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July 7, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Road Rager Young Bucks

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It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.

JR welcome us tp AEW, the lights go out, the crowd cheers, and here comes Cody Rhodes!

Damn, QT gets the jobber entrance?

Before the straps are wrapped, Cody dives out of the ring into QT. He rolls QT in the ring and we start the match.

Match 1: South Beach Strap Match
Cody Rhodes vs QT Marshall

A tug of war to strat, with QT kicking, Cody catching. He drops down, uppercut! Whip to the ropes, Cody chokes QT up from behind with the strap. Elbow to Cody. QT sends Cody outside to the ramp, but Cody pulls him INTO the ropes hard. Cody re-enters, QT checks the throat, sends Cody into the corner, Cody hops over QT, QT steps over, Cody catches, powerslam! Cody whips QT across the back. Another smack across the back. Again. Cody tags a buckle. Another, he is distracted by Solow, Solow attacks him from behind to stop the third hit, but out comes Dustin Rhodes to attack Solow with right hands, sendng him into the crowd. Cody watches on as Dustin chases, allowing QT to hit a lowblow. He is able to flip Cody onto his back with the strap. QT whips Cody across the back. Again. He chokes Cody up, dropping him to his knees, and drags him to a corner. Tag to 1 corner, but Cody tags it after. QT to the 2nd, Cody gets the 2nd as well. We head to the third, but Cody hops onto the back of QT before the 4th. Cody reaches, QT locks up for a supelx, and ref says they have to start again.

Cody rolls outside. QT rolls outside on the other side of the post. QT pulls, Cody blocks, and Cody pulls QT into the post. Cody shakes the hand of a kid as Arn cheers him on. Cody rolls into the ring. Cody drags QT up towards the apron, and QT is bloodied. He enters the ring. Cody tags the corner. When he hits the 2nd one, the lights go out. Cody is confused. He tags the third. QT pulls, backbreaker into a Flatliner! QT shakes off the blood. QT lifts Cody up to his knees, hits a hard right to the forehead. QT whips Cody across the back with the strap, hooks the head and drags Cody to the corner. QT hangs Cody up but Cody grabs the strap and swings upward to smack QT. Cody to the apron. Right hand to the chest. Cody climns to the 2nd rope and chokes cody up. Cody hits a righ hand to the face, hops up, but QT hits a powerbomb off the 2nd rope!! QT tags a corner. He struggles towards the 2nd one. Gets it. Cody tries to cut him off from the 3rd one, so QT hits him with a right hand and ref calls it. QT wraps Cody up with the straps, lifts him up onto the corner and pulls Cody out for a cutter. He hits it! The 2nd one. QT gets to the 3rd one. He reaches for the 4th, Cody pulls, QT kicks, and QT’s gotta start over.

A strap across the back of Cody. Cody stands up, no selling it. Another smack from QT. Cody screams. One across the chest, another. Cody with a clohelsine. A pump kick. Right hand, another, into the corner, toss into the center of the ring, Cody hups up and takes QT down with head scissors. Smack across the back of QT. Another. A third, and crowd is loving it. Cody hits the corner, rushes up to the top, flies off with a cutter!Cody tags, gets to three. He’s about to hit the 4th, but QT has pulled the strap!

QT’s standing, spits in the face of Cody, Cody with Cross Rhodes! Doesn’t release, hits another. A THIRD CROSS RHODES!!! Cody hits all four posts to win the match!

Winner: Cody Rhodes
I’m not 100% sure what the point of a Cody win is, but I’m also still not 100% sure as to why I don’t like it. I suppose it’s the reality that the energy they put behind QT ultimately resulted in nothing more than someone for Cody to beat. This isn’t the worst thing possible, but it does seem more unnecessary than a Cody loss could be or do.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 10:39

Earlier Today, Shawn Spears talk about the second greatest chair shot he let out in AEW last week. The question is why; but look at Spears, and look at Sammy. The real reason is Sammy’s ego. He told Sammy he would get him


Sammy comes into frame, says “Gotcha, bitch. This is far, far from over.”

WE ARE BACK, and Tony is in the middle of the ring. He introduces YOUR World Champion Kenny Omega. Omega comes out with Callis.

Don doesn’t want Tony to speak, he tells him to go wait in the corner. Seems like a great time to give everyone a history lesson, says Don, because the last several months, they have made history.

YOU GOT FIRED chant to Don.

