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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 10.10.23

October 10, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE NXT Carmelo Hayes Undertaker Image Credit: WWE
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 10.10.23  

Hello everyone, and welcome to our live WWE NXT coverage right here on 411! Jeremy Thomas as per the usual, and tonight we have a nice, chill episode of NXT in which nothing really exciting is gonna happ–

Yeah, I couldn’t get through it with a straight face. Tonight’s NXT is packed to the gills with main roster stars as John Cena and Paul Heyman will be cornering on opposite sides of Carmelo Hayes vs. Bron Breakker while Asuka takes on Roxanne Perez, with Roxy getting a match against Kiana James if she wins. Plus Butch and Ridge Holland join Tyler Bate in a Pub Rules match against Gallus, Cody Rhodes makes a “BIG” announcement (probably this year’s Dusty Invitational) and more. It’s almost like NXT is trying to counterprogram against someth–

Ohhh, right.

Anyway, here at Thomas HQ, my Hooptober viewing challenge watch continues. I watched the exceedingly disappointing 1986 psychological thriller Gothic as well as the new Damian Rugna demonic possession film When Evil Lurks, which goes VERY hard (full review here. Amazon Prime’s slasher time travel horror-comedy Totally Killer was a lot of fun and a nice balm between When Evil Lurks and the next film I saw, I Saw The Devil. That film is phenomenal, bleak, brutal and made me want a damn drink or seven.

On TV, I am continuing to watch new season of Drag Race UK which is good as always. I have yet to start watching Loki season two but that is on my agenda to get caught up this week

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We’re LIVE in the Capitol Wrestling Center, and here comes CODY RHODES! The American Nightmare makes his way to the ring. He gets a big “CODY!” chant and is digging it. “YEET!” He asks the NXT Universe what we want to talk about and says he’d be lying if he said he ever thought he’d be standing in this particular ring, but now that he is something feels right. It’s the Rhodes, it’s Florida, they’ve spilled blood all over the state and he has an announcement.

Cody says actually he has announcements. We’ve all been enjoying the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament. At the conclusion of the tournament, the Men’s Breakout Tournament will take place. He says he kept hearing when he was going to be here tonight about a certain tag team tournament. The crowd chants “DUSTY!” and says they sound like they want that. Well, that’s good because the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is also coming back.

But one more announcement: on perhaps the biggest night in NXT history, he has the privilege to be the special guest General Manager of NXT.

And HERE COMES THE CHAMP! Ilja Dragunov is coming to the ring. Ilja stands opposite Cody and gets a “Happy Birthday” chant. Is EVERYONE in wrestling born on October 10th? He says he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to welcome Cody to NXT, and says his announcements bring hope to the future of the brand, bring excitement and breathe life into NXT. But he just wanted to meet the man who brings this passion, this energy, the will to suffer for the entire WWE Universe. He says Cody fights with a fire and pushes everything he does to the next level. And it’s something he wants to do like Cody. It’s something he promised to do, to push the brand to the next level with only the fire that the Mad Dragon can blow —

And here’s Dom and Rhea! Dom says they’re patting each other on the back. The WWE Universe is here to see the greatest superstar NXT has to offer: him. Dom gets a “YOU SUCK!” chant. He says Ilja may be NXT Champion, but he doesn’t compare to Dom, the one and only TRUE Double A Champion. So if Ilja wants to feel Cody’s energy, ask him about his energy levels every time the JD has left him laying.

Ilja isn’t surprised Dom came out to talk when no one in the arena wants to hear the sound of his voice. He says his father used to work in a prison and he knows how to turn a barking dog into a sweet little puppy. Rhea whispers to Dom, who suggests an NXT Championship match against him to prove he’s the man he says he is.

Cody says Dom isn’t willing to put his NA Title on the line? Rhea says Dom’s been carrying WWE on his back all year and just won the title again, so she doesn’t believe —

Ilja says today’s a day of celebration, and as a gift to himself, he couldn’t imagine anything better than eating a man like Dom alive in the ring. And Rhea, darling, he’s gonna smash her boy!

