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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 4.27.21

April 27, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 4.27.21  

Hello there, NXT fans! It’s Tuesday evening, which means it’s time for another episode of NXT. I’m Jeremy, and we’re into week three of NXT on Tuesdays with pretty good results so far. Tonight we have a lot to look forward to including a big six-man tag team match, Bronson Reed vs. Austin Theory, and ADAM COLE’s RETURN, BAY-BAY! Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Dakota Kai vs. Mercedes Martinez

The two circle then lock up, going into some chain wrestling that ends with Kai turning a side headlock into a headscissor. Martinez gets out of it and slaps the taste out of Kai’s mouth, whip across the ring reversed and Martinez catches Kai sloppily into a slam and then takes control with clotheslines and a spinebuster for two. Fists in the corner by Mercedes, she picks Kai up but Kai slides out into a DDT for two. Mercedes sent hard into the corner, Kai charges in with a big kick and a cover for two. Kai chokes Mercedes against the ropes for a four-count, then beats on her in the corner. Kai is favoring the shoulder and Mercedes fights back but eats a uranage backbreacker for another near-fall. Kai with a knee into the back as she wrenches the shoulder, Martinez slips out and rolls Kai up for one. Kai kicks Mercedes in the face, sets her in the corner, goes for a big kick but Mercedes moves and Kai’s caught up! Martinez with fists to Kai from the apron, she gets back in and sets Kai on the top turnbuckle. She’s up there but Kai fights back with elbows. Mercedes with a fist and she goes for a Cliffhanger that gets a two-count. Big shot to Kai and Mercedes charges in, Kai with a drop toe-hold counter in the corner and she charges with with a big boot in the corner! Martinez rolls out of the ring and we’re on PIP break.

Kai is up and the referee counts, Mercedes back in and she eats a bunch of stomps. Kai with another shoulderlock that becomes a bow-and-arrow submission. Bodyscissors, rolled into a two-count. Kai is wearing Martinez down now as Raquel looks on from the outside. Bicycle kick to a downed Martinez and an armbar to Mercedes. Martinez powers up and fights back but gets a fist to the head and then slammed shoulder-first into the corner a couple of times. Kai continues to work the shoulder by pulling on it, snapmare and cover gets two. She plants her feet on either side of the shoulder and just yanks hard on it, then folds it up into a leg-based chickenwing.

We’re back fully live and Kai throws Mercedes out of the ring, following out. Martinez fights back, big punch and she slams Kai into the apron before rolling her in. Kai with a kick to Mercedes as she tries to get in, big kicks through the ropes and a Codebreaker as she covers for two. Kai dominating, but Mercedes stops her with a big elbow to the jaw. Martinez with chops in the corner to batter Kai, and a trio of double underhook suplexes! Armwrench slam by Martinez and Kai is out of the ring. Kai is out and she approaches, but Raquel steps in the way and they start talking shit. Kai in and distracts the ref, Raquel goes for a cheap shot and gets punched, Martinez in and Kai attacks but Mercedes gets her on the shoulders. Raquel comes in to kick Martinez and we have a DQ.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez by DQ (12:31)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Great match to start it off. The finish was what it was; it makes Martinez still look like a potential contender but also makes Raquel look like the beast she needs to look like.

After the match, Gonzalez destroys Martinez and sends her hard into the plexiglass.

* Shotzi and Ember talk about their issues with The Way and Ember says they’re not letting go of the titles any time soon, while The Way has lost their way. They get flowers and Franky Monet shows up, she points out the card says it’s from Dexter Lumis and Shotzi and Ember try to pass the flowers off to each other as we’re on break.

* We’re back from break with Cameron Grimes walking into a jewelry store, looking for very shiny watches. He says he’s looking to get something nice for someone: himself. He tries to bit on some gold but it’s chocolate and says he wants the shiniest, most extravagant watch in the city. The clerk says he has something for him and we don’t see what it is yet.

