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Heels Star Allen Maldonado On Working With Chavo Guerrero Jr., Auditioning For The Rock’s Movie

September 3, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Heels star Allen Maldonado recalled an audition for one of The Rock’s older movies and more in a new interview. Maldonado spoke with Wrestling Inc, and you can check out some highlights below:

On working with Chavo Guerrero Jr. on the show: “Right before the pandemic hit, we were working with Chavo. I picked his brain, as far as wrestling, just the psyche. He’s the one that referred a lot of the documentaries that I studied. Shout out to Chavo, man. He definitely had his fingerprints on this show as well.”

On if he’s ever worked with The Rock: “Early on in my career, I audition for a film called Gridiron Gang. That was the longest and most excruciating audition process I’ve ever been in. It was 10 months of auditioning, countless auditions, a screen test with The Rock. I tested with The Rock, and I had a football test.

“And the football test, I did great, but I was two weeks out of a car accident, and I was in so much pain. I went through hell for this audition. Didn’t get it but I did had an opportunity to screen test with The Rock. I’ve worked with him once before in that capacity but only in passing.

“He was super cool. This is early Rock too. This isn’t the super superstar that he is now. This is when he was getting his foot in the game, and they started really giving him opportunities as a lead. I would love to get the opportunity to work with him in the future. We got some history, and he owe me a film. He owe me a film. I’m about to start saying that. The Rock owes me a film.”