Cody says he’s the guest GM, so guess what? That match for the NXT Championship is official. And here’s the problem: knowing what he knows about the Judgment Day, the match needs a special guest referee. And it’s not him: it’s the hottest star in WWE today, LA KNIGHT! LA KNIGHT IS BACK ON NXT!

* Earlier today, John Cena arrived in the NXT parking lot and appears to have survived his trip through the lot, so that’s lucky.

* Kelly Kincaid is in the NXT viewing room which is packed. Great.

Roxanne Perez vs. Asuka

Shotzi is here before the match begins! She comes down to the commentary booth before the match begins. Roxy and Asuka circle and lock up, Asuka with a wristlock and puts Roxy on the mat. Roxy kips up and reverses it but gets taken to the mat with a fireman’s carry. Roxy gets a one-count but gets knocked back, Asuka lets her get up.

Roxy with a waistlock into a headlock, shot into the ropes and she runs into Asuka who doesn’t go down. A couple shoves, and Roxy SLAPS Asuka! She ducks some shots and goes into the ropes for a leaping shoulder block takedown. Asuka to the outside, Roxy goes to dive through the ropes but gets decked. Asuka up top for a missile front dropkick, cover gets two.

Asuka shoves Roxy’s head, Roxy up with a shot but gets kicked in the gut and then in the head. Hair pull toss and then a charging knee in the corner by Asuka followed by a boot choke. Asuka goes right to the mat with a shoulderlock, Roxy to her feet and gets a shot but Asuka with a wristlock takedown.

Asuka with casual kicks to the head, that fires Roxy up and she gets up for some elbow strikes and shots to the back. Into the ropes, they duck each other until Roxy takes Asuka down. Side Russian legsweep by Roxy and Asuka out of the ring, Roxy through the ropes with a dive onto Asuka!

She rolls her back in and follows, splash in the corner. She goes again, Asuka gets a back elbow and climbs but Roxy cuts her off. Roxy lays in punches from the second rope until Asuka slides under, Roxy with a high crossbody that gets two. Roxy goes right to punches on the Empress, off the ropes but Asuka with a roundhouse and cover for two!

Asuka goes after Roxy but gets rolled up for two and then again and again — but Asuka counters the third one with the Asuka Lock! Roxy flips over for a two-count, but Asuka keeps the hold on until she hits several strikes and a spin kick. Knockout kick gets the win.

Winner: Asuka (6:15)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: For the time it had, this was a very good match. Roxy looked fully competitive in there against Asuka and held her own, while Asuka is Asuka. They didn’t go full bore, but this is a match I would LOVE to see a rematch of with more time.

Asuka shows respect and leaves, Kiana comes in to attack Roxy but Shotzi comes up behind her and takes her own. She helps Roxy up and holds her arm high.

* Earlier today, Paul Heyman arrived in NXT and also seems to have survived his harrowing journey through the parking lot.

* Gallus are getting psyched up for their Pub Rules Match. Meanwhile, Butch tells Tyler Bate he needs the guy that he fought across Europe. Bate says he’s ready, Ridge comes in and says it’s Fight Night! Banger after Banger after Banger!

Pub Rules Match
Tyler Bate & Brawling Brutes vs. Gallis

Gallus of course attacks during the Brutes’ entrance. Bate and Wolfgang end up in the ring but Bate dives over onto the Coffeys. He goes after Wolfgang and takes him down, grabs a pool cue and hits a shot to Wolfgang’s face. Meanwhile Butch has stuck a dart into Joe Coffey’s hand and Ridge Holland takes advantage of Mark having fire extinguisher trouble to hit him with a trash can lid and then spray him with the extinguisher. Mark put in the trash can, Bate rolls a bowling ball into it and it gets knocked over by the Bruts.

Butch is on the outside with Joe and gets taken out, Bate comes to his rescue but Gallus triple teams him and then picks Butch up for a triple chokeslam through a table. And we’re on PIP break.

We’re back as Butch stomps on Wolfgang’s elbow and everyone is in the ring. They all get back up and stare off with each other before brawling. Joe sent to the outside and Butch dives on him, while Ridge and Bate spin Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. The Brutes grab all three Gallus members around the ringside area for overhead forearms to the chest!

