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From The Shelf: ROH Supercard of Honor III

February 12, 2013 | Posted by Dylan Diot
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From The Shelf: ROH Supercard of Honor III  

Hey guys, I’m Dylan Diot and I’m one of the new Video Reviews for 411wrestling. My reviews will follow a play by play format with my thoughts and analysis following the star ratings. My review format will follow the title of my reviews, I pick something off my wrestling shelf and I’ll review it. I can and will review anything and anything!!!! Feel free to use the comment section below to suggest what shows I should watch for future reviews, give thoughts on my reviews, or just argue with me. I hope to archive all my reviews and make them more interactive with you the readers in the near future. But now onto the show…..

Ring of Honor- Supercard of Honor III
Orlando, FL

Key points heading into the show:
-The stars of Dragon Gate were returning for their third Supercard of Honor weekend.
– Lacey is trying to recruit Austin Aries into the Age of the Fall for Jimmy Jacobs.
– Age of the Fall and the Briscoes look to settle their long standing feud.
– Roderick Strong and Erick Stevens bring their FIP feud into ROH.

Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard.

Delirious vs. Go Shiozaki
Delirious plays a game of Stop and Go to mock Shiozaki to start. Shiozaki backs Delirious to the corner after a lock-up and Delirious begs him not to chop him. Go obliges and Delirious grabs a headlock. Go sends him off the ropes and Delirious tries some shoulder blocks with no effect. Go fakes him out with a chop and Delirious bails. Delirious enters the ring and tells the ref to DQ Go if he chops him. Delirious uses his speed to get the best of Go and he bails again after Go looks to chop him. Back in, Delirious tells Go to look elsewhere and tries to land a sneak attack but Go catches him with a chop for 2. Go chops away and he sends Delirious to the corner. He charges but eats elbow and Delirious hits a top rope lariat for 2. Back suplex by Delirious gets 2. Elbows to the back of the neck by Delirious and he charges at Go but Go places him on the top rope to block. Chop to the back and chest by Go takes Delirious down and he hits a leaping shoulder block for 2. Hot shot by Go and he hits a knee drop for 2. Snapmare and Go chops the back of Delirious. He goes to the chinlock but Delirious fights out and gets a sunset flip for 2. Chops in the corner by Go and he hits a Fisherman Buster for 2. Slam by Go and he goes up for the moonsault but eats knees on the way down. Delirious fires away on Go and he hits a leaping lariat. Delirious presses Go down into a back senton for 2. Cobra Clutch but Go backs him into the corner to break. He charges but Delirious drop toe holds him into the corner and follows with the Panic Attack. Delirious goes up for Shadow’s Over Hell but eats a superkick to the mid-section on the way down!!! German suplex by Go gets 2. Discus chop to the head by Go gets 2 and Delirious catches him with the Cobra Stretch. Go gets his foot on the ropes to break. Enzuigiri by Delirious but Go comes right back with a lariat for 2. Delirious goes for a small package but Go rolls through into the Go Flasher for 3.
Winner- Go Shiozaki *** (Fun opening contest. Shiozaki came out of the match looking impressive and Delirious’ was as entertaining as he usually is. Good stuff. )

Larry Sweeney and Shane Hagadorn brag about the contacts they made over the weekend and he warns ROH that their opportunities are coming to an end because of the high demand of his talent. He tells Hagadorn it’s time to deal with business with Roderick Strong.