Don says real men don’t quit, they get fired. Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley. Kenny Omega defeated the great Rey Fenix. Omega defeated Jungle Boy. He and Omega have won so many titles around the world, they had to get an entourage just to transport the belts. All of us fans are in the presence of greateness, the shadow of the God of pro-wrestling. But he was away for a week and he comes back to realize there’s a big problem – they’ve beaten everyone. There is no one left, which presents a problem. It’s a desperate situation.


Don is here to tell us what we won’t, but Dark Order’s music cuts off.

Here’s Evil Uno and he cohorts. Uno says he has spent the last few minutes listen to Omega and his weird uncle talk, and he has some questions. Uno wants to know why Omega is ignoring the crowd. Why is he ignoring the #1 ranked wrestler. Why is he so afraid of Evil Uno’s friend?

Omega says Uno’s got a lot of questions. Omega has a question, what’s the capital of Thailand. BANG with a nut shot.

Here come Gallows and Anderson to attack Dark Order. They hold Evil Uno up ready for a belt shot, until the music of Hangman hits. He entesr and attacks! He beats on The Good Brothers, sends Anderson over the top rope, then sends Gallows over after. Page hops on the apron, Omega in the ring. He turns. Page stops on the apron, stares Omega down. Page enters the ring. They go face to face. Anderson on the apron, distracts, Page sends him off, Omega runs away.

WE HEAD TO BACKSTAGE where JR is sitting on a chair with Darby and Ethan on either side of him. He tells both men he is disgusted and uneasy. They have both talked about ending careers. This is sad.

Ethan says theres nothing really sad about it, maybe Darby deserves it? Why, asks JR.

Ethan is about to talk, but Darby speaks up. His first year in wrestling was Ethan’s 12, and this fact, Ethan couldn’t stand it. Darby has no walls of complacency. He was homeless, living in his car, look at Ethan. It’s not Darby’s fault Ethan got married, never left his hometown, and had kids. Darby left everything. Ethan was the big fish in the little pond. He cant stand Darby made it before him, he couldn’t stand.

Ethan says Darby didn’t lie. He skipped the line. If it wasn’t for Ethan, Darby would still be living in his car. Ethan plucked him from obscurity. Those checks Darby cashed, its all owed to Ethan. It drives him insane that every day, people have told him that he’d be a star, making money, and he’s got to watch a little runt and kid paint his face up to hide the fact that without Ethan, Darby would be nothing. He brought Darby into this wrestling business, and he will take him out.

JR closes them out, saying he doesn’t have an easy feeling about this. Ethan says he shouldn’t.

Match 2: FTR and Wardlow vs Santana, Ortiz, and Jake Hager

Takedown by Santana to Dax, Santana up, attacks the forehead, again, whip to Dax. Another whip. Dropkick out the corner. Clothelsine from Dax. Dax misses a clothesline, locks the head, hits a suplex, floats over for another, gets a GERMAN for a third supelx! Santana rushes the crner, hits an elbow, tag to Ortiz. Whip to the ropes, Leg lariat, Santana hops up the back and hits a moonsault, Ortiz hooks up for a Northern Lights. Cover for 1….NO!!! Dax with a chop. Tag to Cash. Cash in over the top, hops over the back, catches Ortiz in the air and hits a pweorslam. Cover for 1…..NO!!! Right hand and a tag to Wardlow. He sends Ortiz into the corner. Wardlow gutwrenches into a powerbomb! Cover for 1..2…N!O!! Dax with a rope-asisted, no Ortiz lands on his feet, locks up behind, Dax reveres, STO to Dax! He lifts up for. Powerbobmb, hits it with a sitout!!! Santana kicks him in the face. Hager enters the ring, knocks off Cash and Wardlow. Hager Bomb in the corner!!! BELLY TO BELLY TO CASH! Clothesline to Cash! Another to Dax!!!

We are back, and Santana rols to tag in Ortiz. Wheler still in the ring. Ortiz with an elbow, another, enziguri to Wardlow. Kick from Cash. Whip to the corner. Ortiz hops over, in comes Hager to hit a splash, kick to Cas in the corner, Poetry in motion from Santana. Whip to Hager and he drops Cash on the floor hard. Cover for 1..2…N!O!! Wardlow there to break it up. Double underhook from Csah, Dragon Suplex into a cover from Cash for 1..2..NO!!!! Dax is the legal man, Orti counters with a brainbuster. Tag to Hager. He comes in, splashes Cash in the corner, hits a Hager Bomb, leg up, so Hager grabs an Ankle Lock! Dax attacks the back of the head, whip to Hager, reversed, big oot to Dax after he sends Santana off the apron! Hager sees Wardlow. He wants him. He allows the tag. In comes Wardlow. They lock up. Right by Hager, again, again. Headbutt! Right, back and forth!