* Back in the ring with Grizzled Young Veterans who talk about tonight’s six-man tag main event featuring MSK. XXX says it seems like MSK will compete in any sort of match except the one that really matters — a straight up defense against them. Zack says they’re a great tag team but the biggest nobheads they’ve ever met. The men make the titles and they’re the leaders that the tag team division desperately needs. If that melts some snowflakes, so be it.

They get interrupted as out comes Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa says he hates to be the guy who interrupts another man, but he’s been listening and can’t help but notice the similarities. He says they he and Timmy are grizzled and veterans, and they know about being leaders. And they all want to face MSK and become the next tag team champions. They get in the ring and say that the last time they faced off, GYV got the win but Thatcher has been watching footage and taking notes. Thatcher says he’s found a lot of strength, but noticed at NXT Takeover UK: Cardiff. He starts the “Shoes Off If You Hate Gibson” chant and Ciampa takes off his shoe, attacking GYV. The GYV escape the ring and Thatcher and Ciampa stand tall, shoes off in the ring.

* McKenzie asks Drake Maverick and Killian Dain about their match with Imperium, and Drake isn’t happy about it. He’s seen how this will go. Either when he gets in the ring Dain will join Imperium and jump them, or Dain will walk away at a key moment. Dain says Drake has to have faith, and walks off leaving Drake befuddled that Dain quoted George Michael.

* We get a quick Tian Sha vignette next before going to break.

* We’re back with a vignette from Swerve, who says addresses Leon Ruff. He says when Ruff attacked him a couple weeks ago, his first thought was “What a coward.” But when he thought about it, he’s actually proud of him because he didn’t think he had it in him. But now that he does, he knows that rings can’t contain them so he propeoses a Falls Count Anywhere match for next week.

* Toni Storm walks down to the ring and cuts a promo before her match, saying Zoey Stark should thank her because she made Stark famous. But when history is written, Stark will only be a footnote in her legendary career. Her next chapter reads “Toni Storm Ends Zoey Stark” and that she’s going to imagine Zayda Ramier is Zoey.

Toni Storm vs. Zayda Ramier

Storm kicks Ramier to start and starts to just toss Zayda around the ring. She comes off the ropes with a baseball slide clothesline, hits a backbreaker and presses down hard. Ramier struggles to get out and gets shoved to the mat. Storm with a stomp to the knee in the corner, Ramier fights back but eats a Euro uppercut. Ramier sent into the turnbuckle, elbows her way out, kicks STorm in the head and starts to unleash fists. She goes for a kick, Storm ducks and hits a big German suplex. Storm charges into the corner for a splash on Ramier and a second one after she drops down. Storm goes for a Storm Zero but stops and shoves Zayda down. She picks Zayda up, puts her on the top rope, and climbs up, going for a top rope Storm Zero but Zoey comes out to distract her. She goes after Zayda but Ramier is fighting back, she knocks Storm down, SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Pinfall!

Winner: Zayda Ramier (3:25)
Rating: * 3/4
Thoughts: I get the point here and this was fine, though it didn’t have enough time to be worth anything. Storm can take these losses just fine and it’s building up Stark, which is good.

* Legado is backstage, and Escobar says no one gets one over on him. The others say that the titles are in the wrong place, and Escobar says tonight they make a statement while they will claim what’s theirs in the Tag Titles and Cruiserweight Title.

* Bronson Reed is coming to the ring, and he stops in gorilla to star off at Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. He walks off and Austin Theory pops up to ask what they’re doing in the dark.

* McKenzie is backstage with LA Knight, who says everyone is talking about him beating Dexter Lumis and says that he saw a twinkle in Indi Hartwell’s eye and a tingle in her loins. He says there’s nothing hotter than an L.A. Knight. He walks off and Ever-Rise walks in, talking about their show Ever-Rise Live. But McKenzie cuts back as Austin Theory is coming down to the ring.