The YRR (Kenny King, Sal Rinauro, and Chasyn Rance) vs. Bushwhacker Luke, Dingo, and Alex Payne
The YRR is a stable out of Full Impact Pro. Rinauro and Dingo start. Snapmare into a chinlock by Rinauro but Dingo escapes and grabs a headlock. Rinauro escapes and Dingo lands some jabs. Rinauro pokes the eye to stop him but Dingo comes back with a headbutt. Tag to Payne and he hits a slam. Kneedrop by Payne and he takes King off the apron. Rance returns the favor to pain and the YRR hammers away on Payne on the floor. Back in, Rance tags in and he hits a kneedrop for 2. Tag to King and he hits a clothesline for 2. Spinning backbreaker by King gets 2 and he hot shots Payne. Tag to Rance and he hits a spinning heel kick with King following up with a springboard legdrop for 2. Tag to Rinauro and he hits an elbow drop off the top. Orton backbreaker into a German suplex by Rinauro gets 2. Tag to King and Payne catches him with a backslide for 2. Boot by King and he goes for a suplex but Payne counters into a DDT. Tag to Dingo and he cleans house on the YRR. Headscissors to Rinauro and he hits a knee to the back for 2 as the YRR break. Payne with a missile dropkick to King and Rance but he eats a kneestrike from Rinauro. Luke come in and cleans house. He uses Payne to battery ram the YRR. O’Connor roll by Dingo to Rinauro gets 2 as the YRR breaks with double superkick. They triple team Dingo in the corner and Rinauro hits a springboard enzuigiri for 3.
Winners- The YRR ** ( Nothing more than a showcase match for the YRR. This did this no favors, however, as they struggled to beat an old man and two ROH Academy students. Kenny King would turn out OK. )

The No Remorse Corps just defended the ROH Tag Titles against the Vulture Squad in a match taped for an ROH PPV when Larry Sweeney comes out. He tries to recruit the NRC to Sweet and Sour Inc. when Roderick Strong comes out. He says this is his group and the answer is no. Before Sweeney can reply, Erick Stevens comes out and clears the ring of the NRC. Strong knocks him out of the ring and they brawl on the floor as the Vulture Squad drags the NRC to the back. Stevens goes for a suplex on the ramp but Strong blocks and they trade chops. Strong’s already busted open by Stevens’ chops!!!! They head into the ring and a ref enters the ring to try to get the match started. Stevens shoves the ref down and Strong nails the ref with a forearm!!!! Strong and Stevens slug it out and they both nail the ref!!!! They fight onto the floor again and Strong starts beating the shit out of Stevens with forearms. He puts Stevens’ head in a chair and he rams it into the ring post. Stevens is busted open as Strong hammers away at the open wound. They head into the ring and Stevens sends Strong head first into a chair. Chops by Stevens and he follows it up by stomping away on Strong. Strong CHOPS STEVENS IN THE FACE!!!!! He goes for the half nelson backbreaker but Stevens blocks and he TKO’S STRONG ON THE CHAIR!!!!!! They fight on the floor and head back in. Strong is busted open and Stevens bites the head of Strong!!! Chops by Stevens and he goes for the Choo-Choo but eats boot. Lariat by Strong and he goes for another one but misses. Release German suplex by Stevens and he hits the Choo-Choo. Lariat by Stevens and he charges again but eats an enzuigiri from Strong. Sick Kick by Strong and they trade forearms. They both stagger to their feet and begin to slug it out with forearms. They both nail each other with a hard shot finally knocking the other down. Strong nails Stevens with the chair and Strong calls the NRC down to the ring. They hand Strong some scissors and the NRC cut the Mohawk off of Stevens!!!! Strong stands on top of a bloody, unconscious Stevens holding the FIP Title. (What an awesome, brutal fight. This was such an underrated feud )

Video package for Briscoes/Age of the Fall airs.

