWE has reportedly brought in a writer for Marvel Comics, who is the man behind the White Rabbit teasers. Fightful Select reports that Rob Fee began work for the company in September and officially signing on this week as the Director of Longterm Creative. Fee wrote Marvel’s Avengers Halloween Special in October of 2019 as well as Red Goblin: Red Death #1 and has worked on shows for Crypt TV, Netflix, Disney, and more. Fee has confirmed the news, updating his Twitter bio to read “Director of Longterm Creative at WWE.”

The site also notes that Fee previously pitched a movie involving The Fiend to WWE and it “resonated well” with executives. The project is said to have had a possibility of being produced, but Bray Wyatt was released soon after. Fee reports to Bruce Pritchard and will help maintain consistency across all brands for long-term storytelling purposes, and is a longtime wrestling fan said to be “very familiar” with WWE’s product.