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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 11.29.22

November 29, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 11.29.22  

Hello, everyone and welcome to our live WWE NXT coverage on 411! I’m Jeremy Thomas, here as always, and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend (or for those of you outside of the US, a great regular weekend). NXT is barrelling toward Deadline in a couple of weeks, and tonight we’ll find out who the competitiors will be for the Iron Survivor Match. In addition, Toxic Attraction will face Nikkita Lyons, Kayden Carter, and Katana Chance in six-woman tag team action while Dijak makes his in-ring return after attacking Wes Lee last week. And Roxanne Perez will face off with Indi Hartwell. Sounds like a fun show all in all.

Here at Thomas HQ, I managed to get a fair amount of movie-watching in over the past week. On Thahnksgiving, I watched a couple of decent nostalgia sequels in Disenchanted and A Christmas Story Christmas, neither of which measure up to their original films but are worth a watch. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special was a delightful little bit of floof, and Ticket to Paradise was an eminently-watchable attempt to revive the big-star rom com. I decided to subject my caulrophobic ass to Terrifier because I need to see the sequel in order to solidify my potential best of and worst of lists for the year, and I thought the first film was…all right, if not exactly scary outside the fact that there’s an evil clown in it. And I did a rewatch of the 2009 torture porn-y The Collector, which while still not great isn’t as bad as I remember it being.

I also continued keeping up on The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Titans which remains a must-watch, and started to make my way through the very fun game show Game Changer on Dropout.TV which I thoroughly recommend.

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We’re LIVE in the Capitol Wrestling Center and our first match is getting underway.

Roxanne Perez vs. Indi Hartwell

Indi slaps away a handshake to start and locks in a wristlock, which Roxy counters out of. A little counterwrestling into an Irish whip, Roxy twists around Indi for a rana and goes up top, but Indi grabs her onto her shoulders and snake eyes-es her onto the turnbuckle. Irish whip countered into a rollup for one, Indi right back up and slams Roxy in the corner. She charges but Roxy moves and hops on Indi’s back for a sleeper, with Indi yanking her to the mat. Roxy off the ropes, wheelbarrow into a trip for one, dropkick gets two.

Roxy into another sleeper on the mat, Indi stands with Roxy on her back and reaches the ropes where she slams Roxy into the ropes throat first. Roxy takes a breather and Indi takes advantage to knock her to the floor. Ref goes for a ten-count, Roxy in at seven. Indi stomps Roxy and bodyslams her a couple of times, elbowdrop and cover for two.

Roxy goes headfirst into the turnbuckle and gets thrown in the next corner, she puts Roxy in the ropes and kicks her in the head for a kick to the head, cover for two. Another bodyslam, cover for two. She goes for another bodyslam, Roxy floats over and tries to roll her up but Indi sits down for a nearfall. Jawbreaker by Roxy but she gets run over, another two-count.

Short-arm clotheslines by Indi batter Roxy now, she hits a sidewalk slam for two. Rear naked chinlock to wear Roxy down, Roxy gets free but gets her head slammed into the mat. Indi batters Roxy and covers for another two. Indi slaps Roxy, who fires back. Russian legsweep by Roxy countered by Indi with a pick up onto the shoulders, Roxy turns it into an armdrag. She rolls under a big boot but Indi decks her, Roxy comes off the ropes and knocks Indi down, diving dropkick. Uppecut in the corner, Roxy runs out and charges back in to leap onto Indi but gets caught and dropped, cover for two.

Roxy manages to send Indi to the outside and dives onto her. She rolls Indi in and climbs up top — crossbody but Indi rolls through! Roxy manages to turn it into an inside cradle for two and Indi immediately hits a big boot. She charges and Roxy gets an awkward kick, she goes for Pop Rocks and misses the first, then does it a second time for the pin.

Winner: Roxanne Perez (9:06)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: This was Indi’s best match in a while but one of Roxy’s worst of any length. Indi seems to have regressed in recent months and I don’t know what she needs to turn it around, but it’s starting to get concerning. Right person won either way..

* Shawn Michaels sits down with Road Dogg, X-Pac, Alundra Blayze, and

* Andre Chase is complaining about the spelling in a paper when Thea and Duke come up. Duke says last week he booted the only man he’s ever looked up to before, and says that Kit Wilson moved and he couldn’t stop. He says he’s been gathering a list of signatures from the student body that say he deserves to be in the Iron Survivor’s match. Grayson Waller walks up and says Duke’s been playing Andre. He says Grayson won’t be in the match and Thea loses her mind. Andre says he’ll whip Grayson’s ass, but Duke says he’ll take care of it.

