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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in Sheffield 02.25.2024 Review

February 25, 2024 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
Rev Pro - Live in Sheffield (February 2024) - Ricky Knight Jr. vs. Jordan Oliver Image Credit: RevPro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in Sheffield 02.25.2024 Review  

Quick Results
Leyton Buzzard pinned Robbie X in 10:23 (***¼)
Shigehiro Irie defeated Joshua James in 10:30 (***¼)
Leon Slater pinned Stephen Wolf in 13:13 (***½)
Luke Jacobs and Connor Mills ended in a double KO in 22:16 (****¼)
Michael Oku submitted Brett Semtex in 11:34 (***½)
Oskar Leube & Yuto Nakashima pinned Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper in 12:18 (***½)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Jordan Oliver in 22:55 (***¾)

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We’re live via stream from the Network in Sheffield, with Andy Quildan on commentary starting solo. He’d eventually be joined by David Francisco…

Leyton Buzzard vs. Robbie X
Buzzard’s back after losing to Minoru Suzuki a few weeks ago…

Buzzard keeps Robbie at close quarters early on, scoring with a shoulder tackle that the former Cruiserweight champion kipped up from, before Robbie X took Buzzard outside for a plancha. Back inside, a senton atomico gets Robbie a two-count, only for Buzzard to hit back with a backbreaker.

A slam and a standing moonsault gets Buzzard a two-count, before he hurled Robbie X hard into the buckles. Heading onto the side of the ring was fruitless as Robbie’s suplexed back inside, with Buzzard following up with chops before Robbie X slipped through the ropes and caught the Bristolian on the hop with a Molly Go Round.

Robbie X adds a hiptoss and a cartwheel dropkick for a two-count, before a squatting Fireman’s carry was escaped by Buzzard… who flipped Robbie inside out with a sweet dropkick. A knee to the back of Robbie in the ropes is added to with an apron superkick, then with a missile dropkick for a near-fall.

Robbie returns again with a Beyblade kick and a standing shooting star press for a near-fall, before he pulled himself up to the top rope. Buzzard tries to cut him off, but a bell clapper knocks Buzzard down to the mat… before he rolled away from a Spiral Tap and chopped back at Robbie. A leaping knee’s next, before he countered an X-Claimation into a German suplex.

Robbie’s back up to hit a reverse ‘rana, only for Buzzard to dig deep and hit a clothesline from behind to leave them both laying. Robbie’s back with an overhead kick, before a roll-up countered another X-Claimation for a near-fall, only to return with a death valley driver and a Spiral Tap on Buzzard. It’s still not enough though, as Buzzard then used the ref to block an X-Claimation… a punt in the balls and a pop-up powerbomb followed, and that’s the win for Buzzard, albeit by foul means. ***¼

Post-match, Buzzard took the mic and berated the crowd for not cheering him, before he rewrote history and pondered out loud: what’s next? Of course, he’s not going to tell us… we’ll find out by the end of the night.

Joshua James vs. Shigehiro Irie
A big test for Joshua James here, as rumblings about him graduating from the Contenders division continue to grow…

James starts with a side headlock, but that quickly gets pushed off as we’re dealing with shoulder tackles and forearms. Chops take Irie into the corner, but Irie vaults over the top rope and… heads up top for a flying shoulder tackle. Bloody hell, Shiggy rarely leaves his feet.

Irie telegraphs a slam, but has more luck with a slam and the slingshot splash for a two-count, before James found a way in with a spear. Irie’s taken into the corner for more chops and clotheslines, before James added some hammer elbows for another two-count.

James’ side suplex and a splash keeps Irie in trouble as James continued to work over Irie’s back, before a back body drop from Irie countered a piledriver attempt. The fight heads onto the side of the ring, where James is dumped onto the apron then smashed off of it with a low-crossbody through the ropes, before a splash off the top rope back inside almost got Irie the win.

James finds a way back in with a pop-up spinebuster and a POUNCE… which almost got the win, but Irie’s not letting himself get beaten by his old move. Back to the chops, James’ overhand chop rocks Irie… who fires back with a Saito suplex into the corner, before a cannonball was set up as the feed buffered. We’re back with Irie calling for a Beast Bomber, but it’s countered into a pop-up powerbomb. James adds a brainbuster to bounce Irie… following up with a uranage chokeslam that nearly won it. James tries to go for a chokeslam, but Irie fights out of it… an elbow, a forearm and a punch leave James open for a Beast Bomber, and that’s all folks! ***¼

Post-match, David Francisco’s berating James for that… ordering him back into the ring to accept the handshake, which we get before James stormed to the back.