Relaxed Rules- Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black) w/Lacey and Rain vs. The Briscoes
Relaxed Rules is basically No DQ. Jimmy Jacobs talks about letting a homeless man in a wheelchair into the building so he could have one night of enjoyment. That man is Mr. Milo Beasley from FIP, known for being a fake cripple. Jacobs promise to end their war with the Briscoes tonight. They brawl in the ring to start and Mark superkicks Black. Springboard crossbody by Mark and the Briscoes hit a double shoulder tackle to Jacobs. Big boot by Jay and Jacobs bails. Jay follows with a slingshot pescado to Jacobs and Mark goes up for a moonsault to the floor onto everyone!!!! The Briscoes throw the Age of the Fall into the crowd and pull out a trampoline?!?!? Mark SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TRAMPOLINE AND HITS A SUMMERSAULT SENTON INTO THE CROWD!!!! Mark suplexes Black onto a pile of chairs as they brawl all over the crowd. Jacobs rides a crade into the mid-section of Jay while Mark hits a standing moonsault onto a chair on Black. Jacobs with a lariat off the bleachers onto Jay while Mark suplexes Black onto another pile of chairs. Mark backdrops Jacobs onto a pile of chairs and they hit the double hiptoss into the chairs. The Briscoes set up a table and Mark brings Jacobs up into the bleachers. Jay puts Black onto the table but Milo Beasley shoves him off. Jay nails Beasley and puts him on the table. Mark LEAPS OFF THE BLEACHERS THROUGH THE TABLE ONTO BEASLEY!!!!!!! This draws a holy shit chant. Jay and Black head back into the ring and he goes for the Jay Driller but Jacobs puts a plastic bag of Jay’s face to block. Black puts Jay in the tree of woe and they hit stereo dropkicks in the corner for 2. Paroxysm by Black and Jacobs hits a back senton off the top for 2. Whip to the corner and Black charges but eats elbow. Flatliner into the corner to Jacobs and he superkicks Black. Big boot by Jay and he hits the Falcon Arrow to Jacobs for 2 as Black saves. They slug it out and Jay hits the DVD for 2. He goes for the Jay Driller but Jacobs goes low and Black gets the small package for 2. Powerbomb/Contra Code combo on Jay gets 2!!! Black goes up but Mark returns and shoves Black to the floor. Ally-Oop to Jacobs by Jay and the Briscoes call for the Springboard Doomsday Device. Jacobs REVERSES IT IN MID-AIR INTO THE END TIME!!!!!! Mark passes out!!!!
Winners- Age of the Fall ***1/2 (Typical Briscoes brawl as a good chunk of the match was crowd brawling. It still made the match massively entertaining and that was finish was incredible )

Erick Stevens says losing blood and hair won’t stop him from getting the FIP Title from Strong.

Age of the Fall says they accomplished goal #1, beating the Briscoes. Jacobs says Austin Aries will win the ROH Title and join them. Lacey says if their plans fail, Lacey has a backup plan.

Shingo and BxB Hulk vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico
Steen mocks Hulk’s entrance dance before the match begins. Generico and Hulk start. Hulk grabs the front facelock but Generico escapes into his own. Hulk escapes and he lands some arm drags on Generico. Dropkick by Hulk and Generico tags Steen in. Shoulderblocks by Steen but Hulk comes back with a spinning heel kick. Tag to Shingo and he gets in a shoulder tackle battle with Steen. Steen sends Shingo to the floor to break and Generico hits a springboard summersault senton to the floor!!!!! He rolls Shingo back in where Steen gets 2. Tag to Generico and he hits some rights with no effect. Shingo knocks Generico down with a chop and he tags Hulk. DDT by Shingo and Hulk follows with a BxB Star Press for 2. Kneedrop by Shingo gets 2 and they hit a dropkick/Saito suplex combo. Steen gets the tag and he cleans house. Back elbow to Hulk gets 2. Tag to Generico and he hits a standing moonsault for 2. Tag to Steen and they hit the drop toe hold/summersault legdrop combo for 2. Backbreaker by Steen gets 2 and he tags Generico. They trade chops and Hulk lands some kicks to the chest. Leg lariat by Generico gets 2 and Steen tags in. He mocks Hulk’s attempts at a tag to Shingo and he hits a slam for 2. Tag to Generico and he sends Hulk to the corner. Generico charges but eats boot and Hulk hits a second rope dropkick. Hulk dropkicks an incoming Steen into a moonsault on Generico. Steen goes for a back senton but misses Hulk and lands on Generico!!! This allows Hulk to finally make the tag to Shingo. He hammers away on Steen and he hits a flatliner/DDT combo on Steen and Generico. Exploder suplex to Steen and he hits a sit-out spinebuster on Generico for 2. Standing SSP by Hulk gets 2 as Steen breaks. Superkick to Shingo and he presses Hulk into a powerbomb for 2. Pump handle neckbreaker by Steen gets 2. Steen goes up but Shingo stops him allowing Hulk to hit a spinning heel kick. Shingo goes up but Generico stops him and hits the assisted swinging DDT. Generico presses Hulk into a dropkick by Steen and Shingo hits a Saito suplex to Generico. Release northern lights powerbomb by Shingo gets 2. EVO by Hulk gets 2 as Steen saves. Hulk escapes the Package Piledriver but eats a lariat from Steen. Lariat by Shingo to Steen and Generico hits a crossbody off the top to Shingo, leaving everyone on the mat!!!! Steen clotheslines Shingo to the floor and Hulk hits a back elbow in the corner to Generico. Generico comes back with the Ekuza kick and he hits a half nelson suplex. Swanton Bomb by Steen gets 2!!!! Slam by Steen and he goes up for the moonsault but misses. Shingo hits Blood Fall on Steen for 2 as Generico saves. Generico and Hulk trade counters until Hulk hits EVOP for 2 as Steen breaks!!! Doomsday spinning heel kick on Generico gets 2 as Steen saves. Steen charges in the corner but misses and hits the post shoulder first. Hulk goes up and hits a moonsault to the floor on Steen. Lariat in the corner by Shingo to Generico and he goes up with him. DVD off the second rope by Shingo gets 2!!! Lariat by Shingo but Generico comes back with a boot. Another lariat by Shingo and he hits Last Falconry for 3!!!
Winners- BxB Hulk and Shingo ****1/4 (Incredible tag team action. Lots of heart stopping near falls and a scorching hot finish down the stretch makes this one of the best ROH tag matches of 2008. Just fantastic stuff.)