Back in the ring and the Brutes deliver shots to the trio. Triple team clothesline and suplex to Mark Coffey, but Wolfgang dumps everyone and DIVES OVER THE TOP onto the Brutes! Bate and Joe are in the ring now, Bate with a kick to the head and he goes up for a diving elbow — caught by Joe and German suplexed! Joe flips Bate over and puts him in an upside-down stretch — but Ridge with a pool cue to the back! He puts Joe in a Boston Crab, Butch catches Mark in a Kimura and Bate grabs Wolfgang, but Mark picks Butch up and powerbombs him onto Bate. Holland gets sent to the outside.

Bate is attacking Wolfgang in the corner, but Butch goes for a kick and Wolfgang moves, meaning Bate is hit. Double team takedown by Gallus, double pin but Bate breaks it up with a senton.

Holland pushes a table into the ring and Bate sets it up. He grabs Mark and goes for a double underhook, but Wolfgang plants him with a pick-up slam. Mark and Wolfgang go after Ridge, who bodydrops them to the outside. Joe Coffey off the top to take out Ridge, he sets up for a powerbomb but Butch breaks it up with a kick. Coffey takes out Butch, sets him on the table and comes out for a beer at the commentary booth. He comes in and pours it on Butch — Bate grabs the mug and shetters it on Joe! Triple Powerbomb on Joe Coffey through the table wins it!

Winner: Tyler Bate, Butch & Ridge Holland (11:48)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: Chaotic in the best way. They didn’t overdo it but it was wild with plenty of weapon use, and they worked well together to no surprise. Good stuff.

* We get a preview of Becky Lynch vs. Lyra Valkyria at NXT Halloween Havoc, playing off their both coming from Dublin and having parallel journeys.

* McKenzie is with Lyra, who starts to talk about the importance of the match and Tegan Nox comes in to congratulate her. Lyra starts to talk about Nox’s loss and Tegan says Lyra’s match has to wait because she wants her shot. Lyra says this is the biggest match of her career and she’s not letting anything get in her way.

* John Cena WALKS backstage.

* John Cena is here! He loves that the NXT Universe is singing his theme song as he comes to the ring. He takes the mic and says that’s the most street cred he’s gotten in the last 10 years. He says everyone talks about how NXT is the future, but they can’t see that they’re making history tonight. Cody Rhodes as the GM, LA Knight as a guest ref, they just had a fight in a pub. He still wants his drink. It’s what makes this place great, all the fans and what happens in the ring every Tuesday night. He says there’s nothing like being here in this room, and it’s long overdue.

Cena says it’s an honor to be sharing the space with them tonight. And he’s not unique in that. LA Knight is here, Cody is here. The crowd does the “THANK YOU CENA” chant with one “CENA SUCKS!” guy. He says honesty is a core value and he appreciates that, and there’s a whole roster of guys kicking the NXT doors down. Because yes, they are Raw; yes, they are Smackdown; and yes, they are NXT. He says that he had to answer when Melo called and says they share the same values of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect —

And here comes Bron! Bron is on the ramp and asks how John is doing as he comes to the ring. Cena says it’s like a dog pound in a karaoke bar as the crowd sings “BRON BREAKKER SUCKS!” Cena says he’s heard that before but it’s nice when the music changes. Bron says it’s a big night for NXT but says the people didn’t come here to see you; they came here to see him. He says they have everyone fooled and living in fantasy land thinking that Melo can beat Bron Breakker.

Cena says everyone knows the business is in Bron’s blood, and that he’s athletically gifted. But they also know that Bron’s glaring weakness is his attitude. He lacks respect, and Cena didn’t come out to run him down but now that Bron’s here — he says this is a teachable moment. He’s excited for Bron’s match and is here to respectfully wish him good luck.

Cena extends the hand, Bron responds with a shot to the head! He lies in wait, Cena gets up — Bron charges but Cena moves! Cena goes for the AA but Bron escapes it and bails.

