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Himanshu’s Impact Wrestling Review 05.25.23

May 25, 2023 | Posted by Himanshu Doi
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Himanshu’s Impact Wrestling Review 05.25.23  

Hey there, IMPACT fans! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for another episode of IMPACT Wrestling. I’m Himanshu (you can follow me on @Himanshu_Doi) and you know how this works. Tonight, Mike Bailey vs. Chris Sabin kicks off the show, Jordynne Grace takes on Alisha, The Design’s Angels battles Rich Swann, ABC’s Chris Bey faces The Good Hands’ John Skyler, Decay face Kenny King and Sheldon Jean and more. So let’s jump right in!

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IMPACT Wrestling

Location: Cicero Stadium, Chicago
Date: 25th May, 2023

Match 1: Mike Bailey vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin catches Bailey’s leg and tries to sweep the other leg but Bailey jumps. Sabin hits an elbow on Bailey who gets out of the ring and Sabin kicks him from the apron. Bailey gets in the ring and looks to kick Sabin but Sabin hangs him from the ropes and hits a basement dropkick. Sabin hits a snapmare and gets Bailey in a double armtrap submission. Bailey fights out if it and they exchange chops. Bailey hits Sabin with a running boot. Bailey hits a running Shooting Star Press for a two. Bailey looks to hit a kick but Sabin catches him. Bailey looks to go for the springboard kick but Sabin catches him with a dropkick. Sabin hits Bailey with a tornado DDT from the middle rope. Sabin tries to go for the Cradle Shock DDT but Bailey fights out of it and they exchange pins. Bailey looks for the Tornado Kick but Sabin hits a running single leg dropkick on Bailey. Bailey and Sabin exchange forearms until Sabin hits knees into Bailey’s face followed by a powerbomb for two. Bailey gets out of the ring and Sabin looks for a running kick off the apron but Bailey gets out of it. Bailey hits a springboard moonsault onto Sabin on the floor. Bailey looks for the Tornado Kick but gets caught again. Bailey looks for the Ultima Weapon but Sabin kicks Bailey. Sabin hits a powerbomb on Bailey off the apron onto the floor. Sabin goes to the top rope but Bailey catches him with a kick. Bailey climbs the top rope but Sabin gets out of it and hits a German Suplex off the top rope. Sabin hits a lariat and goes for the Cradle Shock but Bailey counters with a pin for two. Sabin runs into Bailey who hits a Spanish Fly for two. Bailey hits Sabin with a kick and hits the Tornado Kick. He goes for the Ultima Weapon but Sabin gets out of the way and hits a Muscle Buster followed by the Cradle Shock for the win.

Result: Chris Sabin def. Mike Bailey by pinfall
Rating: ****¾

A pre-recorded interview of Trinity airs. She says she knows all about Gisele Shaw, but she is nothing but a drama queen.

A promo airs that recaps the Maclin and PCO feud.

A backstage promo by Maclin who says the video package was wasted motion. He says all that showed was that PCO would not be able to compete at Under Siege. He says tonight he is going to name his opponent for Under Siege.

Nick Aldis joins the commentary team for the next match.

Match 2: Decay vs. Kenny King and Sheldon Jean

Sheldon Jean hits a single leg dropkick on Taurus. Sheldon hits forearms on Taurus. Sheldon pushes Taurus in his corner and tags to King who hits a running spear on Taurus. He goes for another but Taurus kicks him but runs into a powerslam by King. Tag to Sheldon who runs into a back elbow by Taurus and a reverse slingblade. Tag to Crazzy Steve who hits a cannonball on King in the corner. Taurus hits a vertical suplex on Steve onto King and hits a Suicide Dive onto Sheldon on the outside. Steve climbs on King’s shoulders and bites King in the head but King hits the Royal Flush for the win.

Result: Kenny King and Sheldon Jean def. Decay by pinfall
Rating: ***

King says he’s happy Nick Aldis got a front row seat because tomorrow he’s going to fit his size 13 boot in Nick’s pompous British ass. Nick Aldis says King had the nerve to tell him to work his way up to face him. He says how about he goes in the ring and they have a 2-on-1 bitch slap. Aldis goes in the ring but King gets out and says they will face tomorrow.

Jessicka Havok is seen backstage waiting outside a door with the hourglass whose time is running out.

Match 3: Taylor Wilde vs. Jessicka Havok

Taylor Wilde hits the Witch’s Wrath and gets the win.

Result: Taylor Wilde def. Jessicka Havok by pinfall
Rating: NR

The Coven attack Jessicka Havok after the match but we see the hourglass run out and someone comes out through the door. A music plays and Courtney Rush debuts and she hits a hurrancanrana on Kilynn King and gets a sharpshooter on Taylor before Kilynn pulls her out. Jessicka and Courtney hug in the ring.