Bronson Reed vs. Austin Theory

Lockup and Reed backs Theory into the corner to start. They break it up and lock up again, Theory in the corner, it breaks up and Austin slaps Reed. Reed locks in a headlock, Theory fights his way out and locks in his own. Theory shot into the ropes, knocked down by a shoulderblock. Theory goes for a jumping shoulderblock and gets swatted away, Reed charges in and Theory gets almost out of the ring with his feet caught on the ropes. Gargano tries to help him up and Reed comes out and runs Austin over. Gargano and Reed argue as Theory gets on the apron, Reed gets into the ring as Theory rolls in and hits a dropkick. Reed is pissed and he charges, Theory pulls the ropes down and Reed goes out. Theory pretends his shoulder is hurt, distracting the ref so Gargano can superkick Reed, and Theory then dives over the ropes onto Bronson! Bronson fiughts back and tries to send Theory into the ring steps but Austin reverses as we go to break.

We’re back and Theory has a chinlock on Reed, who gets to his feet but gets knocked back down. Austin locks the chinlock back on, Reed pulls it apart and stands up to fire off some punches. Theory in the ropes but he holds on and stomps Reed in the head. He mocks Reed and goes for a leaping elbowdrop, but Reed moves! Theory with a Rolling Thunder-type move but Reed catches him and Gorille presses him, dropping him to the mat. He slams Theory down, lets him get in the corner, splash and a choke lift slam. SENTON from Reed gets two! Reed goes at Theory bit gets drop toe-held in the corner, Theory with a somersault Blockbuster that gets two. Theory tries to pick Reed up, he almost does it but no luck, Reed shoots him into the ropes and hits a Samoan drop for two! He goes for a suplex, Theory slips out, superkick! He goes for a suplex but Reed picks him up for a suplex instead. Dexter Lumis comes out slowly to the ring as The Way are distracted in the ring, Gargano and LeRae run and Lumis walks after Hartwell, who is telling him no. Indi rolls into the ring, Dexter gets on the apron, Indi says he talks to much when he’s not sayting anything. Theory gets shot into the ropes and collides with Lumis, Reed is now in control! Top rope…TSUNAMI! That’s all she wrote!

Winner: Bronson Reed (12:23)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Decent enough match. It didn’t get to the next level, but didn’t need to. Not everyone’s gonna love those hijinks that ended the match but I dig the InDex stuff so I’m giving it a pass.

* Kushida and MSK are backstage wiith McKenzie, and they’re excited. Nash calls their pairing as a three-man team “fire” and they thank Kushida for taking them under his wing. Kushida says it’s time to show Legado that they are champions: tonight it’s MS-Kushida.

* Gargano is losing his shit backstage about Theory losing to Reed. Theory said he had the wrong number, and Gargano says it was Lumis’ fault. LeRae puts the blame on Shotzi and Ember for trying to steal Dexter Lumis, and Indi gets pissed and stomps off.

Imperium vs. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Drake is super paranoid and wants to start the match, but Dain says he’s starting against Aichner. Lockup and Dain with a counter throw. He lunges but Aichner ducks and hits a shot, Dain shoots him into the ropes and picks Aichner but but he slides out. Bodyslam attempt fails, Aichner goes into the ropes and gets taken down with a crossbody. Aichner on Dain’s shoulders but gets down, he gets the tag to Barthel who leaps on Dain’s shoulders but gets thrown off and clotheslined out of the ring. Barthel back in and charges, Dain ducks and hits an uppercut. Bodyslam and he hard tags in Maverick and hip tosses him over the ropes onto Barthel. Drake goes for a whip but no love, he comes off the ropes with a basement dropkick and another to take Barthel down. Barthel right back up and hits Drake hard, he goes for a back suplex but Drake counters! Drake with a rana and goes up top, but Barthel up quickly and yanks him off the top. Aichner tagged in, he slips out and Barthel distracts the ref as Aichner hits a running dropkick on the apron. Dian in and arguing ensues as we go to break.