* Cody is approached by Tony D and Stacks backstage and says they have a problem. Stacks says they’re looking for their next opponent and they have an idea, describing it in an overcomplicated manner. Cody says he’s from Georia, so they suggest a 10-man over-the-top tag team battle royal. Cody sets it for next week as the Badda Boom, Badda Bing Battle Royale.

* Baron Corbin is with McKenzie and is unhappy that Ilja is talking nonsense about the title, and that he’s taking a match with Dom that he knows he can win. He says Ilja’s talk about passion and surviving is fake and that he’s ducking him. He thought Ilja would be a better champion than Melo, but everyone is all the same. LA Knight’s music hits, and Corbin leaves.

NXT Championship Match
Ilja Dragunov vs. Dominik Mysterio

Dom and Ilja circle, Ilja picks Dom up and slams him down into a headlock. Dom back to his feet, but Ilja with a hiptoss and keeps the headlock on. Back up, Ilja slams Dom to the mat and Dom into the corner for a breather. He comes out and Dom with a headlock, Ilja with a hiptoss takedown again and cover for two.

Dom with shots to Ilja’s side and shoulders to the gut. He measures a shot to Ilja’s head and then another, but Ilja fires back with a chop and a senton. Chop in the corner, Dom to the next corner for a chop. German suplex, a second and then he goes for the third — Rhea on the corner, Knight is distracted and Dom with a thumb to the eye. Ilja is sent to the outside as we go to PIP break.

We’re back and Dom is in control, hitting the Three Amigos on Ilja. Ilja fights back, locking in a waistlock but Dom with a back elbow and right hand. Ilja with a leaping enzuigiri and then locks in a waistlock, but Dom reverses it. Ilja into the ropes and flips through, hitting Dom with a lariat.

Ilja with chops to Dom in the corner and then a snap German. He holds on for the second, Dom flopping like a ragdoll! Ilja going for one more, Dom tries to grab for Rhea but Knight is right there. Ilja lifts Dom up — third German!

Dom up in the corner and Ilja batters him with strikes and chops. Dom to the adjacent corner for more chops, Ilja throws him back into the first corner. Dom ducks a swing and hits a big chop — and the crowd chants “YOU FUCKED UP!” as Ilja stares! He batters Dom into the opposite corner and chops the shit out of him with rapid-fire blows.

Ilja goes for a powerbomb but Dom escapes and kicks Ilja into the ropes. 619 but Ilja dodges, big kick to the face. Constantine Special countered, Dom hits the 619 and covers for a nearfall.

Dom goes to the corner but Ilja is up and cuts him off. Ilja with a superplex! Ilja lies in wait — but Dom escapes to the apron. Ilja chases, Dom with kicks to the head and a DDT through the ropes! Dom in and goes for a DDT, but Ilja counters and hits a BIG powerbomb! H-Bomb is next! Ilja is back up and lying in wait in the corner — here comes Balor! Here comes JD! Knight with BFT to JD! Ripley goes for the belt shot, but Trick pulls her down! Ilja with the Heat Seeking Missile and that’s it!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov (11:55)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: Look, he was facing Ilja, sure. But this match is a perfect example of how much Dom has progressed. This was a damned good match and Dom held his own here. Nice to see the Judgment Day’s cheating fall short in NXT for once, even if we all knew Ilja would win either way.

Ilja is celebrating when Baron Corbin comes out. Ilja is looking his way — and Dijak is behind Ilja! He takes the champ out with a big boot, then tells Corbin he beat him to it and Ilja is his.

* Melo is with Cena and can’t believe Bron came out and disrespected him. Cena says don’t worry about it and focus on the match. Trick comes in and thanks Cena for coming to NXT. Melo apologizes for not being there last week and Cena breaks the tension. Melo says that he’s beating Bron and winning the title, then they’ll get back Trick’s North American Title. Melo goes to leave and Trick looks pensive. Cena asks if he’s okay, and he asks Cena when he knew it was his time. Cena says “Let’s go talk.”

* NXT Anonymous caught Paul Heyman trying to recruit Ava earlier.

* A car arrives in the parking lot — IT’S JADE CARGILL! She survives the harrowing parking lot and is met by HBK, who welcomes her.