Stephen Wolf vs. Leon Slater
It’s a Rev Pro debut for Wolf, but a non-title outing as Leon Slater’s not defending here…

We eventually get going with a side headlock, but he’s quickly taken down by Slater as the pair remained at close quarters, with Slater taking things into the corner… where he howled at wolf. A leapfrog and sunset flip from Wolf confounds Slater, who was struggling to match Wolf’s pace… missing a splash into the corner as Wolf added a springboard armdrag out of the corner.

Wolf’s dropkick has Slater down into the corner, but Leon’s rewind enziguiri and handspring back elbow finally found a way back in. Wolf heads outside, but can’t avoid a plancha, as Slater was starting to take control. Slater takes Wolf into the corner a la Bret Hart for a two-count, before Slater scored with a roll-up for a two-count.

Slater’s running boot rocks Wolf, who returned with an X-Plex and a running shooting star press for a two-count. Leon’s able to return with a big boot after he’d caught out Wolf… a running dropkick follows in the corner for a near-fall, before Slater had to roll through a 450 splash.

Misdirection in the ropes from Wolf allows him to blast Slater with a lariat, before things descended into back-and-forth chops as things got a little macho. A leg lariat from Slater wipes out Wolf, who quickly returned with a pop-up powerbomb before Slater blocked a cutter… Wolf stays on him though, only to get caught with a twisting superplex, which then led to a swanton 450 for the win. This was a hell of a debut in defeat for Wolf, but Slater had enough in him to sneak out the win at the end. ***½

We’re told the 229 next week will see Leon Slater defend the cruiserweight title against Jordon Breaks…

Connor Mills vs. Luke Jacobs
This should be an absolute cracker if they even come close to how they were last week…

A tentative start sees Mills take Jacobs down as he worked a wristlock… but Luke gets free as things remained on the mat. Mills picks the leg of Jacobs, but gets cradles as Luke looked to go for a Boston crab, but Mills finds away free and nearly rolled up Luke out of nowhere.

Things pick up as the pair exchange chops, then shoulder tackles before Mills’ kicks weakened Luke… who found enough in him to charge through Mills. A Violence Party traps Mills in the corner ahead of a face-washing kick, before a stalling suplex saw Jacobs pick up another two-count as Mills was left checking his teeth.

Mills lifts up Jacobs to the top rope and forced an opening with a Dragon screw off the top, before he began to wear down Jacobs with chops. Another whip takes Jacobs into the corner, before Mills’ kicks forced a fiery chop in response. Luke’s quickly taken back down with a low dropkick though, as Mills then tied up Luke’s legs for an Indian deathlock.

Jacobs’ forearm definitively forced a break as he looked to build up again, but a missile dropkick cuts off the Mancunian once more as Mills almost took home the win. Another Dragon screw retained the focus on that left leg as Mills then went up top for a double stomp… it misses as Jacobs went all Samoa Joe with a uranage out of the corner, before a shoulder tackle spun Mills.

A Saito suplex followed from Luke, who then caught Mills with clotheslines in the corner. A reversed Irish whip allowed Luke to bounce out of the buckles with a forearm, before misdirection took him back in with a German suplex. Mills eats a forearm and a brainbuster after that for a near-fall, as Jacobs then teed up for a lariat… but Mills kicks it away before he rolled Jacobs down for a knee stomp.

A helluva kick follows in the corner from Mills, who stays on the leg as a set-up for a Ki Krusher for a near-fall… and instantly followed up with a heel hook. Jacobs gets to the ropes for the break, but Mills tweaks the ankle again before relenting. Kicks from Mills keep Jacobs down on his knees, but Luke’s able to get back to his feet as he nailed Mills with forearms.

One of those took Mills into the ropes, but a rebound lariat’s caught and met with a pair of powerbombs, before Mills went all Samoa Joe again with a Boston crab… but again it ends in the ropes. We’re back to the pair of them trading strikes, with Luke throwing some unanswered elbow strikes that looked to have Mills out on his feet. Right on cue, an overhand slap began a comeback for Mills, who added a rebound lariat… for a one-count.

A PK from Mills adds a near-fall, before it’s back to the heel hook. Mills grabs Jacobs’ free hand to prevent a rope break, but the other one’s able to make it as Luke barely stayed in it. The pair head onto the apron as Jacobs tried to put some space between him and Mills, but Connor meets him and teases a Burning Cutter, only to be lariat’d back into the ring. More lariats follow as Luke faked out a la Shingo, before a bloody lariat and a butterfly powerbomb almost got the win.