Back from break and Barthell is in control of Maverick in the ring. He manhandles Drake and throws him to the mat in the hostile corner. Maverick fights back and kicks Barthel, crawsl toward the corner but Aichner is tagged inand cuts it off. Barthel knocks Dain off the corner and Aichner hits a backbreaker, then comes off the ropes with an elbowdrop for two. Aichner picks Drake up and just swings him around the ring by his pants. Maverick is pissed and starts fighting back, he comes off the ropes with a big kick and leaps for the tag but gets caught, spinebuster! Both men crawling for their corners, Barthel runs in but gets sent over the top by Dain! Aichner slams Drake, Drake is crawling backward and reaching back for Dain! He goes for it and Barthel knocks Dain off the corner! Drake thinks Dain abandoned him and Imperium double team the hell out of Drake, Dain comes in and beats both Imperium guys down. Barthel goes over the top and the ref orders him to the corner but he goes out and gets planted by Alexander Wolfe’s boot. Barthel gets in the ring and distracts the ref, Wolfe goes to hit Dain with a chair but hesitates. Barthel argues with him and Drake LEAPS OUT! Dain picks Drake up and throws him onto Aichner, picks up Barthel and Wolfe distracts him long enough to Barthel to slip down and shove him into the steps. Maverick dives on Aichner in the ring but Aichner rolls through and picks him up, Barthel to the top rope and leaps off; it’s over.

Winner: Imperium (12:12)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Well laid-out match that told a real story with all the shifting allegiances. Some of the spots were perhaps slightly contrived, but none of them were executed poorly or ruined suspension of disbelief. Plenty of storytelling opportunities from here.

* Pete Dunne is backstage and talks about how everyone’s talking opportunities but no one’s mentioning him because everyone’s shook. He says he put out Kushida and the CW Title is his when he wants. Or he could go to NXT UK and take back that title. Or perhaps the North American Title. He also says Karrion Kross doesn’t intimidate him; he’s the baddest man in NXT and everyone is welcome to try and prove him wrong.

* We’re back with Cameron Grimes looking at the watch, and he says it’s not even going tick-tock. Kross would hate it! But he thinks it’s perfect for him and tells the clerk to ring it up. Ted DiBiase then shows up and says it’s nice, but not a million dollar watch! He laughs and walks off as Grimes freaks out.

Aliyah & Jessie Kamea vs. SHotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon

Before the match can get started, Candice and Indi attack and get pastries and flowers smashed into them. The referees come out to check on them as Jessie and Aliyah act like they won the titles. Apparently this stopped being a non-title match at some point, but it was not a match anyway.

Winner: No Match
Rating: NR
Thoughts: Those cupcakes looked good…

* Adam Cole is sitting down with Arash Markazi, who asks how Cole’s been covering since his Takeover loss. Cole says he’s been better but he’s been worse and says even not 100%, he’s better then the entire roster. Arash asks if it was a mistake for him to turn on the UE, and he says he’s been carrying the UE and all of NXT on his back. As far as he’s concerned, they turned their back on him. Asked about what he says to people who think Kyle O’Reilly is the new face of NXT, Cole says O’Reilly got lucky. He’s going to listen to people who say he’s ready for the main event slot but he’s not, and he knows Kyle isn’t sure if he’s ready to be in the main event of NXT Champion. Time will tell if Kyle’s read, but as long as Cole is in NXT Kyle isn’t taking his spot. Asked about Karrion Kross as NXT Champion, Cole says Kross is good. Is he great yet? Cole doesn’t know. He questions whether the injury was a freak injury from his first reign. He says if and when he decides it’s time to be NXT CHampion, the clock will be ticking for Kross. Arash asks what’s nbext for Cole, and Cold says only he knows what’s next, but he promises we’ll see the best damn Adam Cole we’ve ever seen. He berates Arash for making him wait to start the interview and says that it’s absurd. We cut to Kyle watching the interview and looking annoyed.