* Cody Rhodes is met by Baron Corbin who asks if he’s the man he needs to see. Cody says yes, and Corbin says Cody owes him so make the match. Cody says that Corbin’s made a good case, being the man who keeps saying he beat Ilja last. He says that Dijak beat him to the punch though, and he could make the case for the winner of Melo vs. Bron. Cody says Corbin will get his shot if he wins the triple threat match between himself, Dijak and the winner of tonight’s main event. Corbin says so much for a clean slate and walks off.

* Dom leaves feeling pissed and is met by a punch of people. Nathan Frazer says Dom got his ass kicked and it was a massacre. Dom asks who this guy is, and Rhea says he’s not the NA Champion so they leave.

NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament Match
Lola Vice vs. Dani Palmer

Lockup to star and Lola with a full nelson, roundhouse but Dani ducks it. They lock up, Dani with a headscissors takedown but Lola escapes into a headlock. Lola shot into the ropes and runs Dani over, she goes into the ropes. Dani counters a move into a rollup for two. Dani gets another headscissors takedown, which Lola reverses. Into the ropes, Lola locks in a headlock and then back into the ropes. SHe catches Dani mid-leapfrog with a kick, then batters Dani with kicks. Cover gets two.

Dani sent into the corner, spinning kick to the gut. Dani is down in the corner and Lola runs in with a hip smash, cover gets one and another gets two. Lola right into a bodyscissors.

Dani picks Lola up and backs her into the corner. They trade spots, Dani with a crossbody. Clotheslines by Palmer and a dropkick, she hits a handstand kick and goes up top — spinning moonsault but Lola dodges. Dani lands on her feet, double knee and she goes for a standing moonsault but Lola turns it into a submission. Dani escapes but gets leveled with a big kick for three.

Winner: Lola Vice (3:59)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Too rushed to mean anything, this was kind of an extended squash. The winner was kind of obvious here.

* Thea is missing another Chase U class, but she comes in and says Jacy told her to go to class and she agreed, but only if Jacy could come too. Jacy says she’s looking forward to it and Andre says take a seat. He starts talking about Halloween Havoc’s history and Thea and Jacy are busy talking. Jacy checks her phone and shares it with Thea, David also checks his phone and Chase loses it on him. Jacy laughs and Andre says everything was fine until she showed up. Jacy says the big news is that Andre and Duke will be in the battle royal next week. David complains about his phone being broken but everyone applauds. Jacy says they’re going to have so much fun!

* Bron is working out as Paul Heyman is behind him and says his name. He says wisdom comes from experience and he’s worked with Bron’s father and uncle, and they both had so much to offer. But he’s the wiseman because he can see the future, and he sees Bron Breakker in the main event of WrestleMania. And the only thing standing in his way is Carmelo Hayes.

Bron says he doesn’t care if it’s Melo, Cena, doesn’t matter who stands in his way. He’s gonna break them all. Bron leaves and Heyman calls Roman Reigns.

* We get another Brian Pillman Jr. vignette where he’s watching second-generation WWE stars. He then watches Brian Pillman clips and says his father was one of the craziest people in the business. He says everyone stops him and talks about his dad. But you know who doesn’t have good memories of his dad? Him. He didn’t know his dad and he didn’t want to be a WWE superstar, but he tried everything else. So he’s here, but when they see his face, he doesn’t want people to see his father; they want him to see his. He says he’s not using his dad’s name; he’s using the man who raised him’s name. That name is King, and so is his.

* A bunch of the women come up and talk with Asuka in succession, ending with Tiffany Stratton who says from one NXT Women’s Champion to another, let her know if she needs anyone. Fallon asks Tiff if her dad taught her any manners, and Tiff says that he taught her to treat people differently, like Fallon.

Set For Next Week:
– #1 Contender’s Match: Dijak vs. Baron Corbin vs. Carmelo Hayes OR Bron Breaker
– Bad Bing Bada Boom Tag Team Battle Royal
– Lyra Valkyria vs. Tegan Nox

* Paul Heyman comes out to introduce himself and a future WrestleMania main eventer in the making: “Bad Ass” Bron Breakker.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Bron Breakker

Bron and Melo circle each other and Melo ducks a clothesline, then hits a shot to the head. He ducks and nails Bron again, but Bron shoves him back, kicks him in the head and sends him in the corner. Melo to the apron, kick to the head and he goes up top. He leaps — and Bron catches him for a bodyslam!