Mills absorbs chops as Jacobs took us past the twenty-minute mark, but a Screwdriver’s countered with a roll-up before Mills took things outside. A dropkick through the ropes sees Mills take Jacobs into the crowd… where he heads up for a double stomp to the back of Luke’s head as he was draped across the barriers. We’ve a double count-out tease that both guys say F-that to, and we’re back with more shots as Mills leaps in with Kokeshi-style headbutts, only for Jacobs to tie up the limbs for the Irie-style headbutt… which led to the instant stoppage as both men more than felt the effects of it. It’s rare a double stoppage like this doesn’t leave me cold, but there’s plenty left in the tank for rematches… as seen by Mills sprinting back to the ring to continue the scrap. Rematch, when? ****¼

Brett Semtex vs. Michael Oku
It’s a Rev Pro return for Semtex, who was a surprise opponent for RKJ last month…

Semtex tried to jump Oku with a spear at the bell, but Oku leapfrogs it as Semtex ended up taking a dropkick off the apron… before he caught Oku’s Fosbury flop and proceeded to lawndart him into the ring post. Oku just about beats the count-out, but Semtex stays on him with an Exploder out of the corner, then with a regular suplex as he began to rain down blows from above.

Oku’s taken up top, but fights off a superplex before he leapt into Semtex with a front guillotine. Semtex suplexes his way free of the submission though, before a nice wheelbarrow German suplex flung Oku across the ring. In retaliation, Oku scores a dropkick off the middle rope… before a superkick and a springboard moonsault landed for a near-fall.

Semtex kicks away a half crab, then scored with a head kick as Oku came off the ropes… he picks up Oku, but a F5’s countered into a DDT somehow. Semtex’s taken outside and eats a Fosbury flop as Oku this time avoided the counter, before things returned to the ring, with Semtex’s Superman punch stopping Oku up top.

An avalanche F5 brings Oku back down to earth with a bump, before he pulled up Oku for a powerbomb… Oku slips out of the Last Ride and returned with a misdirection knee, while a second knee strike took down Semtex for a near-fall. A frog splash to the back followed, before a second saw Oku land in a triangle armbar… elbow strikes look to put Oku away, but he holds on and manages to kick his way free, countering out into a half crab, stopping to pull Semtex away from the ropes before the eventual submission. Semtex looked real good in this one, being a tough test for the still-weakened Oku, but it’s another win for Oku as he has half an eye on the result of next month’s Rumble. ***½

Leyton Buzzard’s back out after Oku had gone to the back… and called Oku back out to the ring. Oku appears as Buzzard put over Rev Pro for last week’s High Stakes, before he brought up how he was the last person to beat Oku… but it’s all a distraction as Brett Semtex snuck out to F5 Oku onto the stage. Buzzard declared himself the number one contender for Oku’s title… and declared he’d be taking his shot at the Revolution Rumble next month. Semtex and Buzzard look to be more than just convenient partners here… and that’s going to be fun for Michael to deal with.

Sunshine Machine (TK Cooper & Chuck Mambo) vs. Young Blood (Oskar Leube & Yuto Nakashima)
It’s a big test for Young Blood, going up against the former tag champions here…

We start with Nakashima and TK trading rights, but a leg lariat from TK finds its mark for a quick one-count. Cooper rolls past Yuto to make the tag out as we get Mambo and Oskar, with Oskar forcing Mambo to his knees from a Test of Strength. Mambo powers free as he then took Oskar by the wrist for a springboard armdrag, avoiding Nakashima as he went, before Cooper came in to help with the Combo Meal reverse DDT/elbow drop for a two-count.

A dropkick from Mambo takes Oskar off the apron… but Oskar caught Mambo and slammed him into the side of the ring as the Young Bloods turned the match on its head. Back inside. Yuto and Oskar double-team Mambo, leading to a spinning slam from Oskar for a one-count as TK broke up the cover… then took a kicking. Nakashima takes over with a knee drop on Mambo for a two-count, before Oskar came in and stuffed a drop toe hold from Mambo, who remained on the deck.

Oskar baits TK Cooper into the ring so he could beat him up some more, while Yuto came in to go for a suplex… Mambo slips out, and manages to land a springboard double Blockbuster to take down Oskar and Yuto before making the tag out. Cooper’s running wild with chops and superkicks, before an Exploder flung Yuto across the ring… before TK knocked Oskar through the ropes for the Omelette du Fromage springboard flipping axe kick.