Wardlow shoots the legs, Hager rolls through, Ankle Lock to Wardlow!!1 In comes Cash, GOOZLE!!! Right fist to Cash. Sshove to Dax, Wardlow attacks form behind. BIG RIG FROM FTR!!! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Pinnacle
A nice win for the bad guys, and a sick match to boot. Gave us enough to want more, which is interesting considering we’ve seen Pinnacle and Inner Circle go at quite a few times.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time:8:56

Konnan stupidly enters the ring to attack Wardlow from behind with a sock full of shit. Tully trips him up lol. Pinnacle leaves happy while Ortiz and Santana check on Konnan.

Karl Anderson gets a promo to talk about the IWGP US Championship and how the fact that Moxley has it makes him sick. He will defend it next week against Anderson.

The Standoff is NEXT

MJF is already out. Jericho’s music hits and MJF tells them to cut it off real quick, then calls the crowd white trash. Here they are, he’s beaten Jericho twice, and he’s here begging. It’s sad. He desont blame Jericho, everyone wants the rub.

Jericho says he should have just let that fat bastard come in here and beat MJFs ass is what he should have done, but he’s Chris Jericho. He wont back down from them. He’ll except any stip, he’ll stand in front of a truck; he’ll swim in a lake, he’ll even have sex with MJF’s mother.

Jericho pauses, then says AGAIN.

MJF says these people want him to be rattled, and that’s not going to happen. It’s a shame they got here; MJF used to look up to Jericho. He followed Jericho his entire career.

He remembers when Jericho was at odds with Jon Moxley. Remember that? What did he put Jon through in order to get a match with Jericho? He had to order every person in The Inner Circle. Karma sucks, he wants to do what MJF does best and make what Jericho does better.

Jericho will have five labors, like Hercules. Jericho will have to win these matches back to back, with stips in each match, and the fifth stip will be Jericho vs MJF one more time, and when MJF beats him for a third time, hopefully he will understand that MJF is better than him. So what say you, Hercules?

Jericho says if he can’t withstand his Labors of Jericho, and if he can’t beat MJF, maybe he doesn’t deserve to be in AEW. Jericho says he is the God of Battle, the God of Thunder, the God of War, and he will beat MJF. And ruin his life the way MJF tried to ruin Jericho’s.

Jericho signs

MJF yells for him to wait; this ain’t over, before he leaves, MJF doesn’t come from a dumpster fire like Miami. He comes from Long Island, and there, a deal is not done until both parties shake hands.

They shake, and Jericho hits a Judas Effect cheap shot.

Britt Baker is with Tony backstage, saying she was forced to take part in this match, which she wanted not part of. The only positive her was that Britt got a win, but at what cost? Look at Reba? She was hurt. Khan should feel terrible. She makes him millions, draws him millions. For what? So Vickie can bring Andrade. Reba’s knee exploded, and she almost died, but hey, you have Andrade, so enjoy your blood money. Maybe next week, AEW can run in Saudi Arabia!


Andrade comes out lookin like Black Mask from Batman lore.

Match 3: Matt Sydal vs Andrade El Idolo

Lockup to start. Andrade backs matt into the corner, Matt comes out of the corner, gains wrist control, spins to the back, Andrade hooks the hips, twists and twirls, Matt rolls him up for a 1…NO!! Kick and a spinning suplex. Andrade to the top rope right away, but Matt clocks him in th lower back. Matt locks up from behin.d Elbow from Andrade, sending Matt to the mat. Andrade to the top rope, flies off with a moonsault, Sydal rolls away, and Andrade hits a standing moonsault! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!!High kick is thwarted, Matt trip him up, standing mariposa. Kick to the back of the thigh. Whip to the ropes, reversed, back body drop, but Matt holds on for a possible Sunset Flip, but Andrade picks the ankle for a pin .1..2..NO!!! Matt knocks Andrade on his ass, heads to the top rope, but Andrade shoves him off the top!

We are back, and Matt aint havin none of Andrade’s shit, kicking the leg after some chops. Whip, but Andrade holds on. Kick t othe lega again, and Andrade hits forearms to the afce. Kick to the chest, and Matt with a high kick to the back of the head. Rollup to Andrade for 1..2.NO!!!! Matt hits the ropes, hops over with a boot, but Andrade ducks and hits a huge lariat, sending Matt flipping in the sky. Andrade gives Eddie some love, hops to the top rope, Matt follows, Andrade locks the head, gets Matt in a tree of woe. Stomp attempt, but Matt moves out of the way, top rope, Andrade stands, knees from Matt! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Andrade grabs Matt and tosses him backfirst into the corner. Andrade hits the corners, runs with knees to the back!!!