Dijak vs. Dante Chen

Dijak and Chen lock up, Dijak turns Chen around and slams him down. He grabs Chen by the throat and picks him up, Chen fights back but gets shoved over the ropes to the outside. Dijak follows out, Chen pushes Dijak into the apron and tries to roll in but Dijak catches his leg. Chen with kicks to Dijak’s head, he comes off the ropes into a sitting choke slam. Mounted punches batter Chen, ref backs him off. Dijak continues to batter Chen, sending him into the corner for back elbows. He launches Chen out of the corner.

Dijak beats on Chen in the corner, then wrenches the arm. Chen with a back elbow and he floats over on a back suplex, Chen battling back and hits a big fist — kick off the ropes. Chen is bleeding from the mouth and Dijak kicks his head off. Read naked choke into a really ugly GTS for three.

Winner: Dijak (3:48)
Rating: **
Thoughts: A standard squash match with some not great moments. Not much more to say.

After the match, Dijak says that was an example of Hard Justice, unrelenting. He says look into his eyes; the only thing we’ll see is infliction of suffering. NXT is a refuge but not for him. He didn’t come here to reinvigorate but to crush a soft society. Wes Lee, Bron Breakker, makes no difference to him. They’re all nameless, faceless men who will be brought to justice — his justice.

* Earlier today, JD McDonagh told Ivy Nile that the Creeds are no match for Indus Sher. The Creeds come in and JD says it’s silly that the Creeds are challenging Veer and Sanga. Brutus says he’ll win fair, and JD says it’s not a matter of wrestling; they can’t win fairly. JD talks bone density and says it’s science. He’s just saying it’s impossible, and Julius says that word isn’t in their vocabulary so get out.

* Shawn thanks the HOFers for coming to help pick names. He wants to find the five stars with the best overall year in NXT — not from wins & losses or analytics. Road Dogg says that he’s glad it’s not for that. Waltman says he’s had his eye on a few people. Molly says she keeps forgetting that so many of them have a short time in the business, and Blayze says that the talent is ridiculous.

Road Dogg says on top of his list for the men is Carmelo Hayes. They all agree. Waltman says he’s gotta be a heat magnet, which Shawn would know about. Blayze suggests Tony D’Angelo, and Molly asks about his injury status but he’s still a couple weeks away. Road Dogg says maybe it’s not his time and Shawn says Tony turns down nothing, but they have to protect the talent.

Waltman suggests JD McDonagh. Road Dogg says he creeps him out, but he can go. Michaels says he’s in the zone and a creep, but a surgeon in the ring. Blayze loves that he’s old school. Molly Holly suggests Gacy. Road Dogg loves his message. Blayze says it’s time for the audience to know who Gacy is. Road Dogg suggests Von Wagner that doesn’t seem to go over well. He and X-Pac agree on Axiom, but he may not be cleared. They ask about Grayson Waller and Molly doesn’t like him, but Waltman says he can win it.

HBK asks them to write down the five names they think should be in.

Grayson Waller vs. Duke Hudson

The two circle to start, Waller ducks a punch and taunts Duke. Headlock by Waller, shot into the ropes and gets run over. Duke with a side headlock, Waller grabs the hard to counter it out. Waller is trying to get Duke to pull his hair — which sounds more sexual than I think Waller meant. Duke ends up pulling the hair instinctually and he gets admonished by Chase, with Waller taking control. But Duke out of the corner with a big clothesline, followed by a sidealk slam for two.

Waller with a shoulder to Duke’s gut and leaps in on the apron, Duke nearly goes for the middle rope on a pin attempt but stops short and Waller kicks out. Waller batters Duke and sends him into the corner, then chokes Duke against the ropes for four. Waller has Duke’s headband on, but he takes it off and throws it at Chase. Waller traps Duke’s head and hits some knee strikes, then goes to the middle rope and leaps off for an elbow drop — but Duke moves!

Big fists to DUke on his knees, Duke hulks up and gives the U. He blocks some punches and knocks Waller down, big bodyslam and an overhead belly-to-belly. Jabs to Waller and a Dusty elbow to the head that sends Grayson to the outside. Waller goes out for a charging big boot, Waller moves and Thea almost gets kicked. He nails Waller and says he can stop the kick whenever he needs, which shocks Chase. Duke in the ring and eats a stunner for the pin.

Winner: Grayson Waller (5:19)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Solid match that played into the angle well.