Yuto’s still legal as he ducked a clothesline and dumped TK with a back suplex. Oskar’s in but took a headbutt from TK before Mambo tagged in as a headbutt and superkick fired up the German… who got taken into the corner ahead of a German Suplex Turbo Charged By The Power of Friendship. Apt. A big splash from Mambo, then a shooting star press from TK splats Oskar next, but Yuto dives in at the last second to break up the cover…

A superkick from Mambo just angers Yuto as those two go on to trade strikes, sparking a Parade of Stuff as Yuto hit a cobra clutch slam on Mambo, before Young Blood’s high/low kicks almost got the win. From there, Oskar hoists up Mambo as Yuto’s flying knee triggered a F5… and that’s the win as Young Blood seem to have their sights on the tag titles. But not so fast… ***½

Post-match… we’ve NEW BLOOD! It’s Reece and Rogan out to attack and leave Oskar laying with a 3D… while Yuto ate some cannonballs before they recovered to chase away the Yorkshiremen. Looks like Oskar and Yuto have a detour before they go for those belts…

Jordan Oliver vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
Oliver went nearly 50 minutes with Ender Kara for BODYSLAM in Denmark last night… how’s that and travel going to work out for him today?

Oliver goes for a waistlock early, but RKJ counters with a waistlock takedown, before he worked the wrist of the former JCW champion… only for Oliver to counber back out with a take on a Cobra twist. The back-and-forth continues with RKJ grabbing a side headlock, but the roll-up’s kicked out of as the pair reset.

A right hand from RKJ lays out Oliver, as did some chops, before Oliver’s dropkick took RKJ outside for a plancha. Back inside, RKJ lifts Oliver onto the apron… then kicked him down as a tope wrecked the guard rails. RKJ stays on Oliver, knocking him into a chair as RKJ then headed up to the stage… and hit a stage dive elbow going over the crowd and onto Oliver.

Back inside, RKJ stays on Oliver with chops before Oliver was almost whipped through the turnbuckles… repeatedly, in fact! Eventually, Oliver was able to rebound with a clothesline out of the corner, before a hiptoss and a chop has the former champion RKJ on the back foot. A running kick catches RKJ in the corner ahead of a trip up top as Oliver looked for an Acid Bomb… but RKJ uses headscissors to escape before flinging Jordan into the corner with a death valley driver.

RKJ sends himself through the ropes with a low dropkick that took Oliver to the floor… he’s rolled back inside as Knight stayed on Oliver, raking the eyes before he looked to scoop up Oliver for a Fire Thunder Driver… but Oliver gets free before a superkick led to him getting steamrollered through with a clothesline.

The pair trade chops from there, then forearms… but it’s Oliver who’s sent down and is forced to cover up. Oliver just about beats the standing ten-count and caught RKJ out of nowhere with a standing Spanish Fly for a two-count… before he looked to go back to the corner for an Acid Bomb. RKJ elbows it away, only to fall to a top rope ‘rana, then a follow-up moonsault as Oliver almost scored the upset.

Oliver looks to stay on RKJ, but he’s pulled into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall… Oliver again almost had the match stopped for him, before a snap suplex led to the pair falling backwards over the top rope to the floor. A double count-out’s beaten as both men make it back inside…

We’re back to chops as Oliver again fired up, but he’s pulled into a knee strike before he was forced to escape a Fire Thunder Driver. A Clout Cutter’s next out of the corner, but it’s not enough to put RKJ away… a reverse ‘rana from Oliver just earns him a Shining Wizard in rebound, before RKJ’s scoop tombstone almost got the win. From there, RKJ lifts Oliver up top for a Shell Shock, but Oliver knees his way free before a slingshot Cutter and a Tiger suplex pushed Oliver closer to the win.

Oliver’s running Yakuza kick nails RKJ in the corner as the Acid Bomb finally lands out of the corner… but still RKJ kicks out as things head up top, where RKJ headbutts Oliver into a piledriver off the middle rope. Shell Shock follows, and that’s a hard-fought win for RKJ as he got back on track after High Stakes. ***¾

Post-match, RKJ shook Oliver’s hand and asked for him to come back… before he took the mic and declared himself for the Revolution Rumble as he again set his sights on the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
If you thought Rev Pro were going to take their foot off the pedal after High Stakes… you were left mistaken! Buoyed by the absolute cracker that was Connor Mills against Luke Jacobs, but don’t sleep on the entire card - as debuts for Stephen Wolf and Jordan Oliver added an extra edge to things here.

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