He rolls Matt into the middle of the ring, lokcsup with a hammerlock, hit El Idolo, covers for 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Andrade El Idolo
I know some people love those debuting squash matches that we may be accustomed to in the WWE, but I, for one, LOVE a debuting wrestler to give me more than 5 minutes of good shit, and that’s what this was.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 7:37

Matt Hardy and Christian Cage get a video package, with each dudes getting some good digs in.

IN THE RING, Tony is holding the mic for Arn Anderson.

Tony says must be good for head coach Arn. Arn says it is great to be in Miami tonight. They’ve missed the crowd. Arn wants to just get right to it.

The lights go out.

They come back on.


Cody enters the ring to protect Arn. He’s a little late.

Tommy End, so says Excalibur, drops his guard, and Cody steps forward. Another Black Mass, and we get confirmation that he will be going by Malachi Black.

Black shows a bruised right side of his face with a white contact covering his white eye.

Earlier Tonight, Ricky Starks is in the ring with his own paid for security to explain he is not cleared to compete. Tazz came out to clal it embarrassing, but Ricky stops him and says Cage doesn’t know the meaning of teammate, and if that means protecting himself, then after he becomes the FTW champ, he will party like one. Where he is from ,the W stands for wife, and he’s talking about Cage’s wife.

Cage came out to chase Starks away, but first he takes care of some security. I’m glad I missed that segment, because it seemed kind of rough.

Match 4: Mixed Tag Match
The Bunny and The Blade vs Kris Statlander and Orange Cassidy

We are getting the woman v woman and men v men rules. Aubrey checks Blade, and she finds some knuckles. Bunny gets in the face of Orange, shows him her L. She goes to slap him, but Orange stops her and puts his hands in his pocket. Kick to Bunny. Another. He sets up. Bunny leaves the ring. Orange charges up again, but Blade shoots for a kick, only for Orange to dropkick and kip up! He grabs the legs, goes for Beach Break, but Blade lands on his feet and choops. Orange tries for a counter DDT but Blade catches him and powerslams Cassidy down hard. Orange turns, Blade locks the head, STUNDOG MILLIONAIRE!!! Tag to Bunny. In comes Kris. They meet in the middle of the ring. Shoves and Bunny hits a kick, Kris bends over, so Bunny hits a running knee. Statlander with a powerslam off the ropes. She grabs the head and punches away, chop to Bunny. Kris backs Bunny into the corner for another chop. Kris locks the head, holds Bunny up, stalls for a delayed suplex, hits it! Kris with a flipping leg drop, but Bunny moves. She shoves Kris, Blade grabs te boot, Blade on the apron, distracts, Bunny with a cheap shot.

WE ARE BACK and Blade pulls orange off the apron and sends him into the barricade. In the ring, Bunny hits a GERMAN OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! Tag to Blade. Kris is slow to crawl. Blade wants Kris to stand, tells her to get out of the ring. Ref is checking on Orange. Kris wants to fight Blade. Blade goes for a right, Kris rolls outside, Orange on the top, crossbody, tornado DDT. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Orange to the apron, heads to the top rope. Orange calls for a huge flip, but Bunny shoves him off the top rope. Kris in to send Bunny into the corner gace first. Kris to the top rope! 450 splash!!!! Orange rolls in! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Bunny pulls orange out of the ring! Bunny yells at Orange. Orange looks on as Blade puts on another set of knucks.

Orange goes for Orange Punch, but Blade with a HUGE PUNCH TO THE FACE!!!! Bunny grabs the knuckles. Blade heads over and covers. Aubrey says Kris is legal, though!~ Kris shoves Bunny into Blade, then hits her with The Big Bang Theory! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Kris Statlander and Orange Cassidy
In terms of Orange Cassidy matches, this is certainly in the lower half, but a nice little showcase for Kris.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:24

We go to the crowd where Dan Lambert wants to talk to Amanda Nunes, but no one said anything about doing an interview or endorsing the show. He was skeptical as an old school fan. He was skeptical for one reason, and that reason is that AEW sucks.