* McKenzie is not happy to be joined by Big Body Javi, who wants to put everything in the past. Christmas is his favorite time of the year and he’s giving the WWE Universe what they need — BIG BODY TUESDAY! He tries to hawk a Big Body Javi baseball bat and says Adam Judge tried to slide into his DMs to buy one. McKenzie corrects him to Aaron Judge and Havi says Adam is his middle name. Javi then tries to hawk a Big Body Pillow, and McKenzie says that’s already trademarked. Javi says that can’t be, he’s been sleeping for five years.

He then tries to marking his cologne, BBC. McKenzie says it smells like rotten eggs and leaves. Axiom walks in and says he’s cleared so they can have their match.

Kiana James vs. Fallon Henley

Kiana shoves Fallon to start and gets knocked down. Lockup to start, Henley backs James into the ropes and they jockey for position. James gets the break in the corner as we go to PIP break right away.

We’re back with Fallon hitting a back elbow and then dropping Fallon on her ass from a waistlock. Irish whip blocked by Kiana, Fallon sends her to the outside but Kiana snaps Fallon’s arm into the ropes to take over. Kiana sends Fallon shoulder-first into the corner, then starts working over the arm. Bodyslam by Kiana, and she slams Fallon’s elbow into the mat a couple of times as she mocks her. Kiana picks Fallon up and does a Codebreaker to Fallon’s arm.

Kiana with a standing over elbowlock, Fallon gets to her feet and strikes away at James. Off the ropes and they take each other out with bulldogs. Kiana up second and charges in but gets hit with a back elbow, and Henley lays in the strikes. Splash in the corner, she comes off the ropes and Kiana with a kick to the arm. Fallon floats over a bodyslam and hits a short-arm clothesline for two.

Fallon tries to get Kiana on her shoulders but her arm gives out, She knocks Kiana into the bottom rope and slides out for an uppercut. Back in and Kiana escapes out, being chased back in the ring and grabbing her bag. She uses it as a distraction and takes Fallon out, 401K for the pin.

Winner: Kiana James (9:39)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Perfectly fine match with a bit of psychology. Neither of these two are great but they put in solid enough work here. It went on a bit too long for the two, but it never went to a particularly bad place.

* Odyssey Jones tells Malik to get over his sweater being torn up. Malik says it was his dad’s and the last thing he got from him. Edris tells him to use his anger and get into freak mode. Malik says he wants to handle this himself — Von started it, so he’s ending it.

* It’s time for the Deadline team to talk about the women’s match. Blayze says she may be biased, but she’s pulling for Roxy who she says has really developed into a championship threat. X-Pac can’t believe she’s only 21. Molly says she was just starting her training at that age. HBK says they all want it so bad but get frustrated because it won’t happen fast enough.

Road Dogg says Zoey is on the top floor and is an impressive athlete. He says the Iron Survivor Challenge is made for her. X-Pac is surprised Triple H hasn’t called her to the main roster yet. Molly says the net thinks Indi is ready for a call-up, but she, Road Dogg and Blayze don’t think she believes in herself.

X-Pac says Cora Jade is getting better and better, and Molly says she’s stepping into who she is on and off camera. Road Dogg says she thinks she knows everything. Blayze says Cora threw the title in the trash: who does that, except her? Road Dogg suggests Fallon Henley as his dark horse.

X-Pac says it was a toss-up between Fallon and Kiana, and Kiana’s win puts her over for him. Road Dogg says Kiana owns the rooom. Molly mentions Alba Fyre and says she’d be champion if not for Isla. Road Dogg says she needs to get through Isla first.

HBK thanks them and asks for their five women’s names.

* We see a TikTok from Cora mocking Wendy about her loss last week.

* Zoey Stark attacks Nikkita and takes out the knee before the six-woman tag team match. The champs help Nikkita to the back as TA watch and laugh and mock them.

* We get a vignette for someone walking through the woods talking about how she’s left her homeland, channeling the spirit of the Morrigan. She’s shapeshifted to a new form and is ready for a new battleground: Lyra Valkyria.

* McKenzie asks Elektra about targeting Indi. She says it’s biggest impact, lowest risk. It’s a trend to be an Indi Hartwell fan but she doesn’t follow trends; she sets them. She didn’t come back to make new friends, she came back to make an empire on her own. Indi can bet on herself, but don’t bet against Elektra or you’ll go broke.

Javier Bernal vs. Axiom

Axiom and Javi circle and lock up, Axiom snapmares Javi over and goes into a side headlock. Big dropkick by Axiom sends Javi to the outside. We’re going to PIP break already — again.

We’re back as Axiom works the shoulder, Javi back to his feet and fires off with punches. Axiom thrown off and goes to springboard off the ropes but Javi kicks the ropes and he falls hard. Javi slides out and sends Axiom’s knee into the ringpost a couple times, then slides in and kicks him in the head before hititng a dropkick to the knee, cover for one.