Backstage, Erick Stevens shaves off the rest of his Mohawk.

ROH World Title- Nigel McGuinness © vs. Austin Aries
This is a rematch from Rising Above 2007. Hammerlock by Aries but Nigel goes to the corner to break. Aries goes to work on the arm of Nigel and he wrenches the arm of Nigel in a hammerlock position. Nigel elbows Aries in the face to stop the momentum and he grabs a cobra clutch. Aries rolls through and he hits some knees to the head of Nigel forcing him to bail to the floor. Aries goes for the Heat Seeking Missile but Nigel walks away before Aries could go for it. Nigel heads back in and Aries gets a Thesz press into some forearms. More knees to the head by Aries and he grabs the Last Chancery but Nigel gets his leg in the ropes to break. Basement dropkick by Aries and he hits a kneestrike from the floor. Slingshot chop to the back by Aries and he slingshots Nigel in the ropes for 1. STO by Aries and he hits the pendulum elbow for 2. Knees to the back of the neck by Aries and he hits a snapmare into a knee to the back. Aries ties Nigel up like a pretzel then grabs a cravat. Nigel rakes the face to break and he sends Aries into the corner shoulder first. He sends Aries into the ring post shoulder first and he pulls Aries’ arm against the ropes. Hammerlock divorce court by Nigel gets 1. Keylock by Nigel but Aries escapes with an arm drag. Cobra Clutch by Nigel but Aries escapes and gets the O’Connor roll for 2. Running knee strike by Aries and he chops away. Fireman’s carry roll by Aries and he goes up for a flying Tomahawk chop for 2. Whip to the corner and Aries charges but misses. Kick to the back/chop to the chest combo by Nigel gets 2. He places Aries on top and goes for the Tower of London but Aries blocks. Back elbows in the corner by Aries and he goes for the Brainbuster but Nigel blocks. London Dungeon by Nigel but Aries gets his foot in the ropes to break. Aries charges at Nigel with a forearm and he catches Nigel in the Last Chancery!!! Nigel rakes the eyes to break and he hits a running uppercut in the corner. Tower of London attempt but Aries rakes the eyes to break. Missile dropkick by Aries and he goes for the corner dropkick but eats boot. Tower of London by Nigel gets 2. He crotches Aries in the ropes and goes for the second rope lariat but misses. Headscissors in the ropes by Aries and Nigel bails to the floor. Aries goes up and hits an axe handle off the top to the floor on Nigel. He sends Nigel into the barricade and follows up with a running dropkick. Back in, Aries hits some corner dropkicks for 2. Aries goes for the Brainbuster but Nigel blocks. He goes for the headstand kick but Aires nails him with another corner lariat. Nigel comes back with a SICK lariat!!! Aries slaps away at Nigel but Nigel fights back with forearms. Roaring elbow by Aries and he blocks the Jawbreaker Lariat with a clothesline. Brainbuster by Aries and he goes up but misses the 450 splash!!! London Dungeon by Nigel and Aries counters into a roll-up for 2. Knees to the head by Aries and he locks in the Last Chancery. Nigel counters back into the London Dungeon but Aries breaks with a kick to the head. Aries counters the Jawbreaker Lariat with a backslide for 2. Kick to the head by Aries and he hits the Brainbuster. He goes up and hit the 450 splash for 2 as Nigel gets his foot on the ropes!!!!! Nigel goes to the floor and Aries goes for the Heat Seeking Missile but Nigel moves and Aries EATS THE BARRICADE!!!!!! Nigel crotches Aries on the barricade and he lariats Aries INTO THE CROWD!!!! Back in, Nigel gets 2. Short arm lariat by Nigel gets 2. Crucifix Bomb by Aries but Nigel comes back with the Jawbreaker lariat for 3!!!
Winner and Still ROH World Champion- Nigel McGuinness ****1/4 ( Loved the story of Nigel working the arm while Aries worked the head to set up their submission maneuvers. Also loved the finish with Aries making one key mistake that eventually cost him the match. Not as good as their Rising Above match but a fantastic sequel none the less.)