* Set for Next Week:
NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Street Fight: Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon vs. Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell
Falls Count Anywhere: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Leon Ruff

Legado del Fantasma vs. MSK & Kushida

Wilde and Kushida start off, and Kushida leaps right on Wilde to start the submission game. Some counter wrestling, Wilde with a takedown and showboating but Kushida takes over and tags in Nash, who hits a springboard senton splash. Lee tagged in for a springboard splash. Wilde takes over with a cheap shot and tags in Mendoza, they snap the legs with double team and Mendoza gets a two-count. Wilde tagged back in and hits a kneelift and elbow shot, he comes off the ropes into a dropkick from Lee that sends him out! Mendoza in and MSK with tandom offense to take him out, Escobar kicked off the apron and Kushida in! Wilde gets laid waste to by MSK and Kushida, culminating in a front flip bump off the ropes and we’re into PIP break.

Escobar in with Carter, they do some counter wrestling and Carter with an armdrag. Escobar dodges a dropkick and takes over with kicks and then a shoulderlock and headlock on the mat. He gets up and stomps the shoulder, then gets Nash against the ropes for a slap. Escobar off the ropes for a dropkick to Carter, sending him out of the ring. He goes to throw Nash into the booth but Nash reverses! He rolls back in but Escobar beat him there and kicks him in the head, he continues to work over the shoulder.

Back fully live, and Escobar wraps Carter up to wrench on the shoulder and elbow. WIlde is tagged in and takes over on Carter, he keeps up the pressure on the shoulder and shoves Nash shoulder-first into the hostile corner. Mendoza in and he goes for a suplex but Carter with an inside cradle for two! Wilde takes back control with a shoulder wrench slam. He gets Nash in the hostile corner and tags in Mendoza, who lays in a series of hard stomps to Nash. Nash fighting back but gets knocked back down and Wilde is back in to work Carter over. Suplex by Wilde, cover gets two. Nash back in the hostile corner, Escobar is in and stomps away at Nash. He drops Nash shoulder-first into his knee, Carter is fighting out but Santos cuts him off and goes for a back suplex — Carter slides out and rolls through to tag in Kushida! Kushida is taking everyone out, big shoulder separator to Esobar, Lee is now tagged in and so is Carter! Fire Flame to WIlde, Mendoza breaks up the tag. Kushida holds open the ropes as MSK hits a double tope on Legado! Escobar attacks Kushida on the outside and powerbombs him through the table, Carter goes to check on Kushida and Wilde takes him out! Wes Lee is along in the ring and he has all three Legado members to deal with now. Lee with a big kick to WIlde, he goes for a backflip kick but gets kicked in the head! Wilde takes aim and charges in, Escobar tagged and comes in for a splash as well. A series of quick tags and splashes follow. Mendoza in, Escobar with a suplex, springboard assisted splash by Wilde gets a near-fall! Lee sent into the ropes, he catches there and manages to kick Wilde! Mendoza sent out, and Lee rolls out of the way of a splash by Escobar! Lee with a superkick to WIlde, to Mendoza, enzuigiri to Escobar! Carter is now on the corner, he’s up! Lee crawls to the corner, he gets the tag! Carter in control and Kushida is up, he gets in but Carter is down on the inside — PHANTOM DRIVER on Kushida! Legado with the held kick to Carter and that’s all.

Winner: Legado del Fantasma (13:45)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: Really hot main event that kept MSK and Kushida strong, but positioned Escobar, Wilde, and Mendoza strongly as the next opponents for the champions. Nothing to complain about here.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Good
The 411
This is kind of a weird one to rate. Each of the individual matches were great, but when you put them all in context there were a LOT of dirty finishes. By no means was this a bad show and it can be viewed perfectly well in a match by match basis. Taken as a whole it was still a good episode and it set a lot of good stuff up going forward, but was still a bit of a step down from the last couple of weeks.

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