Javi goes right back to the knee with elbowdrops and then works it over, but Axiom fights back with strikes. Javi with a bodyslam to stop Axiom’s momentum. Javi puts Axiom in the corner and twists his knee in the ropes, he gets backed off and Axiom with an enzuigiri. Axiom with a sunset flip for two and get goes right into a triangle choke. Javi is struggling but gets to his feet, he lifts Axiom and plants him for two.

Javi with the figure four now, Axiom’s shoulders are down for two but he sits up. Axiom is able to reverse the figure four, but Javi gets to the rope for the break. Both men up but Javi knocks him down, Axiom fights back and hits a BIG knee off the ropes. He springboards off the ropes for a takedown, then goes for the Golden Ratio, Javi ducks and hits a DDT for two.

Javi goes up top, Axiom up and kicks Javi in the head. He goes up top, double underhook suplex off the middle rope! Golden Ratio, that’s the win.

Winner: Axiom (9:01)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Very good match here, Axiom bumped like crazy for Javi who held his own okay.

* Nikkita is being checked out, the official says that she’s bruised and is medically cleared. She says she’s okay and they can go.

* McKenzie is backstage with Pretty Deadly, who have her repeat that she’s NXT Tag Team Champions. She says there hasn’t been enough talk of them. They talk about how everyone is discussing the World Cup and say they’ll tell a Christmas story next week.

* Earlier today, APollo Crews writes in his journal at a diner about NXT Deadline when Bron Breaker walks up, sits down and starts looking at the menu. He tells Crews that he wanted the match and had a lot of challengers. He says he knew that he would be facing Crews and now that the match is here, he’s working out harder then ever. Crews says he’s also working hard and is the only man who can take the title. He says being NXT Champion is starting to get to Bron. He says that he has speed and strength over Bron, and Bron says he has the exact same skills. Bron goes to leave and asks if there’s any time one of his visions hasn’t come true. Crews says no, and Bron says there’s a first time for everything.

JD McDonagh vs. Julius Creed

Julius goes for the legs to start and they roll on the mat, countering each other. JD grabs the ropes for the break. JD dodges a lockup and takes Julius down with a side headlock, Julius back to his feet and tries to shoot JD into the ropes but JD slides to the mat. Julius picks him up for a back suplex and JD holds on. Second back suplex but JD counters with a snapmare.

Julius then flips JD over and sends him into the ropes, then chucks him across the ring a couple of times. Suplex from Julius and JD is clotheslined over the ropes, but JD pulls him out for a chop that Julius no-sells. Chase around the ring, JD trips Julius on the apron and goes into the ring to baseball slide dropkick him as we go to PIP break.

We’re back with Julius in a bodyscissors from JD, who is wearing Creed down. Julius to his feet and he drops onto his back to break up the hold. Indus Sher are now out and watching as Julius beats on JD, sending him into the ropes for a bodyslam. Suplex but JD knees Julius in the head, sending Julius to his knees but he stands up and drops JD!

Cartwheel spinebuster from Julius, and JD rolls to the outside. Julius out the other side and runs over JD. JD rolls into the ring, Julius follows and Julius with a belly to belly off the ropes, followed by another one. Julius charges in the corner but JD dodges to the apron. Julius gets sent to the floor and JD with a kick to the head on the apron, but Julius goes right for a German suplex off the paron. JD blocks it and headbutts Julius down, then hits an Asai moonsault off the apron.

Back in the ring, JD goes for the knees to take Julius down and goes to bend the knee back. Julius elbows out but JD takes him down again; Julius shoots JD off with his legs to the outside. JD trips Julius from the floor and snaps the knee against the apron, then goes under the ring for a chair. He goes to swing and Sanga pushes Julius out of the way, taking it! Somehow that’s a DQ.

Winner: Julius Creed (10:35)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: Great match with a weird finish. That’s a minor complaint though, as this match made Julius look like a potential breakout star without hurting JD.

After the match, Veer says they want the Creeds at nothing less than 100%

* Alba talks about Isla’s debut to attack her and says whatever spirits told her it was a good idea to target her must have it out for her, because it’s going to lead to her ultimate demise. She says what she does to Isla will be anything but fun.

* Dijak is walking out when Stacks says the Don wants a word with him. Tony walks up and introduces himself, but Dijak knows him. Tony says he appreciates Dijak softening up Wes Lee, but he didn’t do it for him. Tony says between them, he’s back in the ring next week. Whether Wes is on Dijak’s list or not, Tony is going to see Lee’s days as champion are numbered.