After the match, the Age of the Fall makes their way out. Jacobs tells Aries that right now this is the lowest moment of his life. Jacobs says him losing was destiny so that the Age of the Fall can pick him up. Jacobs says he can be Aries’ personal Jesus. He wants an answer but Lacey interrupts. Lacey says Aries’ is not about words, he’s a man of action. Lacey says she will show Aries why he belongs with them. She tries to take Aries out of the ring but Jacobs stops her. They make out and as Lacey begins to leave, Tammy Sytch comes out. Sytch says something must be wrong with Aries if he’s leaving with a crackwhore skank like Lacey. She asks if Lacey has something more to offer than her and Aries decides to leave with Lacey. Jacobs and Black grab Tammy and Rain lays into her with slaps. The Briscoes come out and help Tammy clear the ring of Age of the Fall.

Nigel McGuinness says he’s the best in the world and is the ace of ROH. He tells any new challengers to bring it on because he’ll break all their jaws.

Muscle Outlawz (Genki Horiguchi, Naruki Doi, and Masato Yoshino) vs. Typhoon (CIMA, Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito)
Recapping this is going to suck, but here we go. Horiguchi and Saito start. Horiguchi works the arm to start and they trade arm drags leading to a standstill. CIMA and Doi tag in. They trade arm drags and reach a stalemate of their own. Yoshino and Kid tag in. Wheelbarrow arm drag by Kid and he gets a headscissors sending Yoshino to the floor. Horiguchi comes in and Saito follows. Saito stomps away in the corner and he hits a back elbow for 1. Horiguchi rakes the eyes and he tags Doi. He stomps away in the corner and Doi grabs a chinlock. Doi goes for a slam but Saito blocks and hits one of his own. Kid and CIMA come in and Kid headscissors CIMA into Doi for 2. Snapmare and Kid hits a kneedrop for 2. Tag to CIMA and he hits an axe handle off the top onto the arm of Doi. CIMA stretches the arm but Yoshino breaks it up. Snapmare and a legdrop by Yoshino gets 2. Saito drop toe holds Yoshino into double basement dropkicks from CIMA and Kid. Triple basement dropkicks by Typhoon gets 2. Dropkick in the corner by Kid and Yoshino rakes the eyes to come back. Slam by Yoshino and the Muscle Outlawz hit their own triple basement dropkick. Kid fires away with forearms on Doi and Saito tags in. Slam by Saito and he hits an elbow drop for 2. Tag to CIMA who goes up and hits a double stomp on a hanging Doi. Inverted bow and arrow by CIMA and he turns it into a cover for 2. Tag to Kid and CIMA presses him into a back senton for 2. Horiguchi comes in and hits a suplex on Kid for 2. The Muscle Outlawz take turns jumping onto the arm of Kid and Yoshino finishes with a top rope double stomp to the arm of Kid. Hammerlock headscissors by Yoshino and he turns it into the crucifix for 2. Bulldog by Horiguchi and Doi hits a summsault senton onto Kid for 2. Saito charges in but Doi kicks him into a dropkick on Kid. He puts Saito in the tree of woe and follows with a cannonball into the corner. Horiguchi comes in and he hammers the back of Kid. Kid fights back but Horiguchi catches him with a back elbow. Sit-out powerbomb by Horiguchi gets 2 as CIMA saves. Tag to Yoshino and Kid catches him with a 619. Spinning heel kick to Horiguchi and Saito gets the tag. He trades chops with Doi and hits a