Backstage, Jessicka says she is confused because Courtney looks like Rosemary. Courtney Rush says she is Rosemary and Rosemary was in control of her body for many years and she is not supposed to be here. Jessicka asks if she wants to be in the Death Dollz. Courtney says yeah and they high five.

Match 4: Rich Swann vs. Angels

Rich Swann goes to the top rope but Angels hits a draping DDT for two. Angels goes for a spin kick but Swann counters with a series of strikes and goes for a running moonsault but Angels gets the knees up and hits a inside-out suplex. Angels goes to the top rope and hits a splash for two. Deaner tells Angels to finish the job. Angels goes to the top rope but Swann kicks him and hits a headscissors. Swann goes to the top rope and hits a 450 Splash for the win.

Result: Rich Swann def. Angels by pinfall
Rating: **½

After the match, The Design attack Rich Swann but Sami Callihan comes in with a baseball bat until the numbers catch up to them and Deaner hits Swann and Sami Callihan with the baseball bat.

Gia Miller is backstage with Deonna Purrazzo who asks how Deonna is after what happened on IMPACT. Deonna says she is fine and Jordynne said it was an accident and she watched the footage and it looked like an accident. Alisha shows up and tells her that Jordynne will show her true colors.

Back from commercial and we see Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly brawling all over the arena backstage. Masha chokes out Kelly with an electrical cord.

Match 5: Alisha vs. Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace picks Alisha on her shoulders and drops her on her face. She hits a Grace Driver and gets the win.

Result: Jordynne Grace def. Alisha by pinfall
Rating: NR

Dirty Dango has a pre-taped promo where he says he grew up watching the Attitude Era, everyone now is living in the Gratitude Era. He says he can talk, he looks good and he can go in the ring. He says if he was 15, he wouldn’t want to be a wrestler. He says he saw Santino do the Cobra and he thought they’re still stuck in 2010. He says he thought he could be friends with Joe Hendry but he’s just a stooge. He says people don’t want to see armdrags, they want to see arms like his.

Match 6: Chris Bey vs. John Skyler

Brian Myers distracts Chris Bey and Bey gets out of the ring. John Skyler throws Bey into the ring post as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Skyler has Bey in a headlock but Bey hits a jawbreaker. Bey goes for a leg drop on Skyler on the apron but Skyler moves out of the way and hits a spear from the apron. Skyler and Bey exchange positions for the German Suplex and Hotch tries to distract the referee but Ace Austin takes him out. Skyler pushes Ace into the ropes like last week but Bey kicks Brian Myers. Bey hits the springboard cutter for the win.

Result: Chris Bey def. John Skyler by pinfall
Rating: ***

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt run down the card for Under Siege.

Maclin comes out and says he is supposed to defend the title against PCO at Under Siege but that is not happening. He says PCO is dead because he killed PCO. He brings out his new challenger Champagne Singh.

Champagne Singh comes out with Shera. Champagne Singh says it’s time he comes out to finish his story. He says the long and winding road to the World Championship will culminate at Under Siege. Champagne Singh says he has a list of people to thank. He gets out a list.

Scott D’Amore music plays and he comes out. Champagne Singh says he jumped the gun as his name is in the list. Champagne Singh says they can put pen to paper and make this match official. Scott says this match at Under Siege isn’t happening. Maclin asks if he picked his next challenger and he picked his favourite again. Scott says Maclin thinks Scott doesn’t want him as champion. Scott says he is perfectly fine with him as champion as long as he proves it night in an night out. Maclin says he was supposed to hand that title to him but instead he throw the title at him. Scott says he’s going to make it right and if Maclin retains the title, he will shake his hand very respectfully. Maclin says no and says he has to strap the belt around his waist. Scott agrees. Maclin says Scott hasn’t named PCO’s replacement. Scott says there is no replacement because he will face PCO at Under Siege. Maclin asks how he is so sure PCO will be at Under Siege. Scott says he is here tonight. The lights go out and PCO’s music plays and PCO appears when the lights come back on. PCO takes out Shera and Champagne Singh as Maclin gets out of the ring. Maclin says, “I killed you” as he retreats.

The final score: review Good
The 411
A strong episode of IMPACT with a lot of stories moving forward and even new characters coming out of it. One was the debut of Courtney Rush and even for the brief period that we saw it tonight, it already seems like it will give her a lot more to work with in terms of her promos and in the ring. The other was the new Dirty Dango who is playing a more real persona than a character that he was before. I'm looking forward to see how that turns out and if that affects how he works in-ring too. Sabin and Bailey had one of the best opening matches on IMPACT in a long time that could've easily been on a PPV and that was the match of the night.

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