He thanks Tony for his offer, but if he wants to enjoy wrestling, he’d have to break out the old VHS, go back to the 70s and 80s. Guys like Eddie Graham and Valentine, Funk and Race and Brisco and Rhodes. After Rick Rude, he’d have to turn it off. Wrestling has gone downhill since 1990s, and this product is unwatchable. But Tony said AEW is doing in the right way, they have a locker room representing every genre from Lucha to Strong Style, a mix of veterans to go along with the up and comers. Then Khan smiled, the best thing they got is their fanbase.

He says that he’s 90 minutes into the show, and he’s gotta say, to always trust your instincts.

Out comes Archer!!! He clocks Lambert, then hits the Blackout! Lol.

Match 5: AEW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Young Bucks vs Penta El Cero M and Eddie Kingston

Kingston and Penta attack before the match can get going, they end up outside, and Nakazawa holds Eddie and Penta, in come some Superkicks but Penta and Eddie move. They send a Buck each into barricades. Eddie enters the ring and Cutler is there with some cold spray. Penta is in now. They corner him, but nick has a chair to the back of Eddie. Matt attacks Penta. Chair to Eddie, again, Nick stands on the chair to gloat. Right hand from Nick. Another. Penta with a right to Mtt, Eddie sends Nick into the ropes, drop toe hold into the chair! Another one, sending Nick into the chair, with the Bucks facing one another. Kicks ot the side of the heads!!! Eddie puts the chair on the crotch of Nick as Penta heads to the top rope. He flies off with a dropkick to the crotch! Penta sets a chair up on the outside while Eddie rips a table apart on the inside. Nick blocks a move on the outside as Keddie grabs Matt on the corner, looking to superplex onto the legs of the broken up table. Nick in, grabs Eddie. POWERBOMB ONTO THE BACK OF THE TABLE! BUT PENTA IS ON THE APRON!!!! DESTROYER TO MATT ONTO THE TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE!! Penta with a trash can, Nick kicks it into his face.

WE ARE BACK and Nick is hitting a senton onto Eddie, who is on a trash can. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Penta enters, rolls up, releases, Superkick to Nick. Slingblade, one to the entering Matt. Penta to the corner, hops over Nick, knees to the face, and he falls back onto MATT!!! Penta in the corner, hops up and over, kick to matt, roll through for Nick, and a DD—NO!!! Northern Lights from Matt!!!Eddie in the corner. He stands. Matt with right hands, Eddie blocks. Penta trips up Nick, sends Matt up top, superkick to Matt’s face, Half and Half suplex. Penta hops over Eddie, with a tornado DDT to Matt. Eddie locks up from behind. Rear Naked!!! Nick on the top rope. He stands. He flies. 450 splash to the referee!!!!!! MATT TAPS!!!! Nick breaks the submission. Nick calls for some help.

In come The Good Brothers. They attack Eddie and Penta, Penta gets them to the outside, as they attack Eddie. Right hands t othe face. Penta hits the orpes, flies over the top rope onto Anderson and Gallows!!! Penta back in. Eddie as well. Penta calls for a finish, Matt escapes, SPEAR TO EDDIE!!! Matt holds Penta from behind, Cutler on the apron, nearly spreaw Mat, go behin. Cutler misses some spraying, but Kaz is here to powerbomb Cutler onto a table!

Penta hooks up for Fear Factor, HITS IT!!! BACK FIST FROM EDDIE KINGSTON! Cover for NO REFEREE!!!

A new one comes down! 1…2….NO!!!! Nick pulls the ref out of the ring!!! KAZARIAN WITH A CLOTHESLINE TO NICK!! He rolls him into the ring. Kazarian is attacked with a Magic Killer!

Eddie in the ring with a bag. THUMBTACKS!!! Matt grabs a bunch f tacks! He tosses them in Mtt’s face!!! Matt grabs Edie. Penta with a trashcan! He smacks Matt ,Nick on the apron, Penta with a high kick! Penta to the top. Nick with right hands. Elbow to Nick. Penta to the top rope. Nick to the top. Nick with a hurricanrana off the top rope onto thumbtacks!!!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Broken up by Eddie shoving Nick into the pin!

Eddie fights with a chop to each Buck, hits the ropes, SUPERKICK TO EDDIE!!! Nick grabs tacks nad tosses them into the face of Penta. Kick to Penta! Thumbtacks to the mouth of Kingston. Cover from both Bucks. 1…..2….3!!!!

Winners: The Young Bucks
Wow. This was a bit messy, with nothing really technical, and a whole lot of shit going on, and yet, I enjoyed it a hell of a lot. It felt like a main event, and they did show that The Bucks are not impervious to a loss, they’re just smart and have a lot of help. Solid way to end the show.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 14:16

End Show

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