Bron batters Melo and delivers shoulders to the gut in the corner. He grabs Melo and hit6s a measured shot to the head, flooring him. Melo up on Bron’s shoulders but slides off and shoves Bron into the ropes. They go back and forth, Melo with a springboard clothesline! Bron ducks to the outside as we go to PIP break.

We’re back with Bron bending Melo backward against his knee on the mat. Melo works his way out of it and Bron transitions to a front facelock. Melo punches out of it but his hit with a knee to the gut, Melo into the corner and gets a knee up on Bron’s face. Melo goes up but slips and skins the cat, Bron is on the apron on the other side of the turnbuckle and they trade shots. Bron picks Melo up and drops him face-first off the top rope!

Bron back in the ring now and lays in fists to Melo, then catapults him neck-first into the bottom rope. Cover gets two. Irish whip and Bron runs Hayes over. He picks Melo up for a belly to belly suplex, then grabs Melo who slaps his way free. But Bron pounces on him and beats on him! He picks Melo onto his shoulders and drops him into a gutbuster, cover for a nearfall.

Bron off the ropes for repeated shoulder tackles, a back suplex drop. He does the Cena “You Can’t See Me” taunt and comes off the ropes — INTO A SUPERKICK! Melo runs across the ring for a splash, then another. He goes for a suplex, Bron counters but Melo counters into a cutter for a nearfall!

Melo goes up top but Bron crotches him on the ropes. Bron climbs up and goes for a superplex, but Melo fights free. Bron leaps up for a super facebuster, cover but it only gets two! Bron drops the straps and lies in wait — he charges for a spear but Melo sidesteps! Melo up top, he leaps but Bron catches him for a big chokedrop for two!

Melo escapes to the outside, Bron follows and grabs the ringsteps. Cena grabs the steps! He kicks Bron and Solo is here, but Cena fights Solo to the back! Melo hits Bron with a lungblower! He gets Bron back in and goes up top, Nothing Bet Net! He covers for three!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes (12:51)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: Would we expect anything less from these guys? They absolutely killed it out there and delivered a top-notch match. Melo getting the win makes sense because it puts a babyface in the #1 contender’s match, but I could have seen this go either way. Great main event.

Bron spears the shit out of Melo immediately after! He gets a mic and says win or lose, there’s only one bad ass in all of WWE — DONG!

The lights go out! The motor sounds! THE AMERICAN BADASS IS HERE! Taker comes out on his bike and comes to the ring! He steps into the ring and poses for the crowd, then goes face to face with Bron. Taker looks Bron over and Bron tells the “Old Timer” to listen to him. There’s only one Bad Ass around here. The crowd chants “YOU FUCKED UP!”

Taker grabs the mic and says that he’s been watching Bron for a long time. And one day he’s gonna be a very special talent. It’s just one thing — it ain’t today.

Taker decks Bron! He lies in wait — GOOZLE! CHOKE SLAM! Melo is loving this from the corner.

Taker gets the mic and waits for the crowd to finish chanting for him before saying, “Young fella, you see I’m gonna give you a little advice. There’s always an older, bigger, badder bad ass waiting around the corner. You just met the baddest of ’em all.”

Taker helps Melo up and hugs him, then gives him his props.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
Look, I'm not saying that I want main roster stars and legends dominating WWE NXT every week. I don't. What we've had so far is okay, but this was over the top for the whole Tuesday Night War nonsense (and for the record, if you're only caring about whether WWE kicked AEW's ass or vice versa, politely fuck right off because your tribalism is legitimately one of the worst things about the wrestling industry in a while -- yes, even worse than Tyrus). But as a one-time thing, this was fantastic. Outside of the rushed Women's Breakout Tournament match, everything was great here. I don't lean into the highest or lowest ends of the ratings spectrums but I have to give this show props because it delivered in a massive way and I had a blast with it. Zero notes, A+ job WWE.

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