hurricanrana. Tag to CIMA and he hits Venus. Iconoclasm by CIMA and he suplexes Doi while snapping back on the leg of Horiguchi. Multiple rotation headscissors by Kid to Yoshino and he hits a springboard moonsault to the floor. CIMA hits a slingshot double stomp to Horiguchi for 2. CIMA goes up for the Frog Splash but eats knees. Brainbuster by Horiguchi gets 2. He goes up but Saito stops him. Typhoon all charge at Doi in the corner and CIMA double stomps Doi and rolls into a lungblower on Horiguchi!!!! Overhead belly to belly suplex by Saito to Doi but Doi comes back with a back elbow in the corner. Gory Special slam by Doi gets 2. The Muscle Outlawz all charge at Saito in the corner. Yoshino missile dropkicks Kid into a back senton onto Saito. Doi blocks a hurricanrana attempt from Kid and Yoshino dropkicks him. Springboard summersault jawbreaker by Kid to Yoshino gets 2. Slingblade by Yoshino gets 2. Spinkick by Kid and he hits a hurricanrana for 2 as Doi saves. Yoshino and Kid lock Doi and CIMA in octopus stretches and they slug it out from that position!!!! Horiguchi and Saito break with dropkicks. Saito charges in the corner but eats boot. Saito blocks a headscissors attempt with a sidewalk slam for 2. German suplex by Saito and CIMA sunset flips Horiguchi into a full nelson suplex. Perfect Driver by CIMA gets 2!!! Superkick by CIMA but Horiguchi comes back with a DDT. Jawbreaker by Kid to Horiguchi. Missile dropkick by Yoshino to Kid. Sit-out spinebuster by Saito to Yoshino. Doi follows up with the same maneuver for 2!!! Doi goes up but CIMA stops him. He puts Doi on his shoulders and Kid follows up. He goes for the Ultra hurricarnana but DOI COUNTERS INTO A SUPER POWERBOMB FOR 2!!!!!! Yoshino and Kid go up and Yoshino hits the Slingblade off the top. Lightning Spiral by Yoshino gets 2 as Typhoon breaks it up. Hurricanrana by Horiguchi sends Saito to the floor and he follows up with a summersault senton to the floor. Corner kneestrike by CIMA to Yoshino and he puts Yoshino on top. He follows up and hits a super fisherman’s buster for 2!!! Sunset flip by Yoshino gets 2. Torbellino by Yoshino but CIMA comes back with Schwein. Dragon suplex by Saito and Kid hits the springboard summersault hurricanrana for 2!!!!! Insane. Kid goes up but Doi stops him and follows up. SUPER DOI 555!!!! Bakatare sliding kick by Doi gets 2 as Saito saves!!!! Beach Break by Horiguchi to Kid and Doi hits the Muscular Bomb for 3!!!
Winners- Muscle Outlawz ****1/2 (The Dragon Gate six man delivers again. Balls to the wall action with some great callbacks to the original match in 06. These six guys can do no wrong)

Post-match, Saito walks out on CIMA and Dragon Kid. Genki Horiguchi wants nothing to do with the post-match handshake.

Larry Sweeney again warns ROH that time is running short and the money is coming to him.

The 411: Ring of Honor stormed into Orlando and produced one of the best shows in their history. From the Strong/Stevens match onward, the show produced great match after great match with the final three matches being 2008 MOTYCs. Take away the YRR match and you have yourself a perfect show. Definitely seek out this show if you haven't seen it as it is a great example of just how great ROH once was.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.5   [  Amazing ]  legend

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