Von Wagner vs. Malik Blade

Malik is in hot and gets Von in the corner for mounted punches. He gets shoved off and leaps right back in for more, but Von shoves him off once more and takes him down. Bodyslam, and Von goes for a kneedrop but Malik moves. He hits a couple of kneelifts and Von rolls to the outside. Malik follows and lays into him, slamming him into the commentary table three times.

Von back into the ring and Malik follows suit but gets run over with a high knee. Powerbomb but Malik turns it into a sunset flip for two. Malik gets bent over with a knee, Malik into the ropes and kicks Von. He picks Von up! Bodyslam!

Malik goes up top and leaps for a frog splash, but Von gets the knees up. DVD, cover for three.

Winner: Von Wagner (2:42)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: RIP Malik Blade.

Wagner goes to beat Malik more and Edris runs down to get kicked down. Odyssey into the ring, he runs over Von and clotheslines him over the top. Robert Stone backs Von off as Odyseey talks shit

* HBK is here to thank the HOF panel for helping him make the decision. The men are Melo, JD McDonagh, Waller, and Joe Gacy. The fifth will be determined in a wild card match.

The women are Zoey Stark, Cora Jade, Roxy, and Kiana James with the last determined in a wild card match also.

Set For Next Week:
– Iron Survivor Wild Card Match: Von Wagner vs. Axiom vs. Andre Chase
– Iron Survivor Wild Card Match: Wendy Choo vs. Fallon Henley vs. Indi Hartwell
– A Real Christmas Story, written and performed by Pretty Deadly

Toxic Attraction vs. Nikkita Lyons, Kayden Carter & Katana Chance

Jacy and Katana start off, Jacy takes over with a knee to the gut and chops. She slams Katana to the mat and hits a senton. Fireman’s carry, Katana slides down, springboards off and dropkicks Jacy before all six women enter the ring and brawl until the heels leave the ring. NIkkita kicks Mandy off the apron and the tag champs dive onto Gigi and Jacy.

Katana grabs Jacy and rolls her in, but Jacy with a forearm to Katana. Mandy tags in but is caught with a jawbreaker, Kayden tagged in for some tandem offense, cover for one. Kayden gets Mandy on her shoulders, Mandy slides down but gets tripped, big kick to the head and cover for two.Kayden gets sent intot he corner, distraction to the ref and double knees from Jacy and Gigi.

Gigi tags in and snapmares Kayden over. Kayden fights back bit gets decked. Kayden sent into the hostile corner, Jacy tags in and splashes Kayden. Mandy tagged in and she talks shit to Kayden, who fires off with punches and floats over a bodyslam attempt but Mandy with a spinebuster for two.

Mandy with the bodyscissors and has to kick out of a pin attempt. Kayden takes Mandy down and goes for a tag but Mandy catches her, Kayden rolls her up for two. Katana tags in finally, so does Gigi but Katana runs over her. SHots in the corner and a charging kick. She goes up top, crossbody but Gigi catches her and slams her down. Cover but Lyons breaks it up. Jacy in now and she kicks the knee, enzuigiri. Kayden in and kicks Jacy who spills to the outside.

Gigi and Katana trade shots, Gigi with a short-arm clothesline for two. Into the ropes with Katana, Kayden makes the blind tag and they knock Gigi down, Katana gets tossed onto Gigi and Kayden then covers for two. Superkick to Gigi, Katana tags in and they go for their finisher but Jacy trips up Kayden. Gigi knocks Katana down and tags in Mandy who hits a back suplex. She goes for the kick but Katana counters and hits a Codebreaker.

Mandy tags in Jacy, back suplex but Katana lands on her feet and tags in Lyons. She runs over everyone, Superman punch to Jacy, snap suplex. Split-legged legdrop, Gigi breaks it up. Gigi takes out Kayden on the outside, Mandy takes out Kayden and Katana dives onto Mandy. Lyons in control of Jacy on the inside but Mandy gets involved. Spin kick by Jacy finishes it.

Winner: Toxic Attraction (9:13)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: A very decent main event match here. The story was built around Lyons’ knee and Kayden and Katana work great with Jacy and Gigi. I have no complaints here.

Zoey grins from the raised stage as Lyons looks livid.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Average
The 411
Tonight's NXT was a mostly solid one. There were a couple pretty sketchy matches here; I'm not sold on Dijak's return yet and Von Wagner continues to make me not care about him. But there were some really solid matches as well. Nothing was great here, but there have been much worse episodes of NXT and this served as a good episode as they continue the build to NXT Deadline.

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