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Jazzy Gabert Says Talents in WWE’s Mae Young Classic Didn’t Know Who Would Win Until Three Days After It Started

January 13, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Jazzy Gabert Mae Young Classic

As previously reported, Jazzy Gabert recently appeared on the Edge and Christian podcast. Here are some additional highlights from her guest appearance (transcript via WrestlingInc.com).

Jazzy Gabert on Mauro Ranallo calling her entrance at Rizin FF 5: “Like, I can’t pronounce his name, Maurallo? The announcer from WWE? Yeah, [Mauro Ranallo]. I can’t pronounce his name, but he said something when I came down the ramp and did my entrance. He said something like, ‘she’s a professional wrestler and it feels so good to say that’ and this little line made it around the internet because in WWE, you don’t say ‘professional wrestler’. You say ‘sports entertainer’ or something, right? Because of that, because he said that, it’s like it went viral and it was everywhere. My face was everywhere, so that helped me a lot. I honestly believe that this is one of the reasons he got back on the radar of WWE. Yeah.”

Jazzy Gabert on talent not being told who would win the Mae Young Classic until three days in: “It was surprising for me that we don’t know earlier. Like, there were two groups. The first group did on the first day the whole media thing, like, giving interviews and photo shooting, and stuff. And the other group did it the other day. So these two days and altogether for five days, so these two days, we know absolutely nothing. We’re like, ‘who’s going to fight who? Who’s going to win this whole thing?’ There were rumors that this little girl, Toni Storm, was going to win, but nobody really knew. And then, on the third day, they told us.”

Gabert on Shawn Michaels putting over her match with Abbey Laith: “From the first match, I come backstage and Shawn Michaels is all over me and I can’t believe that he’s standing there and being so freakin’ amazed about me and my match and saying that was the main event and we can close the show now. I was like, ‘what is he saying?’ And he’s like, ‘I’m a fan of [yours]’ and I was like, ‘and I’m a fan of you, sir.’ It was amazing.”

Jazzy Gabert on people being rude to her during the Mae Young Classic trying to be nice to her after getting a positive reaction from the crowd: “I don’t want to [give] too [many] details, but I can tell you, like, people who did not shake my hand, people who were not really friendly to me before, they were suddenly really friendly to me and everybody was really happy. Charlotte and Ronda Rousey came to me and said, ‘oh, we wish we had a match with you’ and everything was super cool. I mean, everyone in general was really awesome backstage and I really enjoyed my time there and everyone treated me so nice.”

Jazzy Gabert on being out of action for several months due to surgery: “For the next three months, I will not be able to make any money. I will have the surgery and then, I’m off to recover. And after that, I have no idea what to do. I don’t know what’s next. I don’t know if I can ever be back in the ring and it really scares me.”